Super Mario Gravitation
North American Box Art.
Developer(s) SuyoGames
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS Logo
Genre(s) Sidescrolling, Adventure, 3D
Release Date(s) December 19, 2012 (Japan)

December 21, 2012 (America/Europe)

Mode(s) Solo, Multiplayer

Super Mario Gravitation, known as Super Mario Gravity in Japan and Super Mario: Gravity Rush in Europe, is a 3D 2.5D side-scrolling game for the Nintendo 3DS and Infinity GX. It is being released on December 19, 2012 in Japan, and December 21, 2012 in America & Europe. It's the fifteenth title in the Mario series and is the first title in the Super Mario X series. The game is made by SuyoGames. The game features new Power-Ups such as the Gravity Flower, and returning Power-Ups like the Tanooki Leaf, and even familiar villains like Bowser, Bowser Jr., The Koopalings, and Kamek. The elements are mainly based on Super Mario Galaxy and the New Super Mario Bros. series, but with a concept in gameplay.

The game is set to release as retail and digital for the Nintendo 3DS eShop and Infinity GX Shop. The game is mainly based on collecting stars and has a larger story and features many cutscenes in the game.

A sequel to the game was made. It is known as Super Mario Sunlight, and the gameplay is very different from this game.

Nintendo eShop Description

Arriving just in time for the holidays, prepare for an ultimate Mario adventure, Mario must rescue Princess Peach and save all the stars in this gravitational quest.
eShop Description


The Stary Beginning

In the intro, a story book opens up showing 10 Colored Big Stars inside the book, while one is unable to be seen, the book reads;

Every ten years the Starlite Comet falls down on the Mushroom Kingdom, it has phenomenal powers that can make a person's dream into reality, but some evil people once tried to take advantage of the comet in order to use that power for evil needs, but it never happens, only a special one may get their wish granted, at least, that's what it seems.

The scene will shift to Mario and Luigi, where they are sitting at their home and receive yet another letter from Princess Peach herself, they read her letter which says:

Dear Mario,

The Starlite Comet Carnival is coming, I'd like you and your brother to come so we can watch the Starlite Comet fall down from the balcony, perhaps even our wish might get granted!


So Mario & Luigi headed to Toad Town in order to get to the Mushroom Kingdom, but did they know that Bowser also would later appear with a scheme...

Once Mario & Luigi enter the outside of Toad Town, they notice the Koopalings Airship's attacking the Toad's, Mario & Luigi run to save Peach, but it's too late, Peach is with, you guessed it, Bowser. Bowser tells Mario that he is tired of all his plot's failing, so he has made a plan that is sure not to fail, Bowser apparently use's dark magic and shoots it to the incoming Starlite Comet and causes it to explode, throwing 10 Big Colored Stars in the process, but one star then falls down to Bowser, and he uses his new dark powers in order to place dark energy in that star, it then turns into a Dark Star, and Bowser uses it to throw a huge wave through the entire world, it causes a gravitational pull to happen, as well as a black hole to appear, and it breaks most of the Mushroom Kingdom grounds, pulling it towards the black hole, but Mario isn't going to let Bowser take Peach again, so he run's to stop him, but Kamek throws Mario & Luigi into somewhere else in the process, while the Mushroom Kingdom is eaten by the dark vortex.

Mario wakes up, awakened by a Star like creature, Mario notices Luigi isn't here, but focuses more on what happens, the Star creature then yells at Mario, getting angry how the Grand Starlite Stars have been scattered across the world, and how this is bad, Mario explains about the event how Bowser caused the Starlite Comet to break into multiple pieces, the Star creature then gets angry, and then forgets that she hasn't introduced herself, the star explains that her name is Stary, a star fairy who lives in the Starlite World, and she also explains that Bowser has not only scattered the Grand Starlite Star's, but he also scattered all of the regular stars too! Mario gets shocked and offers Stary help in order to restore the Starlite Comet, Stary agrees, but tells Mario that they better hurry, because Bowser has complete control of the world with that mysterious star he got. Mario then yells his trademark "Lets a go!" and runs to save the stars and Peach.

Collecting The Grand Starlite Stars

Mario finally arrives at The Galaxia Castle, in which he fights Goomboss, who apparently has gravity powers. Stary then warns Mario to watch out, as Goomboss is using the power of the Grand Starlite Star's so he should watch out, and that he should use the Gravity Flower to try to catch Goomboss. Mario manages to defeat Goomboss, and heads out of the castle, in which Kamek appears and tells Mario that Bowser's new universal empire is growing, and that he can't stop his master's plans.

Mario then arrives at The Castle Of The Dead, after dealing with Dry enemies, Mario and Stary enter the room and find the Grand Starlite Star just floating, but a dry skull smashes down, surprising Mario and Stary, and eats the Starlite Star, then growing a bit bigger and turning all red, it will then fight Mario, but the skull later gains a huge body, and Stary will give a hint to Mario that he should smash the skull's hands. After the Demon Skull is defeated, Mario and Stary collect the second Grand Starlite Star, and after, Bowser Jr appears and tells Mario that his star collecting days are over, because the Koopalings have appeared and guard the fortresses and are ready to stop Mario, Bowser Jr then leaves the castle, and Mario and Stary now have access to the third world, but will they rescue all the stars?

The Koopalings Attack

Mario and Stary enter the third world, and find the Koopalings scattering the whole world, but Wendy guarding the nearby fortress. Now Mario and Stary must deal with the Koopalings in their quest.

The player then arrives at the third castle, after heading through the challenges, Mario confronts Wendy, who was waiting for Mario to arrive, she then reveals a purple Grand Starlite Star, in which Stary appears and tells Wendy to give it to her, Wendy smirks and then whistles, summoning a small Gooper Blooper, Wendy throws the star and the Gooper Blooper touches it, and becomes enormous, while Wendy teleports after. Mario fights the Gooper Blooper, who will smack his tentacles at Mario and shoot ink at him, Mario's goal is to ground pound on the tentacles, in which will hurt the Gooper Blooper, Mario must do it 1 time on each tentacle, and finally will hit its last 2 tentacles and will cause it to fall into the ink sea and explode, where the Grand Starlite Star will pop out, in which Mario collects it. After Mario and Stary gain their third star, 2 Paragoombas drop a message, a letter revealing a photo of Peach's Castle slightly changed, and Bowser sent it, saying that the player's quest is coming to an end, and the Paragoombas fly away, now with the news, Mario and Stary's adventure continues.

Now entering Lemmy's Castle, Mario deals with the obstacles and finds Lemmy, who summons a huge electric eel that was given power from the Grand Starlite Star, after Mario deals with the electrifying eel, he gains another Grand Starlite Star, and Bowser Jr also appears and tells Mario that he has a score to settle with him, and that he is not letting Mario get another star.

Mario and Stary arrive at Junior's room in his Airship after dealing with many of his troops. Bowser Jr says that he won't lose this time and reveals a glass helmet on his Clown Car, as well as a Bullet Blaster like mouth, Junior then fills the room with water and battles Mario. Once the water is drained, Bowser Junior will shoot either fireballs or Bullet Bills. After dealing with Junior, Mario gains another star, and heads to the fifth world.

After dealing with Morton's traps, Mario arrives in the boss room, where Morton smashes his foot, and a robot known as Mechaleg appears, while Morton teleports out of the castle. After attacking Mechaleg's weak point 4 times, it explodes and reveals yet another Grand Starlite Star, Mario collects it, and unlocks the next world.

Continuing their journey, Mario and Stary arrive at Ludwigs room, where he is unable to be seen, until he is seen floating, and tells Mario that he has a special surprise for him, he then summons Iceflame Piranha, and the battle begins for the sixth Grand Starlite Star. After dealing with the boss, Mario and Stary don't gain the star, until a door opens that reveals the Grand Starlite Star, but Bowser Jr then uses his mechanical Bowser arm to grab the star, and now Mario and Stary must grab the star back.

After dealing with a large amount of challenges, Mario arrives and notices Bowser Jr's Clown Car upgraded even more, and the battle begins to get back the Grand Starlite Star. Mario defeats Jr once again, and gains the Grand Starlite Star for real this time, unlocking the next world.

Mario continues his great journey and arrives at the boss room of Iggy's treacherous castle, where he laughs and throws a Grand Starlite Star into the lava and runs away, Stary then appears and goes berserk that Iggy was idiotic enough to throw the star into the lava of all things, until something happens, a huge eel known as Lavaeel appears and battles Mario and Stary. Dealing with yet another tough boss, Mario defeats the Lavaeel and the Grand Starlite Star appears, as it seems the Lavaeel might have gobbled it up in the lava. Mario collects his seventh Starlite Star and unlocks the next world, where Roy Koopa is waiting for him.

After dealing with the dangerous boiling chocolate water and traps, Mario arrives at sees that Roy is not there, until a golem like creature nearly hits Mario, and acts a bit strange, the reason is that it is holding a Grand Starlite Star, Mario must then fight this rocky golem. After 4 hits, the boss is defeated, and Mario collects the eighth Grand Starlite Star, but Stary points out that the one he collected is fake, and Bowser Jr's Airship appears, as well as Junior, who holds the real one, Mario and Stary chase Junior to defeat him once again.

Arriving once again at the boss room of Juniors Airship, Junior calls one of the greatest minions of the Koopa Troop, Boom Boom, who looks different and has the power of the Grand Starlite Star. After 3 hits, Boom Boom is defeated once again, and Mario and Stary collect the real Grand Starlite Star, unlocking the route to the next world.

Arriving at the final Koopaling boss room, Mario runs inside and finds Larry, who gets angry and tells that its up to him to protect the Grand Starlite Star, as he is the only Koopaling that hasn't been defeated yet, he then tells Grand Lakitu (the boss) to attack, and the boss suddenly appears and strikes Mario with lightning, but Mario dodges the attack. Larry then runs away to let the boss deal with Mario. After 6 hits, the challenging boss is defeated, and so have the Koopalings. Mario unlocks the final world before Bowser, and runs as time is running out.

Virtual Insanity

Mario arrives at the tenth world, where he will collect the final Grand Starlite Star and save Peach from Bowsers clutches. With all of the castles traps passed, Mario arrives at the boss room and confronts Virtual Mario, who is more powerful than ever, and is revealed to be holding the last Grand Starlite Star, after the fierce fight, Virtual Mario is defeated and Mario and Stary collect the final Grand Starlite Star, but Bowser Jr's Airship crashes into the castle, and Bowser Junior says that Mario's time is up, and Bowser Jr flees with his airship, telling Mario that he must defeat Him once again to get to his dad.

Dealing with the dangerous airship once again, Mario arrives at the boss room, and Junior sends out Pom Pom, who is powered by Kameks magic. After hitting Pom Pom three times, Mario collects a Red Star, which unlocks the gate/portal to Bowser's "New" world.

The Final Battle!

Mario opens the gate to Bowser's Dimension, and a cutscene occurs, where the Koopalings and Kamek appear and tell that they failed, and that Mario is coming. Bowser then laughs and tells them that he was expecting Mario to come, but that Mario's quest will come to an end, as he will fall to the supreme overlord, Bowser.

Mario enters the boss room, after dealing with the toughest challenges he's faced, he confronts Bowser and battles him. After attacking him 3 times, he heads to rescue Peach, but at the top of his castle, Bowser appears larger and fights Mario once again, and tells Mario that he is the supreme ruler of the universe, and Mario will never defeat him this time. After hitting him 3 times once again, Bowser falls off the castle, but after Mario collects the final Grand Starlite Star, Bowser appears and snatches the star back, and has Peach with him. Mario then runs and leaves Bowser's Castle, running to battle Bowser again...

Mario enters the boss door, and discovers a collapsed Bowser, Bowser tells where Peach is, and he explains what happened, untill a dark like star appears, the star appears to talk and tells that his name is Xtar. Stary then appears and tells Mario that Xtar is the enemy of the Starlite World, and that he is a powerful dark being who helped Bowser cause all this chaos. Xtar said that he would only help create an empire for Bowser and help him kidnap Princess Peach if Bowser steals all the stars and the Grand Starlite Stars, but Bowser failed, so now Xtar will fight Mario for the fate of the world.

After finishing Xtar off after 6 hits, he explodes and leaves the final Grand Starlite Star, in which Mario collects, and rides to rescue Princess Peach. Mario drops by at the top of Peach's Castle, where she kisses Mario for saving her, and the Mushroom Kingdom, Stary then tells Mario that it's time to go back and reverse what happened, and so, Mario, Peach, and Stary escaped and reversed Bowser's chaos.

The scene then takes place in the festival, where the Starlite Comet has dropped, and everyone is celebrating, Bowser appears and wakes up and tells Mario that he will beat Mario next time, and Bowsers clown car randomly comes and takes Bowser back to his kingdom. Mario then looks into the starry sky, where a shining star is showing, and a voice (Stary) talks and tells Mario, "Thank you". Princess Peach then calls Mario to come into the castle, as the cake his ready, Mario then runs to the castle, and the credits roll.


Most of the gameplay is similar to Super Mario Galaxy, like the return of the Sling Star and Launch Star that make Mario go pass large gaps. There are also Starbits, which are exactly the same as coins and collecting 100 will grant Mario and extra 1-up. For Coins, unlike most Mario 2D platforming games, this game has a health based system like Super Mario Galaxy's, Mario will have 4 Health bars and it will double when he gets a Mushroom, however, he still has the trademark tradition of losing his form when hit by an enemy or obstacle though. Mario also can keep an extra item in the bottom screen like most DS/3DS Mario Games.

Mario jumps with A, runs with Y and also uses his Power-Up with that button too, he can ground pound by pressing/moving the Control Pad or Analog stick down while pressing B. Mario also can run up walls and curved walls, due to Bowser's mischief he released a gravitation that would later mess up the whole world and also would let people do things such as walk up walls.

A huge world map similar to New Super Mario Bros. U appears and also has levels that are unlocked by collecting a certain amount of Starbits in order to feed Hungry Lumas, and has portals that are either in certain locations or near the castles that will lead Mario to another location such as a new world.

Also, unlike other Mario 2D sidescrolling adventures, there is no time, because the levels are usually long. Mario also can play multiplayer alongside with Luigi and turn into a bubble using the R button. Mario also can gain help from Stary using the L Button.

Yoshi is also returning in this game, he will have a few new power-ups and some returning power-ups, and will be able to bring to other levels except for Fortresses and Castles. Super Guide is speculated to return or a new special guide. The game also features machine's in which Mario will enter in certain levels, similar to the Marine Pop from Super Mario Land. There also will be text like cutscenes, similar to Super Mario Galaxy. Star Coins return, there are 3 scattered in every level and are needed later in the game.


Playable Characters




Mario Jump NSMBU


Mario is back in an all new adventure, he is going to get those stars back and rescue Peach once again.



Luigi, Mario's brother, he later is unlocked after beating Bowser and saving Princess Peach.


Image Name Description
Bowsernue Bowser Bowser is the king of the Koopas, the final boss, he has taken control of the Mushroom Kingdom and the world, making it twisted and chaotic, and also forming new worlds.
Bowser Jr NSMBU Bowser Jr. Bowser's son, he will appear in World's 4 and 6 the Airship boss of the world, and World 11 as the fortress boss. He has many tricks up his sleeve in order to stop Mario from gaining all the Grand Starlite Stars.
WendyNSMBU Wendy O. Koopa Wendy is a third fortress boss and first Koopaling boss in the game, she can be fought in the fortress. She uses her wand to change the platform to ice to her liking, she occasionally changes the platforms in-battle, but still uses her skates despite not on ice.
Lemmy Koopa NSMBU Lemmy Koopa Lemmy will be the fortress boss of World 4 and the second Koopaling boss overall.
MortonNSMBU Morton Koopa Morton is the fortress boss of World 5 and the third Koopaling boss. He use's his hammer to create shockwaves to hit Mario in the fortress battle.
LudwigNSMBU Ludwig Von Koopa Ludwig is the fortress boss of World 6 and the fourth Koopaling boss.
IggyNSMBU Iggy Koopa Iggy is the fortress boss of World 7 and the fifth Koopaling boss.
RoyNSMBU Roy Koopa Roy is the boss of World 8 and the sixth Koopaling boss.
Larry Koopa SMBU Larry Koopa Larry is the Fortress boss of World 9 and the final Koopaling boss, he shoots 5 skyblue fireballs and will teleport throughout the battle, Mario must attack him using the Gravity Flower because he flips gravity as well, and he will run up to different walls while shooting bigger fireballs that will bounce of walls. His battle is considered to be the hardest Koopaling fight in the game.
KamekNSMBW Kamek Kamek is also back too, he first appears in World 2 as the fortress boss and appears once again in World 11 as the fortress boss as well.
Virtual Mario 2 Virtual Mario Virtual Mario will appear as a boss in the game, although he is just a boss, the game manual puts him as a villain.
SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art Boom Boom Boom Boom is the fortress boss of World 1 and appears as the Airship boss of World 8.
PunpunSolo Pom Pom Pom Pom only appears once in the game, she is the Airship boss of World 10.
Alexekoopa Alex Ember Koopa Alex is an agile Koopaling with electrifying powers, although he isn't in the game, but he is a boss of a DLC Pack.

Other/Supporting Characters


World 1: Stary Grasslands

Level Information
1-Tutorial: Comet Park A tutorial level showing the basics of the game. Numerous Toads appear that Mario can talk to.
1-Minus: Minus Road A lost level that wasn't supposed to be in the game, but still appeared, it is one of the most hardest levels to find, you must find a secret exit in World 1-2 in order to find it. Mario will dash for an infinite amount of time while avoiding level. It is impossible to complete but strangely it shows how far your going.
1-1: Starlite Roads The first level of the game, it introduces the Tanooki Leaf. It has basic enemies like Goombas, Koopas, and Piranha Plants.
1-2: Powerlite Caves A cave level filled with rocky platforms and crystal platforms, as well as Piranha Plants and Gloombas.
1-3: Gravity Gardens A level that introduces the Gravity Flower Power-Up, it also features new enemies like Hammer Bros.
1-A: Mysterious Area A strange level similar to the Top Secret Area from Super Mario World, it has blocks that have Power-Ups that have been collected. It also has a Yoshi Egg and Yoshi's Power-Ups that has been used once.
1-F: Revolving Fortress A fortress that has moving platforms that will attempt to crush Mario, and with swinging platforms. The boss is Boom Boom.
1-4: Yoshi Greenlands A level featuring the game debut of Yoshi in which player can ride on when in the level.
1-5: Shining Waters A underwater level featuring Cheep Cheeps, it has a secret exit to the Starlite Portal.
1-6: Luminant Skies A level that takes place in the sky, with flying enemies and mushroom platforms, as well as moving blocks.
1-C: The Galaxia Castle The first castle in the game, it has lava and several moving platforms, as well as Whomps, the boss is Goomboss, in which he will switch gravity and stomp an create shockwaves but will also freeze Mario if he doesn't dodge the attack.

World 2: Tiki Sandlands

Level Information
2-1: Dry Plains The first desert level, it introduces Spikes, which will throw spike balls at Mario in the level.
2-2: Lost Oasis A Toad has lost his beautiful oasis, and it's up to Mario to fix the problem, so he can get the Star and complete the level.
2-3: Shifting Sand Tower A level with a large tower with moving platforms, as well as Whomp's and Spiny's.
2-F: Fortress Of Magic A fortress with moving platforms and Magikoopa's, the boss is Kamek, who will shoot magical fireballs at Mario and move around using his broom.
2-4: Pokey Uprising A level with Pokey's digging underground and attempting to attack Mario from the ground, a Lakitu also appears, as well as Yoshi.
2-5: Sandy Breeze Skies A level taking place in the sky, it has sandy breezes that will try to push Mario back and make him fall and lose a life.
2-6: Cave Of Light A cave level in which Mario must use Light Blocks to see better in the cave, there is also a bunch of Piranha Plants as well as Fire Bros.
2-7: Underground Grotto The final level before the castle, Mario will ride a moving platform while avoiding enemies and objects like Spike Balls and sand that spits from the ground.
2-C: The Castle Of The Dead A castle level with Dry enemies like Dry Bone's, Dry Piranha Plants, and Undead Goomba's. The boss is a Demon Skull, it will move around and sometimes jump, Mario must throw a Bob-Omb at it to hurt it. After hit 2 times, it will disappear and gain a body and Mario must smash its hands by ground-pounding.

World 3: Painted Wasteland

Level Information
3-1: Painted Road The first level of World 3, it features a painted background with colorful spots painted on a white background, it also has colored pipes and colored enemies such as Colored Goombas.
3-2: Brush Forest A forest like level that introduces the Brush Flower, which is used to shoot paintballs and blind enemies, it also is used to solve puzzles in the level.
3-F: Fortress Of Art A fortress with moving platform and cannons that squirt paint and try to stun Mario, the boss is Wendy, who skates throughout the battle on ice while shooting rings, and sometimes using them as boomerangs.
3-3: Haunted Painthouse The first mansion level in which Boos haunt and hide throughout the level, the goal is to get to the exit and paint a messed up painting in order to gain a Star.
3-A: Twisted Painted Road A dark like version of the first level, it has Boos in the level and fake platforms that will trick Mario into falling into a pit.
3-4: Temple Of Illusion A temple level in which Mario must go to the top in order to get the star, there are Thwomps in the level.
3-B: Perished Ruins By finding the secret exit to 3-5, Mario will find a secret star in a ruin like level with Dry Bones.
3-5: Mix-Match Lands A level with different designs such as water, lava, and ice, Mario must navigate through each section in order to get the star. This is most likely the hardest star in World 3.
3-6: A Stroll Through The Illusive Road A level where Mario uses skates and automatically scrolls through the level (similar to Dash Mario), he uses them to jump over pits and also avoid enemies like Boos and Circling Boo Buddies.
3-C: Wendy's Castle Of Masterpieces A castle with torches and falling painted blocks as well as a platform that has magical rings bouncing around trying to hit Mario. The boss is Gooper Blooper, who will swing its tentacles and try to squirt ink at Mario, and if it does, it will fill the players screen with ink and make Mario lose a life.

World 4: Glorious Oceans

Level Information
4-1: Pirate Island A water level with Pirate Goombas, which sometimes appear in parachutes and fall, Mario must aboard their Airship in order to gain the star, Mario also fights a mini-boss, the Pirate Goomba captain, who will jump around, and Mario must stomp on it 3 times.
4-2: Sea Of The Cheeps A underwater level featuring Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers, there is also Cheep Chomps that will try to chomp Mario.
4-3: The Red Mariomarine Another underwater level where Mario rides a submarine, it is a long level and Mario must shoot bullets to defeat the enemies and get the star.
4-F: Fortress Of Geysers A fortress level with Geysers popping up to boost the player higher, as well as spiked pillars. The boss is Lemmy Koopa, who will throw bombs and hide in pipes.
4-4: Huckit Plains A water level featuring Huckit Crabs that will throw sand balls at Mario, Mario also must avoid Urchins along the way.
4-5: The Undersea Base A base level in which Mario must infiltrate an underwater base, Torpedo Teds also appear and try to attack Mario.
4-6: Waterfall Falls A level with a waterfall, as well as flying Cheep Cheeps that will try to hit Mario.
4-A: Hidden Sealands By finding a secret under the waterfall, Mario enters an undersea haunted cave with Boos, there is also a miniboss, a Pirate Boo, in which Mario must throw a glow block to hurt it.
4-7: Dragoneel Attack Another sea level in which Dragoneels will jump out of the water in order to hit Mario.
4-C: Lemmy's Castle Of Spiked Pillars The fourth castle with Spiked Pillars and Torpedo Teds, Mario needs to head to the bottom of the castle to fight the boss. Mario then arrives and notices Lemmy, who summons a Electric Eel, and Mario's job is to attack its spot by jumping on it, but Mario needs to watch out because sometimes attacking it will not work due to it using its sparks. The Eel will also shoot lightning bolts and swing its tail.
4-Airship: Bowser Jr's Great Doomship The first Airship level, Bowser Jr has Cannons that will shoot Cannonballs as well as bullet bills and Para-Bob-Ombs. The boss is Bowser Jr, who will use his Clown Car and will also shoot Bullet Bills and fireballs at Mario, Mario must ground pound on his glass helmet, but it won't work because sometimes the room where the player fights him will be filled with water.

World 5: Corrupted Factory

Level Information
5-1: Gear Station The first level, Mario must fix a machine that has gone hay-wire requested by a Gearmo, the level features Mechakoopas.
5-2: Temporal Clock Tower Mario must head to the top of a clock tower in order to rescue a star, the player must ride an elevator to the top, while avoiding Para-Bombs.
5-3: Pendulum Swings Another clock based level, the player must navigate through moving pendulums without falling in order to grab the star.
5-4: Electric Gateway A level featuring Amps and Big Amps, while riding a snake block.
5-F: Fortress Of Lightning A fortress level with Bowser Amps and Thunder Lakitus, who will shoot lightning at Mario as he climbs to the top of the tower. The boss is Morton Jr Koopa, who will use his magical hammer and jump to a high platform and smash his hammer and shoot an electric ball down that causes 3 shockwaves (or 5 if Morton is hit 2 times)
5-5: Tick Tock Goes The Clock A level featuring the debut of the Beat Block in the game, Mario needs to jump on the Beat Blocks at the right time, the ticking will help Mario feel the flow of the level.
5-A: Thwomps On The Clock A secret area in which has Thwomps and turning blocks, and Whomps as well.
5-B: The Mechanical Sky A sky level with Mecha Koopas and Para-Mechakoopas, as well as clock like moving blocks and pendulums.
5-6: A Fly Through The Shy Guys A sky level where Mario uses the Copter Pop to go through the mechanical like skies, avoiding gears and also certain Shy Guy enemies like Propeller Shy Guys, Fly Guys (which can shoot fireballs), as well as even Sky Guys, who shoot from a sling.
5-7: Accelerate Road A level with slow and fast conveyor belts that also have Tromps moving on them.
5-8: The Factory Stronghold A large level with the toughest of Bowser's troops like Mechakoopas, Tromps, and Hammer Bros.
5-C: Morton's Hammerstone Castle A castle level featuring Magikoopas and hammer like objects that will smash and instantly defeat Mario if he is near the hammer. It also features Tromps and Thwomps. The boss is Mechaleg, who is similar to Megaleg and Diggaleg from the Super Mario Galaxy series, Mario must go to the top and jump on it's weak point in order to hurt it. Mario must do it 4 times, and Mechaleg will shoot Missile Bills in the battle too.

World 6: Iceflame Cliffs

Level Information
6-1: Icy Plains The first snow level in the game, it features Snow Spikes and has snow on trees that will fall on Mario and get him stuck for a while.
6-2: Freezing Chaos Another snow level featuring a new enemy, a Frostlakitu, which will rain icy drops for a short time that can freeze Mario and make him lose health. It also has Ice Bros.
6-F: Fortress Of Eruption A fortress level featuring a moving platform that acts like an elevator, that moves up while a pool of lava does as well, and fireballs shoot out of the lava, trying to attack Mario, there are also fireballs moving from above and near the walls too. The boss is Ludwig, who will duplicate himself 2 times and shoot 2 fireballs, and when hit twice, he will have 5 clones that shoot 3 fireballs.
6-3: Magma Ride A level featuring lava and ice, Mario rides on a platform and tries to dodge fireballs that shoot from the lava, as well as new enemies called "Heatigans", which are the opposite of Cooligans and are able to slide/move through lava.
6-4: Spiral Mountain A mountain level combining ice platforms and lava, numerous Ice Bros and Fire Bros appear, as well as Heatigans and Cooligans.
6-5: Atomic Deeps An ice/lava cave with icicles that will fall on Mario, as well as lava geysers that will pop up from the lava.
6-6: Chasing The Star Bandit A short level where Mario chases a similar like version of Nabbit that has a star, Mario must chase it while dealing with slippery ice and jumping over lava pits.
6-A: Snow Stary Sky A level with spinning stars and many pits, Mario must climb up to the sky and get a star on top of a crescent.
6-7: Icicle Railway A level where Mario uses the Mine Pop (a minecart) to head to the castle (Ludwig's Castle and his Airship is located in the background), while avoiding fireballs and jumping over pits.
6-B: Iceflame Temple A secret and large level where Mario enters a temple full of lava and icy blocks, it has a miniboss, Baron Brnnn, who will sometimes be cloaked in fire and will shoot fireballs, Mario must jump on him when he's not surrounded in fire.
6-8: Figure 8 A level where Mario uses Ice Skates to skate slippery ice while Mario is automatically moving (similar to Dash Courses), Mario must avoid enemies like Ice Bros (If he gets frozen he will slow down), and jump over lava pits along the way.
6-C: Ludwig's Heated Blizzard Castle A castle with lava waves that instantly make Mario lose a life if he touches it and moving platforms. The boss is Iceflame Piranha, which looks similar to Dino Piranha, the boss will shoot fireballs and iceballs and will sometimes jump around rampaging in the room, Mario must ground pound its tail, which will make it fall over, and then must jump on it's belly. Mario must do it 4 times to beat the boss.
6-Airship: The Changing Airship The second Airship in the game, it has numerous different rooms with environment changing each time, sky, fire, ice, and water environments. The boss is Bowser Jr once again, he will have a different and improved and larger clown car, with a propeller on the back, and two mechanical Bowser like arms and a big Bullet Blaster on the bottom of his car. Mario must use a Propeller Block to go near Bowser Jr and let the Big Bullet Bill home into Bowser Jr 3 times.

World 7: Searing Jungle

Level Information
7-1: Piranha Plant Jungle The first jungle level with many Piranha Plants, Venus Fly Traps, and Stalking Piranha Plants, it also has toxic water. Yoshi appears and uses a new power-up, the Shipberry, which allows him to turn huge and let Mario stand on him while riding in toxic water.
7-2: Land Of The Giants A level filled with giant enemies like Mega Goombas and Gargantua Koopa Troopas.
7-3: Itzy Bitzy Scuttlebugs A cave level with Tiny and large Scuttlebugs, as well as Swoopers and Buzzy Beetles.
7-4: Raft To The Star Mario must jump on a raft and make it head to the star without losing a life, Cheep Cheeps and sometimes Cheep Chomps will jump out of the water and try to attack Mario.
7-5: Shy Guy Ruins A ruin like level with Spear Guys, making their debut in the game, and Chomps, Mario needs to deal through the wicked traps set for intruders who try to take the star.
7-A: Ghostly Ruins A secret level that is unlocked by finding a secret exit in 7-5, this level is very similar to it as well, but with haunted enemies like Boos and Circling Boo Buddies.
7-F: Fortress Of Rising Poison Water A fortress level where Mario must navigate through a tower without touching deadly poison water. The boss is Iggy Koopa, and he is really hard, he will shoot 2 green fireballs and one orange one, which will cause lava to rise for a few seconds, and Mario must jump and dodge it or he will lose a life instantly. Iggy will hang on to a vine and sometimes swing one it, Mario must attack him when he jumps down from the vine.
7-6: The Toxic Ghoulship A ghost ship level with Boos and Scaredy Rats, it also has a mini-boss, which is Big Boo, Mario must throw glow blocks at it so it will get hurt, Mario must attack it 3 times in order to get the star, the boo also may shoot fireballs.
7-7: Jungle Clearing The final jungle related level, it has familiar enemies, it also has Yoshi once again, which makes him useful for gobbling up Spear Guys and Piranha Plants.
7-8: Volcanic Smoke A level with a volcano appearing near the background and shooting smoke that causes the player to barely see the screen, Yoshi returns yet again as well, and uses the shipberry to cross poison water while Mario has to deal with smoke and some hidden enemies hiding in the smoke.
7-9: Caldera Path A level inside a volcano in which Mario must use Blaargs as platforms, there are also Magmaarghs and Magmaws in the level.
7-10: Searing Volcano A tough level with many of Bowsers dangerous troops like Fire Bros, Blaargs appear once again, and there is also a mini-boss, a giant Venus Fire Trap that must be hit on the head 3 times.
7-11: Escape From The Volcano The final level, in which Mario must escape the volcano while avoiding fireballs and burning debris along the way.
7-C: Iggy's Flare Castle The seventh castle level, where Mario must deal with lava waves that will cause Mario instant death, and also dealing with Magmaarghs and even riding on Blaargs again. The boss is Lavaeel, which is similar to Dragoneel, it must be hit on the head 4 times when it is not fired up. Lavaeel may also shoot fireballs (1-4) and even from below, there are also 2 Magmaarghs that appear from the lava as well.

World 8: Onyx Mountain

Level Information
8-1: Mountain Cliffs A level full of mountains and cliffs that Mario can jump or hold onto, there are also Bullet Blasters that blast Bullet Bills in the level.
8-2: Monty Mole Caverns The first cave level, where Buzzy Beetles and Monty Moles appear, there are also numerous pipes leading to random areas.
8-3: Dino Dino Mountain Another mountain based level with Yoshi who uses a new power-up called the Dig Peanut to dig underground, it also features the return of Dino Rhinos and Dino-Torchs.
8-F: Fortress Of Demolition A fortress with spike balls and Dino-Torchs, as well as Whomps and Giant Spiked Pillars. The boss is Roy Koopa, who is pretty tough, he uses boxing gloves and jumps and slams into a bone like platform and causes the blocks to move and push Mario back (and may also throw him into the lava if he doesn't jump), Roy may also try to punch above when Mario attempts to jump on his head. Roy will bounce around in his shell and also make the bone platform tumble and then warp to a different spot until Mario defeats him.
8-4: Tilting Tumbling Skies Yet another sky level where many mushroom platforms are tilting with speed, it also has Fuzzies in the level.
8-5: Fuzzy Highlands A level featuring many Fuzzies and even Yoshi once again, where his Dig Peanut power-up is used again.
8-6: Mario Drills Through A level introducing the Drill Pop, a drill like device that Mario uses to go underground and get the star, in certain areas where Mario is on ground and not drilling, he will turn like a propeller and can also jump, where he will get the star. Mario needs to avoid obstacles like sharp rocks and Monty Moles while drilling to the ground.
8-7: Dimmed Dark Cave The sixth level, where Mario stands on a platform that shines light and also has to avoid Para-Bombs and Swoopers that will try to hit Mario, there are also Fire Bros. Theres a secret exit that requires Gravity Mario.
8-A: Crumbled Sewer A sewer level with platforms that bring Mario up to different routes, there are also numerous Piranha Plants in the level.
8-B: Whomp Whomp To The Top This level requires 800 Starbits, it is another mountainous level with Whomps and moving platforms, the boss is the Whomp King, where Mario must smash him 3 times to get the star.
8-8: Chocolate Gateway The final level until the castle, it features Dino Rhinos and Torches, Fuzzies, Stone Spikes, and much more mountain enemies, it also has boiling chocolate that returns from Super Mario World that causes instant death to Mario if he touches it.
8-C: Roy's Boiling Castle The eighth castle, which is filled with boiling chocolate water unlike most castles, which usually have lava. it also has spiked pillars and Thwimps. The boss is Roklem, a golem like creature that is large, Mario must use the Paint Flower to shoot a few paintballs at the bosses face when Mario has a chance to do it, Mario must do it before it starts to roll into a ball, which will make him crash due to the boss not having good eyesight. Mario needs to do it 4 times to defeat the boss.
8-Airship: Bowser Jr's Titanium Airship The third airship level, with Mecha Koopas, Metal Blocks (that can move), and cannons, as well as Bullet Bills. The boss is Boom Boom, who makes his second appearance in the game, Bowser Jr calls Boom Boom to fight Mario this time instead of himself, but Boom Boom is larger and has magical powers (gained from the Grand Starlite Star), which makes him teleport and even makes him create shockwaves and shoot fireballs, Boom Boom also has wings. Mario must attack Boom Boom when he is on the ground, and he will spin around in his shell too. Mario needs to hit Boom Boom 3 times.

World 9: Yin-Yang Skies

Level Information
9-1: Dark And Light Skies The first level of World 9, which takes place in the clouds, but it is dark there, so Mario must use Yoshi (who appears in the beginning of the level) and use a familiar power-up, the Bulb Berry to light up the darkened sky and find the way to the star.
9-2: The Trouble With Fwoosh A level where Mario rides an elevator that moves by what corner Mario is standing on, Fwooshs appear and try to blow Mario off the elevator, and Foos appear as well.
9-3: The Windy Ghost House A mansion level with the return of the Balloon Boo, and also has wind currents blowing in many corners of the stage.
9-F: Fortress Of Tornadoes A fortress level with tornadoes that Mario needs to use to go across spiked gaps and also avoid spiked pillars along the way. The boss is Larry, who will shoot 3 sky blue fireballs that ricochet on the wall. Larry will flip gravity and try to defeat Mario with a few strategies.
9-4: Luminant Tower The fourth level, where Mario must climb a clock like tower that is filled with darkness and light, there are also Pendulums and Boos.
9-5: Bulletproof Another sky level with numerous Bullet Bills (some big) attempting to attack Mario while he heads to get the star. King Bills also return in this level.
9-A: Parabeetle Plains A secret level that requires 900 starbits to unlock, it features Parabeetles, that Mario must use to cross the sky, homing bullet bills also appear in this level.
9-6: Cotton Candy Cloudside Another sky level, but with a twist, the clouds are cotton candy, and reduce Marios walking and running speed by a bit. New enemies are introduced, called the Cottoos, they are cotton candy versions of Foos who do the exact same thing as Foos, but their wind blow is much larger.
9-7: Thunderous Clouds Another level in the sky, where new enemies known as Thunder Lakitus appear, and shoot lightning at Mario most of the times. Foos also appear to try to catch Mario off-guard when the Thunder Lakitus attack.
9-8: Air Mario A level where Mario uses the Sky Pop in the air and tries avoiding Bullet Bills (which Mario can shoot at and destroy), there are also obstacles that Mario needs to avoid.
9-C: Larry's Sky Castle The final Koopaling castle, it is filled with much traps for Mario, like giant spiked pillars, and blue fireballs that appear numerous times until Mario gets near the boss door or flagpole. The castle takes place in the night, and Bowser Amps also appear. The boss is Grand Lakitu, who shoots lightning and even throws lightning bolts as well, he also summons 2 Thunder Lakitus in the battle, Mario must attack him 6 times when he swoops to the ground fast, but sometimes he might fool Mario as he can clone himself too.

World 10: Virtual Land

Level Information
10-1: Back To The Classics A very similar level to the first level in Super Mario Bros, but features new enemies called Bits, which are square enemies who must be stomped to defeated, there are also Rollbits, who act like Koopas and roll when Mario hits them twice.
10-2: Tricky Sharpbits A level featuring another new enemy known as the Sharpbits, who are triangle like bit creatures who cannot be defeated by stomping unless the player uses a Fire Flower, Super Star, or Tanooki Leaf.
10-F: Fortress Of Pixelation A fortress with pixelated platforms and many Bit enemies, the boss is Virtual Mario, who will flip gravity and shoot fireballs in a very similar way that Mario does it, he will also jump and ground-pound, creating shockwaves.
10-3: 8-Bit Tower A tower with pixelated platforms and familiar and strong enemies like Hammer Bros, as well as Bit enemies, Mario needs to head to the top of the tower to get the star.
10-4: Virtual Caverns A cave level with Buzzy Beetles and Mega Buzzy Beetles, as well as the return of Gloombas.
10-5: The Bit Seas A underwater level with Cheep Cheeps and Dragoneels, as well as Jellybeams as well.
10-6: Game Over Road A challenging level with most of Bowsers strongest troops, as well as Bullet Bills and fireballs shooting across the screen.
10-C: The Virtual Castle The final castle before Bowser, full with lava and pixelated platforms, fireballs are seen passing across the screen and many of Bowsers Troops and bit enemies appear. Virtual Mario appears again as the boss, and is much stronger, Mario needs to use the Gravity Flower this time, because Virtual Mario will be switching platforms a lot, sometimes Virtual Mario will grow big and will become invincible, and now Virtual Mario will shoot 5 big fireballs at once that home into Mario. Mario must hit Virtual Mario 6 times to defeat the boss and get the star.
10-Airship: Bowser Jr's Ultra Airship The final airship in the game, full of Bullet Bills and Cannons, as well as the greatest troops of Bowser. The boss is Pom Pom, who will shoot 3 boomerangs in the air that will swing back to her, she will also duplicate herself when Mario hits her and will make her or one of her clone home her shell at Mario. Pom Pom sometimes throws big boomerangs or fiery ones.

World 11: Bowser's Chaotic Dimension

Level Information
11-1: The Land Of Bowser The first level of the last world, it is filled with lava and volcanic like platforms, as well as Bowsers strong troops like Fire Bros and Bony Beetles.
11-2: Magma Undergrounds A underground level with Mega Goombas and moving platforms, as well as lava geysers and spike balls.
11-3: The Deadly Sea Of Lava A level with moving lava waves that will instantly cause Mario to lose a life, and Magmaarghs that move across the stage, there are also Fire Chomps.
11-F: Fortress Of Complexity A fortress with giant rocket engines and pink fireballs (shot by Kamek) appearing and creating enemies (if it hits a block) such as Thwomps, Bob-Ombs, Goombas, or Koopas.
11-4: Rain Of Terror A level with raining debris (and giant too), featuring Kab-Ombs and also fireballs shooting from the screen as well.
11-5: Rising Lava Panic A level where Mario must jump through many obstacles while attempting to not fall into rising magma and escape a volcano.
11-6: Battle Gauntlet A battlefield like level that has numerous challenges where Mario must deal with Bowser's greatest Troops, in the end is a boss fight with the Koopalings, they are in a big clown car surrounded by a big glass barrier, they will shoot 3-5 fireballs and sometimes spike balls. Mario must use the gravity flower and switch when the Koopalings are near him, crashing into the glass barrier 3 times and finally knocking the Koopalings out and gaining the star.
11-7: Smoking Fog Blowout A level where a volcano shoots smoke and blocks the players screen, while Mario rides on an elevator platform to the star, while dealing with Crows and Fireballs shooting across the screen.
11-8: Bowser's Rocky Sea A underwater level with Dragoneels and Jellybeams, as well as Bowser head moals in the scenery.
11-: Bowser Jr's Omega Fortress The second fortress level, but Bowser Jr guards it, it is filled with Bowsers strongest troops and has moving lava waves and shape like turning platforms. The boss is Bowser Jr, who is in a slightly bigger clown car of his, his battle is similar to the final Bowser fight, but Mario must jump on Junior when he swoops to the floor 4 times. Bowser Jr will shoot fireballs and spiked balls and sometimes may use his boxing gloves to either smash or spin around when he swoops down.
11-9: Bowser's Galactic Battlefield The final level before the final castle, Bowser has sent many of his troops to attack Mario, and now Mario must deal with them in order to get the star.
11-C: Bowser's Ultimate Castle Bowser's Castle, the final destination, there is 10 rooms, in rooms 1-7 the Koopalings will appear in the castle using their airships and will try attacking in different ways each time, there is a flagpole in rooms 3 and 5. In the 8th room, there is a flagpole goal and Kamek will appear in use his magic to cause chaos as Mario heads to the next room. In the ninth room Bowser Jr appears with his Clown Car and dives down and shoots fireballs at Mario to try to stop him from getting to his dad. In the tenth room, there is yet another flagpole, in this room Mario must get through a challenging amount of traps, and finally, Mario arrives at the boss door, where there is a flagpole, and 3 blocks that contain 1-ups, while there are 3 other blocks containing Power-Ups that are either Mushrooms or Tanooki Leaves. Mario then enters a stone like head of Bowser, which then leads to the near top of his castle, where Bowser is waiting for him. Mario arrives at fights Bowser, and Bowser Junior, who also appears as well, there are 3 purple like blocks that Mario must ground pound and one on the top that Mario must use Bowser Jrs clown car to hit, Mario must do that 3 times, as using all of them will attack Bowser. Bowser will try to shoot 3-5 fireballs and slash at Mario, he will even jump and send shockwaves and will go into his shell each time Mario attacks him. After Mario defeats Bowser, Mario heads to a room where Peach is being held, but Kamek appears as Bowser Junior called him in order to make Bowser "stronger". Mario arrives at the top of Bowsers Castle, where Peach calls Mario to save her. But Bowser appears (and Junior), but Bowser is larger than before, scaling his castle. This time, Mario must do the same thing from the previous battle 3 times once again, but Bowser has different attack patterns, such as him breathing fire multiple times when Mario attacks him using the blocks. Bowser will also slash and try to pound Mario. Bowser is then defeated, and suddenly shrinks to normal size and falls down somewhere near his castle, a rainbow colored Grand Starlite Star appears, and after Mario collects it, Bowser jumps with a dark like appearance and grabs the star away from him, as well as Peach...
11-10: The Galaxy Maze A level where Mario goes through challenges based on every world he has went through.
11-Peach's Castle: Peach's Corrupted Castle The true final level, where Mario goes through an ultimate amount of challenges and also deals with fireballs shooting from the screen and raining debris. Mario will then arrive at the boss door, with multiple blocks with Power-ups and a flagpole. Mario arrives and battles the true enemy, Xtar, who needs to be hit 6 times. Stary used her power to make Mario into a golden version of Gravity Mario, who spins like a torpedo when switching gravity. Xtar will duplicate himself in battle, and will also rain dark fireballs or dark balls of electricity. His deadliest attack is shooting a dark beam. Stary turns Mario's life gauge into 9, assisting him in the true final battle. After defeating Xtar, Mario rescues Peach and collects the final Grand Starlite Star.

World 12: Mastar Road

Level Information
12-1: Starlite Nightroads A level similar to the first level in the game but more challenging, and it takes place in the dark. All World 1 Star Coins must be unlocked to access this level.
12-2: Desert Seeking A desert level that is unlocked by having all World 2 Star Coins, it features moving platforms and Homing Bullet Bills and Banzai Bills, as well as Spikes and Stone Spikes.
12-3: Masterpiece Cavern A cave level with numerous oil paintings, as well as cave enemies. All World 3 Star Coins must be collected to unlock this level.
12-4: Up Above In The Geyser Sea A level with giant water geysers and jumping Cheep Cheeps, and Porcu-puffers as well.
12-5: Time, Stop! A fast sidescrolling level with fast moving platforms that slow down when Mario presses a special button that freezes time. Mario must collect all the world 5 star coins in order to unlock this level.
12-6: Freezeflame Plains A level that is based on the Freezeflame Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy, all world 6 Star Coins are needed to unlock this level.
12-7: Dino Dino Jungle A level based on the Mario Kart track, but features Dino Rhinos and other variations of it, Yoshi is used in this level and turns into Ship Yoshi as well. All World 7 Star Coins are needed to unlock this level.
12-8: Gem Cliffs A mountain level with gem like mountains, the level features Stone Spikes and Dino-Torches. All World 8 Star Coins are needed to unlock this level.
12-9: Elevator In The Sky A level with Fuzzies and Para enemies, Mario must avoid them while riding an elevator to the clouds where a star is located. All World 9 Star Coins are needed to unlock this level.
12-10: A Classic Adventure A long level based on the first four levels of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, and Super Mario Bros. 3, at the end is the first castle in Super Mario Bros, with an unseen Bowser fight that is similar to New Super Mario Bros. U's. All World 10 Star Coins are needed to unlock this level.
12-11: Mushroom Stary Plains A level with the Mushroom Kingdom (and Peach's Castle) in the background, in a starry night, featuring basic enemies. There is a secret area that takes a skilled player to find, it features debug stuff from the beta game. All World 11 Star Coins are needed to unlock this level.
12-12: The Grand Finale Challenge The true final level, where Mario first rides on a magic carpet and avoids attacks from Bullet Bills and other enemies. In Order to unlock this level, Mario must find all Star Coins (Worlds 1-12) and find all secret goals, basically, Mario must have all 4 Stars on the home file. This level is considered the hardest in the game.


Image Item Description Form
Super Leaf NSMB2 Super Leaf Raccoon Mario is able to fly once again, but Mario must run in order to give himself a running boost in the air. RaccoonMario♪
Fire Flower NSMB2 Fire Flower Fire Mario is able to throw fireballs at common enemies and can knock them out, Mario can throw them by pressing the Y button. NSMB2 Fire Mario
NSMBG-GravityFlower Gravity Flower Gravity Mario is able to flip gravity and go from bottom platforms to top platforms, but Mario can only flip gravity vertically using the X button. NSMBG-GravityMario
Super Star NSMB2 Super Star Invincible Mario is able to defeat nearly anything (other than bosses) and can make Mario run very fast, but this is only for a limited time. 7593544202 1c30b8ca16 o
Magic Flower Magic Flower Magic Mario is able to shoot magic fireballs that will turn enemies into coins, he is also able to use his magic fireballs to break certain magic blocks that need to be broken to gain the Star. MagicMarioByArend
Brush Flower Brush Flower Paint Mario is able to create paint like platforms while running and also create walls to wall jump on by shaking the 3DS, but this requires Mario to run for a bit in order to fill the Paint Gauge, then Mario will be able to create paint platforms. Paint Mario also can ground pound and blind the enemies with paint for a limited time. No Artwork Yet

Yoshi's Powers

  • Balloon Yoshi: Using the Balloon Berry, Yoshi can fly and will look like a balloon for a certain amount of time.
  • Ship Yoshi: Using the Ship Berry, Yoshi is able to cross any territory such as lava or poison water.
  • Ice Yoshi: Using the Ice Banana, Yoshi can shoot iceballs and freeze enemies for a certain mount of time.
  • Dig Yoshi: Using the Dig Peanut, Yoshi can dig in certain cracked spots and go underground.
  • Glowing Yoshi: Using the Bulb Berry, Yoshi can illuminate dark areas so that the player can see.

Mario's Machines


  • Mine Pop: A mine cart machine that shoots rocks made so Mario can navigate the icicle mountains easier and faster. It appears in World 6-7: Icicle Railway.
  • Copter Pop: A helicopter that shoots bullets and helps Mario navigate through the skies, it appears in World 5-6: A Fly Through The Shy Guys.
  • Drill Pop: A drill machine that is used to help Mario drill into the ground, it can attack by drilling fast with the Y Button, it appears in World 8-6: Mario Drills Through.


  • Marine Pop: A submarine that helps Mario navigate through the water faster. It appears in World 4-3: The Red Mariomarine.
  • Sky Pop: A plane that helps Mario navigate through the sky easier. It appears in World 9-8: Air Mario.


  • Skates: Skates that Mario uses to cross and move faster in World 3-7: A Stroll Through The Illusive Road.
  • Ice Skates: Ice Skates that Mario uses to cross slippery ice and move easier in World 6-8: Figure 8.


There is a large amount of enemies in the game, most of them are familiar ones and some are different types (such as Thunder Lakitus) and some are completely new ones like Sharpbits.

Items & Objects

To see a full list of the Items and Objects, click here.


DLC Packs

DLC will be coming after the game is in stores, theres about 10 packs confirmed. Requests are accepted, feel free to leave ideas in the comments.

  • Pack 1: Spark Rush (Requested By Samtendo)
    • SR-1: A Light In The Mansion: A mansion level with Bulboos that move throughout the stage and a lot of moving platforms.
    • SR-2: Lightning Skies: A sky level with Thunder Lakitu's shooting lightning bolts at Mario as he navigates obstacles in order to get the star.
    • SR-3: Alex's Thunderbolt Castle: A castle level with electric blocks and Amps, the boss is Alex Ember Koopa, who will shoot fireballs and throw electric balls, when Mario jumps on him, he will turn red and will be unable to hit and will rampage and jump throughout the battle. Mario must hit him 4 times.
  • Pack 2: Bugged Out (Requested By Pyrostar)
    • BO-1: Bugout Swamp: A night-time swamp level full of bug enemies such as Shockroaches.
    • BO-2: Honey Honey Mountain: A mountainous level with honeycombs, the Bee Mushroom returns and is used to get to the top of the mountain.
  • DLC Pack 1: Getting With The Gravity (Easy)
    • GWTG-1: Flipping Out: A level where the player must use the Gravity Flower to switch gravity and getting on moving platforms to get the star.
    • GWTG-2: Plundering The Puzzling Pyramid: A pyramid like level where the player uses the Gravity Flower again to get the star, Pokeys also appear in this level.
    • GWTG-3: Hip Hop Beat Blocks: A level with Beat Blocks that are a bit faster, Mario must time his movement right, there are also parts of the level that involve using the Gravity Flower.
  • DLC Pack 2: Acrobatic Skills (Normal)
    • AS-1: Donut Lift Mania: A level with donut lifts and a Homing King Bill (which explodes when in contact with Mario) that chases Mario throughout the stage.
    • AS-2: Arise Cheep Cheeps: A level with water geysers and flying Cheep Cheeps, there are also Porcupuffers.
    • AS-3: Mushroom Tilting Madness: A sky level with fast moving platforms and purple mushroom platforms that shrink and move around.
  • DLC Pack 3: Manic Mania (Hard)
    • MM-1: Swing Low: A level where Mario has to go through a pyramid with spikes on the top, Mario must be careful as there is fast swinging platforms going into lava and must cross dangerous traps to get the star.
    • MM-2: Bubble Blast: A level with rising toxic water, Mario must use bubbles to boost him up to the star.
    • MM-3: Disappear, Reappear!: A level with blocks that appear and disappear quickly, Mario must get through them with timing in order to get the star.


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  • SMB64 for Gravity Mario and Flower artwork.
  • Arend for Magic Mario Artwork, and others
  • SonicWiki for Poison Mushroom artwork
  • Tom for Brush Flower Art
  • To every other people's art that I used.
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