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Genre(s) Level creation / Platforming
First Game Super Mario Maker (2014)

The Super Mario Maker series is one of the many subseries of the greater Mario franchise. Super Mario Maker was a title released for the Wii U in 2014, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., and it has since had a number of other related titles. All games in the series allow players to create levels using elements and sprites/models from previous Mario games, with the home console releases also allowing players to share their creations online for players around the world to experience.

While the titles within the Super Mario Maker series allow players to create levels in the themes of different Mario games, multiple elements exclusive to the original titles are not recreated within the game's engine; many objects and gameplay elements have been modified to allow for a near-seamless gameplay experience. All level themes do contain their own unique elements that players can make use of - usually these come in the forms of power-ups that appeared within the original titles such as the Super Leaf or Cape Feather - though other themes have had some of their gameplay mechanics recreated (to some degree) to allow them to stand out from their peers. For instance, players are normally incapable of placing Yoshis within levels or performing a wall jump action, though some specific themes allow for such mechanics to be utilized.

One of the most notable features introduced within the Super Mario Maker series are two special power-ups that can be placed within levels based upon Super Mario Bros.: the Weird Mushroom and the Mystery Mushroom. The Weird Mushroom grants the player the proportions and general gameplay abilities that Luigi has routinely demonstrated throughout his playable platforming appearances, namely a faster running speed, lower traction, higher jumps, and a lankier build. The Mystery Mushroom is instead simply a cosmetic item that allows the player to change Mario's design into that of another character, with the replacing sprite acting similar to a Super Mushroom in that it allows Mario to take an hit from an enemy before transforming back into Small Mario.

The Super Mario Maker titles have also been referenced in several other Nintendo titles, with some examples being a stage based on the first game appearing within the Super Smash Bros. series and a minigame based on the series included within WarioWare Gold. Comparisons can be made between Super Mario Maker and other Nintendo titles with course design elements, such as Pushmo World and some entries in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series; the Super Mario Maker series itself also includes a number of references to Mario Paint and the Mario Artist series, with the Gnat Attack minigame and the Undodog character from the former making prominent returns.


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