Developer(s) TBA
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo GameBox
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan October 19, 2014
25px-Flag of USA November 22, 2014
25px-Flag of Europe January 21, 2015
25px-Flag of Australia January 23, 2015
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) E10Rating  12Rating  USK6  OFLC-PG  CERO A
Media Included Nintendo GameBox Cartridge

Super Mario GameBox Demo is the launch title for the Nintendo GameBox. It is called a demo because it was originally a test demo.


Bowser is waiting in his castle. Kamek brings him a book. Bowser uses the book to create tons of creatures. The creatures quickly obey him and go to Mario's House. Mario notices them invading the area around his house. After the defeat of the creatures, Mario notices Princess Peach's Castle physically disintegrating into dark matter. Mario heads down Mushroom Kingdom Way, only to encounter more creatures. Mario is greeted with a Boss Door, which requires 4 Boss Keys. After Mario collects the Boss Keys, he proceeds to open the Boss Door. After the door is opened, Bowser drops from the sky and releases Goomboss. After Goomboss is defeated, Mario proceeds to Toad Town, where the Toads are panicking. One of the Toads reports that not only Princess Peach's Castle disappeared, but the Power Star that powers all energy in Toad Town was shattered, with the pieces being spread all over the Mushroom Kingdom. Out of nowhere, Toadbert appears and gives Mario a Power Star detector. The closest Power Star piece is in the Bowser Castle Foregrounds, which is in close proximity to Toad Town. After reaching the foregrounds and unlocking the Boss Door, a False Bowser is revealed. After the False Bowser is defeated, a Power Star piece is dropped. Afterwards, the False Bowser transforms back into a Goomba, which proceeds to pop into dust. The next Power Star piece is located in the Toad Town Sewer System. After Mario opens the Boss Door, Bowser appears and enlarges a Blooper. After the Blooper is defeated, it drops the Power Star piece it holds. The next Power Star piece is in the Mushroom Desert. After the Boss Door is opened by Mario, the Sand Chomp is revealed. After the Sand Chomp is defeated, yet another Power Star piece is revealed. The fourth piece is in Bowser Castle. The foregrounds seem more crowded with more creatures. The castle seems to now be patrolled by Koopatrols. The Koopa Servant guards the Boss Door. Behind the Boss Door is Bowser himself. After his defeat, he drops the Power Star piece and says that he is done copying the Power Star. Afterwards, the fifth piece is located on top of Mt. Ice. The Boss Door on the top contains a giant Freezie. Its defeat releases the fifth Power Star piece. The center is located in a newly-created universe (Bowser's Alternate Universe). After defeating Bowser (under the influence of the alternate universe), he splits the Power Star center in half, before leaving with one half. The other half flies out of the universe with Bowser and lands on top of the Toad Town Battle Tower. After beating all enemies in the tower, one half of the Power Star center is claimed. Bowser has created another universe, called The Final Challenge. At the end of the universe is the Final 4, a group of bosses who fight Mario. After their defeat, Bowser appears and uses his copy of the Power Star (the Dark Star). He then transforms into Dark Bowser. After his defeat, he explodes into dark energy, dropping the final Power Star piece (the other half of the center). The Power Star is repaired poorly (with bandages) and fails to work. Only one organism can fully repair the Power Star, and that is Princess Peach. Her castle was sent to the Cloud Rift. The wise but old wizard Magitoad sends Mario to the rift. After the Boss Door is opened, Huff 'N Puff appears. After his defeat, he explodes and reveals a pathway to Princess Peach's Castle. Inside, creatures have taken over. When the Boss Door is opened, Bowser's Ghost is seen. After Bowser's Ghost is defeated, it explodes into smoke. Princess Peach comes out of hiding (from behind a locked door) and uses her magic to return to the Mushroom Kingdom. There, she restores the Power Star. However, the Dark Star appears and interrupts the celebration. When the Dark Star is defeated, it explodes into smoke. The celebration continues and the game ends.


  • A=Jump
  • B=Dash, Pick Up Object
  • X=Roll
  • C=First-Person View
  • Z=Check stats
  • START=Pause


Enemy Name Strategy Level Rarity
To be determined Goomba Goombas walk around slowly. No need to panic. Jump on them and they die. They look like Galoombas, oddly. Mario's House, Mushroom Kingdom Way, Bowser Castle Foregrounds Semi-Common
To be determined Spiked Goomba You can't jump on them. Roll into them and they die. Mushroom Kingdom Way Uncommon
To be determined Gritty Goomba Like Spiked Goombas, but can create sandstorms. They resurrect after 5 seconds, and they can only be killed by leading then into water. Mushroom Desert Common (especially in the coffin)
To be determined Ghost Goomba They can't be killed unless brought under a spotlight. Come in packs from 2 to 5 The Final Challenge Semi-Common
Alternate Goomba SMGBD Alternate Goomba Hide spikes in their back, roll is recommended. Bowser's Alternate Universe Rare
File:Blue-Helmet Goomba.png Blue Helmet Goomba These Goombas took precaution and decided to wear a helmet... too bad it doesn't protect from ground-pounds. The Final Challenge Rare
To be determined Mega Goomba A towering Goomba that is slow, but defeats Mario with one touch!!! The rarest enemy, with only one in existence! The Final Challenge THE RAREST OF THEM ALL
Koopa Troopa SM3DW Koopa Troopa Simple. They can be stomped twice and they die. All levels Very Common
NegativeTroopa Alternate Koopa Unlike normal Koopas, they can duplicate. They can spike their shell every few seconds, so a roll is recommended. Bowser's Alternate Universe Rare
NegativeParatroopa Alternate Paratroopa Replacing Paratroopas, they act like Alternate Koopas. One roll is enough to kill them. Bowser's Alternate Universe Rare
To be determined Bombshell Koopa They use the same tactics as in Super Mario Land. The best way to defeat them is by throwing an object at them. Bowser Castle, The Final Challenge Rare
Hammer Bro. Party 8 Hammer-Bro. These pests are more annoying than ever, with a new attack where they charge while swinging their hammer. Bowser Castle Uncommon
BoomerangBroNSMBU Boomerang Bro. Faster than in Super Mario Bros. 3, and will remove 3 slices of health with every attack! Jumping is better than rolling. Bowser Castle Rare
To be determined Fire Bro. Annoying. Jumping at them is the way to go. Bowser Castle Rare
SledgebrosNSMBW Sledge Bro. Act like in most games, most easily defeated by a ground-pound. Bowser Castle Rare
50px Whip Bro A variety of Hammer Bros that use whips instead of hammers. Defeated with a ground-pound. The Final Challenge Rare
IceBroNSMBU Ice Bro. Just like Fire Bros, but faster. Can also freeze Mario. Mt. Ice, The Final Challenge Uncommon
Alternate Hammer Bro Alternate Hammer-Bro. They act like Alternate Koopas, but throw hammers. A roll is recommended. Bowser's Alternate Universe Rare
BobombNSMBU Bob-omb As common enemies later, they are a force to be reckoned with. Jumps should stun them, while rolls will explode them and harm you. A good toss will do them in. Bowser Castle Semi-common
BobUlk SMGBD Bob-ulk This time, they look like recolored Bob-ombs. They create a larger explosion. The Final Challenge Rare
SMGBD BulkyBobOmb Bulky Bob-omb This one is similar to Bob-ulks, but stronger and rarer. The Final Challenge Very rare
To be determined Gold Bob-omb Drop coins with defeat, but are faster than normal Bob-ombs. Golden Train Rare
Pokey Pokey With only 2 weaknesses (jumping on them and throwing objects (for exapmle, crates) at them), they are a force to be reckoned with. Mushroom Desert Rare
To be determined Bandit This time, they steal carried objects and collected coins. This is annoying when attempting to get the 100-coin Boss Key in Bowser Castle. Any attack can defeat them. Mushroom Desert, Bowser Castle Uncommon
To be determined Blargg Blarggs can now chase Mario for a few seconds. Jumping on to them will stun them for a short time. the only way to defeat them is by throwing a Bob-Omb at them. Bowser Castle Rare
BooNSMBWii Boo Boos are now only weak to thrown objects. Otherwise, they act like they did in most other games, by turning invisible when looked at. All Ghost Houses So common it's not even hilarious
To be determined Dark Boo Unlike normal Boos, this purple-colored variety can turn invisible at will, go through enemies and, worst of all, DON'T SHY AWAY WHEN LOOKED AT!!! Otherwise, they are similar to normal Boos. Bowser Castle, The Final Challenge Uncommon
To be determined Red Boo Known as Pink Boos in this game, they act just like normal Boos, excluding the fact that they can disguise themselves as decorations (for example, vases and chairs). Haunted Mansion Semi-Uncommon
To be determined Bumpty They are faster than before, and are indestructible. They are only defeatable if lead into an abyss. Mt. Ice Rare
Freezie Freezie Freezies now chase Mario. Jumping onto them is not recommended, because they are spiked. Rolling is the best way to defeat them, though leading them towards torches is another way to defeat them. Mt. Ice, Cloud Rift Semi-Uncommon
Mr. Blizzard Mr. Blizzard Acting just like in Super Mario 64, they throw snowballs. They have a new weakness: rolling. Mt. Ice Semi-Rare
Whomp Whomp These baddies come with a similar appearance to that of Super Mario Galaxy 2, while retaining the X-shape of bandages from Mario Party 7. Obviously, ground-pounding is the way to go. Bowser Castle Foregrounds (2nd visit), Bowser Castle, The Final Challenge Semi-Uncommon
50px Iron Whomp These Whomps are made of iron and their bandage is protected by an iron plate, which can be destroyed by throwing a Bob-Omb at it. The Final Challenge Rare
Thwomp2 Thwomp Nothing special here, just acting like they did in Super Mario Bros. 3. Their weakness in this game is... having Bob-Ombs thrown at them. Bowser Castle Rare
Wallop Artwork Wallop Acting like they did in Super Mario 3D Land, they block pathways and necessary objects. They CAN'T be defeated! Bowser Castle, Cloud Rift, Princess Peach's Castle Moderately common
ShyGuy Shy Guy One of the rarest enemies in the game (ironically), they are pretty much quick versions of Goombas. Cloud Rift, Princess Peach's Castle Very rare(!!!)
FlyGuy Fly Guy The 2nd-rarest enemy, can only be defeated by a jump attack. Cloud Rift Very rare
50px Bowser Popup They look like paper cut-outs of Bowser, on a stick. Any attack will tear them in half. The Final Challenge Rare
50px Fiery Cheep Similar to the jumping Cheep-Cheeps from Super Mario Sunshine in behavior, these hop from lava and will make Mario catch on fire. They can be defeated by throwing an object at them. Bowser Castle, The Final Challenge Semi-common
50px Magicheep A cross between a Magikoopa and a Cheep-Cheep, can summon fireballs and fling them out of the water. These fireballs can be punched back towards the Cheep-Cheep. The Final Challenge Rare
Porcu-puffer Porcu-Puffer A pufferfish that can't deflate and can't be defeated. The Final Challenge Rare
50px Sparkly Ghost A ghost that sparkles and can masquerade as a Coin. Jumping on them will banish them to nowhere. The Final Challenge Rare
50px Faded Portrait A faded (blurred) portrait of Bowser. It can breathe fire, just like the Boo portraits in Super Mario 64. A Bob-omb is required to defeat them. The Final Challenge Rare
50px Sand Mowz A Mowz that is actually made of sand. Despite that fact, they are entirely sentient. Any attack will defeat them. Mushroom Desert Semi-common
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