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Not to be confused with Mario Madness

Super Mario Madness
The title by MarioGameChampion
Developer(s) Futurastic Games Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) 2.5D/3D Platformer
Series Super Mario
Release Date(s) 20 november 2012 (All country)
Mode(s) Solo Mode, Network Mode, Toadsworth's Knowledge Mode
Age Rating(s) E10+ for cartoon violence
Media Included Wii U disc, 4-Screen Cartridge

Super Mario Madness is a Mario game for the Wii U. This game has a different gameplay; Mario and other characters has three HP (like in Super Mario Galaxy but get six HP when getting a Power-Up) and goes through free-roam-styled worlds. While many classic enemies, items and Power-Ups return, there are also several new ones. It will also feature a new block called 2D-3D Block (also named Dimension Block) which switches 2D into 3D and vice versa. It will have 13 characters, which half of them must be unlocked first. Each Characters can uses 2 Power-Up each.

The enemies also have up to three HP this time, and the bosses now have six HP each, making boss battles more difficult. During a off-line gameplay, only one player can play, but in Network Mode, up to 6 players will venture together. It is only compatible for the Wii U GamePad. It will also introduce a whole new Koopaling; Alex Ember Koopa. There are one Koopaling in each Worlds (with the exception of World 4 and 8, which have two Koopalings and which will be fought first is random, and there is no Koopaling in Rainbow World) and were slightly taller than usual.


The game starts in Peach's Castle. Like in Super Mario 64, the character can roam around and choose worlds, but the player must complete World 1 in order to be able to go at World 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. The 9th world is unlocked once all 8 Worlds are complete. If they complete the 9th World and clear all Star and Skull Stages, they will have access to World 19px-NSMB2-RainbowLevels.png (Rainbow).

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Wario, Waluigi, and Blue Toad must complete tasks in the Worlds. When they complete one, another will appear. When all tasks are done, a Koopaling Door will appear. The character will then face the respective Koopaling and get to another world if they win. There are also bosses in Tasks; Boom Boom, Pom Pom, Pow Pow, Petey Piranha and the others. Each characters have an ability and activate by shaking the Wii Remote or Nunchuck (for Wii U Pad non-helper player, shake the Wii U Pad).

Each character has 3 HP, and loses one if they get hit by enemies, obstacles like spikes and lava, being squished (the character will lose a life even with 3 HP in Super Mario Galaxy games) and get hit by enemies' projectiles.

Unlike popular belief, even in during 2D actions, the characters and objects retained their physical actions like in Super Mario 64.


Mario is invited by Princess Peach Toadstool. He goes through Intro Stage (based on SMB3 World 1-1) and passed though the gates. Mario has noticed that Luigi, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad and strangely, Wario and Waluigi are also invited. Toadette is also invited, but sees what's happening outside of Peach's Castle.

When a scream was heard, she quickly rushed inside without listening for Blue Toad who saying that it could be a trap. She screamed at her turn, making Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad alerted and get inside. Yellow Toad got there first but was taken down and kidnapped by Boom Boom. The other three get inside in their turn, chasing the rough henchman.

In the meanwhile, Wario and Waluigi sneaked inside and get in the basement. They wanted treasures more than everything, but when they are missing and replaced by paintings, the two greedy baddies noticed that the letter they received is a pure spam; it is written none other than Bowser. The two are angered and are about to get onto the first painting, the other three had arrived. They argured why Bowser had sended the letter to them and for what circontenses.

Suddenly, they heard Bowser's voice. "Your friends are prisonners of these painting worlds! Unless you are chickens, I dare you to get inside! My Koopalings, my son and I have traps and dangerous challenges for you! Gwa ha ha ha ha ha!!"

When the voice had ended, Yoshi arrived, angried because the evil Koopa king had stolen his fruits, and is ready to joins the five to get in the first painting. The adventure had just to begun...


Cooky Country

A plain world with lot of Goombas and Bullet Bills. Morton Koopa is the World Boss, with his new, personalized supertank. The music is a country-styled remix of Super Mario Bros. 3 overworld.

Task Bosses

  • Boom Boom (Normal, 3D)
  • Petey Piranha (2D)
  • Vasaur (New, 2D)
  • Red Birdo (2D)

Blue Beach

A beach where Koopas and Beach Koopas pass their times during vacations. Blue colored enemies are frequent in this world. Don't let Larry and his Drill-Hat surprise you! The music is a Hawaii-styled of Super Mario World overworld theme.

Task Bosses

  • Pom Pom (Normal, 2D)
  • Pow Pow (Normal, 3D)
  • Seahorgon (New, 2D)
  • Reznors (2D)

Hammer Canyon

A canyon with multiple Hammer Bros. species, and a waterfall that leaded to a secret area. Roy and his Fly-Cannon 2001 will make a destruction if you don't watch out.

Task Bosses

  • Boom Boom (Giant, 3D)
  • Scareberry King (New, 2D)
  • Master Bro. #1 (New, 3D)
  • Master Bro. #2 (New, 3D)

Icy Field

A world full of ice enemies such as Snow Spikes. Wendy Ocean Koopa wanted you to have a chilling yet displeasant iceskating battle. Tim Johnstone Koopa also wants to be flatten with his new Koopa Clown Car.

Task Bosses

  • Pom Pom (Hammers, 2D)
  • Goldnor (2D)
  • Giga Lakitu (3D)
  • Baron Brr (3D)

Electro Factory

A factory where Bulboos lives and where you meet the clever, agile and electrifying Koopaling: Alex Ember Koopa.

  • Pow Pow (Hammers, 3D)
  • King Boo (2D)
  • Dino Piranha (3D)
  • Mouser (2D)

Mighty Mountain

A big mountain with multiple giant enemies, and weaponary. Lemmy invite you into his circus battle.

  • Mega Goomba (2D)
  • Major Barrow (2D)
  • Navey Piranha (3D)
  • Giant Mouser (3D)

Plant Pipes

An underground world full of Piranha Plants and it's sub-species. Not only Petey Piranha wanted revenge, Lavora Koopa will challenge you onto a serious battle...

Task Bosses

  • Petey Piranha (3D)
  • Navey Piranha (2D)
  • Dino Piranha (2D)
  • Peewee Piranha (3D)

Crazed Sky

An oversky world where Lakitus, Lakibombs, and of course King Bills are there. Ludwig von Koopa is ready to bring you down to the ground with his Stompeder 3001. Iggy Koopa will also challenge you with his long-dreamed, huge size.

Task Bosses

  • Pow Pow (Ice, 3D)
  • Giga Lakitu & Giant Red Birdo (2D)
  • Master Bros. (3D)
  • Lakithunder (2D)

Bowser Dimension

Bowser's dimension, hence the name. Dolly P. Koopa wanted you for a dangerous battle with her Scareberry-Copter. Bowser is are waiting for the final battle inside his castle...

Task Bosses Outside

  • Boom Boom, Pom Pom and Pow Pow (All together, 3D)
  • King Boo (3D)
  • Giga Lakitu (2D)
  • Goomboss (2D)
  • Scareberry King (2D)
  • Major Barrow (2D)
  • Bowser Jr. (3D)

Task Bosses Inside

  • Koopalings (Fought at random order)
  • Reznors & Goldnor (3D)
  • Kamek (3D)
  • Petey Piranha & Dino Piranha (2D)
  • Navey Piranha (3D)
  • Giant Mouser & Birdo (2D)
  • Bowser Jr. & Koopa Clown Car (3D)

19px-NSMB2-RainbowLevels.png World: A wonderful world filled with Coins, rainbows...and enemies. Wart, attempting to get his minions back, is the last boss of this world.


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Image Description Ability
Mario : "It's-a-me again!" The beloved plumber returns again! With his well balanced stats, he can solve things by himself. Good for new players. Star Spin: Spins with stars. Reflects most projectiles and stuns enemies.
Luigi : "Wooah!! Oh, it's only you..." Mario's younger brother. With higher jumps and slightly quicker speed, he can reach high places.

He just hopes he will not meet Boos again, especially Boohemoth...

Coward Run: Runs faster but straight. It is faster than Yoshi's speed but it is also risky when overdoing it. He can also run on the water without being submerged.
Wario : "Waaargh! That shady Bowser's gonna pay for this!!" Mario's greedy rival is ready for money... and maybe for Princess Peach's cheek-kiss.

Despite his lazy speed and jump, no one can stop him with his fearsome strength.

Wario Bash: Dashes above and takes out most enemies. Wario's speed is doubled when using this.
Waluigi : "And Waaa-luigi is--HEY!! All the treasure is gone!!" Luigi's cheatsy rival. While faster and jumpier than his green rival, he is weaker and is more effective for explorations than battles most of the times. Waluigi Attack!!: Waluigi spins as much as the controller is shaked. Perfect when surrounded by enemies.
Yoshi : "Yoshi, Yo-Yo-Yoshi!" Mario's dino pal. He can eat enemies and turn them into eggs. He can also Flutter Jump and is the speediest. Egg Throw: Throws one or more eggs he layed. Useful against faraway enemies.
Blue Toad : "Waah! The basement had just transformed into a painting museum!!...Awesome! The fearless Toad debuted in NSMBW. While his speed and power are better than Mario's, his jump is just below the average.

With his new Toad-Torpedo attack, he can smack flying or swimming enemies down!

Toad-Torpedo: Aims at the nearest enemies and headbutts while spinning on it. Also usable in air and underwater, useful against aquatic enemies.


Image Description Ability Unlocked at
Maria : "Long time no see, cousin! Now lets teach a lesson to that stubborn Bowser again"! Maria, Mario's cousin, is back for more feminine-type actions.

With her Heart Spin and her superb jump and speed, she can makes enemies fainted by her cuteness!

Heart Spin: Spins with pink, shiny hearts. Similair of Mario but weaker, yet it can stun males enemies even longer, even if it done no damage on latter ones. World 2
Luise : "Eek--Luigi, is it you!? Wo-hee! I'm afraid I cannot get out of here forever... Luigi's shy cousin is back for more green-hearted actions. She can easily flee from bad things with her better-than-Waluigi jumps and nearly-as-much-as-Yoshi speed.

Too bad her lack of Power won't help against tough foes.

Shy Flee: Similar with Luigi's Coward Run, but can float through pits instand on water. Since she can jump doing the Shy Flee, this is ideal for reaching very far places. World 3
Yellow Toad : "Phew, I thought I'm finished for...Thank you, Blue Toad!" Blue Toad's similar friend. While slower and has a lower jump than his blue counterpart,but he is stronger,which makes him more effective in battles. His Toadquake mustn't be underestimated. Toadquake: Makes a stronger ground pound causing a small yet powerful earthquake, knocking out most enemies with one hit. World 4
Toadette : "...!! Blue Toad! I'm sorry to leave you alone while we walk together...this time I'll join you to teach that jerk a lesson or two!" The cutest Toad (if we didn't mistaken) and Blue Toad's rumored girlfriend. She got surprising good Power and Speed, and her low jump is nothing when it's come to punishing baddies. Toadette Charm: Longer range than Maria's Heart Spin, but can only stun male enemies. Fortunately, it last even longer than the female plumber's. World 5
Donkey Kong : "Oook ook! Grrr!!" The king of the jungle will lead a helping hand for Mario and friends. He is angry because Bowser is messing with his beloved bananas! Wait a second... Pound-Shake: Donkey Kong will pound the ground by slamming with his bare hands, stunning nearby enemies and revealing certain secrets. World 6, 7 or 8
Naluigi : Okay so I haven't seen you guys for a long time so I should be happy about it! Naluigi is Luigi's long lost brother and now he finally sees him again! Naluigi is as fast as Luigi, but he's a bit stronger then Luigi and jumps a bit higher too but not "Waluigi-high". With his Green Fireballs he can be a really good character! Green Fireball: These fireballs are fireballs that can be thrown at anytime! But Naluigi is the only one that can use them.

These fireballs are stronger than the normal fireballs.

World 7


  • ToadThief: The young, michevous yet righteous thief who constantly stole Bowser's supplies. He hosts the Block Shops (he made them himself) and gives the player items for the right prise.
  • Piantas: Land creatures that are strong and lawful, but guillible and clumsy. They can throw Mario and others for great distance, depended on gender and size.
  • Nokis: Sea creatures that are shy but with high intelligences. They gives out a diversuit to get underwater as long the player wanted.
  • Cracaws: Flying, feathered cousins of Yoshis. They gives a fast, yet safe sky travelling. They are frequent in Crazed Sky.
  • Sam the Koopa: Working for Bowser, he refuses to let the player go unless it does the challenge what he gives.
  • Fire John: Working for Bowser, he won't let you cross it unless you gives enough coins, and the prise may varies.

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  • Kyurem was added as a special secret boss to celebrate the release of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.
  • Maria and Luise, who are the ownership of Arend, are used under permission.
  • Wreck-It Ralph was originally to be in as a special guest character to celebrate the release of the movie Wreck-It Ralph, but he was scrapped and was replaced by Fix-It Felix Jr. because the latter one resemble more like Mario, unlike Raplh.