Super Mario Land: Return To Mario Land is another addition to the New Super Mario Bros. series. It's a 2D platformer
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with bosses, enemies, levels, and power-ups. The game is for the Nintendo 3DS. And is reminiscent of the Super Mario Land series. the game has up to 4 players. It has new and old power-ups. The cover of the game displays Mario in his Superball form, shooting a black ball moving at a Tokotoko. Princess Daisy is present hitting a brick with a 1-Up Heart coming out of it. you can also see a Gira (Super Mario Land Bullet Bills) moving toward Daisy. The back of the cover displays the words "RETURN TO MARIO LAND" along with the text "Mario was relaxing at home when Mario got a letter from Princess Daisy "Mario! This guy that looks like you is taking over Sarassaland, Bowser is also at his side! If you don't get here quick they may take over my precious kingdom! - Princess Daisy" Mario hurried out of his house to take the nearest warp pipe to Sarassaland. Could this be the work of Wario and Bowser?" Below the text shows a black silhouette of Wario. There are 3 screenshots of the game on the back cover, one shows the Birabuto Kingdom, the other shows Chai Kindom and the other shows the entrance to Wario's Castle.

Playable Characters

Mario - Can run normally and can jump normally.

Princess Daisy - Can run and jump normally, but she has a hover ability.

Toad - Runs fast but can't jump very high.

Shy Guy - Can run normally and can jump normally. (Download Play only)


Super Mushroom - Turns you into Super Mario.

Fire Flower - Turns you into Fire Mario.

1-Up Heart - Grants you an extra life.

Starman - Makes you invincible for a short time.

Tanooki Suit - Turns you into Tanooki Mario.

Phoenix Suit - Turns you into Phoenix Mario.

Bunny Carrot - Turns you into Bunny Mario.

Superball Flower - Turns you into Superball Mario.

Mini Mushroom - Turns you into Mini Mario.


World 1 - Birabuto Kingdom, a sandy, desert-like place with pyramids.

World 2 - Muda Kingdom, an ocean-like world with underwater levels.

World 3 - Easton Kingdom, an Easter Island-like world with statue heads and high mountains.

World 4 - Chai Kingdom, an Asian themed world with Asian music and Asian scenery.

World 5 - Mario Land Forest, a forest like world leading to the entrance to Mario Land.

World 6 - Mario Land, a place with many different sceneries.

World 7 - Space Zone, a place with no gravity.

World 8 - Wario Zone, a place full of lava and a cloudy environment.


  • Online Mode (Download Play)

You can use this mode to play online with friends, if your friends have a physical copy of the game, they are able to select a character. If they don't have a copy of the game they are stuck playing as Shy Guy.

  • Mini Games

Like Super Mario 64 DS, there are available minigames for you to play in case you get bored of the actual game.


World 1 Tower - King Totomesu

World 1 Castle - Bowser Jr.

World 2 Tower - Mega Fighterfly

World 2 Castle - Dragonzamasu

World 3 Tower - Bowser Jr.

World 3 Castle - Hiyoihoi

World 4 Tower - Biokinton

World 4 Castle - Tatanga

World 5 Tower - Giga Wiggler

World 5 Castle - Bowser Jr.

World 6 Tower - Bird

World 6 Tower 2 - Bowser

World 7 Tower - Tatanga

World 7 Tower 2 - Bowser Jr.

World 7 Castle - King Totomesu

World 8 Tower - Tatanga

World 8 Tower 2 - Hiyoihoi

World 8 Castle - Dry Bowser

Final Castle - Tatanga (1st Phase), Bowser (2nd Phase), Wario (Final Phase).

Boss Blitz (Bonus Level)

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