Super Mario Legacy
Developer(s) Atm Games Inc.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii Logo
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan TBA 2011
25px-Flag of USA TBA 2011
25px-Flag of Europe TBA 2011
25px-Flag of Australia TBA 2011
Mode(s) 1-4 Players
Age Rating(s) ERating
Media Included Wii Disk.
Super Mario Legacy is a 3D performer similar to Super Mario Galaxy. It was created by Atm Games Inc. The game will be released everywhere sometime in 2011.


Shortly after Mario had arrived back from his journey throughout the galaxy, a high velocity shreak could be heard everywhere. Mario and peach looked up, in the sky there it was, all seven koopalings, along with bowser and bowser jr. ready for trouble. "Oh no!" Peach shrieked. But it was not peach they were after. Bowser Jr. jumped out of the airship and raced for peachs empty castle. But it was not empty. Inside was Daisy, with toadsworth. "Oh hello." Daisy said as Bowser jr. Came in. Bowser Jr. snatched both of them and ran out, jumping into the airship and getting away. "We must save them Mario!" Peach said in agony. Wario and Waluigi came out from behind the bushes and tried to scare Mario and Peach. "Boo" they both yelled. "You guys, this is not a time to fool around." After Peach had explained what happened, Wario and Waluigi decided they would help, as long as they got something in return. Luigi and a few others decided to tag along as they set out on a journey, this time to save Princess Daisy and Toadsworth.


Super Mario Legacy's gameplay is similar to the gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy, and other 3D games, you can run, walk, long jump,spin,spin jump, use power ups, and all kind's of fun things in it. Now for the new gameplay mechanics. In Super Mario Galaxy, You are able to play with up too three friends in 1-4 player co-op. The game also features abilities like being able to pick up teamates and throw them, like in New Super Mario bros. Wii. but in the 3D Mario Galaxy format instead of 2D. The game allows you to design your own level, but you are limited to some certain functions in the editor, so you probraly can't go making wacky super awesome fantastic things. The game has a new move for everyone this time around. Yes you were able to crouch and walk around crouched but now you can crouch, then press the button again to go into a position where your body is flat on the ground and crawl around like that, similar to Super Mario 64. There are some new characters for you to use instead of only Mario and Luigi, and the game has some pretty new and wacky bosses, along with some trippy galaxies. The last thing that is very important other then the koopalings being back, is that each player has a special move, along with a crystal of a certain attribute that unleashes a certain element. (Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong also make in into the game as playable characters!)


Playable Characters

Character Name Description Special Move Crystal
200px-MarioNSMBWii Mario Mario is a plumber, he is also the love interest of Princess Peach and Luigi's older (yet shorter) brother.
PeachPlayer Princess Peach Princess Peach is Mario's love interest. She has a knack for getting captured by bowser, but in the end almost always gets saved by Mario.
LuigiSMSJ Luigi Luigi is Mario's younger brother. Althoughy a bit of a scaredy-cat, he is strong-willed when need be. He is also taller than Mario.
Wario NSMBDIY Wario Wario is a stinky and chubby guy. He enjoys stinking things up and acting like a jerk.
250px-WaluigiMP8a Waluigi Waluigi is slightly less stinky than Wario, and more lankier. He enjoys causing trouble with Wario, although they are not even brothers.
Red Blue Toad Toad Toad is a kind and caring guy, and quite adorable to be honest. He is short, and not the best at average tasks, but he can be trusted.
ToadetteMP8 Toadette Toadette is Toad's girlfriend. Toadette is as kind and caring as toad, and she manages to get things done just like him, even with her height.
250px-MP8 Birdo Birdo Birdo is Yoshi's girlfriend, she likes confusing people and acting like a total babe.
210px-Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong is a stand-up guy. He will do anything to protect his banana's.
DiddyKongReturns Diddy Kong Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's hard working Nephew. He is fast and smart.
  • NOTE:Donkey Kong and Diddy kong are awarded for completing the game for the first time, Birdo is unlocked by gathering all the secret galaxy comets, and toad and toadette are unlocked by beating the game on co-op. Mario,Luigi,Peach,Wario and Waluigi are already unlocked from the start.


Image Name Description
YOSHI!!!!!! Yoshi
Toadbert SMN Toadbert
KoopatheQuick Koopa The Quick
The Chimp Artwork The Chimp
Whittle Whittle
Bee MKW Bee's
Queen Bee Queen Bee
Rosalina Rosalina
240px-DaisyMP8Official Daisy
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth
NokiShell Noki
PiantaTree Pianta


World 1

  • Grassy Plains Galaxy
  • Toad Town Galaxy
  • Freeze Frame Galaxy
  • Koopa Zoo Galaxy
  • Hillside Galaxy
  • Beach Breeze Galaxy
  • Popple's Dark Cavern

World 1 Bosses

  • Popple

More coming soon!

World 2

  • Eruption Galaxy
  • Big Boom Galaxy
  • Sunflower Galaxy
  • Robot-Zone Galaxy
  • Freezy Peak Galaxy
  • Tall Tall Mountain Galaxy
  • Bowser Jr.'s hideout

World 2 Bosses

  • Bowser Jr.

More coming soon!

World 3

  • Shipwreck Galaxy
  • Distortion Galaxy
  • Delfino Paradise
  • Peaceful Meadows Galaxy
  • Rhythm Blitz Galaxy
  • Hungry Galaxy
  • Larry's Mystic Mansion

World 3 Bosses

  • Larry Koopa

More coming soon!

World 4

  • Flood, Flood Galaxy
  • Spooky Creak Galaxy
  • Old Oasis Galaxy
  • Quick-Flip Galaxy
  • Crystal Caverns Galaxy
  • Treetop Forest Galaxy
  • Lemmy's Towering Circus

World 4 Bosses

  • Lemmy Koopa

More coming soon!

World 5

  • Jogolog Village
  • Electric Burst Galaxy
  • Sharp Turn Galaxy
  • Retro Redux Galaxy
  • Chain Chomps Foretress
  • Lava Flow Galaxy
  • Iggy's Preposterous Lab

World 5 Bosses

  • Iggy Koopa

More coming soon!

World 6

World 6 Bosses

World 7

World 7 Bosses

World 8

World 8 Bosses

World 9

World 9 Bosses

World 10

World 10 Bosses


Image Name Description
Bee Mushroom
Boo Mushroom
Spring Mushroom
Metal Mushroom
Sand Mushroom
Vanish Flower
482px-Fire Flower Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

Fire Flower

Fire Flower
Cloud Flower
Blimp Fruit If Yoshi eats the blimp fruit,he turns into sort of a balloon Yoshi and can float up high, for a bit of time.
Dash Pepper When Yoshi eats the Dash pepper, he starts dashing super fast, he is harder to control, but can go up slopes and other things.
Bulb Berry If Yoshi eats the bulb berry, Yoshi acts as a flashlight and lights up areas for a limited time.
Spiked Kiwi
Fire Berry When Yoshi eats a Fire Berry, he can shoot out fireballs from his mouth.
Dream Cheri Berry Sprite
Vine Peach When Yoshi eats a vine peach, he is able to climb up spiky and none spiky vines,while someone is riding him.
Void Avocado
Iced Pepper
Dig Peanut
Hammer Egg
Dream Sitrus Berry Sprite
Whirlwind Mango When Yoshi eats a Whirlwind Mango, he is able to spin around in circles creating cyclones that can sweep up things or carry you across large areas.
Super Pumpkin
Scream Pumpkin When Yoshi eats this pumpkin, you are able to make him scream to ward off enemies and other things that get scared easily.

Level editor

-Info coming soon


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