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V2App SMMP.png

Developer(s) TorokoMarioMaker.png
Publisher(s) NintendoBlackTransparent.png
Platform(s) V2LogoSMMP.png
Genre(s) Platformer, D.I.Y Game
Release Date(s) June 4th, 20YA
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg
Media Included Disc

Super Mario Maker Phi (also known as Super Mario Maker Φ) is a version of Super Mario Maker created for The V². It features many new features such as customs, new level creation elements, and multiple playable characters that aren't reliant on the Mystery Mushroom.

It also hosts quite a breadth of new online modes, such as online course races with up to five people or collaborative building with five friends. The game has been said to be somewhere between "a dlc and a full-fledged sequel", adding onto the original as opposed to being entirely new (similar to Super Mario Galaxy 2).

A spiritual successor called Super Wario & Kirby Maker was announced on 8/16/16.

Pre-title Screen Animations

Every day a different animation plays before the game boots up the title screen. Unlike the original, holidays are included too!

Day Event
Turns Builder Rosalina blue and slowly descend the screen.
An eraser erases Builder Rosalina.
Builder Rosalina is being carried by two ducks from Duck Hunt, which are shot and collected by the Duck Hunt Dog as Builder Rosalina drops to the bottom the screen.
Builder Rosalina is struck by lighting and destroyed, the day name changing to "Thorsday".
Builder Rosalina becomes trapped in a box and shipped off.
Builder Rosalina gets knocked off by one of Birdo's eggs.
Builder Rosalina is eaten by a Yoshi, which pops out an egg that hatches into "Good Sunday".
Builder Rosalina gets wrapped into a present. This only appears on December 25th.
Builder Rosalina is circled around by a bunch of boos, that lift up and down to the left of the screen. This only appears on October 31st.

Title Screen

Tapping the letters does a bunch of quirky stuff, just like in the original. As opposed to the original, every letter (including SUPER) does something now. It also is meant to hint at some of the new features inside.

Letter Tap
SuperMM S.png
Switches Mario with another character, cycling through Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Rosalina.
SuperMM U.png
Causes the score to glitch out for five seconds, before turning back to normal.
SuperMM P.png
Causes it to snow for five seconds before going back to normal.
SuperMM E.png
Turns the E into a cactus. If Mario (or any other character) touches it, he/she will get hurt.
SuperMM R.png
Reverses time for as long as the player presses the R.
SuperMM M.png
Mushrooms drop from the top of the screen.
SuperMM A.png
Turns into a rocket, turning the level into another level and putting Mario back at the start.
SuperMM R.png
Transforms into Rambi, causing Donkey Kong to jump down and ride it. A new R replaces the missing one.
SuperMM I.png
Turns into a pong paddle, sending a ball back to the right of the screen.
SuperMM O.png
Turns into a wheel, speeding off.
SuperMM M.png
Grows shoes and waddles off.
SuperMM A.png
Spawns a Blooper.
SuperMM K.png
Plays fireworks.
SuperMM E.png
Turns screen black and white.
SuperMM R.png
Causes a tumbleweed to roll into the screen.
SuperMM PHI.png
Spawns a star for Mario.


There are a total of five starting unique playable characters (with one unlockable character). Grabbing a mystery mushroom simply gives that character an extra hit while using that skin. All Mystery Mushrooms work with all characters.

Image + Name Info


(+) Jack of all trades(-) Master of none


(+) Bigger jumps(-) Slippery stops


(+) Floaty Jumps(-) Slower speed


(+) Fast speed(-) Low jumps


(+) Double jump with spin

(+) Spin can take out enemies even in small form
(-) Loses spin attack when powered up
(-) Runs the slowest



(+) Can reverse the last three seconds of movement

(+) Can “fast forward” her own movement for five seconds, making her one of the faster characters
(-) Reversal has a one second cooldown after use
(-) Fast forward has a two second cooldown after use, is one of the slower characters.

Unlocked after defeating Themis in Chrono Mario Challenge.

Game Styles

Image + Name Info

GameStyle SuperMarioBros.png

Super Mario Bros.

The original! While very simplistic compared to the other styles, it's got a lot of charm.

GameStyle SuperMarioBros2.png

Super Mario Bros. 2

This one is a very different Mario game, but still holds a lot of charm. It adds in new mechanics such as grabbing enemies and items and tossing them, adding a whole new level of gameplay.

GameStyle SuperMarioLand2.png

Super Mario Land 2

Everything is in black and white. Unique to Super Mario Land 2 is the Magic Carrot power-up, which turns Mario into Bunny Mario. Bunny Mario can jump higher, jump repeatedly by holding down the jump button, and descend slowly using his ears.

GameStyle SuperMarioBros3.png

Super Mario Bros. 3

The third installment in the main franchise introduced things like being able to hold items and koopa shells as well as flying with the raccoon leaf with the P-Bar.

GameStyle SuperMarioWorld.png

Super Mario World

Mario's trip to Dinosaur World gave him the ability to hold a power-up in a reserve box and use a spin jump to jump off enemies he normally couldn't. It also introduced Yoshi, his friend with a huge appetite.

GameStyle NewSuperMarioBrosU.png

New Super Mario Bros. U

Mario gains the ability to ground pound and walljump in this style, and it looks fantastically hi-depth. It also has the Propeller Mushroom which allows Mario to propel high into the air and descend slowly or quickly.

Course Styles

Image + Name Info
SMMPCourse Ground.png


The standard outside. Grass, dirt, hills.
SMMPCourse Underground.png


Under the earth, where everything has a darker hue.
SMMPCourse Underwater.png


Under the water, where you'll have to swim instead of jump through levels.
SMMPCourse GhostHouse.png

Ghost House

In abandoned mansions and creepy locales, this place belongs to the dead.
SMMPCourse Airship.png


Up in the air and full of danger!
SMMPCourse Castle.png


A grinding gauntlet filled with traps, lava, and usually a big boss who has to be taken down.
SMMPCourse Desert.png


NEWIcon.pngA sandy place that has dry air and even drier enemies, who usually extrude some kind of spike out.
SMMPCourse Snow.png


NEWIcon.pngA cold level type that will leave you shivering and sliding.
SMMPCourse Beach.png


NEWIcon.pngThe sand and the ocean, who could ask for more?
SMMPCourse Glitch.png


NEWIcon.pngEverything acts rather weird here... logic that would work in normal levels probably doesn't work here.

Course Elements

Level Elements

Image + Name Info
Start Level Signpost.png

Start Level Signpost


Can't be destroyed. Points you in the direction of the level.

Start Level Signpost Down.pngStart Level Signpost Up.pngStart Level Signpost Left.png




At the end of any given level, there is a flag around a pole. Landing on the top gives you an extra 1-Up while landing anywhere else on the ladder just gives you bonus points.




At the end of any given level (with the exception of Castle levels). You can actually paint the castle by using the the paintbrush but it cannot move from it's designated spot.

NESCASTLE Ocean.pngNESCASTLE Blue.pngNESCASTLE Cyan.pngNESCASTLE Green.pngNESCASTLE Yellow.pngNESCASTLE Orange.pngNESCASTLE Red.pngNESCASTLE Purple.pngNESCASTLE White.pngNESCASTLE BLACK.pngNESCASTLE Underground.pngNESCASTLE Underworld.pngNESChineseCastle.png




At the end of any given Castle level (with the exception of Castle levels). You can actually move the axe around but it can't leave the bridge boundaries. It can also be flipped upside down by shaking it. When it's touched by Mario, it effectively ends the level and causes the bridge at the end of the level to collapse.



Checkmark Flag


Can be placed anywhere the player desires and allows a player to continue from that spot if they die. Getting a game over will require the player to restart the level completely. They can be put at a variety of angles. Placing one in a level requires the maker to beat it twice; once from the beginning and once from the checkpoint.


Image + Name Info



Can't be destroyed. The most basic level designing tool.

NESGroundBlock Grape.pngNESGroundBlock Purple.pngNESGroundBlock Red.pngNESGroundBlock Clay.pngNESGroundBlock Yellow.pngNESGroundBlock Green.pngNESGroundBlock Lime.pngNESGroundBlock Ocean.pngNESGroundBlock Blue.pngNESGroundBlock Dead.pngNESGroundBlock White.pngNESGroundBlock Black.pngNESGroundBlock Underground.pngNESGroundBlock Underworld.pngNESCastleBrickGround.pngNESCastleBrickGround Blue.pngNESCastleBrickGround Cyan.pngNESCastleBrickGround Emerald.pngNESCastleBrickGround Lime.pngNESCastleBrickGround Yellow.pngNESCastleBrickGround Sunbaked.pngNESCastleBrickGround Brown.pngNESCastleBrickGround Orange.pngNESCastleBrickGround Ruby.pngNESCastleBrickGround Purple.pngNESCastleBrickGround Black.pngNESCastleBrickGround Underground.pngNESOceanBlockGround.pngNESOceanBlockGround Blue.pngNESOceanBlockGround Clay.pngNESOceanBlockGround Gold.pngNESOceanBlockGround Grape.pngNESOceanBlockGround Purple.pngNESOceanBlockGround Cyan.pngNESOceanBlockGround Dead.pngNESOceanBlockGround Underworld.pngNESGhostHouseGround.pngNESGhostHouseGround Blue.pngNESGhostHouseGround Green.pngNESGhostHouseGround Purple.pngNESGhostHouseGround Yellow.pngNESGhostHouseGround Red.pngNESGhostHouseGround Orange.pngNESAirshipGround.png


Brick Block


A standard brick block that can be destroyed.

BrickBlockNES Blue.pngBrickBlockNES Ocean.pngBrickBlockNES Purple.pngBrickBlockNES Grape.pngBrickBlockNES Green.pngBrickBlockNES Lime.pngBrickBlockNES Orange.pngBrickBlockNES Red.pngBrickBlockNES Yellow.pngBrickBlockNES Underground.pngBrickBlockNES Underworld.png


Question Block


Always has something inside, whether it be a coin or power-up or even an enemy.

NESQuestionBlock Cyan.pngNESQuestionBlock Fuchsia.pngNESQuestionBlock Green.pngNESQuestionBlock Lime.pngNESQuestionBlock Ocean.pngNESQuestionBlock Purple.pngNESQuestionBlock Yellow.pngNESQuestionBlock Orange.pngNESQuestionBlock Red.pngNESQuestionBlock Underground.pngNESQuestionBlock Underworld.png


Invisible Question Block


Hidden but usually has something inside, whether it be a coin or power-up or even an enemy.


Note Block


Jumping off this plays a note and bounces you. Jump at the right time and you go absurdly high!

NES Pipe.png



Can be used to transport you to a sublevel or spawn items and enemies.

NES Pipe Yellow.pngNES Pipe Orange.pngNES Pipe Red.pngNES Pipe Purple.pngNES Pipe Grape.pngNES Pipe ChillerBlue.pngNES Pipe Cyan.pngNES Pipe Ocean.pngNES Pipe Ice.pngNES Pipe Grey.pngNES Pipe White.pngNES Pipe Black.pngNES Pipe Underworld.png


Ice Block


When Mario or other characters walk on this, they slide super badly on it. Running on it will take a long time to stop your momentum.

NESGroundBlock Ice.pngNESHardBlock Ice.png


Cloud Block


A semi-solid block mainly used as platforms for bonus areas above the ground.


Hard Block


Very hard blocks. They are most commonly used to make stairs that the player can climb. Unlike ? Blocks and Brick Blocks, Hard Blocks cannot contain anything. They cannot be destroyed by Mario himself, but by other methods.

NESHardBlock Orange.pngNESHardBlock Red.pngNESHardBlock Fuchsia.pngNESHardBlock Purple.pngNESHardBlock Blue.pngNESHardBlock Cyan.pngNESHardBlock Lime.pngNESHardBlock Lemon.pngNESHardBlock Yellow.pngNESHardBlock White.pngNESHardBlock Black.pngNESHardBlock Underground.pngNESHardBlock Underwater.pngNESHardBlock Castle.pngNESHardBlock Underworld.png




Exclusive to the Super Mario Bros. 2 theme, basically replace pipes except they're thinner. They warp to sub-levels and spawn enemies and items.



Image + Name Info



Makes you big and able to break brick blocks and take an extra hit. You gain a lot of height too.


Fire Flower


Allows you to throw fireballs and serves as a second extra hit for some of the later styles.



Poison Flower


Allows you to throw poison spores that go upwards in a diagonal before descending down slowly. These spores harm anything that it touches for the most part.


Mystery Mushroom.png

Mystery Mushroom


Allows you to take an extra hit while being dressed up in a costume of another character, complete with sound effects!


Weird/Luigi/Lanky Mushroom


Similar to the mushroom but uh... well, it makes you look rather absurd and gives you some rather big jumps.


1-Up Mushroom


Gives you an extra life. You can collect up to three of these during each level of the 100 Mario Challenge.




Makes you invincible. Nothing gets in your way! Except for pits and lava.




Collecting five of these spawns a star from the lower bottom of the screen that rises upwards.


Double Cherry


Creates a Mario clone that follows his actions exactly but being slightly displaced. Either one of the Marios can die but one has to remain or it's game over.




Gives Mario some rabbit ears and the ability to hover. This allows him to fall down gracefully down. Exclusive to the Super Mario Land 2 theme.


Super Leaf


Gives you a raccoon tail to whack enemies with and to take off into flight with if you get enough speed. Exclusive to the Super Mario Bros. 3 theme.


Cape Feather


The cape form's abilities are much like Raccoon Mario before it. It allows Mario to fly indefinitely through levels, and attack enemies by spinning it around. It is exclusive to the Super Mario World theme.




Yoshis come out off eggs and allow Mario to ride them. They act as an extra hit and can swallow enemies with their tongue. Eating Koopa shells gives Yoshis different abilities: after eating a red shell, the Yoshi will spit out a fireball, while yellow shells will make it heavy enough to shake the ground each time it lands a jump, and blue shells cause the Yoshi to grow wings and fly. They can also "breed" if they eat five of the same fruit. See "Berries" for more info. They are exclusive to the Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U themes.


Propeller Mushroom


This mushroom allows players to fly high into the air and descend slowly. This power up is exclusive to the New Super Mario Bros. U theme.

IceFlower LTL.png

Ice Flower


This flower allows players to shoot freezing projectiles at enemies, encasing them in ice. This power up is available through all themes.


Vampire Radish


This radish turns Mario and other characters into vampires. In this form they can't touch light but can sustain three extra hits and use bat wings to fly. They can eat enemies to replenish health. They can also hang upside down from the ceiling by latching onto the ceiling, but they have to drop straight down and can't jump while on the ceiling.


Technocolor Mushroom


When the Technocolor Mushroom is used, it turns Mario into his big form but with a new rainbow-colored trail of his shadow following him. In this form, he can speed through enemies to defeat them (as opposed to stomping them or other means) and run over pits, as if the air was solid ground. The form can't take damage and thus never reverts.


Big Mushroom


When the Big Mushroom is used, it turns Mario into a gigantic version of himself, about four times the size of Small Mario. It can be used to break blocks and stomp all over enemies. Collecting a Big Mushroom also affects enemies and other elements; most enemies are given at least one of Mario's features, such as a hat, mustache, or nose. A CRT Filter is also added onto the screen. Big Mario can still be effected by enemy attacks, so be careful.


Berries are a key part of "Yoshi Breeding". When a Yoshi eats five of one kind of berry, they pop out a egg with a Baby Yoshi of a certain color. These baby Yoshis can be carried by Mario to eat enemies. When a baby Yoshi eats three enemies, it grows into a full-grown Yoshi of that color. However, it'll grow up instantly if eats a Power-up. All berries can only be put on bushes. While Berries appear in styles without Yoshis, only in the Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U style can these Berries be interacted with.

Image + Name Info



When five apples are eaten, a new green baby Yoshi pops out. These Yoshis have no extra abilities.

BabyYoshiSNES Green.pngYoshiSNES.png




When five bananas are eaten, a new yellow baby Yoshi pops out. These Yellow Yoshis cause the ground to shake when they land, freezing enemies in their place for a moment or causing coins to fall from the ceiling.

BabyYoshiSNES Yellow.pngYoshiSNES Yellow.png




When five blueberries are eaten, a new blue baby Yoshi pops out. These Yoshis can take flight.

BabyYoshiSNES Blue.pngYoshiSNES Blue.png




When five lavaberries are eaten, a new red baby Yoshi pops out. These Yoshis can spit fire no matter what color Koopa Shell is in its mouth. Blue and yellow shells still retain their normal effects until the fireballs are shot.

BabyYoshiSNES Red.pngYoshiSNES Red.png




When five grapes are eaten, a new purple baby Yoshi pops out. These Yoshis spit bubbles out of their mouths when they eat an enemy, trapping enemies nearby in bubbles that cause them to float away. Bubbling works on otherwise unbeatable enemies like Boos, Thwomps, and Nipper Plants.

BabyYoshiSNES Purple.pngYoshiSNES Purple.png




When five peppers are eaten, a new orange baby Yoshi pops out. These Yoshis are extremely fast and can focus extremely fast speeds in short bursts, allowing them to go up walls.

BabyYoshiSNES Orange.pngYoshiSNES Orange.png


Image + Name Info






Touch them and you'll take a hit, but stomping on them or firing a projectile at them will take them out. They're standard enemies with not a lot behind them; they'll even walk off the edges if they're permitted to. When given a Big Mushroom, they turn into Super Goombas, which take a total of five stomps to kill or fifteen fireballs. When a Super Goomba is given a Mushroom, they turn into a Mushroom Goomba, which drops three Mushrooms on death and takes a total of ten stomps to kill and 50 fireballs to kill.


Pile Driver Micro-Goomba


Small Goombas that hide under a block. Simply shake a Goomba to use a Pile Driver Micro-Goomba. The brick keeps them safe from fire attacks, but everything else should work on them, including stomping. Careful though, they like to bounce.




These enemies can be taken out just as easily as a Goomba, but if they're stomped they go back into their shells, which can be kicked to propel into enemies to take them out.

KoopaNES Red.png


Red Koopa


Shaking a Koopa gives you a Red Koopa. Red Koopas are more aware of edges but their shells will still propel off a edge if kicked. Shaking them turns them into slower Pink Koopas, who have shells that move twice as fast as the normal shells when kicked.


Hammer Bro


An annoying enemy that throws hammers in a arc and can jump up from platform to platform. They can be taken out with the same methods as a Koopa and a Goomba, but it's far harder due to their projectiles.


Sledge Bro


Give a Hammer Bro a Mushroom and you get a Sledge Bro, a bigger and more dangerous version of the Hammer Bro. They toss bigger hammers and make the ground tremble every time they jump.




They fly in the sky, dropping Spinies. They're very tough as getting an optimal attack spot is difficult, but they can be taken out by being stomped or attacked with some kind of projectile. You get to ride their cloud if you manage to beat them, but the cloud only lasts so long.


Piranha Plant


Usually found in pipes, these pop in and out from time to time. Don't jump on the pipes if they're out or you'll get hurt. You can take them out with a fireball or other projectile.


Fire Piranha Plant


Shake a Piranha Plant to get a Fire Piranha Plant, which shoots fireballs at Mario when it comes out. It's still weak to projectiles, so you can dispose of them with that.



Bullet Bill


This cannon will fire giant bullets that will hurt Mario if they hit him, but Mario can stomp on these. They are immune to projectiles for the most part. Putting a Goomba inside and shaking it turns it into a Bullet Goomba Blaster. These Goombas are immune to projectiles but still can be stomped.


Bulls-Eye Bill


Shaking a Bullet Bill blaster gives you a homing version, which will chase Mario. He can still stomp on them but there's no running from them.




Typically they come from Latikus, but can also be seen on their own. They basically act like a Koopa Troopa with spikes and can't be stomped on. The player can wear a Spiny shell if it lands on their head, protecting them from enemies and traps from above. The player can also activate the helmet by pressing down while holding a Spiny shell.





They follow Mario continuously, although they cannot touch the ground. As a result, they move in a regular zig-zag pattern. If they touch Mario, Mario will be damaged. They can be taken out with projectiles. If they are shaken twice, they turn into Dire Bloopers that move twice as quickly but don't directly damage Mario but instead obscuring his vision with ink. All the player can see is the white of their character's eyes for a short time.


Blooper Nanny


Shake a Blooper and get a Blooper Nanny. She can send her children in every direction, making it more difficult to swim, and the children will return to her after a short time. Use projectiles take them out.


Buzzy Beetle


Like a Koopa Troopa, they will hide in their shell when jumped on, and can be kicked around the level. However, the player cannot defeat them with fireballs. The player can wear a Buzzy Beetle shell if it lands on their head, protecting them from enemies and traps from above. The player can also activate the helmet by pressing down while holding a Buzzy Beetles shell.

Goomba's Shoe

Goomba's Stiletto


The Goomba Shoe/Stiletto are enemies that hide in giant shoes that you can ride after defeating the enemy inside. Big Goomba's Shoes can Ground Pound by pressing down while mid air. This attack can defeat enemies including Munchers and Bill Blasters, which are normally indestructible. It can be used only in the Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Land 2, and Super Mario Bros. 3 styles, with the Yoshi Egg replacing it in the Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U styles. Shake the Shoe to get the Stiletto, which acts exactly the same. This enemy can be painted with the Paintbrush.

GoombaShoeNES Blue.pngGoombaShoeNES Cyan.pngGoombaShoeNES Orange.pngGoombaShoeNES Yellow.pngGoombaShoeNES Red.pngGoombaShoeNES Purple.pngGoombaShoeNES Grey.png
GoombaStilettoNES Blue.pngGoombaStilettoNES Cyan.pngGoombaStilettoNES Orange.pngGoombaStilettoNES Yellow.pngGoombaStilettoNES Red.pngGoombaStilettoNES Purple.pngGoombaStilettoNES Green.png


Shy Guy


These guys just walk wherever they can, even if it means going off a ledge. They can be taken out by projectiles or by Mario grabbing them and tossing them.




These guys stand in place, shooting a black ball if Mario comes into their sight. The black ball goes straight forward and goes through walls. They can be taken out with projectile attacks or by Mario grabbing and throwing them.




Although they have wings, Tweeters cannot fly; however they are very good at hopping across the ground. They can be picked up and thrown or taken out with a shell.




Cobrats jump out of the sand or vases to attack, and most of them can spit out black projectiles similar to Snifits. They are easy to defeat if in a line; the player can throw one and cause a domino effect. They can be avoided easily and only pose a threat when in large numbers.




Only awaken when a key has been taken within a wide radius. Phantos chase the player and harm the player if they touch. Phantos cannot be avoided and can only be escaped by using the key it was guarding to unlock a door. If the player simply drops the key while a Phanto is chasing them, the creature will fly away and leave them alone, at least until the key is picked up again.




There are two types of Ninji: the first type charges at Mario, suddenly jumping as it approaches; the second type remains in one place and jumps up and down. Players can switch between the two variations by shaking it. All variations of Ninjis can be picked up and thrown at other enemies to defeat them.




Pidgits are always seen flying away on carpets. Pidgits attempt to dive bomb into the player, but players can jump on them, pick them up, and throw them. Once the Pidgit has been removed, players can ride the carpet and control it for a brief amount of time.




Flurrys can only be added in snow levels and attempt to run into the player. They move faster than average, but they are prone to slipping on ice.





Bob-ombs run back and forth and will eventually self-destruct if they are near a player. If they self-destruct, they can harm players. Players can pick them up and throw them. They can destroy most blocks and enemies.




Hoopsters crawl slowly on vines, attempting to harm players. Players can jump on the top of them and even pick them up and throw them. They cannot hit the bottom or the sides or will suffer damage.





Pokeys attack players by moving slowly into them. Pokeys can be various heights and can be dragged out by the cursor to be up to 10 segments tall! They can be defeated by having objects thrown at them or their body segments being removed one by one.





Thwomps appear above the ground, only falling down when the player gets near them. They then ascend back up to where they were. The player can actually stand on top of them. When given a Fire Flower they become Super Thwomps, who only move when Mario is right under them at a incredibly fast speed. Shaking them allows them to change their direction to horizontal, or upside down. They can also bump against each other.


Image + Name Info



Blue Bowser Sprite.png

LankyWeirdBlue Bowser Sprite.png


LankyWeirdRed Bowser Sprite.png



The big, mean and tough original. He spews flames and hammers and you can take him out with firepower or by dropping the hammer on him. Give him a lanky/weird mushroom and he jumps higher and his flames become thinner with a green color. When you use the Paint Brush on him, you can change him into Blue Bowser or Red Bowser. Red Bowser is unique in that he can only spit out fire.



Bowser Jr.


By shaking Bowser, you can use his son. He's a smaller boss with a different strategy, using fireballs, shell spins, and ground pounds that can stun Mario if he's caught on the ground. He can be taken out in three measly hits, whether it be from a fireball or head stomp. Giving him a Fire Flower gives him two extra hits and bigger fireballs.





This boss from Super Mario Bros. 2 shoots eggs that you have to grab and toss back at her. You have toss five of her eggs back to defeat her. You can use the Fire Flower to make Birdo shoot a fiery egg every other time. In the SMB1 and Super Mario Land 2 style, with some kind of projectile, whether it be shells or fireballs.





By shaking Birdo, you get Robirdo, a mechanized version of Birdo. It shoots giant eggs, charges directly at the player, and uses a ground stomp move that immobilizes the player. She must be defeated by tossing her eggs back at her five times. Giving her a fire flower allows her to shoot fiery eggs. In the SMB1 and Super Mario Land 2 style, you have to fire at her with some kind of projectile, whether it be shells or fireballs.


Petey Piranha


This boss from Super Mario Sunshine and New Super Mario Bros ground pounds the ground and spits goop everywhere. You can attack him with fireballs after he finishes his ground-pound or stomp on his stomach to hit him.


Dry Petey Piranha


By shaking Petey Piranha, you get Dry Petey Piranha who attacks with vines instead of goop and can summon Dry Bones. When he ground pounds, you can stomp on his stomach but projectile attacks won't work here.


Koopa the Quick


Not so much a boss as he is a person you race against. He is actually a "ghost" of the author of the level beating it for submission, albeit slightly slower. When you place him in your level during creation, he'll just follow your path but never outpace you. He doesn't do any damage nor seems to be effected by any hazards.




Tantanga fights with a small space craft, capable of shooting energy weapons and dive bombing Mario. When he descends for his dive bomb attack, Mario must jump on top of the space invader. After three hits, he is defeated.


Larry Koopa


Larry jumps around and shoots magic blasts from his stolen magic wand. He needs to be jumped on three times to be defeated. He is one of seven koopalings in the game that can be added to levels and shaking him will change him to the next koopaling in line.


Morton Koopa Jr.


Morton attacks Mario or Luigi by climbing the walls and ceiling of his room and dropping down. Mario or Luigi needs to stomp on his head thrice or shoot a dozen fireballs at him to win. He is one of seven koopalings in the game that can be added to levels and shaking him will change him to the next koopaling in line.


Wendy Koopa


Wendy attacks Mario by tackling him and shooting giant rings of candy at him. After two hits, she starts jumping around the room, while still throwing candy rings. She is one of seven koopalings in the game that can be added to levels and shaking her will change her to the next koopaling in line.


Iggy Koopa


In battle, Iggy tries to either jump on to Mario or shoot magical blasts at him using his magic wand. When jumped on, he will retreat into his shell and jump before coming back out. He is one of seven koopalings in the game that can be added to levels and shaking him will change him to the next koopaling in line.


Roy Koopa


In battle, Roy leaps at Mario and tries to crush him with his ground-shaking stomps. Roy can also shoot energy blasts from his stolen wand. Mario can stomp on him or attack with projectiles. He is one of seven koopalings in the game that can be added to levels and shaking him will change him to the next koopaling in line.


Lemmy Koopa


He rides a rubber ball around during battle, and uses his wand to summon additional balls; once summoned, they do not disappear. When jumped on and withdrawing into his shell, Lemmy stays on his ball instead of jumping around. Being stomped three times defeats Lemmy. He is one of seven koopalings in the game that can be added to levels and shaking him will change him to the next koopaling in line.


Ludwig Koopa


In battle, Ludwig utilizes a unique combat strategy: spitting fireballs, sliding around in his spiked shell, and occasionally making huge leaps. He is one of seven koopalings in the game that can be added to levels and shaking him will change him to Larry Koopa, repeating the cycle again.




A giant elephant made of Super Mario Maker blocks. You must jump onto him, avoiding the enemies that are on him such as a Bullet Bill Blaster and Piranha Plants. Once you enter his castle, you must attack the core, which can be edited by players to be made more challenging or easier. When his core is damaged, he shoots you out of his trunk. Once you do this three times he is defeated. This boss is unlocked when you complete Chrono Missions normally.

Power Tools

In the course editor, you can use these tools to assist in level building. These tools replace the cursor while being used.

Image + Name Info
SMMP Paintbrush.png



This tool allows you to paint blocks to be different colors such as Question Blocks, Brick Blocks, Hard Blocks, and even the Castle.

SMMP Pickaxe.png



An eraser of sorts, but only deletes blocks. It will ignore anything else.




It can only be used in closed gaps created by blocks and fills it with water tiles.




A lava version of the Water FLUDD. Use it in block-made gaps to fill it with lava tiles.


Slope Shovel


Using this on a ground tile will cut it in half like a slope. Using the slope shovel to click on it multiple times will give you different angle cuts. Dragging the slope shovel will create a bounding box where a slope will appear. Mario can slide down slopes and doesn't have to jump when going up or down it.

Game Modes

In addition to the Course Maker, Super Mario Maker Phi features four game modes: 10 Mario Challenge, Course World, Course Races, and Creation Community.

10 Mario Challenge


In 10 Mario Challenge, the goal is to clear 8 randomly selected sample courses with up to 10 lives. Players can obtain up to 3 1-Ups in each course, but must be able to complete the course to collect them. As many as 88 different sample courses appear in this mode, and they'll be added onto the Coursebot's sample courses list when completed.

100 Mario Challenge


100 Mario Challenge is a variant of 10 Mario Challenge, which gives the player 100 Marios to clear a certain number of user-created courses; 8 courses on Easy; 16 courses on Normal and Expert; 6 courses on Super Expert. Courses marked as the selected difficulty (based on clear percentage) are used. Unlike with 10 Mario Challenge, players can save their progress while playing the 100 Mario Challenge, and they can choose to skip a selected course to try another one instead. At first, only the Easy and Normal difficulty levels can be selected, but players can unlock the Expert difficulty by completing the Normal difficulty 100 Mario Challenge at least once, and if they clear Expert once, then the players will unlock the Super Expert difficulty.

Clearing 100 Mario Challenge rewards the player with a random Mystery Mushroom costume. Unlike in the original, the level of difficulty you clear rewards you with a certain number of Mystery Mushroom costumes.

  • Easy: 1 Mystery Mushroom Costume.
  • Normal: 2 Mystery Mushroom Costumes.
  • Expert: 3 Mystery Mushroom Costumes.
  • Super Expert: 5 Mystery Mushroom Costumes.

Also unlike the original, you can use Custom Cards during the 100 Mario Challenge run at the cost of a 1-Up you can collect in an level (you can pick up 3 1-Ups or use 3 Custom Cards). Custom Cards are obtained via a roulette wheel that appears after being a level. Typically the player has a 2/5 chance of getting one custom card per level, and a 1/100 chance of getting three custom cards per level. The player can also obtain 10 Coins instead (at a 3/5 chance rate).

Chrono Mario Challenge


A new addition to the Super Mario Maker, Chrono Mario Challenge is a rather loosely told "story mode" of sorts that follows Mario and his friends as they are enlisted by a Time Princess named Fusee to go through various Mario levels and put time back in place after they were scrambled by Themis (the villian of Super Mario Bros: Multiverse Degeneration). This mode is derived from the 10 and 100 Mario Challenge modes, as you will go through a set of levels looking for Horostars.

Click here for missions.

Course World


Course World is Super Mario Maker Phi's dedicated way to share course creations with the rest of the user base. Uploading courses is limited to 10 at first, but players will be able to earn the ability to upload more when they are given more stars by players or by earning medals through the 100 Mario Challenge.


A new change in this installment is that you can now tag your level with certain keywords as well as search up levels by creator name or level name.

In order to share a course online, players must be able to complete it, and have access to Miiverse. Players can download, play, and even alter courses made by other players, but they are unable to re-upload those altered courses to the online servers, as to avoid issues of stealing. Once a course is uploaded, players can comment on it, and/or choose to give it a star if they liked it.

Players can also bookmark courses on the official Super Mario Maker Bookmark website, then access the bookmarked courses in the courses section of Course World.

No courses are deleted in this installment if the creator chooses not to delete them; in Super Mario Maker, courses would be deleted without warning if they did not obtain one star within a set amount of days. This no longer happens.

Course World will also recommend levels to play. Levels that the player has given a star to will also have a .5 chance of appearing in the 100 Mario Challenge (up to three can appear in any given challenge run).

Course Races


A new mode in this installment. Course Races follow a group of players (up to 5) competing through a level, attempting to get the fastest time. While each player can see the other's ghost, they cannot directly interact with them. Players can comment or drop out if they find the level too hard. Each level can either be decided by random or decided personally by the host of the room.

Creation Community

Creation CommunityTitleCard.png

Another new mode in this installment. Creation Community allows you to edit and create your levels with your friends online, allowing for levels created by multiple people. Up to five people can edit the level in real time and the host can block off certain items to prevent spamming of unwanted objects. Additionally, one person at any time can play through the level, even if it is still being edited.

Custom Cards

During the 100 Mario Challenge, the player can unlock Custom Cards when they beat a level (provided that they did not swipe it away for a different level) and use these customs for characters in a later run. These range from higher jumps, faster speeds, changing the properties of things like fireballs and raccoon tail, or changing the properties of blocks and power-ups. Custom Cards work very similarly to the way they do in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, as they only effect the player equipped with them and are used to customize the gameplay experience.

The player can only equip up to three (3) customs at once. Equipping a Custom Card costs you a 1-up slot (you can't collect three 1-ups in a level like you used to if you've equipped three customs at once). Custom Cards that contradict will grey out as you choose your customs.

When creators publish a level, they can decide whether Custom Cards can be used by other players or not. They can also attach customs that they have unlocked to certain levels. If Custom Cards are turned off or attached to a level, they do not appear in the Custom-Run 100 Mario Challenge but instead show up in the Normal-Run 100 Mario Challenge.

There is a total of 50 Custom Cards in all.

Image + Name Info
SMMP Custom 001.png

Triple Fireballs


Allows all characters to throw three fireballs instead of just two.

SMMP Custom 002.png

Toxic Fireballs


Gives the fireballs a poison effect that damages an enemy after it's been hit, extremely handy for bosses.

SMMP Custom 003.png

Passive Fireballs


Makes the fireballs never disappear unless they hit the edge of the screen and can't come back.

SMMP Custom 004.png

Small Fire Mario


Allows for Mario and other characters to use fireballs while remaining small. This doesn't allow them to take an extra hit though!

SMMP Custom 005.png

Small Blockbreaker Mario


Allows for Mario and other characters to break brick blocks while small.

SMMP Custom 006.png

Phantom Jump


Leaves a ghostly trail behind Mario when he jumps during regular play. This allows you to better understand how high he can jump and whether you'll make it to that platform or not.

SMMP Custom 007.png

Parasol Float


Gives Peach (and only Peach) a longer period of floating.

SMMP Custom 008.png

Visible Invisible Blocks


Makes invisible blocks visible within a certain radius of the character.

SMMP Custom 009.png

Pit Spring


If Mario or any other character falls into a pit with at least a mushroom or a greater power-up on, they'll spring out as their small form.

SMMP Custom 010.png



Falling platforms fall slower and donut blocks take longer to activate.

SMMP Custom 011.png

Mystery Spell


Magikoopa's magic turns the character into a Mystery Mushroom Costume. Doesn't effect enemies.

SMMP Custom 012.png

Weird/Lanky Spell


Magikoopa's magic turns the player character into a Weird/Lanky version of themselves. Doesn't effect enemies.

SMMP Custom 013.png

Spell Shield


Reflects Magikoopa's magic if the player has any power-up.

SMMP Custom 014.png

Shell Captive


Makes Koopas act the same in every single game style, acting exactly like they do in the original Super Mario Bros.

SMMP Custom 015.png

Koopa Shell Helmet


Allows characters to wear Koopa Shells as helmets.

SMMP Custom 016.png

Blue Flame Flower


Turns Fire Flowers into Blue Flame Flowers, which allow Mario and other characters to fire blue flame projectiles in a straight horizontal direction as opposed to bouncing. This also effects Poison Flowers that drift horizontally before going up and down in a hump.

SMMP Custom 017.png



Transforms Cloud blocks into Thunderclouds that strike lighting on enemies underneath.

SMMP Custom 018.png



When running on cloud blocks, the character builds up speed much much faster.

SMMP Custom 019.png



Characters can swim through cloud blocks.

SMMP Custom 020.png

Bouncy Music Note


Any character that jumps on it does not need to time the jump on it, immediately jumping the highest it will allow.

SMMP Custom 021.png

Eggplant Spell


Magikoopa's magic makes Mario and other characters turn into a Eggplant, which only has one-hit point of health and can't pick up items! You need to collect a mushroom to cure this.

SMMP Custom 022.png



Automatically makes Mario and other characters big at the start of the level.

SMMP Custom 023.png

Auto-Fire Flower


Automatically makes Mario and other characters in their Fire Flower forms at the start of the level. Stacks with most of the Fire Flower customs like Blue Flame Mario and Toxic Fireballs.

SMMP Custom 024.png

Auto-Buzzy Shell Helmet


Automatically makes Mario and other characters obtain a Buzzy Shell Helmet. Can be stacked with some of the other Auto customs.

SMMP Custom 025.png

Auto-Spiny Shell Helmet


Automatically makes Mario and other characters obtain a Spiny Shell Helmet. Can be stacked with some of the other Auto customs.

SMMP Custom 026.png

Auto-Mystery Mushroom


Automatically gives Mario and other characters a random Mystery Mushroom at the start of the level. Can be stacked with some of the other Auto customs.

SMMP Custom 027.png

Alchemist Fire Flower


When Mario and the other characters collect four mushrooms, they get a Fire Flower.

SMMP Custom 028.png

Infinite Mushrooms


Any Question Block that holds a Mushroom will never go to a "dead" state, instead spitting out a Mushroom every time Mario hits it.

SMMP Custom 029.png

Lava Jump


If Mario falls into Lava with a power-up, he'll loose all power-ups and jump out from the lava in his small form, similar to the 3D Games.

SMMP Custom 030.png

Super POW


The POW block takes out all enemies in a level.

SMMP Custom 031.png

Shell Propel


Any shells kicked will not get bounced back after breaking a brick block> It will just keep propelling forward, destroying anything in it's path.

SMMP Custom 032.png

Cautious Red Shell


Red Shells stop at ledges when kicked. Kick them again to send them over ledges.

SMMP Custom 033.png

Stay-Dead Dry Bones


Dry Bones won't get back up once stomped.

SMMP Custom 034.png

Dry Ice


Ice is no longer slippery.

SMMP Custom 035.png

Rocket Pipe


Non-warp and spawn pipes turn into Rocket Pipes, which blast Mario upwards.

SMMP Custom 036.png

Spikeless Cowards


Removes the spikes off Spinies, making them stompable.

SMMP Custom 037.png

Freeze Hammer


Hammers thrown by Bowser and the Hammer Bros only freeze Mario in place now. The effect lasts a second.

SMMP Custom 038.png

Warp Hammer


Hammers thrown by Bowser and the Hammer Bros only warp Mario away from them.

SMMP Custom 039.png

Rubber Hammer


Hammers thrown by Bowser and the Hammer Bros are completely ineffectual and make squeaky sounds when they hit Mario.

SMMP Custom 040.png

Blueberry Plant


Fire Piranha Plants only spit out completely ineffective blue berries at the characters now.

SMMP Custom 041.png

Avocado Plant


Nipper Plants can now be stomped by Mario, turning them into a gushy avocado mess.

SMMP Custom 042.png

Stone Plant


Nipper Plants have been turned into stone, allowing you to walk on them.

SMMP Custom 043.png

Cherry Bob-omb


Bob-ombs won't explode.

SMMP Custom 044.png

Question Bob-omb


When Bob-ombs explode, they turn into a random power-up or item.

SMMP Custom 045.png

Cash Bob-omb


Bob-ombs now explode into a shower of coins.

SMMP Custom 046.png

Long Raccoon Tail


Gives Raccoon Tails a longer reach.

SMMP Custom 047.png

Auto Raccoon Leaf


Automatically makes Mario and other characters in their Raccoon Tail forms at the start of the level. Stacks with Long Raccoon Tail.

SMMP Custom 048.png

Fire Cape


When Mario collects a fireflower while using a cape, the power ups stack. When Mario presses the action button, he uses both the cape and shoots a fireball.

SMMP Custom 049.png

Auto Cape Feather


Automatically makes Mario and other characters in their Cape Feather forms at the start of the level. Stacks with Fire Cape.

SMMP Custom 050.png

Infinite Propelling


Allows the player to spin with the Propeller Mushroom infinitely into the air.




Returning from Super Mario Maker is the Mystery Mushroom. All mystery mushroom skins can be unlocked through the 100 Mario Challenge/Chrono Mario Challenge on the various difficulties and you will always get a random skin everytime. You can also unlock these costumes through amiibo.

Base Game

Costumes highlighted in yellow can only be unlocked when you unlock Fusee as a playable character.

001 002 003 004 005
Mystery Mushroom Mario.png
Modern Mario
Mystery Mushroom SilverMario.png
Silver Mario
Mystery Mushroom GoldMario.png
Gold Mario
Mystery Mushroom Luigi.png
Modern Luigi
Mystery Mushroom Peach.png
Modern Peach
006 007 008 009 010
Mystery Mushroom Toad.png
Modern Toad
Mystery Mushroom Bowser.png
Mystery Mushroom BowserJr.png
Bowser Jr.
Mystery Mushroom Rosalina.png
Modern Rosalina
Mystery Mushroom Cosmetta.png
011 012 013 014 015
Mystery Mushroom Yoshi.png
Mystery Mushroom WoollyYoshi.png
Woolly Yoshi
Mystery Mushroom Pink WoollyYoshi.png
Pink Woolly Yoshi
Mystery Mushroom Blue WoollyYoshi.png
Blue Woolly Yoshi
Mystery Mushroom Mega WoollyYoshi.png
Mega Woolly Yoshi
016 017 018 019 020
Mystery Mushroom DrMario.png
Dr. Mario
Mystery Mushroom Wario.png
Mystery Mushroom DonkeyKong.png
Donkey Kong
Mystery Mushroom DiddyKong.png
Diddy Kong
Mystery Mushroom Kirby.png
021 022 023 024 025
Mystery Mushroom Dedede.png
King Dedede
Mystery Mushroom MetaKnight.png
Meta Knight
Mystery Mushroom Pit.png
Mystery Mushroom Palutena.png
Mystery Mushroom DarkPit.png
Dark Pit
026 027 028 029 030
Mystery Mushroom Samus.png
Mystery Mushroom ZeroSuitSamus.png
Zero Suit Samus

Mystery Mushroom ROBJP.png

Mystery Mushroom ROBUS.png

Mystery Mushroom Fox.png
Mystery Mushroom Falco.png
031 032 033 034 035
Mystery Mushroom Marth.png
Mystery Mushroom Ike.png
Mystery Mushroom Lucina.png
Mystery Mushroom Robin.png
036 037 038 039 040
Mystery Mushroom Pikachu.png
Mystery Mushroom Jigglypuff.png
Mystery Mushroom Charizard.png
Mystery Mushroom Lucario.png
Mystery Mushroom Greninja.png
041 042 043 044 045
Mystery Mushroom Mewtwo.png
Mystery Mushroom Olimar.png
MysteryMushroom Louie.png
Mystery Mushroom LittleMac.PNG
Little Mac
Mystery Mushroom FlyMia.png
Fly Mia
046 047 048 049 050
Mystery Mushroom Link.png
Mystery Mushroom Zelda.png
Mystery Mushroom Tetra.png
Mystery Mushroom Linkle.png
Mystery Mushroom GerudoLink.png
Gerudo Link
051 052 053 054 055
Mystery Mushroom HWZelda.png
Warrior Zelda
Mystery Mushroom Impa.png
Mystery Mushroom Ganondorf.png
Mystery Mushroom HWGanondorf.png
Warrior Ganondorf
Mystery Mushroom Lana.png
056 057 058 059 060
Mystery Mushroom Midna.png
Mystery Mushroom Cia.png
Mystery Mushroom Sheik.png
Mystery Mushroom ToonLink.png
Toon Link
Mystery Mushroom Totem Link.png
Totem Link
061 062 063 064 065
Mystery Mushroom Shulk.png
Mystery Mushroom Ness.png
Mystery Mushroom Lucas.png
Mystery Mushroom Mr. Saturn.png
Mr. Saturn
Mystery Mushroom Master Belch.png
Master Belch
066 067 068 069 070
Mystery Mushroom InklingSquidGreen.png
Green Inkling Squid
Mystery Mushroom InklingBoy.png
Blue Inkling Boy
Mystery Mushroom InklingGirl.png
Orange Inkling Girl
Mystery Mushroom OrangeInklingSquid.png
Orange Inkling Squid
Mystery Mushroom GreenInklingGirl.png
Green Inkling Girl
071 072 073 074 075
Mystery Mushroom PurpleInklingBoy.png
Purple Inkling Boy
Mystery Mushroom Callie.png
Mystery Mushroom Marie.png
Mystery Mushroom Judd.png
Mystery Mushroom WiiFitTrainer.png
Wii Fit Trainer (Female)
076 077 078 079 080
Mystery Mushroom WiiFitTrainerMale.png
Wii Fit Trainer (Male)
Mystery Mushroom ChibiRobo.png
Chibi Robo
Mystery Mushroom SuperChibiRobo.png
Super Chibi Robo
Mystery Mushroom Villager.png
Mystery Mushroom TomNook.png
Tom Nook
081 082 083 084 085
Mystery Mushroom KKSlider.png
KK Slider
Mystery Mushroom Resetti.png
Mystery Mushroom Mabel.png
Mystery Mushroom Kappn.png
Mystery Mushroom Kicks.png
086 087 088 089 090
Mystery Mushroom Isabelle.png
Mystery Mushroom IsabelleWinter.png
Isabelle (Winter)
Mystery Mushroom Digby.png
Mystery Mushroom Cyrus.png
Mystery Mushroom Reese.png
091 092 093 094 095
Mystery Mushroom CapitainFalcon.png
Captain Falcon
Mystery Mushroom GameandWatch.png
Game and Watch
Mystery Mushroom DuckHunt.png
Duck Hunt
Mystery Mushroom Sonic.png
096 097 098 099 100
Mystery Mushroom PacMan.png
Mystery Mushroom Megaman.png
Mega Man
Mystery Mushroom GoldMegaman.png
Golden Mega Man
Mystery Mushroom Nikki.png
Mystery Mushroom InverseNikki.png
Inverse Nikki
101 102 103 104 105
Clown Car Lemmy Mystery Mushroom.png
Lemmy Koopa
Clown Car Iggy Mystery Mushroom.png
Iggy Koopa
Clown Car Ludwig Mystery Mushroom.png
Ludwig Koopa
Clown Car Roy Mystery Mushroom.png
Roy Koopa
Clown Car Morton Mystery Mushroom.png
Morton Koopa
106 107 108 109 110
Clown Car Wendy Mystery Mushroom.png
Wendy Koopa
Clown Car Larry Mystery Mushroom.png
Larry Koopa
Clown Car Lavora Mystery Mushroom.png
Lavora Koopa
Clown Car Patti Mystery Mushroom.png
Patti Lee Koopa
Clown Car Poopbutt Mystery Mushroom.png
Poopbutt Koopa
111 112 113 114 115
Mystery Mushroom Peachiro.png
Mystery Mushroom Luigiasy.png
Mystery Mushroom DeviliKoopa.png
Devili D. Koopa
Mystery Mushroom McBoo.png
Mystery Mushroom AkroBat.png
Akro Bat
116 117 118 119 120
Mystery Mushroom Layla.png
Mystery Mushroom Moonling.png
Mystery Mushroom PoliceGuy.png
Police Guy
Mystery Mushroom Builder Rosalina.png
Builder Rosalina
Mystery Mushroom BulletBillie.png
Bullet Billie
121 122 123 124 125
Mystery Mushroom Edwardo.png
Mystery Mushroom GodWaluigi.png
God Waluigi
Mystery Mushroom Waluigi.png
God Mario Costume.png
God Mario
Mystery Mushroom SalvotheSlime.png
Salvo the Slime
126 127 128 129 130
Mystery Mushroom Popo.png
Mystery Mushroom Nana.png
Mystery Mushroom BlueToad.png
Blue Toad
Mystery Mushroom YellowToad.png
Yellow Toad
Mystery Mushroom KartMario.png
Kart Mario
131 132 133 134 135
Mystery Mushroom Snifit.png
Mouser Costume.png
Mystery Mushroom Fighter Fly.png
Fighter Fly
Mystery Mushroom Sky Pop.png
Sky Pop
Mystery Mushroom Captain Toad.png
Captain Toad
136 137 138 139 140
Mystery Mushroom Mario-kun.png
Mystery Mushroom Cat Mario.png
Cat Mario
Mystery Mushroom Cat Peach.png
Cat Peach
Mystery Mushroom CatLuigi.png
Cat Luigi
Mystery Mushroom CatToad.png
Cat Toad
141 142 143 144 145
Mystery Mushroom CatRosalina.png
Cat Rosalina
Mystery Mushroom Frog Mario.png
Frog Mario
Mystery Mushroom Paper Jam Bros.png
Mario Trio
Mystery Mushroom Statue Mario.png
Statue Mario
Mystery Mushroom EvilLuigi.png
Evil Luigi
146 147 148 149 150
Mystery Mushroom Gadd.png
Professor E. Gadd
Mystery Mushroom Birdo.png
Mystery Mushroom Jumpman.png
Mystery Mushroom JumpmanLuigi.png
Luigi (Donkey Kong)
Mystery Mushroom Pauline.png
151 152 153 154 155
Mystery Mushroom Daisy.png
Mystery Mushroom Sports Daisy.png
Daisy (Sports)
Mystery Mushroom DaisyRosalina.png
Daisy (Rosalina)
Mystery Mushroom DaisyLuigi.png
Daisy (Luigi)
Mystery Mushroom DaisyMario.png
Daisy (Mario)
156 157 158 159 160
Mystery Mushroom UrbanChamp1.png
Urban Champion
Mystery Mushroom UrbanChamp2.png
Urban Champion (Player 2)
Mystery Mushroom ForemanSpike.png
Foreman Spike
Mystery Mushroom BuilderMario.png
Builder Mario
Mystery Mushroom BuilderBowser.png
Builder Bowser
161 162 163 164 165
Mystery Mushroom MarioBowser.png
Bowser (Mario)
Mystery Mushroom LuigiBowser.png
Bowser (Luigi)
Mystery Mushroom WarioBowser.png
Bowser (Wario)
Mystery Mushroom WaluigiBowser.png
Bowser (Waluigi)
Mystery Mushroom DrBowser.png
Dr. Bowser
166 167 168 169 170
Mystery Mushroom LimeRosalina.png
Rosalina (Green)
Mystery Mushroom OceanRosalina.png
Rosalina (Blue)
Mystery Mushroom OrangeRosalina.png
Rosalina (Orange)
Mystery Mushroom PinkRosalina.png
Rosalina (Pink)
Mystery Mushroom PurpleRosalina.png
Rosalina (Purple)
171 172 173 174 175
Mystery Mushroom RedRosalina.png
Rosalina (Red)
Mystery Mushroom YellowRosalina.png
Rosalina (Yellow)
Mystery Mushroom GreyRosalina.png
Rosalina (Grey)
Mystery Mushroom PeachRosalina.png
Rosalina (Peach)
Mystery Mushroom RosalinaDaisy.png
Rosalina (Daisy)
176 177 178 179 180
Mystery Mushroom DrRosalina.png
Dr. Rosalina
Mystery Mushroom DrPeach.png
Dr. Peach
Mystery Mushroom DrLuigi.png
Dr. Luigi
Mystery Mushroom DrToad.png
Dr. Toad
Mystery Mushroom NurseMario.png
Nurse Mario
181 182 183 184 185
Mystery Mushroom NurseLuigi.png
Nurse Luigi
Mystery Mushroom NurseToad.png
Nurse Toad
Mystery Mushroom NursePeach.png
Nurse Peach
Mystery Mushroom NurseRosalina.png
Nurse Rosalina
Mystery Mushroom LuigiPeachDress.png
Luigi (Peach)
186 187 188 189 190
Mystery Mushroom BeachMario.png
Beach Mario
Mystery Mushroom BeachLuigi.png
Beach Luigi
Mystery Mushroom BeachToad.png
Beach Toad
Mystery Mushroom BeachPeach.png
Beach Peach
Mystery Mushroom BeachRosalina.png
Beach Rosalina
191 192 193 194 195
Mystery Mushroom BeachBowser.png
Beach Bowser
Mystery Mushroom Balloon Fighter.png
Balloon Fighter
Mystery Mushroom Jouster.png
Mystery Mushroom Ossan.png
Mystery Mushroom DrLobe.png
Dr. Lobe
196 197 198 199 200
Mystery Mushroom MahjongTile.png
Mahjong Tile
Mystery Mushroom WiiBalanceBoard.png
Wii Balance Board
Mystery Mushroom Pikmin.png
Mystery Mushroom Pikmin2.png
Pikmin II
Wario (Classic)
201 202 203 204 205
Mystery Mushroom CaptainSyrup.png
Captain Syrup
Mystery Mushroom Ashley.png
Mystery Mushroom ArwingWalker.png
Arwing Walker
Mystery Mushroom Peppy.png
206 207 208 209 210
Mystery Mushroom Slippy.png
Mystery Mushroom Toadette Custom.png
Mystery Mushroom Necky.png
Mystery Mushroom Excitebike.png
Excite Bike
Mystery Mushroom Arcade Bunny.png
Arcade Bunny
211 212 213 214 215
Mystery Mushroom Yamamura.png
Mystery Mushroom Mashiko.png
Mary O.
Mystery Mushroom Barbara.png
Mystery Mushroom Yu Ayasaki.png
Yu Ayasaki
Mystery Mushroom Starfy.png
216 217 218 219 220
Mystery Mushroom Wolf Link.png
Wolf Link
Mystery Mushroom Donbe.png
Mystery Mushroom Hikari.png
Mystery Mushroom Nabbit.png
Mystery Mushroom Ayumi Tachibana.png
Ayumi Tachibana
221 222 223 224 225
Mystery Mushroom Baby Mario.png
Baby Mario
Mystery Mushroom Ella Mentree.png
Iris Archwell
Mystery Mushroom Bubbles.png
Mystery Mushroom Diskun.png
Mystery Mushroom Volleyball Player.png
Volleyball Player
226 227 228 229 230
Mystery Mushroom Toadette.png
Captain Toadette
Mystery Mushroom Felyne.png
Mystery Mushroom UntenVictory.png
Mystery Mushroom Volt.png
231 232 233 234 235
Mystery Mushroom Spring.png
Mystery Mushroom QuestionBlock.png
Question Block
Shantae sprite.png
Mappy sprite.png
Mystery Mushroom MsPacman.png
Ms. Pacman
236 237 238 239 240
Mystery Mushroom Blinky SMMP.png
Mystery Mushroom Pinky.png
Mystery Mushroom Inky.png
Mystery Mushroom Clyde SMMP.png
Mystery Mushroom Pacman.png
Pacman (Classic)
241 242 243 244 245
Fusee (Modern)
Mystery Mushroom FuseePeach.png
Fusee (Peach)
Mystery Mushroom FuseeRosalina.png
Fusee (Rosalina)
Mystery Mushroom FuseeZeroSuit.png
Fusee (Zero Suit)
Mystery Mushroom Dr.Fuseepng.png
Dr. Fusee
246 247 248 249 250
Mystery Mushroom NurseFusee.png
Nurse Fusee
Mystery Mushroom BeachFusee.png
Beach Fusee
Mystery Mushroom CatFusee.png
Cat Fusee
Mystery Mushroom FuseeMario.png
Fusee (Mario)
Mystery Mushroom FuseeLuigi.png
Fuseee (Luigi)

Event Courses

Character Event Course
GONE - Zonas Run

Play as Zonas as he goes through a series of obstacles while hiding using the Buzzy Beetle shell helmet.

GONE - Sinicini Assist

Play as Sinicini as she helps a Goomba make it to the exit by taking out obstacles ahead of him.

GONE - Adexene Destroy

Play as Adexene as she takes out legions of enemies coming for her, including three bosses.

Mystery Mushroom NessII.png
Ness (EarthBound 2: Destiny's Call)
Fruits of Foresight

Play as Ness as he finds the Fruits of Foresight to cure his robotic disease. He'll need all the help he can get!

Mystery Mushroom Lub Lub.png
Lub Lub
Lub Lub's Rad Level That Doesn't Have Scratch Kat

Lub Lub got in this game before Scratch Kat because he's so rad. Objective? What is that? Get to the flagpole to unlock this rad Lub.

Mystery Mushroom PrincessButtercup.png
Princess Buttercup
Princess Buttercup's Freethrow

Princess Buttercup needs a slam dunk from an intense series of P-Switches and Springs to make a free throw that will help her forget her agonizing mental and physical pains.

Mystery Mushroom Finn.png
Adventure Time: Finn

This course was created by Pen Ward, the creator of Adventure Time. The course follows Finn through a dungeon. Can you find all the secret loot?

Mystery Mushroom Marceline.png
Adventure Time: Marceline

This course was created by Olivia Olson, voice actress of Marceline. Recover Marceline's ax bass through this large castle guarded by many red foes.

Also unlocks the Marceline Axe.

MysteryMushroom CorrinMale.pngMysteryMushroom CorrinFemale.png
Fire Emblem - Platforms of Fates

The player decides to take the Male Corrin or Female Corrin route and can unlock one or the other through their routes through the level. The player must complete the course on both paths to unlock both Mystery Costumes.

Event Course Elements

These are Course Elements only unlocked through beating an event course. These are merely reskins of pre-existing course elements and can only be used in the SMB1 style.

Character Event Course
BridgeAxe MarcelineRed.png

Marceline Axe


Reskin of the Axe.

Technocolor Mushroom

Nintendo30Amiibo TechnocolorMario.png

Technocolor Mario is a special amiibo that was created for Nintendo 30. When placed over the VRAPTOR, it gives the player a Technocolor Mushroom to use. When the Technocolor Mushroom is used, it turns Mario into his big form but with a new rainbow-colored trail of his shadow following him. In this form, he can speed through enemies to defeat them (as opposed to stomping them or other means) and run over pits, as if the air was solid ground. The form can't take damage and thus never reverts. This can be used as a level making tool; what you decide to do with it is up to you.



  • Super Mario Maker DLC is the predecessor of this and this game features many of the same ideas presented there. These include:
    • Weird/Lanky/Luigi Bowser
    • Colored Ground
    • Desert Course Type
    • Pile Driver Micro Goombas
  • Super Mario Maker Phi shares some content from Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Worlds as both run on the same engine. Later, stuff from The Lost Worlds began to appear in the game.
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