Super Mario Maker Cloud
Developer(s) Lone Planet
Platform(s) Nucleo
Nintendo GameCube 2
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Super Mario Maker Cloud is a Lone Planet-developed game, later adopted by OtherWorld Studios, in the Super Mario Maker series, expanding on the features in Super Mario Maker 2 while bringing back some fan-favorite inclusions from the first game. The game gets its name from a spin off its old director's name, Heronimbus (tbc), as well as an enhanced level sharing system and a vast amount of additions to the builder itself, with the sky basically being the limit - unless you want to make a space theme level, of course.

The game is designed with the mindset of allowing as many people as possible to enjoy content made in the game. Levels can be sent as quick demos to anyone on your friend list, and cross-platform play is promoted and encouraged via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G/5G.

Changes from past games

  • The New Super Mario Bros. U style has been rebranded as a standard, catch-all New Super Mario Bros. style, with elements from all four games in the series being included. Additionally, a lot of the sound effects in said style, along with the DS/Wii course songs available as an option, now more closely resemble their interpretations in New Super Mario Bros. DS.
  • Obstacle hitboxes have been notably refined overall.
  • When your character dies in a Course World event, you'll respawn straight to the start of the level or the last checkpoint you touched, rather than needing to view the lives screen. The amount of lives you have left will be displayed briefly in the middle of the screen as you respawn, and it can always be seen alongside your score and coin total.
  • Water, lava, and poison, among other liquids, can be placed in all level themes and can be set to rise or flow in a specified direction.
  • Levels can now have more than two subareas if desired, but the amount of objects placed in subareas will still count towards the overall amount in the level and placing too much will fill up the bar. Additionally, all subareas can be set vertically.
  • There are now more music options in general. The default music that plays in a level can be replaced; for example, in a New Super Mario Bros. level you'll have the option to play the Wii U, Wii, or DS versions of the music for certain level themes. (e.g. castle levels allow you to choose between the DS and Wii themes, athletic levels offer DS/Wii and Wii U themes, etc.)
    • Additionally, music can now be more easily tied to certain parts of a stage. For instance, if you want to have the Super Mario 64 Slide theme play in the last part of your level, you can place Play and Stop triggers at the portion where you want the song to begin playing and at the goal, respectively, instead of needing to place the icon for the song in every empty space in the area you want it to play.
  • Objects in the editor can be organized however you see fit. They can be placed in folders, listed in alphabetical order, shown with your most recently used parts first or with the parts you use the least often last, etc.
  • Almost all features of the 3D World style can now be used in all of the main game styles. Some new "Extra Game Styles" are introduced, but 3D World is now considered a main style alongside Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros..
  • Yoshi can now be used in the Super Mario Bros. 1 style, with his sprites being based off his appearance in the Game Boy Color game, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.
  • The Super Leaf can now be placed in levels in the NSMB and 3D World styles.

Title Screen

As in Super Mario Maker 1, touching a letter on the title screen will cause a specific action to occur on the level that appears. This time around, Mario is constantly moving through the level, and he will enter a new one after clearing it.

SuperMM S
SuperMM U
SuperMM P
SuperMM E
SuperMM R
Gives Mario a random costume you have unlocked. Undodog appears and spends a few seconds erasing some objects on the screen. Coins become Bricks and vice versa, as if Mario has just hit a P Switch. A random boss drops down into the stage. The letter R becomes a rocket and, if held down, deletes the stage. A new one is built in its place.
SuperMM M
SuperMM A
SuperMM R
SuperMM I
SuperMM O
A Mushroom drops onto the stage. It will usually be a normal Mushroom, but in some cases it might be a Big Mushroom in the SMB1 style, or a Mini Mushroom in the NSMB style. The A becomes an Angry Sun and swoops down to attack Mario. After this, it makes another swoop before returning to its place on the title and turning back into the letter A. Lava appears on the stage and begins to rise. Some semisolid platforms, Donut Lifts, and Snake Blocks will be placed and Mario will use them to try and escape. A snow storm passes through the levels and freezes enemies and coins. Water appears on the stage and begins to rise. Cheep Cheeps start hopping out from the water and Mario will swim through it if he needs to.
SuperMM M
SuperMM A
SuperMM K
SuperMM E
SuperMM R
The M spins around and the level warps into Mirror mode, causing the entire level, including Mario himself, to appear backward. Everything in the level, except Mario, moves at double the usual speed. A random variety of Koopa is dropped into the level. A random color Yoshi Egg appears and hatches, and Mario hops on to the Yoshi. The R becomes a Calm Moon and clears away all enemies currently visible on the screen.
SMMCloud C
SMMCloud L
SMMCloud O
SMMCloud U
SMMCloud D
Changes the game style, with the main menu music being altered to match. Changes the level theme, with an effect designating the transition. (A sandstorm for desert, a hurricane for forest, a tidal wave for beach, etc.) The O becomes a Sad Eclipse, warping the level into a surreal middle point between night and day, and enemies and objects throughout the level start to act rather strange... The level starts to get distorted and glitchy as Binary Fog begins to flow through the area. What secrets might this mysterious mist expose? Turns all enemies on screen into their Golden varieties, causing them to constantly drop Coins in a similar fashion to New Super Mario Bros. 2.


Course Maker The game's standard mode, where you can create levels using the various available assets and share them online.
Course World A showcase for the vast amount of levels submitted by players. You can search for a level by its name or creator, as well as look through multiple categories sorting levels by popularity, submission date/time, game style, level theme, multiplayer functionality, and difficulty.
Map Zone Here, you can set up a world map consisting of levels you have created and downloaded, or play through other players' maps.
100 Mario Challenge You'll start with 100 lives and tread through levels for as long as you can until you lose them all. This time around, you'll be able to have the network scan for certain elements and filter out levels that may be deemed excessively difficult prior to playing.
Hammerfest Hammerfest is the story mode for the game, where an outcast Builder Wizard named Lord Megaxi gets his hands on the magic Golden Hammer and breaks the world into several fragments, intending to rid Mario's world of its light, cartoony nature and rebuild it into a dark, gloomy dominion.

Game Styles

Main Game Styles

SMB1 Logo
The game that started it all, and the home style of some rather quirky power-ups. Exclusive features include the Weird Mushroom, the Flat Mushroom, and the Subcon Mushroom (also known as the SMB2 Mushroom). An All-Star mode is available, and turning it on enables 16-bit graphics resembling the Super Mario All-Stars version of SMB1.----

Yoshi?: Yes
Carry Objects?: No (Yes w/Subcon Mushroom)
Spin Jump?: No
Wall Jump?: No
Ground Pound?: No
P-Meter?: No

An expansion of SMB1's formula, with more interesting power-ups to make use of. Exclusive features include the Frog Suit, the Hammer Suit, and the Tanooki Suit. An All-Star mode is available, and turning it on enables 16-bit graphics resembling the Super Mario All-Stars version of SMB3.----

Yoshi?: No
Carry Objects?: Yes
Spin Jump?: No
Wall Jump?: No
Ground Pound?: No
P-Meter?: Yes

Super Mario World logo DSSB
Yoshi's debut game, and the first style to make use of the Spin Jump. Exclusive features include the Cape Feather, the new Wind Feather, and the P-Balloon.----

Yoshi?: Yes
Carry Objects?: Yes
Spin Jump?: Yes
Wall Jump?: No
Ground Pound?: No (Yes w/Island Egg)
P-Meter?: No

SML2-6GC Logo
Wario's debut, the first new style in the game, and the one style that can exist purely in greyscale. Exclusive features include the Super Carrot, the Marine Pop, the Sky Pop, the Wario Hat, and the Bull, Dragon, and Jet Pots you can pick up as Wario. You will be able to choose between grayscale and color visuals, and defeating 100 enemies in this style will grant you a Star.----

Yoshi?: No
Carry Objects?: Yes
Spin Jump?: Yes
Wall Jump?: No
Ground Pound?: No (Yes w/Wario Hat)
P-Meter?: No

A graphically updated Mario environment and the first style to use the Wall Jump. Exclusive features include the Propeller Mushroom, the Super Acorn, the Blue Shell, the Mega Mushroom, and the Penguin Suit. A Sprite mode is available, and turning it on places sprite-based visuals on objects in the level, like New Super Mario Bros. on the DS. (Mario and the enemies won't be crusty low-res models though.)----

Yoshi?: Yes
Carry Objects?: Yes
Spin Jump?: Yes
Wall Jump?: Yes
Ground Pound?: Yes
P-Meter?: No (Yes w/Super Leaf)

Super Mario 3D World logo
The scenery will stun you and the jazz band will have you groovin' with this style. Exclusive features include the Super Bell, the Boomerang Flower, the Double Cherry, and a few Super Mario Galaxy power-ups: the Bee Mushroom, the Spring Mushroom, the Frozen Mushroom (essentially filling in for Galaxy's Ice Flower), the Rock Mushroom, and the Cloud Flower.----

Yoshi?: No
Carry Objects?: Yes
Spin Jump?: Yes ("Spinning Jump" manuever)
Wall Jump?: Yes
Ground Pound?: Yes
P-Meter?: No


Logo by Exotoro (tbc).
Lone Planet's own 2D Mario game, a natural fit for their Mario Maker project. Exclusive features include the Minokawa Mango, the Liquid Mushroom, the Spike Top Shell, the Doctor's Vitamin, the Shade Mushroom, and the Dry Skull.----

Yoshi?: Yes
Carry Objects?: Yes
Spin Jump?: Yes
Wall Jump?: No
Ground Pound?: No
P-Meter?: Yes

Extra Game Styles

In the Super Mario 64 style, a health meter with eight pieces is shown at the top of the screen, and losing all eight health points will cost you a life. Coins will refill the health meter as you pick them up. Exclusive items include the Metal Cap, the Wing Cap, and the Vanish Cap. You can choose between the classic low-poly Nintendo 64 models or the refined DS remake's models.
Wario Land logo
The Wario Land style has plenty of its own unique objects in comparison to the rest of the game styles. This style is generally an amalgamation of multiple Wario Land games in terms of functionality; Wario will have a certain Reaction depending on what happens to him in the level, and he can also Shake enemies as he can in Wario Land: Shake It!. In some cases, though, running into a dangerous part of an enemy will cost him a Heart on his Heart Meter. Wario will lose a life if he loses all of his Hearts, falls into a bottomless pit, or runs out of time, but he can make use of his Reactions to survive the level in some unique ways.
Screenshot 2020-07-25 at 12.09.48 PM

The Super Mario Galaxy style has plenty of functions and items that do not appear in any other game style. You can Spin, as well as fire Star Bits. The style is based off the many 2D levels in the Super Mario Galaxy series. In the style you can add Star Ball portions, Yoshi sections, and more. Also, The Fire Flower and Ice Flower only last for a limited amount of time, and now you can use the Bee Mushroom. If you´d like to make a different version of one of your levels, you can select a Prankster Comet effect to mix it up.

This game style allows you to use Cappy and capture many enemies! You can place the Broodals, as well as other bosses featured in the game. By placing and 8-Bit pipe you can create pixelated sections of levels. Also added is Glydon, where you can fly throughout and levels, hidden Captain Toads, and the T-Rex. There are lots of features for this style, so just select it to make incredible levels!






Ghost House













SMMCloud CityLevelTheme

SMMCloud CaveLevelTheme

SMMCloud OrientalLevelTheme

SMMCloud AutumnLevelTheme

SMMCloud WesternLevelTheme

SMMCloud TankLevelTheme

SMMCloud FactoryLevelTheme


Course Themes

Course Traits

In certain versions of levels (Day, Night, and Eclipse), there are set traits that change how objects, enemies, etc. in the level function. These traits can be turned off in the Trait Menu in the editor.

Traits can be applied to any kind of course if you desire, but this table will focus on the presets for each course theme.

Day: No special trait.----

Night: Floating Enemies - Goombas and Wigglers will float around, Chain Chomps have longer chains, and Thwomps and Boo-like enemies will gain the qualities of a Boo (they only move towards the player when they have their back turned). The player's physics are unaffected by this trait.

Eclipse: Living Dead - After defeating an enemy, the Eclipse will bring it back in its Dry form.

Day: No special trait.----

Night: Upside-Down - Turns everything on screen upside-down. The UI is not affected.

Eclipse: Sideways - The player is tilted to the side (the direction can be specified by the level creator) and will need to travel through the otherwise unchanged level with alternate gravity.

Day: Underwater - Standard underwater physics. Also applies to the Night and Eclipse of the level unless specified otherwise by the creator of the level.----

Night: Murky Water - The water is somewhat darker and it is a bit more difficult to see, but not impossible.

Eclipse: Polluted Water - The water is a strange orange color, and debris from the ground above is floating around. Touching this debris will cause you to take damage, but it can be destroyed with most projectiles.

Day: No special trait.----

Night: Ghost Light - The entire level is dark, and nothing can be seen except for a short radius around your character and certain objects/enemies.

Eclipse: Charging Boos - Boos will be constantly swooping down to attack you.

Day: No special trait.----

Night: Stormy Sea - A thunderstorm will occur in the background (not in the SMB1 style) and enemies and items will float as if they were underwater. The player will still be able to move around normally, though.

Eclipse: Boo Swarm - Throughout the level, a massive swarm of Boos will disappear and reappear in a pattern above you. You'll need to be careful jumping anywhere.

Day: No special trait.----

Night: Player Float - The player will float as if they were underwater. This does not affect enemies.

Eclipse: Haunted Castle/Possessed Items - Multiple objects in the level will be possessed and attempt to attack you. Fire Flowers will launch fireballs at you, and ? Blocks can drop down and crush you from above.

Day: No special trait.----

Night: Sandstorm - A sandstorm will push around players, enemies, and items, and it changes direction and speed randomly over time.

Eclipse: UFO - A UFO will constantly be hovering over the player, attempting to suck them into its tractor beam. If the player gets sucked into the UFO, they will lose a life regardless of their current power-up status. Enemies, items, etc. can also get sucked in. The UFO can be destroyed with a Star or a giant/heavy projectile.

Day: No special trait.----

Night: Frost - All surfaces gain a layer of ice and become slippery to walk on.

Eclipse: Snowstorm - A snowstorm will burst through the level, pushing back the player and enemies, including those that otherwise do not move left and right, like Thwomps. Layers of snow will slowly build up on the ground and cover objects if the snow reaches high enough; fire projectiles will melt the snow.

Day: No special trait.----

Night: Large Plants - Any bushes, trees, etc. placed in the level will grow larger, spawning vines for the player to climb. Some plants will also have thorns, which will damage you if you touch the sharp end.

Eclipse: Wildfire - A wildfire will rage throughout the forest, with the fire hurting the player and any enemies it touches, with the exception of fire and lava based enemies. The fire can also burn down most plants in the area. Water and ice projectiles will extinguish the flames.

Day: No special trait.----

Night: Light Gravity - Gravity will be slightly weaker, causing things to fall more slowly and allowing the player to jump higher.

Eclipse: Cumulonimbus - The level will take place in the middle of a massive storm cloud. Lightning will strike the ground periodically, usually aiming for higher ground. If a player or enemy gets caught in a lightning strike, they will take damage. Electricity based enemies are unaffected by these strikes.

Day: No special trait.----

Night: High Tide - The ground will be covered with a thin layer of water. Fire projectiles will instantly be extinguished if they hit the water, and fire and lava based enemies will die upon touching it. Aquatic enemies can be placed on the water and will flop around in it.

Eclipse: Rough Waves - A strong wind will pass through the level and any liquid you have placed will rapidly wave along with it. Waves of water will bring any aquatic enemies along with it, and waves of lava and poison will damage the player and enemies as usual.

Day: No special trait.----

Night: Meteors/Volcanic Debris - In the background, a volcano will erupt, causing volcanic debris to spew out and fall from the sky, killing any enemies it touches and destroying blocks underneath it. This trait is referred to as Volcanic Debris in volcano, forest, beach, and mountain course themes, and as Meteors in others (since there are no volcanoes for debris to be spewed out of).

Eclipse: Nitrogen Volcano/Icy Water - The volcano is frosty rather than fiery. Icy water throughout the course will freeze anything that falls into it, and although it will not damage the player, they might be unfortunate enough to be hit be an enemy while frozen. In non-volcano courses, the trait is simply referred to as Icy Water.

Day: No special trait.----

Night: Patrol - Enemies will wear armor and require an extra hit to defeat. You can set to have all enemies wear patrol armor or just certain species or individual enemies.

Eclipse: Ruins - The level will take on a more abandoned appearance, with ground tiles and some blocks having cracks in them. A strong wind will blow through the course, pushing around the player and enemies. Areas can be set where the ground will collapse underneath the player.

Day: No special trait.----

Night: Star Shower - Star Bits will rain down from above, and the player can use them as projectiles against enemies, either by kicking or throwing them. If an enemy is powered up with an item like the Subcon Mushroom or the Wario Hat, or can naturally throw or kick objects, they will attempt to use the Star Bits against the player.

Eclipse: Solar Rage - Enemies will act more aggressive. For example, Goombas will actively chase down the player and leap over obstacles, while Koopa Troopas will home in on them with their shells and bounce if they need to.

Day: No special trait.----

Night: Silhouettes - All objects in the level, including the player's character, will be seen as dark silhouettes.

Eclipse: Spooky - Enemies will only be visible if you get close to them, but crouching will reveal them in the area around you. In some styles, a Ground Pound will reveal all enemies currently on screen, and in others, filling up the P-Meter will make more enemies visible in front of you.

Day: No special trait.----

Night: Bubbles - Bubbles will begin to rise from the ground (or water). Landing in one will allow you to float upwards inside of it, and you can move in just about any direction. The bubble is quite fragile, though, and can be easily be popped if you touch an enemy, projectile, wall, etc.

Eclipse: Angry Pipes - Any pipes you place will become enemies themselves. They will slink towards you in an attempt to bite you, and can be defeated and restored to their normal form with fire projectiles, or by feeding them a frozen enemy.

Day: Light Gravity - Gravity will be slightly weaker, causing things to fall more slowly and allowing the player to jump higher. Also applies to the Night version of the level unless specified otherwise by the creator of the level.----

Night: Shooting Stars - Comets will soar through the course. They will break/damage most objects in its path, but they are small and will deal no harm to the player - but they can push them back if they touch one.

Eclipse: Invasion - The lights will be dimmed, gravity will be completely absent, and the player will float as if they are underwater, wearing a space helmet. The enemies will become more alien versions of themselves, complete with ray guns they will use to try and gun down the player.

SMMCloud CityLevelTheme
Day: No special trait.----

Night: Fireworks - A grand festival occurs in the level, with vibrant music filling the atmosphere. Fireworks will shoot from the background and create an explosion of colored fire once they hit the ground or any platforms; they move slowly and are easy to avoid, but the flames will damage the player if they end up touching them.

Eclipse: Noir Flick - The entire level will be in black-and-white and the visuals, music, and sound effects will have a grainy effect, like an old-fashioned noir film. All enemies wear fedoras, and in many cases will attempt to defend themselves if the player attacks them - this also includes enemies that would otherwise be completely passive.

SMMCloud CaveLevelTheme
Day: No special trait. Cave levels set in the Day are desert caves.----

Night: Cave levels set at Night are icy caves. Subzero Liquids - Any liquids you can swim in hurt you after a few seconds unless you have an Ice Flower. Can be combined with Poison and a Poison Flower for some nerve-wracking timed challenges.

Eclipse: Cave levels set during an Eclipse are volcanic caverns. Poison Cloud - A cloud of poisonous fog slowly advances.

SMMCloud OrientalLevelTheme
Day: Bloom - Flowers will spawn naturally in the level.----

Night: Festival - The level's brightness will be dimmed, and land enemies will carry lanterns that brighten the area around them. When they are defeated, the lanterns can be picked up and thrown at other enemies.

Eclipse: Cursed Blossoms - Patches of red flowers will appear throughout the level. If you defeat an enemy near one of these patches, they will immediately respawn in a blossom form.

SMMCloud AutumnLevelTheme
Day: No special trait.----

Night: Bee Season - Stingbies will swarm above the level, with some dropping balls of honey. When hit by one of these honey balls, the player's speed and jump height will decrease drastically for a couple seconds.

Eclipse: Wonky Mushrooms - Mushroom platforms will gain a different function depending on color - red ones will rise up when you land on them, green ones will go down, and yellow ones will shrink and grow in width at intervals. Super Mushrooms (and Goombas) will hop around like Super Stars, albeit in a shorter arc.

SMMCloud FactoryLevelTheme
Day: No special trait.----

Night: Heavy Gravity - Gravity is increased, making the player's jumps lower and causing entities and objects to fall faster.

Eclipse: Smog - Smog fills the course, making it more difficult to see. Referred to as Smoke in Volcano courses and Fog in all other level themes.

Course Elements

Level Elements


Sign Post
Designates the beginning of the level and points you towards the fortress at the end. The Sign Post can be angled or painted.

Flag Pole
The standard clear condition in the Super Mario Bros. 1, New Super Mario Bros., and Super Mario 3D World styles. You'll get a higher amount of points the higher you grab the pole, and landing on the top will reward you with a 1-Up.

Card Roulette
The standard clear condition in the Super Mario Bros. 3 style. The roulette will rapidly shuffle between Mushroom, Flower, and Star icons, and when you pass it, you'll get a certain card with one of said icons on it. If you're playing on an interconnected World Map with more than two SMB3 courses on it, getting any three cards will reward you with a 1-Up; three Mushroom cards will give you two extra lives, three Flower cards will grant you three lives, and three star cards will reward you with five lives.
SMMCloud SMWGiantGate

Giant Gate
The standard clear condition in the Super Mario World style. The tape in between the two pillars of the gate will move up and down; simply passing the gate will turn it into a coin that is added to your total, but breaking the tape will grant you a set amount of points - or, if playing on a World Map, an amount of Goal Stars. The Goal Star amount you can earn increases as you go higher, ranging from 1-30, then to 40, and 50 at the very top. Collecting 100 Goal Stars will allow you to play a Bonus Game with nine Item Box roulettes cycling between Mushroom, Flower, and Star icons; getting three of the same icon in a row will reward you with a 1-Up Mushroom, and you can collect up to eight 1-Ups.
SMMCloud SML2BellGoal

Bell Goal
The standard clear condition in the Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins style. There are two ways to clear a SML2 level - the door and the bell. Entering the door will simply finish the level, but if you manage to reach the bell, one of two Bonus Games will begin. In the Crane Game, you'll need to press a button to bring the crane down and pick up a reward. In the Wire Game, hitting one of four blocks underneath an item slot will have two rats eat two wires that lead to the items; after eating the wires, an electric charge will be sent up towards an item, which will float down for you to pick up (although you can simply leave the game through the door to the left if you do not want an item from the game).
SMMCloud SMRGoalCannon

Goal Cannon
The standard clear condition in the Super Mario Realms style. When you jump into the cannon, it will begin to tilt up and down; pressing a button will blast you out of it towards the Gate Ring, which is composed of five circles in a similar fashion to an archery target. Passing through one of these circles will award you with a certain amount of coins - 10 for the outermost ring, and then 20, 30, and 50, with the center of the Gate Ring granting you a 1-Up.


In the course editor, you'll have the option to select a power-up for the player to start a course with.


Can be picked up by the player to turn them into their Super form, or given to enemies and some objects in the editor to make them bigger. In the Night Ground theme, they bounce across the ground like a Star.

Big Mushroom
Shaking a normal Mushroom in the editor gives you a Big Mushroom. When picked up in a course, it will make you 2x2 in size as the screen gains a CRT filter, and you will be able to break Hard Blocks. They can be given to some enemies in the editor.

Mini Mushroom
Shaking a Big Mushroom will give you a Mini Mushroom, which will make your character shrink down smaller than a 1x1 space. In Mini form, you can fit through tight spaces and your speed and floatiness will be increased. You can also dash straight across most liquids, but one hit from an enemy will kill you. They can be given to some enemies in the editor. Shaking a Mini Mushroom will turn it back into a normal Mushroom, and the cycle will repeat from there.

Fire Flower
Picking this up turns you into your Fire form, allowing you to toss fireballs that bounce across the ground in small arcs. They are useful against ice and earth based enemies, but not water based ones. Some enemies can be powered up with the Fire Flower.

Ice Flower
Shaking a Fire Flower in the editor will give you an Ice Flower. Picking it up in a level will give you the ability to toss iceballs, which bounce in a similar manner to fireballs and can freeze enemies they touch. They are useful against water based enemies, but not fire/lava based ones. Some enemies can be powered up with the Ice Flower.
SMMCloud SMB1WaterFlower

Water Flower
Shaking an Ice Flower gives you a Water Flower. In your Water form, you can throw waterballs that will initially bounce off the ground at a larger arc, with the next bounces getting shorter until the waterball eventually disappears and leaves a small splash impact. They are useful against fire/lava based enemies, but not ice based ones. Some enemies can be powered up with the Water Flower.

Earth Flower
Shaking a Water Flower gives you an Earth Flower. The dirtballs you toss will roll across the ground and grow bigger until they fall off an edge, being able to kill more enemies as they grow - but be careful, because you can also take damage from a larger dirtball. They can be useful against electric enemies because they can collect their charges and grow stronger, but are not useful against fire and water based enemies - fire will burn the dirtballs and destroy them, whereas water will cause them to shrink and eventually collapse into mud. Some enemies can be powered up with the Earth Flower.

Thunder Flower
Shaking an Earth Flower gives you a Thunder Flower. Your Thunder form lets you shoot electric bolts that travel horizontally in front of you until they hit something. They are fairly easy to use thanks to their speed and precision and can be useful against earth and water based enemies. However, shooting a thunder bolt at a dirtball, boulder, etc. will not destroy it, instead causing it to spark with electricity and become stronger, and you will immediately lose the Thunder Flower if you enter a body of water. Some enemies can be powered up with the Thunder Flower.
SMMCloud SMB1PoisonFlower

Poison Flower
Shaking a Thunder Flower gives you a Poison Flower. Picking up a Poison Flower lets you toss poison spores that will float forward in small wave formations. They are useful against earth and water based enemies and you can swim in poison water as long as you have it, but they will be neutralized by fire/lava based enemies and ice projectiles will freeze them. In the case of the latter, though, they can still be kicked or picked up and thrown while frozen. Some enemies can be powered up with the Poison Flower.

Superball Flower
Shaking a Poison Flower gives you a Superball Flower. When you pick this up, you'll be able to toss superballs that ricochet off of floors, walls, and ceilings at wild angles. They are useful against enemies of all elements but are the most difficult to use, and can also be used to rack up coins from a distance. Some enemies can be powered up with the Superball Flower.
SMMCloud SMB1GoldenFlower

Gold Flower
Shaking a Superball Flower gives you a Gold Flower. In your Gold form, tossing golden fireballs will turn enemies into golden variations of themselves, and they will drop up to ten coins before dying. The projectiles will explode with splash damage upon hitting a wall, block, enemy, etc.. Shaking a Gold Flower will turn it back into a Fire Flower, and the cycle will repeat from there.

Super Star
Picking up a Super Star will make your character invincible for a limited time, with their speed and jump height increasing as well. An alarm jingle will let you know when the Star's energy is about to run out.

Super Leaf
Appears in the Super Mario Bros. 3, New Super Mario Bros., and Super Mario 3D World styles. Picking up a Super Leaf turns you into your Raccoon form (except in the 3D World style, in which case it turns you into your Tanooki form, not to be confused with the SMB3 form of the same name). With a Super Leaf, you can glide through the air by repeatedly tapping the jump button after jumping or walking off an edge, and you can swing your tail to hit nearby enemies and blocks. In the SMB3 and NSMB styles, filling up the P-Meter in your Raccoon form will allow you to fly. (In NSMB, the P-Meter will only appear if you have a Super Leaf.) Some enemies can be powered up with the Super Leaf.
SMB1 Logo

Weird Mushroom
In your Weird form, your proportions will be stretched vertically and you'll gain higher jumps. The Weird Mushroom can also be given to enemies and some objects, giving them a distorted appearance and moveset.

Flat Mushroom
When you're Flat, your proportions will be stretched horizontally to a 2x1 hitbox. You'll have lower jumps, but you can hit more than one block/enemy at a time. The Flat Mushroom can also be given to enemies and some objects, giving them a distorted appearance and moveset.

Subcon Mushroom
Picking up a Subcon Mushroom will turn your character into their Subcon form, giving them a moveset based directly off of Super Mario Bros. 2. They will not be able to stomp enemies, but they can stand on top of them to pick them up and throw them at other enemies, as well as blocks and switches. They will also be able to pull any weeds in the area around them. The Subcon Mushroom can also be given to some enemies, allowing them to pick things up in a similar fashion.

Frog Suit
When you put on a Frog Suit, you'll be able to move around in any direction underwater, and your jump height will also be increased. If you fill up the P-Meter with the Frog Suit on, you'll be able to dash across water.

Hammer Suit
Wearing a Hammer Suit gives you the self-explanatory ability to throw hammers, which can damage enemies and also break Grey Brick Blocks. You'll also have a fireproof shell, but you won't be able to slide down hills.

Tanooki Suit
When you have a Tanooki Suit on, you'll be able to float through the air and spin with your tail in the same way you can with a Super Leaf. In your Tanooki form, you can also become a statue and temporarily hide from enemies and hazards, stomp multiple enemies from directly above, reveal the location of invisible blocks around you, and break Grey Brick Blocks. (It should be noted that this is not the same Tanooki form you gain from the Super Leaf in the 3D World style, although the names are the same.)
Super Mario World logo DSSB

Cape Feather
Picking up a Cape Feather gives you the ability to float through the air and swing your cape to hit enemies and blocks, similar to a Super Leaf or Tanooki Suit. Running at top speed and jumping to take off will allow you to control your path of flight; pressing back will cause you to ascend and slow down, and you can keep flying by pressing back repeatedly, whereas pressing forward will cause you to speed up and take a dive, ending with a POW Block-like blast that kills all enemies on the ground if you land. Some enemies can be powered up with the Cape Feather.
SMMCloud WindFeather

Wind Feather
The Wind Feather is a new counterpart to the Cape Feather that grants the player's character a purple and gold robe. It does not allow them to fly, but they will fall slower than they would with a standard Cape Feather and spinning with it will cause short bursts of wind to zoom out from both sides, pushing away enemies and some objects. The player can also use it to reflect Bullet Bills, Bob-ombs, hammers, etc. and obstacles like Spike Balls will be launched further than they would with a Cape Feather.

Power Balloon
Picking up a Power Balloon lets you blow up and float up into the air. While the power-up is active, you'll be able to control the direction and angle at which you travel. Your character will huff and puff for a bit as the balloon begins to wear off, and they'll fall straight down once all the air has been released.



Bowser will spit balls of fire at the player, throw streams of hammers, and occasionally jump high into the air. The usual goal is to find a way past him to reach the end of a level, but he can be killed with 20 elemental projectiles, a POW Block, or a ground pound via Goomba Stiletto, or he can also be tricked into falling into a pit. He will crush Hard Blocks beneath him, and up to three Bowsers can be placed in a single course layer.

Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. will spit small fireballs and occasionally retreat into his shell and dash towards the player in battle. When stomped, he tucks into his shell and spins around for a moment. He takes three stomps or ten elemental projectiles to defeat, and up to ten Bowser Jr.'s can be placed in a single course layer.

Koopa Kid
Koopa Kid primarily throws toy hammers, which bounce along the ground in a few arcs before stopping. In the SMB1 style they will simply disappear afterwards, but in other styles they can be picked up and thrown back at Koopa Kid. In between toy hammer throws, he spits a yellow fireball that curves straight down in front of him. He takes three stomps or ten elemental projectiles to defeat, with a hit from a toy hammer counting as a stomp. He shares a placement limit with Bowser Jr. - up to ten of them can be placed.
Lost Koopaling

Lost Koopaling
The enigmatic Lost Koopaling primarily attacks by spitting balls of tar and tossing fireballs in a similar manner to a Fire Bro.; the tar balls will form small pools that will be lit aflame when a fireball comes into contact with them. He takes three stomps to defeat, and can also be taken down with ten elemental projectiles (five waterballs) and most heavy objects. He shares a placement limit with Bowser Jr. and Koopa Kid - up to ten of them can be placed.


SMMP Paintbrush

This tool lets you paint terrain, blocks, pipes, some enemies, and the goal in a variety of different colors. In the Super Mario Land 2 style, you'll need to have Color mode on to use it.
SMMP Pickaxe

Allows you to clear blocks. Will not erase anything else in the level.

An easy way to make slopes in a course. Tapping the shovel against a ground tile initially gives you a gentle slope, then a steep slope, and finally a super steep slope. Dragging a shovel in a certain direction creates a larger slope.

Fills in gaps with a pool of water. Two walls of equal height are needed to pour the water inside. The player can easily swim in water and most enemies and objects can be placed in it.

Fills in gaps with a pool of lava. Two walls of equal height are needed to pour the lava inside. In most styles the player will instantly die if they touch lava, regardless of their current power-up state. In the Super Mario 64 style they will lose a portion of their health, and in the Wario Land style Wario will gain his Hot reaction. Using a Dry Bones Shell will allow you to float across the lava, and some enemies can be placed in it.

Poison FLUDD
Fills in gaps with a pool of poisonous water. Two walls of equal height are needed to pour the poison inside. Touching poison will cause the player to take damage, but it will not instantly kill them unlike lava. If you have a Poison Flower you'll be able to swim through it without taking damage, and some enemies can be placed in it.

Quicksand FLUDD
Fills in gaps with a pool of quicksand. Two walls of equal height are needed to pour the quicksand inside. The player will sink into quicksand while standing on it, and if they end up sinking to the bottom, they will lose a life as if they have fallen into a bottomless pit. However, some secrets can be hidden in larger pools of quicksand and the player can jump out of it once they find them.

Fills in gaps with a pool of tar. Two walls of equal height are needed to pour the tar inside. The player will begin to sink into it while standing on it, but unlike quicksand, tar will kill them as soon as their whole body sinks in. After exiting the tar pit, the character's speed and jump height will be temporarily decreased. If a fire/lava projectile hits a tar pit, the fire will spread out to the edges of the pool, which can make it dangerous to tread through near enemies like Fire Bros.; a Dry Bones Shell will defend them from said fire and allow them to float across the tar like it does with lava.

Tree Sap FLUDD
Fills the selected area with tree sap. Unlike most other liquids, sap does not necessarily need to be placed between walls; it can be placed on the ceiling or the floor, or directly on existing walls. The player can "swim" through tree sap like water, although their movement will be slowed down while they are inside it.

Fills the selected area with honey. Like sap, honey can be placed on walls, the floor, or the ceiling, or in gaps between walls of equal height like other liquids. Honey will generally act as a platform; when the player walks across it, they will stick to it and their speed and jump height will be slightly decreased.
SMMCloud EctoplasmFLUDD

Ectoplasm FLUDD
Fills the selected area with ectoplasm. When placed between two walls of equal height, ectoplasm will act as a solid platform and objects placed inside it will need to be accessed with heavy objects, a Spin Jump, or a Ground Pound. It can also be set to flow in a wavy formation.
If placed in midair, the ectoplasm will flow up and the player can swim through it just like they can swim through water, and aquatic enemies can be placed inside it in the same way. If the player is standing on a platform while in ectoplasm, though, they can still move around as they would on land, and they can start swimming again after pressing the jump button twice (three times in Daisy's case).

Playable Characters and Costumes

There are a total of ten standard playable characters who share the same basic skills and abilities throughout each game style. They each have their own advantage and disadvantage, aside from Mario, who is a balanced character.

Alongside the ten main characters, you'll be able to unlock a variety of Costume Power-Ups as you play through the game and build levels. Each game style has its own unique set of Costume Power-Ups that you can experiment with, and when your character puts on a Costume, they will become the character said Costume is based on, gaining a lot of their familiar quirks. This can change up the gameplay of your levels in some very interesting ways if you know what to do with them.

Main Characters

Mario CharacterChi

Advantage: Not weak in any stat.
Disadvantage: Not strong in any stat.
Luigi CharacterChi

Advantage: Can jump higher.
Disadvantage: Slippery movement.
Toad CharacterChi

Advantage: Can run faster.
Disadvantage: Jumps lower.
Toadette CharacterChi

Advantage: Tighter controls.
Disadvantage: Falls faster.

Advantage: Floatier jumps.
Disadvantage: Runs slower.
SMMCloud SMB1Daisy

Advantage: Double jump, can jump the highest.
Disadvantage: Slipperiest to control, falls the fastest.

Advantage: Tightest controls, floatiest jumps.
Disadvantage: Runs the slowest.
SMMCloud SMB1Pauline

Adantage: Can run the fastest.
Disadvantage: Lowest jumps.
SMMCloud SMB1Jumpman

Advantages: His jumps are slow, making them the most precise and easiest to use out of the main cast. His hammer can also knock back fire/lava based projectiles.
Disadvantages: Doesn't run very fast or jump very high, and getting a Flower or similar power-up will cause him to lose his hammer.
SMMCloud SMB1Gooigi

Advantages: He is very fast and can duck while dashing for a slide manuever to more easily dodge attacks.
Disadvantages: His jumps can be very difficult to manage while dashing, and he cannot swim in water without a Water Flower, Frog Suit, etc.


SMB1 Logo
Mystery Mushroom Link

Picking up a Master Sword power-up in the Super Mario Bros. 1 style will have your character don the Link costume. As Link, you can perform the following actions:

  • Use a Shield to block enemies and incoming projectiles.
  • Drop Bombs to hit switches and destroy blocks.
  • Fire Arrows to attack enemies and collect items from a distance.
  • Thrust the Sword in front of you to hit enemies, or use a dash attack or downward thrust with said sword.

You'll put on the Samus Aran costume once you pick up a Screw Attack icon. As Samus, you'll be able to fire energy beams and use these weapons:

  • Missiles, which will home in on nearby enemies and can also be used to hit ON/OFF blocks from a distance.
  • The Screw Attack itself, which will surround you with an electric force field when you jump. This force field will instantly defeat any enemies that come into contact with you while it is active, including Thwomps, falling Buzzy Beetles, etc.
  • The Wave Beam, an energy blast that can phase directly through walls and hit any enemies and switches on the other side of it.

Mega Man
If you pick up an E-Tank, you'll take on the identity of Mega Man, giving you his classic Mega Buster that can be rapidly fired at enemies or charged up for a large blast of energy. Additional actions include:

  • Spawn a Leaf Shield around you, and use it to deflect enemy attacks (which will cost one leaf) or throw it in front of you to take down multiple enemies in a row.
  • Fire a Crash Bomber that will stick to walls, blocks, enemies, etc. and explode within a few seconds.
  • Use the Super Adapter with the help of Mega Man's mechanical canine companion, Rush, to hover to higher ground.
Simon belmont sprite

Breaking a Candelabra will cause your character to become Simon Belmont. As Simon, you can use the iconic Vampire Killer whip to attack enemies, hit switches, and break blocks. He's also got some other weapons up his sleeve:

  • Throwing a Cross will cause it to hover forward, hitting enemies in its path, before coming back to Simon like a boomerang.
  • The Holy Water can be dropped in front of you, and it will continue to fall until it hits ground, in which case the bottle will shatter and the water will erupt into holy flames.
NinjaGaiden RyuHayabusaNES

NinjaGaiden SpiritPointBlue
Picking up a Shinobi Spirit Panel allows you to become Ryu Hayabusa of Ninja Gaiden fame. You'll gain outstanding levels of agility and can make use of Hayabusa's classic ninja weapons.

  • As Hayabusa, you can grab onto walls and jump off of them.
  • You'll have access to the Shuriken, a projectile that will zoom forward quickly, killing any enemies it touches. The shuriken can also hit switches and blocks.
  • Hayabusa's Katana can be used to hit enemies and switches, as well as slice up breakable blocks.
Super Mario World logo DSSB

Hero Yoshi
SMW2YI Flashing Egg
If you find a flashing Island Egg and pick it up, you'll become a fully playable Hero Yoshi with mechanics resembling those of Yoshi's Island.

  • Yoshi can swallow enemies with his tongue and lay Eggs that he can throw at enemies, blocks, etc., or spit them at other objects.
  • He can also Flutter Jump for a temporary midair hover by holding the jump button after the initial jump.
  • He can perform a Ground Pound to slam down on enemies and blocks from above.
Sonic SIM

Break open a Sneaker Monitor and you'll turn into Sonic the Hedgehog. Your speed will be greatly increased and you can dash through the level like there's no tomorrow - just be sure to watch your step. The Sonic costume comes with the following abilities:

  • The Spin Dash can be activated by crouching and pressing the action button, allowing it to charge up. Pressing the button multiple times will charge it further, and once you let go, you'll curl up and burst forward.
  • An Insta-Shield ability can be used in midair for a brief moment of invulnerability, blocking projectiles and more easily killing enemies.
  • Uniquely, picking up a Fire Flower as Sonic will give you the Flame Shield, which will grant you the ability to immediately burst forward in midair.
Super Mario 64 New Logo

CB2 CrashCrate
The Crash Bandicoot costume can be accessed by breaking open the Crash Crate with his unmistakeable face on it. With crazy jumps and slides as well as the good old spin, Crash will surely leave enemies shouting "WOAH".

  • As Crash, you can use a Spin Attack to knock out enemies, hit switches and blocks, etc.
  • A Dash Attack will have you slide across the ground and hit any enemies in your path. Pair this up with a jump to gain extra aerial distance, and top it off with a Spin Attack to stay in the air even longer.


  • StellaStardown (tbc) - Traced the Mario Maker 1 and 2 level theme icons for higher resolution and designed the Beach, Volcano, Tower, Mountain, and Graveyard icons, used in Super Mario Maker 3 (Stella).
  • Thuldor2019 (tbc) - Designed the Pipe and Space icons, used in New Super Mario Bros 3 (Switch).
  • Exotoro (tbc) - Created the Flat Mushroom and made the sprites for the Ice, Earth, and Thunder Flowers in the SMB1 style, used in Super Mario Maker Chi. Introduced the Power Tools concept in Super Mario Maker Phi. Gave suggestions for Wario-based content included in this game.
  • Pokerninja2 (tbc) - Gave suggestions for the default Eclipse traits for Ghost House and Beach courses, and made the new SMB1 style sprite for Koopa Kid.
  • ValkyriePyra (tbc) - Gave suggestions for the default Eclipse trait for Desert courses.
  • MrYokaiAndWatch902 (tbc) - Gave suggestions for the default Night and Eclipse traits for Volcano, Mountain, Graveyard, and Autumn courses.
  • Empress Scarlet (tbc) - Gave suggestions for the default Night and Eclipse traits for Pipe, Space, and City courses.
  • Yamamura, Mario Making Expert (tbc) - Suggested the Cave and Factory level themes and their traits, as well as the general inclusion of the Autumn level theme.
  • Samtendo09 (tbc) - Wind Feather concept.
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