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Super Mario Land U
Developer(s) Moonlight Studios Logo
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Wii u
Genre(s) 3d Platformer, Adventure
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Europe Early-Autumn 2013

25px-Flag of USA Early-Autumn 2013
25px-Flag of Japan Mid-Autumn 2013
25px-Flag of Australia Mid-Autumn 2013

Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer, Online Play (8 Player)
Age Rating(s) 7Rating
Media Included Wii U Disc

Super Mario Land U is a new 3D adventure platformer for the Wii U by Moonlight Studios. The game will include many new location, enemies, items, bosses and an exciting adventure. It is the sequel to Super Mario 3D Land.


The gameplay is quite similar to that of its sequel, but still includes many other features from previous Mario adventure platformers.

The F.L.U.D.D. and similar accessories return from Super Mario Sunshine. As do Blue Coins. The Special Moves from Super Mario Galaxy return. Mario will still keep the Star Spin, but the other character will have much different moves and the Plus Clocks also return. Baby Yoshies and Yoshies return from Super Mario Bros. U and the map style from the New Super Mario Bros. Series.

There are also new features that appear in this game. Including Birdo's and Warp Portals.


  • Single Player
    • Adventure Mode – Play through a new exiting Adventure Mode that takes place in Nebula Square.
    • Rampage – Sections of levels throughout Adventure Mode, joined together to create a difficult endurance task.
    • Minigames – Play a selection of minigames revolving around the game.
    • Options – Select Gameplay, Sound and many other options to suit the style of the player.
  • Multiplayer (2-4 Players)
    • Adventure Mode – Play through the exciting Adventure Mode with friends via separate controllers.
    • Rampage – Play through the difficult endurance task with friends.
    • Minigames – Play a selection of minigames revolving around the game with friends via separate controllers.
  • Online Play (2-8 Players)
    • Adventure Mode –Play through the Adventure Mode with people from around the world via Streetpass and local people via Spotpass.
    • Rampage – Play through the endurance task with people from around the world via Streetpass and with local people via Spotpass.
    • Minigames – Play a selection of minigames revolving around the game with people from around the world via Streepass and local people via Spotpass.


Wii U

16px-3DS Stick svg Control Stick (left) Move Character
16px-3DS Stick svg Control Stick (right) Scroll Views
A 3DS A Button (Press) Jump
16px-3DS B.svg B Button (Press) Pick Up, Star Spin
16px-3DS B.svg B Button (Hold) Charged Attack
3DS X Button X Button
3DS Y Button Y Button
3DS L Button L Button
3DS R Button R Button (Hold) Crouch
20px-ClassicController ZL ZL Button
20px-ClassicController ZR ZR Button
3DS D-Pad D-Pad
16px-Wiimote Minus - Button (Press) Options Menu
16px-Wiimote Plus + Button (Press) Pause Menu
16px-WiiU Home.svg Home Button (Press) Return to the Home Screen
16px-Wiimote Power.svg Power Button (Press) Turn On/Off
Touch Screen (Touch) Use Stored Item


Mario is strolling through the Mushroom Kingdom, when a Toad runs up to him with a letter. It read:

Dear Mario, come to the castle. I have a present for you. From, Peach.
Mario rushed to the castle, where he found Peach. Peach explained that they were both going to visit the Luma Royalty in Nebula Square. Peach led him outside and the royal chariot awaited them. They boarded the chariot and headed off into the stars.

Once they arrived, a lonely Luma pleaded to them. He told them that an evil monster had stolen the Luma Royalty and some of the people that had already arrived. Mario agreed to help and he began his adventure.

Mario entered Nebula Square to the South-East and discovered that the entrance to the North and West were blocked. He finds a Pianta that remained after the attack on the square, who gives Mario a part of a key. He goes over to the gate that blocked the path to the North. He placed the key part into the gate. He then realized that he needed 3 more pieces. The Luma then tells them that the South-East leads to three separate locations, via Warp Portal. Mario enters the first portal and arrives at a location known as Butterfly Plains. He progresses a little way into the plains and is attacked by Dino Piranha. Mario defeats him and continues his adventure. Mario is then ambushed by Larry Koopa. He eventually defeats the Koopaling and collects the second piece of the key. Mario then arrives back at Nebula Sqaure and heads to the next location, Snowflake Shore. When he arrives, he spots Sorbetti and pursues him. He defeats him and continues onto the castle. He then finds Iggy Koopa and takes the third key piece from him. He returns back to the Square and finds that the Toads have appeared. The Pianta tells Mario that they came from beneath a panel in the centre of this part of the square. Mario then heads in search of the final key part. His quest leads him to Mega Mini Village, where he defeats a Giant Goomba. And in the end, defeats Morton Koopa Sr. and gains the final part of the key. He returns back to the square and prepares to insert the final piece of the key, when Bowser Jr. attacks in his airship. He bombards the square and steals the piece of the key from Mario. Mario then uses a Launch Star created by one of the Luma’s to get aboard the Airship. Once on, Mario finds and defeats Bowser Jr. in a Hero Car. He escapes with the key piece and watches as Bowser Jr.’s Airship falls into space. Mario then walks up to the gate and inserts the final key piece. The gate opens and Mario can now access the North-East part of the square.

Once Mario has passed through the gate, Daisy approaches him and tells him that she has opened shop on her cruiser, her space cruiser. Mario thanks her and Daisy leaves to tend to her shop. After that, Mario meets the Toad Brigade Captain, who tells him that the entrance to the North-West side has been blocked by space rubble. He asks Mario if he could collect the three materials that he would need to make the Space Hammer. He asks if he could get Metal from Rubble Reef, Palm Wood from Pianta Shingles and Stone from Stony Junk Palace. Mario agrees and sets off on his quest, little does he know that Wendy, Ludwig and Roy were watching him.

Mario enters the first Warp Portal, which takes him to Rubble Reef, where Wendy was waiting for him. She holds the metal in her hands. Mario chases her through many levels, but Wendy puts up a fight, even possessing the Cheep-Cheep King – King Cheep. But in the end, Mario defeats her and gains the metal needed for the Toad Brigade Captain’s Space Hammer. Mario returns to the square and notices a new panel on the floor, which has a green L embedded in it. Mario ignores it and heads on with his quest. He is now at Pianta Shingles and in search of the Palm Wood. He travels far along the beach, but keeps finding fake pieces of wood. He defeats Petey Piranha, but he still didn’t have it. He thinks he failed until he Ludwig attacked him in his Koopa Clown Car. Mario manages to defeat Ludwig and takes the Palm Wood back to the Toad Brigade Captain. Mario then ventures off on his final expedition to make the Space Hammer. He needed the Stone from Stony Junk Palace. However, Roy stole it and hid it away in a locked chest within his fortress. Mario chased after him, only to run into Bouldergeist, who slowed down his pursuit. But, in the end, he managed to defeat Roy and get the Stone for the Toad Brigade Captain. When he returned, Mario gave the items to the Toad Brigade Captain and he made it into the Space Hammer. He told Mario he could keep it. At that moment, the panel in the floor opened and Luigi emerged from it. He thanked his brother and offered to help on the quest. Mario then, using the Space Hammer, destroyed the rubble blocking the path. Suddenly, Bullet Bills pervade the sky and Bowser Jr. emerges on a Giant Banzai Bill. He prepares to attack Mario. Mario defeats him and sends him back into space.

Mario and Luigi had now entered the North-West part of the square. Luigi noticed that the entrance to the South-West had lasers blocking the path through. Mario noticed a switch on the floor and pulled it. One of the lasers at the gate turned off. When this happened, Toadette and Toadsworth walked over and told them that the Warp Portals led to three other locations containing the switch. Mario and Luigi first visit Skull Valley, where they defeat Dry Queen Piranha followed by Lemmy Koopa. Luigi then finds the second switch and puts out another laser. They return and head to the next location: Mystical Woods. The find their way to the fortress and defeat Kamek, then they chased Dragonia Koopa to the castle and defeated her as well. They found the third switch and put out another laser. When they returned, a panel with a purple W on it appears in the center of the square. Mario’s Luma appears tired, so Mario vows to stay in Nebula Square, whilst Luigi finds the last switch. Luigi next found himself in Donut Kingdom, where he was attacked by a False Bowser. Luigi eventually defeats him and continues his progress through the kingdom. He later finds Pom Pom, who is guarding the switch. Luigi defeats her and puts out the final laser. He returns back to find Bowser Jr. and Megahammer attacking Mario and his Luma. Luigi defeats Bowser Jr. and sends him back out into space, then the panel in the floor opens up and Wario jumps out. He looks shocked when he couldn’t find any of his coins. Mario reluctantly comforts him and tells him what happened. Wario agrees to help Mario, if he gives him lots of coins. The team then head into the final section of Nebula Square, the South-West.

Here, the team meets Professor E. Gadd, who explains that a magical seal blocks the path back into the South-East. He tells them that he needs three ingredients to break the seal. They each offer to head in search of a separate ingredient. Mario heads to Doom Volcano, to find the Fire Thistle. He first finds a fake volcano, where he meets Cool Bones. He offers Mario some coins to join his side. Mario declines and takes him down. Later, he finds Dry Bowser, who is guarding the Fire Thistle. He defeats him and takes the ingredient back to Proffessor E. Gadd. Luigi headed to Honeyblossom Creek, to find the Sugar Honey Leaf. He finds the leaf, when Bugaboom takes it from him. Luigi defeats him, but realizes the leaf was gone. He follows a trail of footprints to a castle, where he faces off Boom Boom for the leaf. He defeats him and takes the ingredient back to Proffessor E. Gadd. Meanwhile, Wario is in Sky High Mine. Instead of finding the Fluffy Petal, Wario is overwhelmed by the amount of coins. When, Morton Koopa Jr. steals them, Wario decides to get the leaf. Wario begins to chase Morton, but loses him. Instead, he finds Lakithunder and defeats him instead. Wario then finds Morton again and defeats him. He takes the leaf back to Professor E. Gadd. Once returned, Bowser Jr. attacks the square again; this time with his faithful airship. He bombards the square once again, but the team defeats him and sends him back into space. Professor E. Gadd makes the potion and destroys the seal. This released a panel on the floor, which releases Waluigi. He joins Wario on the quest. Peach rejoins the team and tells them that she is going to join Daisy on her cruiser. Suddenly, the turret in the center of the town, opens, revealing a 4 new portals. Peach informs them that they are getting close to the Luma Royalty. However, they need to collect 4 Power Stars to infiltrate Bowser’s Castle. They each offer to go into a separate portal.

Mario heads to the Subcon Ice Desert, where he finds a lost Birdo. Birdo offers up her and Yoshi’s Species to be riden on to help defeat Bowser. Mario first comes across a False Bowser, who he defeats by destroying the main castle of Subcon. However, he discovers it was a fake and heads for the real one. There he finds Wart, who guards the first of the Power Stars. Mario defeats him and gains the first of the 4 Power Stars. At this time, Luigi arrives at Ghost Fluffs, a cloudy landscape filled with ghost houses. Petrified, Luigi heads through the land, unaware of the Boo’s following him. He first meets Prince Boohemoth, who he defeats with ease. Amazed by his achievement, Luigi becomes more confident and heads to find King Boo, who he believed held the Power Star. He searches through the woods, and stumbles across his own mansion, which looks upgraded since his last visit. He enters, and with the help of Bogmire and Madame Clairvoya, Luigi finds King Boo. He finds himself confused in the maze of mirrors, but overcomes his fears and defeats him, recovering the second power star. Meanwhile, Wario enters the world of Creepy Circus. He finds himself less confident every corner he turns, jumping at the sight of plastic statues. Eventually he finds Lord CryDrop, and nearly faints at the sight of him. Luckily, with the help of the new Clown Suit power up, Wario defeats him. He travels through many more tents, until he reaches the Big Top, where he confronts the mighty Lavora. He defeats her and rescues the third power star. Finally, Waluigi finds himself in Drone City, a landscape of metal and recycled goods. Waluigi makes his way through this tough environment and runs into Reznor. After defeating him, he goes in search of Metal Mario, the creator of this hostile place. He finds him, defeats him and gains the last of the power stars. He returns back to Nebula Square, where Bowser Jr. attacks one last time. The team enters his airship and destroys its core, whilst taking down Bowser Jr., believing it would be the last time they see him. They return to Nebula Square to be greeted by Peach, Daisy and many other residents; including Rosalina, Lubba and a bunch of Luma’s, who appeared after Bowser destroyed the Comet Observatory. Rosalina then opens a Warp Portal to the heart of Bowser’s Lair. The team prepares to fight him.

Once there, the team are ambushed by Kamek, who transforms the Castle, a makes a building of chaos and terror. The team eventually pull through his trials and he is destroyed in the commotion. To the surprise of the team, Bowser Jr. returns and performs another attack on the team. Armed with his upgraded Doomsday Machine, he launches his attack. But, the team repel his attacks and destroys his bunker. The team then launch their attack on Bowser. Armed with an array of Power-Up’s, the team send Bowser packing, launching him into space. On their way back to Nebula Square, the Koopalings attack the team in a giant airship. The team prepare to defeat all 9 Koopalings. After defeating the Koopalings, the team return to a celebration. After celebrating, Rosalina grants them access to a special world, but they can only pass it fully, if they have all the Star Medals in Nebula Square.

The team enters the special world, and is split up by a magical force. Once regrouped, Eviluma attacks them. The team defeat him and save the Luma Royalty. After returning to Nebula Square, the player receives a notice that two new locations have been unlocked: Boss Blitz and Mirror Master.



Name Image Description
Mario 130px-NsmbMario The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom is ready for another adventure. Although this time, he must save the royalty of the Luma Species. Mario is a balanced character, who is great for beginners. He is Player 1 on Online Play.
Luigi NSMBWii Luigi Luigi isn't going to let his brother do all the work. Luigi is faster than Mario, but has less control than him. He is unlocked once the player has completed the North-East section of Nebula Square. He is Player 2 on Online Play.
Wario NSMBΩWario Although he is Mario's arch rival, Wario joined the quest to save the Luma Royalty, but only for the reward. He is very slow and doesn't jump that high, although he has the best control. He is unlocked once the player has completed the North-West section of Nebula Square. He is Player 3 on Online Play.
Waluigi NSMBΩWaluigi Wario's devious partner joins the quest to save the Luma Royalty. Waluigi is a very good jumper, but is very slow. He is unlocked once the player has completed the South-West section of Nebula Square. He is Player 4 on Online Play.


These characters are the 5th to 8th online playable characters. They will be available to downloadable as single player character a few weeks after release.

Name Image Description
Maria NSMBΩMaria The cousin of Mario and Luigi, Maria is a very quick but a very low jumper. She also has average control. She is Player 5 on Online Play.
Luise NSMBΩLuise The Sister of Maria, Luise is here to help her cousins. Luise is a very high jumper but is very bad at control. She is Player 6 on Online Play.
Lemmy Koopa Lemmy Koopa What? Lemmy Koopa is a fighting his own family? Lemmy is very speedy and good at jumping but can’t stop that well.
Dragonia Koopa DragoniaByArend Another Playable Koopaling? The Youngest of the Koopalings is ready to see how she fairs in Nebula Square. Dragonia is slow but very good at jumping, she is also very powerful and can take out many enemies at a time. She can also create a power up on the occasion.

Other Characters


Name Image Descriptions
Green Yoshi Yoshi NSMBW The Green Yoshi can swallow enemies and throw eggs. It has no special power.
Blue Yoshi Blue YoshiSMWWii The Blue Yoshi can jump much higher than Green Yoshi's.
Red Yoshi Red YoshiSMWWii The Red Yoshi can run much faster than Green Yoshi's.
Yellow Yoshi Yellow YoshiSMWWii The Yellow Yoshi can throw double the number of egg's a Green Yoshi can.
White Yoshi White YoshiSMWWii The White Yoshi is an invincible Yoshi. It has all the abilities of a Green, Blue, Red and Yellow Yoshi.


Name Image Description
Pink Birdo Birdo MP9 The Pink Birdo can spit eggs.
Red Birdo Red Birdo The Red Birdo can spit Fireballs.
Light Blue Birdo Light Blue Birdo The Light Blue Birdo can spit Iceballs.
Yellow Birdo Yellow Birdo The Yellow Birdo can spit Thunderballs.
White Birdo The White Birdo is an invincible Birdo. She can spit Eggs, Fireballs, Iceballs and Thunderballs.

Baby Yoshi's

Name Image Description
Green Baby Yoshi Green Baby Yoshi The Green Baby Yoshi can spit eggs.
Blue Baby Yoshi Baby Yoshi The Blue Baby Yoshi can spit bubbles.
Red Baby Yoshi Red Baby Yoshi The Red Baby Yoshi is very strong and can defeat enemies much quicker and in greater numbers.
Yellow Baby Yoshi Yellow Baby Yoshi 3D The Yellow Baby Yoshi can glow and light up dark spaces.
Orange Baby Yoshi Orange Baby Yoshio The Orange Baby Yoshi can swallow Giant Enemies.
Magenta Baby Yoshi Magenta Baby Yoshi The Magenta Baby Yoshi can float in the air.
Silver Baby Yoshi Silver Baby Yoshi The Silver Baby Yoshi is very heavy and can keep the player on the ground underwater.
White Baby Yoshi White Baby Yoshi 3D The White Baby Yoshi is an invincible Yoshi. It can do everything a Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Magenta and Silver Baby Yoshi can do.


Name Image Description
Peach SM3DL Peach The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom is aiding Mario in his quest, and has somehow evaded capture by Bowser. She stays in the South-East corner for most of the game, until Mario has unlocked all four corners of Nebula Square, when she moved in with Daisy on her cruiser.
Toads ToadBrigade The Toads appear throughout all the world and help Mario and his friends by giving them hints and sometimes stars.
Daisy Daisy MK7 Once the player has entered the North-East part of Nebula Square, Daisy will arrive on her cruiser and will open as a shop.
Pianta 534px-MarioSuperSluggersPianta When the player arrives at Nebula Square, a Pianta will give them a Key Part. He will then open a shop after the first Power Star is collected. He is found in the South-East corner of the square.
Luma 366180-luma large (1) The Luma accompanies Mario on his quest to save the Luma's and Power Stars. He gives Mario the Star Spin move.
Toad Brigade Captain The Toad Brigade Captain asks Mario if he could collect three materials to make the Space Hammer, which would be able to destroy the rubble blocking their path. He is found in the North-East corner of the square.
Toadette Toadette Brawl Toadette appears in the North-West section of Nebula Square, along with Toadsworth. She helps the team disable the lasers and opens a shop along with Toadsworth.
Toadsworth Toadsworth Brawl Toadsworth appears in the North-West Section of Nebula Square, along with Toadette. He helps the team disable the lasers and opens a shop along with Toadette.
Professor E. Gadd Professor E. Gadd Professor E. Gadd appears in the South-West Section of Nebula Square. He makes a potion for the team made of Fire Thistle, Sugar Honey Leaf and Fluffy Petal that disables a magical seal, which allows them to go back to the South-East corner. After this, he sets up a potion store, which can provide the player with spare items and health potions for a few coins.
Bogmire Bogmire is a ghost that helps Luigi defeat King Boo in the last mission of the Ghost Fluffs. He, along with Madame Clairvoya, aid him in finding the location of King Boo within the mansion. In reward, they get the mansion.
Madame Clairvoya Madame Clairvoya is a ghost that helps Luigi defeat King Boo in the last mission of the Ghost Fluffs. She, along with Bogmire, aid him in finding the location of King Boo within the mansion. In reward, they get the mansion.
Rosalina MKXL Rosalina Rosalina appears in Nebula Square, due to the Comet Observatory malfunctioning, just before the team are about to enter Bowser’s Castle. She opens a warp portal right into the heart of the castle. After, she opens a portal to the special world, and congratulates the team. She also creates the Boss Blitz and the Mirror Master portals.
Lubba Lubba Lubba joins Rosalina in Nebula Square, when the Comet Observatory malfunctions. He opens a shop which sells very rare items for high amounts of Star Bits.
Luma Royalty The Luma Royalty are the highest ranks of the Luma Species. They consist of a King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Duke and Duchess. The get kidnapped by Bowser, along with the Toads, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi.

Power Up's


Image Name Description Form
- Default Form Default Form is the starting form of the player. Default Form is very quick, but can’t destroy Brick Block’s. Small-mario
SuperMushroom Super Mushroom When the player collects the Super Mushroom, they will grow to his normal size. In this form, they are able to break Brick Block’s. This form can also be obtained by passing through a Midway Flag. Mario Neptune
Fire Flower NSMB2 Fire Flower When the player collects the Fire Flower, they will be able to throw numerous Fireballs. These can be used to burn things and defeat enemies. Fire Mario.
595px-MegamushroomNSMB2 Mega Mushroom When the player collects the Mega Mushroom, they will be able to grow to massive size and crush most things in their paths. It only lasts for a short period. NSMB2 Mega Mario
Mini mushroom Mini Mushroom When the player collects the Mini Mushroom, they will be able to shrink to super mini size. In this form, they will be able to fit through small gaps and run on water if quick enough. NSMB2 Mini Mario
Ice Flower2 Ice Flower When the player collects the Ice Flower, they will be able to throw numerous Iceballs. These can be used to freeze things and defeat enemies. Ice Mario2
121px-SuperLeafMK7 Super Leaf When the player collects the Super Leaf, they will be able to fly for a short period of time. However, they must charge the p-bar to perform the fly. The longer the charge, the longer the fly RACCOON MARIO
Cloud Flower SMBU Cloud Flower When the player collects the Cloud Flower, they will be able to create three cloud platforms. The platforms last for a few seconds before shrinking and disappearing. Cloudm
BeeMush Bee Mushroom When the player collects the Bee Mushroom, they will be able to gain height slowly for a short period of time. Once the charge is out, the player will slowly descend. Coins will recharge the meter. BeeMarioSMG3
Bolt Flower Bolt Flower When the player collects the Bolt Flower, they will be able to throw numerous Bolts. These can be used to defeat enemies and to activate electrical appliances. Bolt Mario
Speed Shroom Speed Shroom When the player collects the Speed Shroom, they will be able to move at high speeds. The can also run across water and destroy weak items and enemies. Speed Mario
Hammer Suit SM3DW Hammer Suit When the player collects the Hammer Suit, they will be able to throw numerous Hammers. These can be used to defeat enemies. Hammer Mario Final SM3DW
Brick Block SMB3DS Brick Block When the player collects a certain Brick Block, they will be able to throw numerous Brick Blocks. These can be used to create platforms and defeat weak enemies. Brick Mario
Bomb Flower NSMBDIY Bomb Flower When the player collects the Bomb Flower, they will be able to throw numerous Bob-ombs. These can be used to blow up stuff and defeat enemies.
Clown Suit When the player collects the Clown Suit, they will be able to jump really high. They can also hit enemies from far away and shoot water from their hands.
Fungi Mushroom When the player collects the Fungi Mushroom, they will be able to control plantlife. They can also climb up plantlife and throw Poisonballs.
Ember Cap When the player collects the Ember Cap, they will be able to throw numerous Emberballs. These can be used to defeat enemies and create platforms on lava and fire type substances.
Super Star NSMB2 Super Star When the player collects the Super Star, they will be invincible. In this form, the player can defeat any enemy and walk on any surface. 7593544202 1c30b8ca16 o


Image Name Description Form

Other Items

Name Image Description
1-Up Mushroom 3D 1-Up Mushroom Artwork The 1-Up Mushroom gives the player an extra life.
3-Up Moon 3-UpMoon The 3-Up Moon gives the player three extra lives.
Poison Mushroom Poison Mushroom SM3DW The Poison Mushroom will make the player lose a life.
Question Block Question Block 3D The Question Block will give the player a coin or an item.
Flying Question Block Flying Question Block The Flying Question Block will give the player a coin or an item.
Used Block Used Block 3DL The Used Block has no effect on the player. It occurs when the player hits a question block.
Brick Block Brick Block SMB3DS The Brick Block is a common platform that appears throughout the game.
Coin Block Rectangleblock The Coin Block gives the player a number of coins.
Roulette Block Roulette Block SM3DL The Roulette Block gives the player a random item.
Note Block Pink Jump Block YBA The Note Block gives the player an extra height boost when jumped on.
Platform Block FlipBlock The Platform Block can be hit and will make some steps to continue.
Propeller Block Orange Propeller block SM3DL The Propeller Block gives the player a height boost when holding it.
Mystery Box MysteryBox SM3DL The Mystery Box transports the player into another area, where he/she can recieve some coins and items.
Warp Box Orange Mystery Box ! The Warp Box transports the player onto another area of the course.
Donut Lift Donut Lift 3D The Donut Lift is a platform that falls away once stood on.
Elevator Yellow Platform SM3DL The Elevator is a moving platform that has no effect once stood on.
Coin Coin The Coin is a collectible item throughout the game. They can be used to buy items from the shop or to trade in for a star.
Red Coin Red Coin SM3D The Red Coin is a collectible item. Collect all 8 to obtain an item.
Red Ring RedRing The Red Ring, once stepped through, reveals the 8-red coins. But, it only lasts for a short amount of time.
Blue Coin Blue Coin The Blue Coin appears throughout many courses. As in [[mariowiki:Super Mario Sunshine
Star Medal Star Medal SM3DL The Star Medal is a collectible item that appears once every course.
Midway Flag Checkpoint Flag SM3DL The Midway Flag is an item that appears half-way into the course. The player then will respawn here once he/she has fallen of or been killed, instead of the beginning of the course.
Warp Pipe Warppipe The Warp Pipe is a warping item that will take the player to the underground or to another part of the course.
Green Shell 480px-Green Shell MK7 The Green Shell is an item that can be obtained from a Koopa Troopa. The item can defeat many enemies in a row.
Reversible Platform The Reversible Platform is a platform that flips over every time the player jumps.
Binoculars Binoculars SM3DL The Binoculars are an item that allows the player to look around the course.
Snake Block Snake Panels SM3DL The Snake Block is an item that, once stood on, releases a long platform. But, when it has reached the end, it will start turning back on itself.
Assist Block SM3DL Goldenleaf The Assist Block is a block that will give the player an invincibility toward enemies. It only appears after the player has failed the course 15 times.
P-Wing Assist Block P-wing Assist Block SM3DL The P-WIng Assist Block gives the player an invincibilty toward enemies and the surronding area (EG Lava, Fire). It only appears after the player has failed the course 40 times.
+ Clock Plus Clock SMG2 The + Clock gives the player an extra amount of time on the clock. Between 10 and 100 seconds.
Beanstalk Beanstalk NSMB2 The Beanstalk appears once a player has hit a Brick Block containing a seed. The Beanstalk will then take the player into the clouds.
Hero Car Hero CarNSMBW The players version of the Koopa Clown Car. It can be used in battles.
Bonecoaster The Bonecoaster is an item found in Bowser's Castle. It keeps the player from falling into the lava. It also moves around, and helps the player around the castle.
F.L.U.D.D. FLUDD SSB4 The F.L.U.D.D. is an item that can shoot out water. It can make surfaces slippy, push the player into the air, defeat enemies, put out fires and make ice.


Name Fortress Boss Castle Boss Airship Boss How to Unlock
Butterfly Plains Dino Piranha Larry Koopa - Starting World
Snowflake Shore Sorbetti Iggy Koopa - Beat Larry Koopa
Mega Mini Village Giant Goomba Morton Koopa Sr. Bowser Jr. #1 Beat Iggy Koopa
Rubble Reef King Cheep Wendy O. Koopa - Beat Bowser Jr. #1
Pianta Shingles Petey Piranha Ludwig von Koopa - Beat Wendy O. Koopa
Stony Junk Palace Bouldergeist Roy Koopa Bowser Jr. #2 Beat Ludwig von Koopa
Skull Valley Dry Queen Piranha Lemmy Koopa - Beat Bowser Jr. #2
Mystical Woods Kamek Dragonia Koopa - Beat Lemmy Koopa
Donut Kingdom False Bowser #1 Pom Pom Bowser Jr. #3 Beat Dragonia Koopa
Doom Volcano Cool Bones Dry Bowser - Beat Bowser Jr. #3
Honey Blossom Creek Bugaboom Boom Boom - Beat Dry Bowser
Sky High Mine Lakithunder Morton Koopa Jr. Bowser Jr. #4 Beat Boom Boom
Subcon Ice Desert False Bowser #2 Wart - Beat Bowser Jr. #4
Ghost Fluffs Prince Boohemoth King Boo - Beat Bowser Jr. #4
Creepy Circus Lord CryDrop Lavora - Beat Bowser Jr. #4
Drone City Reznor Metal Mario Bowser Jr. #5 Beat Bowser Jr. #4
Bowser’s Dimension Bowser Jr. #6 Bowser Koopalings Beat Bowser Jr. #5
Rainbow Lair - Eviluma - Collect all Star Medals
Boss Blitz All All All Complete the Special World
Mirror Master All All All Complete the Special World

Enemies and Bosses


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Grassland Enemies

Water Enemies

Castle Enemies

Factory Enemies

Sand Enemies

Electric Enemies

Mountain Enemies

Sky Enemies

Spooky Enemies

Underground Enemies

Ghost House Enemies

Ice/Snow Enemies

Forest Enemies

Tanooki Enemies

Gold Enemies

Other Enemies


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  • When playing as Lemmy Koopa on Online Play or Single Play when downloaded, he will react to the fightable Lemmy and the fightable Lemmy will change into an alternate colour.

Beta Elements

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