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Super Mario Odyssey is a game by Popple Co.. It is on the Nintendo VR. It is best known for multiple returns (Torque, Bumpties, Duplighosts, etc.) It recieved fairly positive reviews.


The playable characters (except Bob-omb Buddy and Geno), are all invited to Peach's castle for a party for her birthday. Mario passes through the castle, until multiple robotic claws crash through the window. It is revealed to be Bowser and his Koopalings (Ludwig, Lemmy, Roy, Iggy, Wendy, Morton, Jackson, Larry, and Bowser Jr.). The Koopalings use the claws to grab all the guests, sending them each to be guarded by the Koopalings' handpicked servants, known as the Koopa Kommandos. They are sent to different places, Bowser reveals his plan is to build a giant armada in the core of the ocean. He then kicks Mario and throws him into the distance, yelling "THE POWER STARS HAVE MADE ME UNSTOPPABLE!!!" Mario is sent to Boulder Beach at Green Plains, and has to battle the monsterous Koopa Kommando, King Crabber. After the Crabber is beaten, Toad appears with Mario, and agrees to help him to save Peach, and the Mushroom Kingdom! Mario finds a wrecked ship and finds a crew of Bob-ombs who were thrown onto the shore by the storm that Bowser caused when he stole the Power Stars. The captain, Bombor, agrees to help Mario go from Island to Island after the ship is powered up enough by the Power Stars. Mario then heads out for an adventure!

Soon Mario and Toad arrive at Maniacal Mansion, they see a strange wall, Mario must hit it with the Hammer Power-Up, and he discovers Luigi is shut inside a wall, but first he must beat King Boo the monsterous Boo. Using lights by bouncing off the mirrors, Mario eventually defeats the boo, gaining Luigi's character key. He unlocks the door on the SS Boom, and Luigi joins.



Character Name Description Special Item Character Key
MarioCrossedArms.png Mario Everyone's favorite red-clad wearing plumber. He has to save Peach for the 100th time in order to defeat Bowser and foil his plan to build his ocean armada. Hammer
Mario can temporarily smash everything in his path for a short amount of time, the only thing he cannot smash is walls and the floor, except for one mission in Maniacal Mansion.
Toad4.jpg Toad Toad is with the heroes this time, he is incredibly cowardly, but is able to get to places that no one can due to his high jumps. Air Pump
Toad turns into Balloon Toad, he can float into high places and reach high platforms with relative ease.
King Crabber
LuigiMPDS.png Luigi Luigi is ready to return to the helm! He agrees to help Mario defeat Bowser and his ocean armada! Vacuum Mushroom
Luigi turns into Vacuum Luigi, where he can vacuum up most enemies (enemies that can't will just flee) with the vacuum hat for a limited time only.
King Boo
NSMBΩWario.png Wario Wario is in it for the coins and money, he hopes to snag some golden dubloons along the way. Thunder Cloud
Wario turns into Thunder Wario, he can zap switches from here to there, and cannot be directly touched by enemies.
Golden George
WaluigiMP8Official.png Waluigi Waluigi is with the gang this time, and is ready for the action! Cheat Key
Waluigi can open any door in the level until hit by an enemy. He can also fly on a magic carpet.
Monty King
Athloomba.png Athloomba Athloomba, from New Super Mario Bros. Legend, has returned!! He is very fast. Running Shoes
Athloomba can run across any surface 10x faster than normal. This helps him cross falling platforms.
Spooky Speedster
Bob-Omb BuddySMWWii.png Bob-omb Buddy This time, the Bob-omb Buddy is here to help with the quest of expertise! Inferno Match
When Bob-omb Buddy explodes, he can destroy large barricades and discover hidden passages.
Big Bob-omb
GenoSMWWii.png Geno This cosmic warrior has been sent from the stars to help Mario with his quest! Star Scepter
Geno turns into Scepter Geno, and can fire stars and blasts from his wand at will, until hit by enemies!
King Kosmic

Helpers and NPC's

Picture Name Description and Role
PeachPlayer.PNG Princess Peach

The mushroom kingdom's beautiful princess. She was kidnapped by Bowser for the 100th time. Her advisor, Toadsworth, is very over protective of Peach.

She is the damsel in distress of the game, as always.

Bombor.png Bombor

The captain of the S.S. Boom. He is rather sarcastic and often laughs at his own jokes. He talks like a stereotypical pirate, saying "ARR!!!" and "SHIVER ME TIMBERS!!" a lot.

He serves a similar position to Lubba, as a notice and captain of Mario's transportation.

N/A Bob-omb Pirates

The Bob-ombs Swash, Buckle, Landlubber, and Seadog are Bombor's bumbling crew, they easily get mixed up with their tasks and hate work.

They are usually seen scurrying around the S.S. Boom. Either talking or trying to 'work'.

NSMBWiiYoshi.png Yoshi

A lovable dinosaur from Yoshi's Island, He and his friends (The Yoshi Klan) have been encased in eggs by Bowser.

He serves the same purpose as in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Yellow YoshiSMWWii.pngRed YoshiSMWWii.pngBlue YoshiSMWWii.pngCyan YoshiSMWWii.pngPink YoshiSMWWii.pngBlack YoshiSMWWii.pngWhite YoshiSMWWii.pngOrange YoshiSMWWii.pngPurple YoshiSMWWii.png The Yoshi Klan

Yoshi's friends who are also encased in eggs, each have a special ability that revolve around their color.

They serve a purpose as prizes in the Yoshi Egg Galley on the S.S. Boom.

PiantaTree.PNG Pianta

A tropical species from Isle Delfino. They can chuck the character across large areas.

They relatively have the same role has Super Mario Galaxy 2, serving as Helper NPC's.

Torque.png Torque

A buzzy beetle mechanic who pilots the Torque Express, he has a rivalry against Luigi. He will help other characters by taking them to a shortcut...if you can find the missing piece of track!!

His role is the engineer of the Torque Express, and a helper to all.

N/A Duplural

A Duplighost Wizard who upgrades the character's stats depending on the character, the stats are Strength, Speed, Stamina, Skill, and Special.

His role is to upgrade stats and be mysterious.

MontyMole.PNG Monty Mole

A hardworking mole who digs Mine Tunnels in the hidden Moleholes. Mario can hoard up items and store power-ups down here.

His role is to help characters become more prepared.

Lumarry 3D.PNG Lumarry

A athletic luma who loves flying, he lives in the Cosmos with Rosalina. He can fly everywhere.

He serves a similar role to Hoot the Owl and Robud.

Rosalina with Luma.png Queen Rosalina

Rosalina, now crowned Queen of the Cosmos, watches over Mario in cutscenes with Lumarry and Geno.

She is a cutscene-only character and never directly interacts with Mario.

ToadBrigadeSMG3.pngCyanToadFront.pngLavenderToad.pngLimeToad.png Mushroom Retainers

Peach's assistants. They each are saved from a boss. They also have small set-ups after.

They're role is said above.

240px-DaisyMP8Official.png Daisy

The spunky princess of Sarasaland. She is trying to fly around the world in a Hot Air Balloon. But frequently crashes.

Her role is to be the damsel of some missions.

MCBallyhoo.png MC Ballyhoo & Big Top

This duo now own Circus Island, they are the ringmasters of the Circus Island Festival.

They're role is to give Mario quests on Circus Island.

Bee.jpg Bee

The honey-making inhabitits of Honeybee Hollow, they are lead by Queen Bee.

They are helpful NPC's with various tips and hints.

Queen Bee.jpg Queen Bee

The leader of all Bees, and is a kind one too.

She is in a silver star Mission where Bee Mario must climb on her back.

Lawrence the Lion A lion from Jungle Island who loves racing, he will face the character in a race around the terrain, he is faced three times.

Bowser and his Krazy Koopalings

Picture Name Description and Role Place Encountered
Bowser NSMBVR.png Bowser

Bowser is the bad guy. He kidnapped Princess Peach and stole all the Power Stars in order to become the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom.

His role is the main villain and the final boss.

Bowser Villa (1)

Bowser Vernada (2)

Bowser Palace (3)

Ludwig Von Koopa 3D.png Ludwig Von Koopa

Ludwig is Bowser's oldest son and most sinister child. He can flutter jump, summon thunder, and turn huge.

His role is to be the Thunder Island Boss.

Ludwig Laboratory
Lemmy Koopa.png Lemmy Koopa

Lemmy is Bowser's goofy child. He bounces on his bouncy balls in order to squash Mario. He can also summon clowns that attack the character.

His role is to be the Circus Island boss.

Lemmy Circus
Roy Koopa.png Roy Koopa

Roy is Bowser's brawny child. He can fire punches and flames, and uses his spiky shell to try to crush the character.

His role is to be the Fire Island boss.

Roy Rock
Iggy Koopa.png Iggy Koopa

Iggy is Bowser's crazy child. He headbuts Mario along with summoning Chain Chomps to attack him. He also tries to jump on the character.

His role is to be the Jungle Island boss.

Iggy Treehouse
Wendy O Koopa 3D.png Wendy O. Koopa

Wendy is Bowser's glamerous child, she summons poisonous water and puts deady rings and shoots them at the character.

Her role is to be the Water Island Boss.

Wendy Salon
Morton Koopa Jr 3D.png Morton Koopa Jr.

Morton is Bowser's chatterbox child, he summons Rocks and makes them drop on the character, he can also fly.

His role is to be the Desert Island boss.

Morton Pyramid
JacksonByArend.png Jackson Koopa

Jackson is Bowser's rocker child, he summons Gutairs that spray poisonous notes at the character, he also can breath fire.

His role is to be the Stage Island Boss.

Jackson Hall
LarryKoopaSMQBW.png Larry Koopa

Larry is Bowser's sporty child. He can try to run over Mario with a Chain Chomp, and hit him with bomb tennis balls.

His role is to be the Grass Island Boss.

Larry Arena
Bowser Jr. NSMBVR.png Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. is Bowser's most intelligent child, being able to construct various robots frommeta lying around. He can summon robots to attack the character.

His role is to be the Beach Island Boss.

Jr. Ship

Koopa Kommandos

Picture Name Description and Role Place Encountered Character Being Held
N/A King Crabber

King Crabber is the strongest Crabber and the leader of the Crabber monarchy, he was handpicked by Bowser Jr.

He is the captor of Toad and boss of the first level, Crabby King Crabber.

Boulder Beach Toad
KingofBoos.PNG King Boo

King Boo is the leader of all Boos, he was handpicked by Larry Koopa.

He is the captor of Luigi and the boss of King Boo's Mystery Mirror

Maniacal Mansion Luigi
N/A Golden George

Golden George is a giant dinosaur who is made from solid gold, he was handpicked by Jackson.

He is the captor of Wario and the boss of Golden George's Gondola

Jewel Sanctuary Wario
Monty King.png Monty King

The leader of all Monty Moles, and a professional at fighting Mario. He was handpicked by Morton.

He is the captor of Waluigi and the boss of The Monty King's Smash

Monty Mine Waluigi
N/A Spooky Speedster

A racing boo, who was recruited by Wendy for 100 coins to hold Athloomba.

He is the captor of Athloomba and the boss of Spooky Speedster's Slippery Splash

Koopa Park Athloomba
Big Bob-omb NSMBVR.png Big Bob-omb

The leader of the bob-ombs, who was handpicked by Iggy.

He is the captor of the Bob-omb Buddy and the boss Bob-omb's Blast

Boom Bunker Bob-omb Buddy
N/A King Kosmic

A monster made out of a black hole who was handpicked by Roy.

He is the captor of Geno and the boss of King Kosmic's Cosmic Catastrophe

Krazy Kosmos Geno

Bowser's Baddies

Picture Name Place Encountered
Wiggler3.png Wiggler Boulder Beach, Wiggler's Wobbly Waterfront (Sand Island)
King Chomp NSMBVR.png Reign Chomp

Bumble Bay, No Reign, No Game (Sand Island)

BoomBoom.png Boom Boom Bumble Bay, Boom Boom, Bash and Bang (Sand Island)
Kammy Koopa.png Kammy Koopa Magic Castle, Kammy Koopa's Klash (Sand Island)
Goomboss3D.png Goomboss Lusterous Plains, Goomboss' Return (Grass Island)
Cosmic Clone.png Cosmic Clone Quadron Maniacal Mansion, Attack of the Cosmic Clones (Grass Island)
180px-RexSMWWii-1-.png Rex Dinosaur Grotto, Rex's Big Bang (Grass Island)
PeteyPiranhaPlant.png Petey Piranha Marigold Mill, Petey Piranha's Predicament (Stage Island)
Queen Glamdozer.png Queen Glamdozer Flipside Mountain, Queen Glamdozer's Grumbling Belly (Stage Island)
KingBill.png King Bill Flipside Mountain, Race to the Power Star (Stage Island)
King Whomp.png Whomp King Emerald Fortress, Whomp King's Rock Smash (Desert Island)
Creep-Cheep.png Creep Cheep Haunted Sphinx, A Creepy Kerfufle (Desert Island)
GigaLakitu....png Giga Lakitu

Lakitu Beach, Spiny Control x2(Water Island)

BonyBeetleSMG4.png Bony Beetle Lakitu Beach, Bony Beetle's Crazy Overun. (Water Island)
AmazingFlyingHammerBro..png The Amazing Flying Hammer Bro. Swingin' Savanna, Mario Goes Wild. (Jungle Island)
Bramball.png Bramball King Viney Villa, Lets Play Bramball. (Jungle Island)
Parabuzzy NSMBVR.png Mega Parabuzzy Freaky Furnace, Parabuzzy Grown Since You've Last Seen Him. (Fire Island)
2 Mouser.png Mouser Malicious Munitions, Mouser's Ride Down Memory Lane. (Fire Island)
CircusKoopaSMO.png Circus Koopa Sideshow Tent, Go On With the Show! (Circus Island)
Lakithunder NSMBDIY.png Lakithunder Crazy Clouds, What A Shocking Appearence.(Thunder Island)



  • Coin - Give the character points.
  • Silver Star - 5 will give the character a star.
  • Rail-Piece - A piece of track that can be put down for Torque.
  • Hot-Air Balloon Patch - A repair for Daisy's hot air balloon.
  • Pianta Coins - Collected after completing Delfino Minigames.
  • Boss Key - Collected from Final Bosses of each world along with Grand Stars.
  • Character Key - Unlocks a Character Door.

Everyone's Power-Ups

Special Power-Ups

  • Hammer - Mario's Special Power Up.
  • Air Pump - Toad's Special Power Up.
  • Vacuum Mushroom - Luigi's Special Power Up.
  • Thunder Cloud - Wario's Special Power Up.
  • Cheat Key - Waluigi's Special Power Up.
  • Running Shoes - Athloomba's Special Power Up.
  • Inferno Fuse - Bob-omb Buddy's Special Power Up.
  • Star Scepter - Geno's Special Power Up.

Islands and Missions

Sand Island

Boulder Beach

  • Crabby King Crabber
  • 1 Power Star Under the Sea
  • A High Climb for Balloon Toad
  • Wiggler's Wobbly Waterfront
  • Star in the Cage
  • The Treasure of Boulder Beach

Bumble Bay

  • Hammer in the Hole
  • No Reign, No Game.
  • Meet Yoshi, Make Eggs
  • Two + Two = Five Silver Stars
  • The Torque Express
  • Boom Boom, Bash and Bang

Magic Castle

  • Lumarry's First Flight
  • Yellow Yoshi's Fruit Frenzy
  • Kammy Koopa's Klash
  • Molehole Helper
  • Necklace In The Attic
  • Shine Sprite Make Star

Jr. Ship

  • Bowser Jr.'s Robot Rodeo.

Grass Island

Lusterous Plains

  • A Burn from Red Yoshi
  • Silver Stars in the Meadow
  • Goomboss' Return
  • What's The Buzz?
  • Upsy Daisy!
  • Get Zipped and Zapped

Maniacal Mansion

  • Peek-a-Boo
  • Attack of the Cosmic Clones
  • Star Cellar
  • King Boo's Mystery Mirror
  • Shine Sprite of the Roof
  • Blue Yoshi's Star Pool

Dinosaur Grotto

  • Freeze! Cyan Yoshi's Coming!
  • Pianta Pinball
  • Starrin' With The Fishes
  • Rex's Big Bang
  • Lumarry Strikes Again
  • Vaccum Luigi: Power On!

Larry Arena

  • Larry Koopa's Bull Fight

Stage Island

Marigold Mill

  • Flower In The Roots
  • Petey Piranha's Predicament
  • Pink Yoshi the POP! Star
  • Mast or Malicious
  • Flower or Flare
  • Star in the Grindstone

Jewel Sanctuary

  • Star Sapphire
  • Golden George's Gondola
  • Black Yoshi's Blinding Blast
  • Shine Sprite's Return
  • Lumarry x3
  • Daisy's Trouble Again

Flipside Mountain

  • White Yoshi's Bumper Beam
  • Queen Glamdozer's Grumbling Belly
  • In The Mountain
  • Race to The Power Star
  • Upside Down Once Again
  • A Shocking Suprise From Thunder Wario

Jackson Hall

  • Jackson Koopa's Backstage Bogus

Desert Island

Monty Mine

  • Hammer in the Mine
  • Swooper Stacker
  • The Monty King's Smash
  • Molehole Once More
  • Lumarry Flies Again
  • Orange Yoshi's Refreshment Stand

Emerald Fortress

  • Chiseling for Coins
  • Daisy in the Dumps
  • Whomp King's Rock Smash
  • Purple Yoshi's Void of Doom
  • The Power Star in the Secret Passage
  • Cheat Key's First Door

Haunted Sphinx

  • A Creepy Kerfufle
  • Pokey's Obstacle Course
  • The Return of Balloon Toad: Raiders of the Power Star
  • The Return of the Yoshi Klan
  • Lime Toad's Crazy Star-Bingo
  • The Star in the Tomb

Morton Pyramid

  • Morton Koopa Jr.'s Wacky Words

Water Island

Lakitu Beach

  • Spiny Control x2
  • The Return of Yellow Yoshi
  • Star in the Sand
  • The Secret of the Windmill
  • Hammer Mario at the Beach
  • Bony Beetle's Crazy Overun

Koopa Park

  • Lavender Toad's Super Slide
  • The Spooky Speedster's Slippery Splash
  • The Running Shoes Arrive!
  • Cyan Toad and Orange Toad's Super Splash
  • The Return of the Silver Stars
  • Daisy in Funland!

Honeybee Hollow

  • Buzz Buzz! Here comes the Bee Suit!
  • Honey Heaven
  • A Stingin' Suprise
  • Enter the Zingers!
  • Silver Stars on the Queen's Back
  • Zing zang! Bee's Big Bang!

Wendy Salon

  • Wendy Koopa's Malicious Makeover

Jungle Island

Swingin' Savanna

  • Red Yoshi, Meet Super Scope
  • Mario Goes Wild
  • Daisy Down Under
  • Lumarry For The Last Time
  • Meet Lawrence the Lion
  • Blue Yoshi's Watery Return

Boom Bunker

  • Gearmo's Trash Compactor
  • Seperation Obligation
  • Bob-omb's Blast
  • Purple Toad's Crazy Catch
  • Cyan Yoshi Freezes Over
  • Lawrence's Slippery Return

Viney Villa

  • The Inferno Fuse's First Big Bang
  • Pink Yoshi's Bubbly Mayhem
  • Let's Play Bramball
  • Pianta Ping Pong
  • Luigi and the Vaccum Shroom: Team for 2.
  • Running Athloomba Takes It By Storm

Iggy Treehouse

  • Iggy Koopa's Crazy Treehouse

Fire Island

Krazy Kosmos

  • Green Toad's Star Bowling
  • Thunder Wario Shocks In Space
  • Daisy In Space
  • King Kosmic's Comsic Catastrophe
  • The First Lion in Space
  • Airship Invasion

Freaky Furnace

  • Star Gold Melter
  • Dousing the Flames
  • Parabuzzy Invasion
  • Parabuzzy Grown Since You've Last Seen Him
  • Cheat Key to the Star
  • Scepter Geno takes the Stage

Malicious Munitions

  • Mouser's Ride Down Memory Lane
  • Bob-omb Buddy's Inferno Frenzy
  • Boom-Boom's Treasure
  • Daisy in the Shed
  • White Yoshi's Boom Blast
  • The Star in the Wreckage

Roy Rock

  • Roy Koopa's Brawny Blast

Circus Island

Crazy Courtyard

  • MC Ballyhoo's First Ticket
  • Spear Guy Roundup
  • Orange Yoshi's Funny Return
  • Clownie Catastrophe
  • Billy-Buster Blast
  • Ownward to the Next Act

Sideshow Tent

  • Go On With The Show!
  • Purple Yoshi Once Again
  • Lion Feed for Lawrence
  • Daisy in Fun-derland
  • Water in the Fairgrounds
  • The Star on the Ferris Wheel

Big Top

  • Yellow Toad at the Circus
  • Balloon Toad to the Top
  • MC Ballyhoo Once More
  • Big Top on the Big Top
  • Daisy Drops In
  • The Star in the Chain Chomp Cage

Lemmy Circus

  • Lemmy Koopa's Ball Blast

Thunder Island

Abstract Airport

  • Mario and Torque: Ready for Takeoff
  • Blue Toad's Trolley Tumble
  • Daisy's Final Boarding
  • Wheeling WIth the Nokis
  • Help Bumpty find his Bag!
  • The Star stuck In the Check-In

Crazy Clouds

  • Balloon Toad Takes The Skies
  • What A Shocking Appearence!
  • Foo Put Pity on You
  • The Toad Scavenger Hunt
  • The Star In the Storm
  • Chain Chomp Rampage

Calm Cirrus

  • Inferno Bomb
  • The Yoshis Return Again!
  • Daisy in the Clouds
  • Hot Air
  • The Key to The Star
  • Parachute Down

Ludwig Laboratory

  • Ludwig Von Koopa's Pint Sized Power

Bowser Island

Bowser Island is the Final Level, so there are no things split up. There are six missions, each where you must battle a form of Bowser.

  • Ice Bowser's Frozen Tower
  • Grass Bowser's Overgrown Oak
  • Poison Bowser's Horrid Hollow
  • Ghost Bowser's Maniacal Mansion
  • Aqua Bowser's Swimming Septic
  • Deus Bowser's Final Smash

Levels Accessable From the SS Boom

  • The Star On The Mountainside
  • Reliving the Action
  • Bowser Vernanda
  • Bowser Villa
  • Sweet Star Candy
  • Peach's Power Run


See Super Mario Odyssey/List of Enemies for More Info.

Enemies are a big return in this game. They are divided into these categories.

  • Normal: These enemies can appear anywhere and can be easily defeated.
  • Beach: These enemies only appear on sandy terrain.
  • Grass: These enemies only appear on grass terrain.
  • Poison: These enemies can poison the player.
  • Water: These enemies are aquatic and don't go on land.
  • Jungle: These enemies are found in Jungles.
  • Fire: These enemies can burn the player.
  • Dark: These enemies can make many things happen.
  • Air: These enemies can fly.
  • Sky: These enemies cannot fly, but they live on cloudy terrain.
  • Swamp: These enemies are found in mud.
  • Projectile: These enemies can throw objects at Mario
  • Undead: These enemies are ghosts/zombies and cannot be defeated.
  • Mecahnical: These enemies are some form of Robot.
  • Weaponary: These enemies are used as Weapons to harm the player.