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Not to be confused with Super Mario: Multiverse Mayhem

Super Mario Multiverse
Super Mario Multiverse Boxart.png
Box Art
Developer(s) Nintendo logo.png
Intelligent systems logo 2510.png
Publisher(s) Nintendo logo.png
Platform(s) NintendoSwitchLogo.png
Genre(s) Platformer, Action-adventure, Crossover
Release Date(s) Summer 2019
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Age Rating(s) ESRB: ERating.jpg - Everyone
PEGI: 3Rating.png - 3 Years and older

USK: USK6.png - 6 Years and older
CERO: CERO A.gif - Suitable for all ages

Media Included Nintendo Switch Catridge
Media DL icon.png Digital Download

Super Mario Multiverse is a 3D platformer game for the Nintendo Switch co-operated with AlphaDream and Intelligent Systems released on Summer 2019. The game consists Mario meeting his counterparts from The Mario & Luigi RPG Series, The Paper Mario Series, and Mini Mario, and rescuing their Princess Peaches.



During a nice day at the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach is hosting the grand opening of the Universe Traveler, Mario comes by, and is very proud of seeing the Universe Traveler, Peach allows Mario to test it out, but then Bowser's Airship comes by, interrupting the event, he is very proud of the Universe Traveler, so he can order the other Bowsers to kidnap the Princess Peaches from the other universes, Mario then facepalms, annoyingly does nothing which makes Bowser kidnap Princess Peach, Mario then confirms he will rescue her again.

Bowser has also captured Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi RPG Mario, and Mini Mario, Bowser then puts the other Marios to the universe, letting them fall, Mario then meets the 3 other Marios, and lets them explain what happened, and then decides to team up to save their Princess Peaches from their Bowsers.

Nintendo Switch eShop


"Join Mario, Paper Mario, RPG Mario and Mini Mario for the adventure you will never forget, they each have special abilities and teams up to save the 4 Princess Peaches from the 4 evil King Bowsers! Who has recently kidnapped the four pretty princesses, and now it's up to the four Marios to save the day!"


Regular Price: $39.99,-

Holiday Offer: $20.00,-

Nintendo Selects Offer: $25.00,-



Character Description Game Originated Special Ability
Mario Render Multiverse.png
The kingdom's biggest hero who can lend you a helping hand in all moments, if there is trouble, you will call Mario! Along with his counterparts, he will save the damsels in distresses. Super Mario Star Spin
Mario RPG 3D Render.png
RPG Mario
THIS one does care about his Luigi, he and Luigi has fought many enemies before, but this time he decided to go with Mario. Mario & Luigi Hammer Smash
Paper Mario CS.png
Paper Mario
This isn't just a piece of paper, it's Paper Mario! Since he's paper, he can fit through all small gaps between walls! Paper Mario Gap Fitting
MM&FAC - Mini Mario.png
Mini Mario
This very special toy is like a chore robot! He can help you out of your problems... Except for doing your homework... Mario vs. Donkey Kong Toy Army Recruit

Supporting Cast


=== Bosses Bowser, King Goomba, Lakithunder, Bowser Jr., Queen Ink, and Boss Pirannha Plant.










Early ideas

  • The Luigis would have been playable at a point too, but this idea was scrapped since the game was supposed to be centered around Mario and his counterparts.


  • This is the second Mario game to crossover with another Mario series, with the first being Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam