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Super Mario Maker 3
Illustration artwork
Developer(s) Nintendo logo
Publisher(s) Nintendo logo
Genre(s) Level editor, 2D platformer
Predecessor Super Mario Maker 2
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Super Mario Maker 3 is a 2D platforming and level-editing game for the new Nintendo console.

This is the sequel to Super Mario Maker 2. The game expands on its predecessor with new features very requested by the community such as a level style based on Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Land and much more.

New Features

•Volcanic Ash (Lava Style-only) •Toad House Minigame Maker


Game styles

SMW Logo
SM3DW Logo

New game styles

SMB2 Logo
New super mario bros logo
SM64 Logo
SMS Logo
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Logo
2058708-super mario 3d land logo
SMO Logo Final

Courses themes

  • Ground/Overworld
  • Underground
  • Desert
  • Snow
  • Beach
  • Jungle
  • Mountain
  • Sky
  • City
  • Lava
  • Ghost House
  • Underwater
  • Airship
  • Moon
  • Tower
  • Castle


Character Description Availability
Mario - Mario Party 10
Mario is the most balanced character in the game, having no advantages or disadvantages. From the start
SuperMarioParty Luigi
Luigi has the highest jump of all characters, but is hard to control. Luigi can scuttle while jumping, which slows his fall. From the start
Yoshi Happy YBA
As a playable character, he would have many abilities like flutter jump after the first jump, eating certain types of enemies and throwing them away as eggs, and fastest sprint! He could also be ridable from other characters! However, he can't sprint and his speed reduces when someone is riding him. Yellow Yoshi, Blue Yoshi, Pink Yoshi and Red Yoshi are in skins. From the start
Toad is the fastest character, but is also tied with Toadette as the weakest, and has low jumping. Yellow Toad, Green Toad and Purple Toad are in skins. From the start
Toadette - Mario Party 10
Toadette has average speed and high jumping, but is tied with Toad as the weakest. She can also jump once while in midair. From the start
SuperMarioParty Peach
Princess Peach
Peach can float while jumping, though she is a bit slow. From the start
SuperMarioParty Daisy
Princess Daisy
Daisy would be very similar to Peach, but with some slight difference. Daisy would be faster than Peach, but she would have less "floating time" in the air! Also, she needs more time to sprint, and she can't hold another player, because of her weakness. From the start
Wario MP100
Wario would be the strongest of the group, and because of this the best ability for him is the possibility to hold two characters and objects at the same time! On the other hand, he would be the slowest, and his jumps would be really low. From the start
SuperMarioParty Waluigi
Waluigi is the most technical of all the characters, and his ability is the mid-air kick: when he jumps, Waluigi can perform a mid-air kick in front of him, that can kill some enemies. His disadvantage is that he needs more time to start sprinting than most of the characters. Unlockable
The sneaky rabbit thief "joins" Mario and the crew for another adventure. He can scuttle jump like Luigi, and is immune to enemies as always. He is unable to use Power-Ups except for the Super Star, but depending on how many Power-Ups he collects, he earns the same number of lives upon beating the level. He is also unable to ride Yoshi. Unlockable
SM3DW Rosalina
She has the ability to use the Spin attack, similar to that of Mario and Luigi in the Super Mario Galaxy games and has normal traction. She is, however, slower like Princess Peach. Unlockable
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