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Super Mario MHL Logo.png
The official boxart.
Developer(s) EEA Inc. Logo on Cases.png
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Wii Logo.png, Wii3D, FanPlay
Genre(s) Sports
Release Date(s) Wii
25px-Flag of Japan.png December 12 2008
25px-Flag of USA.png December 13 2008
25px-Flag of Europe.png January 26 2009
25px-Flag of Australia.png January 27 2009
25px-Flag of Japan.png February 15 2009
25px-Flag of USA.png March 22 2009
25px-Flag of Europe.png April 30 2009
25px-Flag of Australia.png May 11 2009
Mode(s) 1-4 Players
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg
Media Included Wii Disk

Super Mario MHL (Japanese: マリオオールスターのホッケーリーグ, Mario All-Star's Hockey League) is a Mario hockey game for the Nintendo Wii, Wii3D, and later, the FanPlay. It was developed by EEA Inc. and was their first released solo game and also had the best reviews out of any of their games. The North American and Japanese release dates were in December for Christmas shopping. It is rated E for Mild Cartoon Violence and Crude Humor. An official sequel was released in late 2009 called MHL 10.


Arenas are the places the teams play in. It was announced that there will be 21 arenas (not counting Mission Arenas and Normal Arenas) to play in. Some must be unlocked. They can be unlocked by beating the challenger in that particular arena in Challenge Mode. The player can make their own arena using the 8 boss arenas and name them. The player can make and save as many arenas as they want.

Normal Arenas

These arenas are for beginners. No obstacles have been added.

Area Gimmicks Status
Classic Ice Rink None Unlocked

Mario Arenas

These arenas are more challenging. Many obstacles have been added.

Area Gimmicks Status
Mario Sewer Spinys and Sidesteppers come out of pipes for the players to hit. The puck can go down a Pipe and come out a different Pipe. Unlocked
Luigi's Mansion At unknown times Ghosts from Luigi's Mansion will appear out of nowhere and chase the players. The puck can also get lost in the bushes. Locked
Peach Dome Garden If and when the underwater dome springs a leak, the water and Cheep-Cheeps will get in the player's way. Unlocked
Daisy Cruiser Cheep-Cheeps can jump out of the water onto the deck. Gooper Blooper's arms can tip the Cruiser and get in the player's way. Locked
Yoshi Desert There are three quicksand areas around the arena, which the players and the puck can sick into. Pokeys also roam the arena. Unlocked
Wario Factory The factory has a lot of conveyor belts with boxes on them. Some of the boxes contain items. Unlocked
Waluigi Pinball Machine The puck can be shot all around the arena by the pinball shooters and Giant Pinballs can knock the players over. Locked
Donkey Kong Jungle Giant Barrels roll across the arena every once in a while and Klaptraps can bite the players and slow them down. Unlocked
Bowser Castle The castle has a few pitfalls with lava at the bottom, in which Podoboos can jump out of. There is also a large Bowser statue, that can shoot Fireballs. Locked
Bowser Jr. Playroom Bowser Jr.'s huge toy train runs though the middle of the track and can knock over the players. Jr. also has low-flying toy planes. Locked
Toad Highway Cars and trucks drive down the highway in the middle of the arena when the traffic light is green and can hit the players. Unlocked
Toadette Band Room When the puck hits one of the instruments on the side of arena, a symphony starts playing. If any players are on the ground when the drum is hit, they fall over. Locked
Rosalina Galaxy Once in a while, A meteor shower happens for about 10 seconds, and the players must dodge them. Locked
Delfino Plaza There are four Goopy Piranha Plants on the course, that can shoot Goop for the players to slip in. Unlocked
Baby Mario Park The Wiggler Roller Costar comes down close to the arena and can hit the players each time around. Locked
Shy Guy Rink The rink itself, is very slippery and there are Freezies on the rink to freeze the players for a short time. Unlocked
Wiggler Maple The arena has many piles of leaves that the puck can get lost in. There are also giant Wigglers roaming the arena. Locked
Captain Syrup Kitchen Different kinds of food like Syrup and Eggs fall and smash onto the course for the players to be slowed down. Locked
Dr. Mario's Lab Many Viruses walk around the course to slow down the players. Giant Megavitamins roll down the arena that kill the Viruses but can also hit the players. Locked
Mario 8 Bit World Many 8 bit enemies like Koopas and Goombas from Super Mario Bros. walk around the arena for the players to hit. Locked
Mario's Bubble Hockey You can only move in a straight, vertical line. Unlocked

Mission Arenas

A Tag Team Mission in Starshot Rink.

These arenas are smaller than normal arenas. No obstacles have been added. They are only available in Mission Mode. They are mostly used for Tag Team Missions.

Area Gimmicks Status
Starshot Rink None Unlocked

Boss Arenas

There are eight bosses. When the player has got far enough in Challenge Mode there will be boss fights. Each boss has a battle Coliseum based on what kind of boss they are.

Boss Coliseum How to Defeat
Goomboss Grass Coliseum Shoot pucks at him three times to make him explode.
Sand Piranha Desert Coliseum Shoot pucks inside his mouth and then shoot at his belly button. Do this three times to defeat him.
Gooper Blooper Water Coliseum Shoot pucks at his arms and then shoot at his cork. Do this three times to defeat him.
Balloon Boo Ghost Coliseum Shoot pucks inside his mouth ten times to make him explode.
King Freezem Ice Coliseum Use a Fire Flower and shoot ten times at him with three Fire Flowers.
King Chomp Lava Coliseum Knock off his crown using Koopa Shells and then shoot it off the stage with the hockey stick. Do this three times to defeat him.
Topmaniac Galaxy Coliseum Shoot pucks at him to make him fall off the stage three times.
Giga Bowser Bowser Coliseum Hit his head with a Koopa Shell to make him go inside his Shell. Then use a puck to shoot him into the electric net. Do this five times to defeat him.


There are 101 playable characters and some characters have multiple colors. The player can also play as their own Miis. If the player has no Miis there are Guest Miis to choose from. The characters (except Miis, which the player can chose the number optionally) are given numbers from 0-99. The players that appeared in Mario Strikers Charged have the same numbers. Some of the playable characters are from the Diaper Duty Series. Once the player has masters each of the Missions with a character the player will receive a card of the character the player beat the missions with. Unlockable characters can be unlocked by challenging them in Challenge Mode and beating them and their team in a game.

Character Multiple Colors #
Waluigi None 0.
Wario None 00.
Mario None 01.
Luigi None 02.
Toad Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange, Normal, Brown 03.
Petey Piranha None 04.
Diddy Kong None 05.
Bowser Jr. None 06.
Birdo Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green 07.
Yoshi Red, Blue, Yellow, Light Blue, Pink 08.
Daisy None 09.
Peach None 10.
Toadsworth None 11.
Lakitu None 12.
Blooper None 13.
Luma Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Rink, Polari 14.
Rosalina None 15.
Kritter Blue, Red, Brown 16.
Dixie Kong None 17.
Funky Kong None 18.
Tiny Kong None 19.
Lanky Kong None 20.
Wiggler None 21.
Flutter None 22.
Monty Mole None 23.
Ukiki Blue, Red, Green 24.
Captain Shy Guy None 25.
Spear Guy Blue, Yellow, Green, Black 26.
Toady None 27.
Pumpkinhead Goomba None 28.
Hammer Bro. Trineo Bro, Boomerang Bro., Fire Bro, Ice Bros 29.
Captain Syrup None 30.
Merfle Blue, Yellow, Red, Grey, White, Purple, Turquoise 31.
Queen Merelda None 32.
Toadette None 33.
Kamella None 34.
Dino Piranha None 35.
Major Burrows None 36.
Bandit None 37.
Mowz None 38.
Pauline None 39.
Snow Spike None 40.
Koopa Troopa Red, Blue,Green 41.
Goomba Gold 42.
Shy Guy Blue, Yellow, Green, Black 43.
King Boo None 44.
Boo Mario None 45.
Pianta Red, Yellow, Brown 46.
Noki Red, Green 47.
Bee Mario None 48.
Queen Bee None 49.
Bee None 50.
Paratroopa Green, Blue 51.
Paragoomba Gold 52.
Fly Guy Blue, Yellow, Green, Black 53.
Boo Pink 54.
Donkey Kong None 55.
Klump None 56.
Kludge None 57.
Kalypso None 58.
Kopter None 59.
Shadow Mario None 60.
Dr. Mario None 61.
Kass None 62.
Kip None 63.
King K. Rool None 64.
Shake King None 65.
Bowser None 66.
Magikoopa Red, Green, Yellow 67.
Baby Yoshi Red, Blue, Yellow, Light Blue, Pink 68.
Baby Daisy None 69.
Baby Peach None 70.
Baby Mario None 71.
Baby Luigi None 72.
Baby Waluigi None 73.
Baby Wario None 74.
Baby Rosalina None 75.
Baby Bowser None 76.
Baby Donkey Kong None 77.
Baby Funky Kong None 78.
Dry Bones Green, Dark Bones, Blue 79.
Dry Bowser None 80.
Broozer None 81.
Professor E. Gadd None 82.
Lakithunder None 83.
Star Bunny Yellow 84.
Cranky Kong None 85.
Wrinkly Kong None 86.
Candy Kong None 87.
Xananab None 88.
Buckethead None 89.
Bee Luigi None 90.
Boo Luigi None 91.
Prince Boo None 92.
Baby Petey Piranha None 93.
Baby Birdo Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green 94.
Penguin None 95.
Prince K. Rool None 96.
Koopa Kid Red, Blue, Green 97.
Andrew Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black, White 98.


Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black, White 99.


Items are weapons that the players can use to help them win the game much like Mario Strikers Charged and Mario Super Sluggers. There are 15 items.

Item Ability
Mushroom Makes the player have top speed.
Mega Mushroom Makes the player extra large and can crush other players.
Fire Flower Makes the player have the ability to shoot fireballs.
Star Makes the player invincible and able to knock over players.
Green Shell When tossed it can bounce off walls and hit a player.
Red Shell When tossed it chases one player and hit him/her.
Spiny Blue Shell It will fly over to the puck and blow up all players near it.
Banana 6 Bananas can be tossed on the ground for players to trip over.
Bob-omb When tossed it can blow up players close to it.
Yoshi Egg When tossed it chases one player and if hit in releases three items.
POW Block When tossed it will shake the ground and stun players on the ground.
Thunderbolt It will zap all the players on the other team making them small.
Chain Chomp It will chase many players and try to chomp them.
Bullet Bill It chases a player and blows up when it hits the chosen player.
Mini Boos They make the puck invisible.

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is the story mode of the game. They opening video is seen when the game is turned on. The ending video in seen at the end of the Challenge Mode. The videos can both be watched on Records Mode. The ending video is unlocked on Records Mode by beating Challenge Mode one time.

Video #1 (Opening)

Mario comes onto Classic Ice Rink with his team: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad, and Toadette. Wario then comes on the ice with his team: Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Birdo, and Boo. Mario does a slapshot and get a goal on Waluigi (It went passed him because he is so skinny). Wario and Waluigi accused Mario and Luigi of cheating. A few days later it was announced that the finals would be held in Peach Dome Garden. Wario and Waluigi had an idea to set up traps around the arena to trap Mario and Luigi and they did. On the day of the finals, Toadsworth, and Lakitu announced the teams, Team Mario vs. Team Yoshi: Yoshi, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, and Shy Guy. Suddenly the Koopa Sub burst through the top out the underwater arena and water flowed onto the dome. It was Bowser with his team: Bowser, Bowser Jr., Dry Bones, Hammer Bro., Magikoopa, and Toady. The crowd members were scared. Mario however was not scared. Then Bowser pulled out a Big Bob-omb. Wario and Waluigi (who where watching to see Mario get trapped) were so scared they tripped over the lever that started the trap. A brick fell on Bowser and he dropped the Big Bob-omb. As it started the count down the crowd members and team members left leaving Wario, Waluigi, and Bowser behind. Mario sided through the closing emergency doors, reached for his hat that fell of, and got out just in time. Wario and Waluigi tried to escape but got suck in the net that were trying to catch Mario and Luigi in. The Big Bob-omb Exploded sending Wario, Waluigi, and Bowser flying out of the dome. Cheep-Cheeps and Bloopers were everywhere. Peach called the Toads from Wario Factory to fix her dome. A Cheep-Cheep bounced off Mario. Mario says Mama Mia and the video ends.

Challenge Mode Story

Mario and Luigi are playing hockey when they find a note from Bowser. It was a challenge. It said Time for a hockey challenge. Winner gets the Princess, Gwa Haw Haw. From Bowser Mario and Luigi knew that if they didn't take the challenge, Bowser would just kidnap Peach. The bros. had, had enough of that. Lakitu came down and told Mario to get all the hockey players to join his team so that he would have a good variety of characters to beat Bowser's team. Bowser's minions were: Bowser, Bowser Jr., Dry Bowser, Dry Bones, Hammer Bro., and Magikoopa. Mario and Luigi went to work on collecting players to add to their team.

Chapter 1 Boss: Goomboss

Mario and Luigi entered Grass Coliseum. Mario talked to a Goomba who he challenged and beat. Then he talked to a Paragoomba who he also challenged and beat. After beating the two Goombas a huge Goomba run up to Mario. It was Goomboss and he was chasing Wario and Waluigi. Wario told Mario that Goomboss was trying to stomp them. Goomboss caged both Wario and Waluigi and Mario battled him. after the huge Goomba was beat the two Goomba were really astonished that Mario had beat they master and joined Mario's team. Wario and Waluigi who Mario and Luigi saved also joined there team as well. Grass Coliseum disappeared.

Chapter 2 Boss: Sand Piranha

Mario and Luigi entered Desert Coliseum. Yoshi was waiting for them. He told them that the Shy Guys and Fly Guys when being held captive but Petey Piranha and his Piranha Plants. Mario and Luigi beat all of Petey's Piranha Plants and challenged Petey Piranha himself. After Petey Piranha was beat, Shy Guy, Fly Guy and Yoshi joined Mario's team. suddenly a huge Piranha Plant came out of the quicksand and attacked Yoshi. Yoshi battled Sand Piranha and beat him. the quicksand disappeared and Birdo came out and joined Mario's team for saving her. Desert Coliseum disappeared.

Chapter 3 Boss: Gooper Blooper

Mario and Luigi enter Water Coliseum and see Daisy in the entrance. Daisy shows Mario and Luigi that her cruise ship, Daisy Cruiser was being destroyed by Gooper Blooper and his Blooper buddies. Goop was everywhere. Professor E. Gadd came too Mario and gave him his F.L.U.D.D. so Mario could clean up the goop. Professor E. Gadd joined Mario and Luigi's team. Mario cleaned up the goop and Gooper Blooper attacked them. Mario and F.L.U.D.D. beat Gooper Blooper and his Blooper buddy joined Mario's team and so did Daisy. Water Coliseum disappeared.

Chapter 4 Boss: Balloon Boo

Mario and Luigi entered Ghost Coliseum. Luigi was so scared that he run away from Mario. So Mario entered the mansion by himself but was not scared. Then he saw Toad, and Toadette running around scared and they told him that Toadsworth was trapped in King Boo's Room of the mansion. Mario found a Boo and challenged him and beat him. Boo lead Mario to King Boo's room. King Boo had Toadsworth in a painting. Mario challenged King Boo and beat him. King Boo's secret weapon, a huge Balloon Boo, the true boss of the mansion battled Mario and Mario beat him. King Boo then gave in and Boo and King Boo joined Mario's team. Toadsworth also came out of the panting and Toad, Toadette and Toadsworth joined Mario's team. Ghost Coliseum disappeared.

Chapter 5 Boss: King Freezem

Mario and Luigi entered Ice Coliseum. They saw Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, and Baby Daisy frozen in the ice. Andrew and Andrea told Mario that King Freezem froze the babies. Andrew and Andrea joined Mario's team. Then King Freezem who was frozen in the ice as well, broke out and battled Andrew and Andrea who told Mario they would beat King Freezem for him. The two robots beat the giant snowman and got a Fire Flower as a reward that unfroze the four babies. Baby Luigi told Baby Mario, Baby Peach, and Baby Daisy that they would be safer traveling with Mario and Luigi. So all the babies joined Mario's team and Ice Coliseum disappeared.

Chapter 6 Boss: King Chomp

Mario and Luigi entered Rock Coliseum. They finally found Peach attached to a giant chain. Koopa Troopa and Paratroopa told Mario that the chain was attached to the long chain of the monstrous Chain Chomp, King Chomp. Mario, and Luigi along with the two Koopas followed the chain. The bros. also had to dodge the Chain Chomp, minions of King Chomp. At the end of the chain, King Chain Chomp was sleeping. The Paratroopa sneezed and the huge, Chain Chomp woke up and battled Mario. Mario beat the huge Chain Chomp and the chain broke saving Peach. Koopa Troopa, Paratroopa, and Peach joined Mario's team. Rock Coliseum disappeared.

Chapter 7 Boss: Topmaniac

Mario and Luigi entered Galaxy Coliseum. The bros. saw Rosalina and Luma waiting for them. Rosalina told Mario that Topmaniac was destroying the planets and was acting like he was king out all the space. Even Dino Piranha and Kamella was caged up and slaves of the giant Topman. Rosalina and Luma joined Mario's team. Mario saved Dino Piranha and Kamella from the Spiky Topmen and the two bosses joined Mario's team. Topmaniac got mad at Mario and Rosalina battled Topmaniac and beat him. It was also revealed that Queen Bee and Bee were also kidnapped and joined Mario's team. Galaxy Coliseum disappeared.

Chapter 8 Boss: Giga Bowser

After completing the roster of characters, Mario and Peach went right to Bowser Castle where they challenged Bowser and Bowser Jr. to a game. It is the hardest mission in the game to beat Bowser's team. After the long game, Mario and his team won. Bowser was so mad. All his minions, even Bowser Jr. joined Mario's team but not Bowser. Bowser transformed into a giant version of him, Giga Bowser. Mario did a boss battle and beat Giga Bowser. Bowser finally gave in and joined Mario's team. Mario and Luigi's team was finally complete. Video #2 was then unlocked and is played.

Video #2 (Ending)

All of the players in the roster are settling down in Delfino Plaza after the tournament was over. They all watched as Mario and Luigi played Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in a Tag Team Mission. The puck slide back and forth until Mario did a Superstar Slapshot and finally got a goal. The crowd cheered for the Mario Bros. That is everyone but Wario and Waluigi who were still mad about the incident in Peach Dome Garden with Bowser. Wario got out his cannon and launched him a secret weapon, a Chain Chomp. It landed of the ice and chased Mario and knocked over Luigi. Just before the Chain Chomp chomped Mario, Bowser and Bowser Jr. jumped down from the crowd. They were ready to help Mario. Bowser Jr. passed the puck to Bowser who did a Superstar Slapshot and hit the Chain Chomp with the puck. In flew up and hit Wario and Waluigi who landed into the cannon. Bowser shot a fireball and it lit the cannon and it shot them up into the sky and landed in the water and were seen being chased but a Cheep-Chomp. Daisy they invited everyone to come on Daisy Cruiser and they all rode toward the sunset. The credits then rolled.


Collectible Cards

Real collectible hockey cards (not like the ones collectible on the web like these [1]) were released on November 30, 2008. Each card has a code (Mario's is 284954836). The code unlocks a character info page on that character on Records Mode.

Reception and Sequels

The logo of the official sequel, MHL 10.

Super Mario MHL received many very positive reviews. The released with so many people buying it that it got a best seller logo on it. Reviewers loved that Mario finally played hockey on the Wii and Wii3D and had so many characters and arenas to play in. It got a 7.5/10 from IGN and an 8/10 from Gamespot. Steli Entertainment gave it a B+.[2] The game (as EEA Inc. hoped) sold well enough to have a sequel at the end of 2009 called Super Mario MHL: Series 2 which many companies were invited to work on. EEA Inc. said that if the rating /10 increases in the sequel another sequel will release in 2010. However, the sequel was a failure and was not what EEA Inc. wanted. After that, EEA Inc. refused to work on a sequel. Omegaverse Corp. then asked to sololy take over the game and it was accepted. After that, EEA Inc. decided to bring back the series with an official sequel to Super Mario MHL, MHL 10 which was released after EA Sports' NHL 10 in late 2009.


  • Other then the one hockey mini-game in Mario Party series, this is the first Mario sports game to have a hockey theme.
  • This is the first Mario sports game to have bosses (not counting the Mario Kart series).
  • The game's beta name was, Mario Slapshot Hockey but it was changed for unknown reasons.
  • Super Mario MHL holds the record for the most playable characters in a Mario game so far.
  • Despite the fact that only Mario characters are playable, some Sonic characters are seen in the crowd.
  • In Classic Ice Rink and Shy Guy Rink, Peach and Daisy are wearing their new winter sports outfit. In all the other arenas, the princesses wear summer sports outfits. However, Rosalina only wears her dress for Super Mario Galaxy.