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**[[Toad Square]] strongly resembles the [[Wii]] [[Mariowiki:Mario Circuit|Mario Circuit]].
**[[Toad Square]] strongly resembles the [[Wii]] [[Mariowiki:Mario Circuit|Mario Circuit]].
*This the first [[Super Mario (series)|3D Mario game]], where [[Bullet Bill]]s and [[Banzai Bill]]s can be stomped.
===Beta Artwork===
===Beta Artwork===
<center><gallery widths="120" captionalign="left">
<center><gallery widths="120" captionalign="left">
File:Super_Mario_Nation_Logo.png|Beta Logo
File:Super_Mario_Nation_Logo.png|Beta Logo
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===Official Artwork===
===Official Artwork===
<center><gallery widths="120" captionalign="left">
<center><gallery widths="120" captionalign="left">
File:Mario_&_Yoshi_SMN.png|[[Mario]] and [[Yoshi]]
File:Mario_&_Yoshi_SMN.png|[[Mario]] and [[Yoshi]]

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The official logo.
The official boxart.

Super Mario Nation is an upcoming 3D platforming Mario game for the Nintendo VR, developed by EEA Inc. The game is planned for late 2010 at the earliest. It features virtual reality controls, but is very similar to the gameplay of Super Mario 64.



Super Mario Nation features lots of virtual reality controls. These include jumping, running, using power-ups, etc. The gameplay is much like that of New Super Mario Bros. VR, only the player faces forward, instead of to the side. The Star Spin from Super Mario Galaxy returns in Super Mario Nation as well, only the Luma doesn't appear in Mario's hat. Most of the things that Mario can do are from Super Mario 64, since there is almost no limit in virtual reality. Mario can again, punch and kick and pick things up.


The game features gameplay that is very similar to the other 3D Mario games. It is however, quite different in a way. Mario is exposed to a total new version of the Mushroom Kingdom called Mushroom Island. Mario's hub is a new Peach's Castle area that includes a series of Warp Pipes, paintings, and secret areas. However, unlike the last games, Mario must venture out to the area and collect one Power Star in that area on his own before the warp will appear in Peach's Castle. Mario can automatically travel back to Peach's Castle anytime he wants. In access these areas first, Mario must solve different puzzles and collect Power Stars. One of the brand new features is the Mushmobile, a Mushroom-like car that Mario can use to travel at faster speeds. Although it is very similar to the Cosmic Spirit, Robud is a new feature in the game. Mario can call him one time per level to help him in different ways. For example, Mario can ride Robud, similar to Hoot (in Super Mario 64) to reach the Star. This varies in different levels, although if Mario gets help from Robud he will receive a Bronze Star instead of the normal Power Star. Missions also return from the other 3D Mario games. Although the game is not really based off Super Mario Galaxy, there is one space area in which Mario can take large jumps.


Mario gets a letter from Princess Peach, saying to come down to the castle to enjoy a cake, celebrating his anniversary. However, upon arriving, Bowser attacks in his R.O.B.O.O.T., a Wrecking Crane, which starts destroying Peach's Castle. Mario however, defeats R.O.B.O.O.T. to find that Bowser had already kidnapped Peach and was escaping. Just then, out of the wreckage of R.O.B.O.O.T. comes a little robot that Bowser was using to run it. He befriends Mario, revealing that his name is Robud, a lost little living alien robot that was kidnapped by Bowser. He agrees to help Mario if Mario will in return, help him get back home. Mario agrees and they collect their first Platinum Star.

Soon after leaving Toad Square, Mario comes across a very dark cave. Ivoiding Boos and Swoopers, Mario finds a secret enterance, where he discovers that his terrified little brother, Luigi, had been locked up by by King Boo, yet again. After defeating the huge ghost, Mario unlocks the door and he and his brother set off again.

Back at the castle, Mario discovers a secret passage to the roof, where he uses 15 Power Stars, only to find a dozing Buzzy Beetle named Dozzer Beetle, Mario defeats this boss easily and reveals a mysterious key to Toad's door. Toad is happy to join the Mario bros. on their quest for Princess Peach.

When finding pardise, Mario, Luigi, and Toad also find that a secret lair for Bowser and his baddies. With help from Yoshi, Mario defeats Bowser again, who reveals a mysterious key. When getting back to the castle, another door appears, and Princess Peach comes out. She reveals that Bowser's real plan is to destroy Mushroom Island, and rebuild it as Koopa Island. Peach agrees to help Mario just this once, and joins their party.

More to come.



Character Name Description Power Block Item Super Key
MarioCrossedArms.png Mario The famous plumber is back to his home world for yet another grand search for that that kidnapped princess. He is easy to control, and has no special abilities. Plunger Flower
Mario becomes Plunger Mario. In this ability, Mario has plunger-like suction cups on his hands and can then climb up walls, but will loose this power after hitting an enemy.
LuigiMPDS.png Luigi Mario's little bro. is with Mario this time for a 3D quest together. Luigi is still afraid of Boos, but with new powers, he is soon to overcome it. Luigi can jump higher and stay in the air longer, but is not as fast, and can slide easily. Vacuum Mushroom
Luigi turns into Vacuum Luigi, where he can vacuum up most enemies (enemies that can't will just flee) with the vacuum hat for a limited time only.
King Boo
Toad4.jpg Toad Toad, Peach's helpful assistant, to helping Mario this time around. He has finally got over his fear of bosses, but still wants Mario to go first. Toad is a super fast adventurer with bad control. TBA Dozzer Beetle
NSMBWiiPeach.png Princess Peach After being kidnapped for the 1000th time, Peach is finally saved before Bowser's plan is complete. Peach is a slow character, and extremely weak, but her floating ability more than makes up. TBA Bowser (First)


Character Name Description
YOSHI!!!!!!.PNG Yoshi Any playable character can ride this cute dino after rescuing him from a Yoshi Egg. Yoshi can eating enemies, fluttering up into the air, defeat harder enemies, and use his own power-ups. If Yoshi's rider hits the Power Block, Yoshi will receive a Burning Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros. Omega, where he can breath fire.
Robud.png Robud A lost little robot that was kidnapped by Bowser. He can help Mario in different ways if he is having troubles, similar to the Super Guide, including flying, guiding, or enhancing. However, Mario will only be rewarded with a Bronze Star if he is helped.
N/A Toaworker A construction worker Toad that will create new paths into new areas for Mario to explore, once he gets a number of Power Stars.
N/A Toanic A Toad mechanic that will fix and advance the Mushmobile, for a price of Coins of course.


There are a total of 15 areas in the game, all with many secrets.

Peach's Castle (Hub)

A total remodeled version of Peach's Castle that includes Warp Pipes, Painting with Secret Stars, and many secrets. Mario can access different worlds here, that is, after he travels there first and collect a Power Star. There are many rooms in the game and only one boss: Rabbpage, the leader of the Rabbits that hops around the castle from room to room and will take many hits before finally giving up the Star. After getting each world, the castle will be more and more restored after Bowser smashed the castle with his R.O.B.O.O.T. Mario can return to Peach's Castle whenever he wants. Playable characters can also be switched in and out in one room of the castle.

Power Stars Secret Stars Platinum Stars Super Keys Bosses
PowerStarSMSJ.pngx20 SecretStarSMSJ.pngx06 Platinum Star SMN.pngx00 SuperKeySMSJ.pngx00 Rabbpage

Toad Square

The first area in the game that is based off Toad Town. Toad Square is located in the same area as Peach's Castle. In fact, walking out of the castle will lead Mario into Toad Square. Similar to Super Mario Sunshine's Isle Delfino, most of the Power Stars are located in secret areas. For example, Mario can enter different houses, owned by Toads. They might be a secret entrance into their houses to grab a secret Power Star. This is the only area in the game (not counting the hub, Peach's Castle) that does not include missions. There are still eight Red Coins to collect, and even a boss: R.O.B.O.O.T., battled at the start of the game. Mario can easily defeat him by ground pounding on his off switch to stop Bowser's plan on destroying Peach's Castle. Mario learns how to use the Mushmobile in this area. He can also update and buy new parts for his car with Coins at Toanic's Mecha Shop. There is also a shop into which Mario can trade 10 Blue Coins for a Power Star. There is also a secret boss in this area, named Dozzer Beetle, that is sleeping on the top of Peach's Castle. Mario must first unlock the door to the roof, after getting 15 Power Stars, before he can wake Dozzer up and send him flying off the roof, three times. After defeat, Toad's Super Key will be unlocked. Yoshi is unlocked in this world after finding him into Dark-Lit Cave.

Power Stars Secret Stars Platinum Stars Super Keys Bosses
PowerStarSMSJ.pngx40 SecretStarSMSJ.pngx01 Platinum Star SMN.pngx01 SuperKeySMSJ.pngx01 R.O.B.O.O.T.
Dozzer Beetle

Dark-Lit Cave

The first real non-hub area, featuring the normal three bosses and eight Power Stars. Enemies such as, Boos, Swoopers, and Goombulbs are native in this cave. The cave is mostly lite by Goombulbs and Boos, and there are a series of doors, openings, and pits. There is one pit, however, that falling down won't kill Mario. In fact, Boos enter this pit with food. If Mario falls down the abyss, he will find King Boo. To battle him, Mario can destroy Boos to get their food. Mario must throw food at the Goombulbs to get them to turn on. After all ten of them are turned on, Mario can throw a pepper at King Boo's tongue, after he reveals it. King Boo is give Mario the Super Key to Luigi's door. With this, Luigi is the only character that can get out of the cave with his high jumps. However, if Mario travels back to the cave, he can battle two new bosses: Lankitern and Dictionarly. Lankitern is a Lakitu with a giant lantern, which can be destroyed if Mario uses Yoshi (who is introduced here) to fire Spinys at it three times. Once Mario and Yoshi break the lantern three times, Lankitern will flee. Dictionarly is a giant Bookend that attacks Mario by chomping at him. Mario must lead him to chomp the four pillars in the room, so that the ceiling will fall down on him, finally revealing light to the mission-free Dark-Lit Cave and a Platinum Star. In the secret, final mission, Luigi gets to try out the Vacuum Mushroom, and suck up the Big Boo to get the final Power Star.

Power Stars Secret Stars Platinum Stars Super Keys Bosses
PowerStarSMSJ.pngx08 SecretStarSMSJ.pngx01 Platinum Star SMN.pngx01 SuperKeySMSJ.pngx01 King Boo

Bit Island

After leaving Dark-Lit Cave, Mario finds himself on a huge sand sprite of Small Mario from Super Mario Bros. The island itself is more like a mini-hub than a whole area, since it is small in size, and the only enemies on it are Crabbers. However, the true area in Bit Island is the underwater stage that appears to be a hidden cavern after Mario is sucked down a whirlpool into the "mission zone". There are only two true bosses in this area, because the third boss is Bowser, which is got to by talking to the Penguin and playing the pixel game, leading up to an underground tunnel to Bowser's Bad Sand, similar to the secret stages in Super Mario Sunshine. In the underground area, everything is made of blocks (or large pixels). Mario is introduced to Sub Coin, in which turns the Mushmobile into the Submobile. It can travel around underwater easily, and shoot torpedoes at Cheep-Cheeps and other marine foes. It also lights the way to the dark area where Mario meet the enormous blue Giga Unagi, that is defeated by destroying it's teeth without getting eaten. The second boss is a flying Cheep-Cheep called Fleep-Cheep that must be defeated by using the new Bubble Drop item and break the bubble onto this giant baddie, causing it to fall, thus getting mad. Reaching the fish three times is the difficulty, but Mario is then rewarded with a Platinum Star. Mario soon transports back to the Penguin on the 8-bit Mario, where he gets the World Map.

Power Stars Secret Stars Platinum Stars Super Keys Bosses
PowerStarSMSJ.pngx09 SecretStarSMSJ.pngx02 Platinum Star SMN.pngx01 SuperKeySMSJ.pngx00 Giga Unagi

Bowser's Bad Sand

Only after Mario plays the Penguin's game, can he descover the first Bowser stage. Mario is sent to a strange space-like area, where sand rushs in the opposite direction of him, not to mention the annoying Lakitus and Spinies that get in his way. Half way down, Mario finds a sand-free section with his prehistoric pal, Yoshi and a checkpoint. Mario can then use the Dash Pepper on the extremely fast sand, until he gets to the Warp Pipe to Bowser's lair. Mario and Yoshi must first avoid Bowser's attacks and then battle in a classic Super Mario 64 style, swinging the Koopa around by the tail, into mines, only this time, with Yoshi's tongue. Upon doing this three times, Bowser leaves, and a strange Super Key is revealed, which ends up unlocking a secret door for Princess Peach!

Power Stars Secret Stars Platinum Stars Super Keys Bosses
PowerStarSMSJ.pngx01 SecretStarSMSJ.pngx01 Platinum Star SMN.pngx01 SuperKeySMSJ.pngx01 Bowser

Blooport Dock


Quicksink Desert


Skyhigh Hills


Snowcone Mountain


Bowser's Canyon


New Toad City





Bowser's Colossal Castle


Satellite Starstation




It should be noted that almost every power-up form will end if Mario or (Mario riding) Yoshi hits an enemy, with an exception to invinciblity.

Mario's Power-Ups

Item Name Ability Limit Area(s)
BeeMushroom.png Bee Mushroom With this Mushroom, Mario becomes a bee. This form allows him to fly for a short time, before floating down again. Be Mario can also climb honeycomb. Until he hits water. ???
MetalShroom.png Metal Mushroom This Mushroom makes Mario made of metal. In this form, he is a lot stronger, but slower, and can walk on lava with no trouble at all. Until the time runs out. ???
100px Fire Flower Turns Mario into Fire Mario. In this form, he can shoot fireballs that can destroy most enemies, damage bosses, and break different objects, such as crates. Until the time runs out. ???
Iceflow.png Ice Flower With this freezing power-up, Ice Mario can shoot iceballs that freeze most enemies, although big enemies are only frozen for a shorter time, before breaking loose. Until the time runs out. ???
Starman - Mario Kart Wii.png Super Star With this Star, Mario turns invincible. He can run even faster, and run into enemies, or anything for that matter, without being harmed. Until the time runs out. ???
Bubble Drop SMN.png Bubble Drop After standing under a Drip Cloud, this tiny drop of water makes Mario Drop Mario. In this form, Mario can swim around in a giant bubble, in all directions out of water. Until the bubble hits any object or enemy. Bit Island
Vanish Cap.png Vanish Cap By putting on this cap, Mario, as Vanish Mario, becomes transparent and can walk though metal bars and just about all enemies. Until the time runs out. ???

Yoshi's Power-Ups

Item Name Ability Limit Area(s)
DashPepper.png Dash Pepper Upon eating a Dash Pepper, Yoshi becomes Dash Yoshi. Yoshi's power includes running extremely fast, even on water or steep sides. Until the time runs out. Bowser's Bad Sand
N/A Blimp Fruit When Yoshi eats this juice fruit, he becomes Blimp Yoshi, full of helium. He can float for a while upwards or move from side to side while floating. Until the time runs out. ???
DigPeanut.png Dig Peanut If the hungry dino eats this peanut, Dig Yoshi can dig right around the dirt. If the time runs out and he is still underground, it's back to the surface. Until the times runs out. ???
N/A Void Avocado If he swollows one, Yoshi turns black and creates a huge void in front of him, sucking in anything small that gets in his way. Until the time runs out. ???
N/A Clone Melon If one is eaten, Yoshi turns into Clone Yoshi, with three small Red Yoshi clones beside him, that protect him and can go down Mini Pipes. Until all the clones are defeated. ???
N/A Tear Onion When Yoshi eats one of these, Tear Yoshi will start crying up a storm, speeding him up, defeating enemies, and even making some plants grow. Until the time runs out. ???


  • Platinum Stars - A large variety of Power Star that is collected after large boss battles.
  • Power Stars - A collectible item in the game that are received when certain tasks are completed. There are a total of 202 in the game.
  • Silver Stars - Another type of Power Star that come in groups of 5. When all 5 are collected, they will transform into a Power Star.
  • Bronze Stars - A type of Power Star that is received if Mario receives help from Robud.
  • Coins - Coins are also collectible and can be used to buy things at different shops.
  • Red Coins - In even area, there are 8 Red Coins that can be collected to receive a Power Star.
  • Blue Coins - There are 20 Blue Coins hidden in every area. 10 Blue Coins will buy a Power Star at the shop.


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Beta Artwork

Official Artwork

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