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Super Mario Moose Deluxe is a deluxe version of the game Super Mario Moose for the Byte Block. It will be similar to the original game, but will include side levels, bonus worlds, Funiibo support, and a lot more extra content. It will be produced and published by Gigabyte Gaming.

Super Mario Moose Deluxe
Developer(s) Gigabyte Gaming
Publisher(s) Gigabyte Gaming
Platform(s) Byte Block
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Series Super Mario
Predecessor Super Mario Moose
Successor N/A
Release Date(s) Summer/Fall 2017
Mode(s) Story, Moose Mushroom Challenge


The story is identical to the first game: MarioLuigiYellow ToadBlue Toad, and Peach are walking through Moose Meadows until Bowser comes in and captures the princess. Mario and co. then run after him.


The gameplay is identical to the original. Super Mario Moose is a 3D platformer, similar to Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D World. Like past games, Super Mario Moose has a linear 3D environment, a Goal Pole, and a time limit. Star Coins are in the game, with three being in every level. These can be used to unlock levels in the two secret worlds.

Many power-ups return to this game, including the Fire Flower and the Double Cherry from Super Mario 3D World. 

Super Mario Moose allows up to four players to play at once, using Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, and Blue Toad as playable characters. If someone wants to join or drop out, they just need to go to the menu and drop out or drop in. Like past games, players can enter bubbles and pick up/throw other players. Unlike Super 3D World, each player has a separate amount of lives.


Super Mario Moose Deluxe includes the nine main worlds, two bonus worlds, and downloadable world from the original game, but also includes nine worlds that are harder versions of the first nine worlds, and Grand Finale world, and two Funiibo exclusive worlds. Each main world has six levels, a castle, with five regular and a fortress. The bonus worlds have seven levels, five main and two fortresses. The Grand Finale World has six levels, all of which are normal levels.

The worlds are:

Moose Meadows

A grassland world, and also where the games story begins. The boss of this world is Larry Koopa.

Danger Walrus Desert

A desert themed world. The boss is Iggy Koopa.

Guinea Pig Glacier

An snow themed world. The boss of this world is Lemmy Koopa.

Wombat Water World

An ocean/beach world. The first boss of this world is Wendy O. Koopa, and the second boss is a first encounter with Bowser Jr..

Joey Jungle

A jungle themed world. The boss of this world is Roy Koopa.

Monkey Mountains

A mountain world. The first boss is Troopa, and the second boss is a second encounter with Bowser Jr.

Crocodile Clouds

A cloud themed world. The boss is Morton Koopa Jr

Llama Land 

A crazy world. The boss of this world is Ludwig Von Koopa.

Moose Fortress 

Bowser's Castle, modified to be the Moose Fortress, and the final main world of the game. The first boss is Kamek, the second boss is a final encounter with Bowser Jr., the third boss is Bowser, and the final boss is Moose Bowser.

World Boom Boom 

One of the two bonus worlds of the game. Before entering the world, Mario and co. discover that Boom Boom has kidnapped and caged Princess Daisy. The first boss is Boom Boom, and the second boss is a harder fight with Boom Boom.

World Pom Pom 

The other bonus world of the game. Before entering the world, the gang discovers that Pom Pom has kidnapped Toadette. The first boss is Pom Pom, and the second boss is a harder Pom Pom fight.

World Galaxy

A world originally downloadable in the first game that is now included for free.. This world mainly focuses on a Super Mario Galaxy theme, and has Mario and co. teaming up with Rosalina to save the Lumas. The first boss is King Kaliente and the second boss is Boludergiest.

Dark Moose Meadows

A darker version of Moose Meadows where all the levels are harder.

Dark Danger Walrus Desert

A darker version of Danger Walrus Desert where all the levels are harder.

Dark Guinea Pig Glacier

A darker version of Guinea Pig Glaicer where all the levels are harder.

Dark Wombat Water World

A dark version of Wombat Water World where all the levels are harder.

Dark Jaguar Jungle

A dark version of Jaguar Jungle where all the levels are harder.

Dark Monkey Mountains

A dark version of Monkey Mountains where all the levels are harder.

Dark Crocodile Clouds

A dark version of Crocodile Clouds where all the levels are harder.

Dark Llama Land

A dark version of Llama Land where all the levels are harder.

Ultimate Moose Fortress

A finery and more defensive version of Moose Fortress where all the levls are harder. The final battle with Moose Bowser also has him calling on enemies.

World Finale

The final world of the game with six extremely challenging levels to test the players skill.



Starting Characters 

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Yellow Toad
  • Blue Toad
  • Miivatar
  • Rosalona

Transformations and Power-Ups 

Main Game 

  • Super Mario (obtain a Mushroom)
  • Fire Mario (obtain a Fire Flower)
  • Invincible Mario (obtain a Super Star)
  • Tanooki Mario (obtain a Tanooki Leaf)
  • Mega Mario (obtain a Mega Mushroom)
  • Boomerang Mario (obtain a Boomerang Flower)
  • Double Mario (obtain a Double Cherry)
  • Moose Mario (obtain a Moose Mushroom)
  • Crow Mario (obtain a Crow Suit)
  • Spike Mario (obtain a Spike Flower)
  • Cloud Mario (obtain a Cloud Flower)
  • Bee Mario (obtain a Bee Mushroom)


Main Game 

  • Toad 
  • Princess Peach 
  • Princess Daisy
  • Toadette
  • Lumas

Enemies and Obstacles 


  • Drilldig
  • Fire Boo 
  • Moose Bro
  • Pound Boo
  • Quick Bill
  • Razospike
  • Smacktus
  • Spiny Shelled Paratroopa


  • Biddybud
  • Blooper
  • Boomerang Bro
  • Bonzai Bill
  • Boo 
  • Bullet Bill
  • Chain Chomp
  • Cheep Cheep
  • Deep Cheep
  • Draglet
  • Fire Bro
  • Fire Piranha Plant
  • Fuzzy
  • Goomba
  • Hammer Bro
  • Ice Bro
  • King Bill
  • Koopa Paratroopa
  • Koopa Troopa
  • Octoomba (DLC only)
  • Para-Biddybud
  • Piranha Plant 
  • Pokey
  • Rocket Engine
  • Sledge Bro
  • Stingbee
  • Thwomp
  • Waddlewing
  • Walleye


Main Game Bosses 

  • Larry Koopa
  • Iggy Koopa
  • Lemmy Koopa
  • Wendy O. Koopa
  • Roy Koopa
  • Troopa
  • Morton Koopa Jr
  • Ludwig Von Koopa
  • Kamek
  • Bowser Jr. (3 times)
  • Bowser
  • Moose Bowser
  • King Kalinite
  • Bouldergiest

Items and Objects 

New Power-Ups 

  • Crow Suit
  • Moose Mushroom
  • Spike Flower

Returning Power-Ups

  • Bee Mushroom 
  • Boomerang Flower
  • Cloud Flower 
  • Double Cherry
  • Fire Flower
  • Mega Mushroom
  • Mushroom
  • Super Star
  • Tanooki Leaf


  • 1-Up Mushroom
  • + Clock
  •  ? Block
  • Beep Block
  • Brick Block
  • Character Switch
  • Checkpoint Flag
  • Clear Pipe
  • Coin
  • Crate
  • Donut Lift
  • Elevator
  • Goal Pole
  • Gold Ring
  • Kick Bomb
  • Mystery Box
  • P-Switch
  • POW Block
  • Red Blue Platform
  • Red Coin
  • Red Coin Ring
  • Roulette Block
  • Star Coin
  • Tightrope
  • Warp Pipe

References to Other Games

  • Super Mario Bros.:One level of this game is an 8-bit level with many sprites from this game.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3: The Death Jingle is taken from this game.
  • Super Mario Sunshine: Players can perform a spin jump similar to this game.
  • Super Mario Galaxy/ Super Mario Galaxy 2: World Galaxy is based around this game. In addition, Rosalina is available as a playable character.
  • New Super Mario Bros, Wii/ New Super Mario Bros. U: Many features return from this game, including the simultaneous ground pound, the ability to pick up other players, and bubbles. In addition, Miivatars are playable in this game, similar to how Miis are playable in these games,
  • Super Mario 3D Land: A lot of the gameplay and levels were heavily inspired by this game. Boom Boom and Pom Pom also reappear as bosses, and many items and objects return.
  • Super Mario 3D World: Many mechanics from this game, as the game has similar gameplay to it.
  • Super Mario Moose : Super Mario Moose Deluxe is an enccanced port of this game.