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Super Mario Galaxy Wii U is the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2. It will be released in 2014 for the Wii U.

Super Mario Galaxy Wii U
Developer(s) Moonlight Studios Logo.png
Publisher(s) Nin.png
Platform(s) 3Rating.png
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Europe.png Autumn 2014

25px-Flag of USA.png Winter 2014
25px-Flag of Japan.png Winter 2014
25px-Flag of Australia.png Winter 2014

Mode(s) Single Player
Media Included Wii u.png


The story begins in the Mushroom Kingdom, where Mario awakes to find the kingdom being attacking by none other than Bowser! Mario runs to the castle to try and save Princess Peach, but he is too late. He arrives to find Bowser flying away on his airship with Peach trapped in a secure pod. Mario then chases him through the Mushroom Kingdom, only for him to get away and fly up into the galaxy.

Mario then finds his faithful Toad Brigade that had helped him in many adventures. They swiftly build the Starshroom and fly up into the galaxy after Bowser. After landing on the first planet, Mario is reunited with Lubba, who is looking glumly at the ground. He claims that Bowser flew through the Comet Observatory, smashing it into pieces. He also took Rosalina, the Luma's and all the power that it had.

Mario then shows him the Grand Star that he had just obtained. Using the star, Lubba was able to reconstruct the basics of the Comet Observatory, however most observatories still needed more power to reconstruct. Lubba requests that Mario help him. Mario accepts and Lubba summons Planet Mario to help retrieve the first few Power Stars, so the Comet Observatory can set flight again, as well as the to allow more power to reconstruct the first observatory.



Image Name Description How to Unlock
MarioGalaxyArt.png Mario Mario is ready for another adventure in the stars. He is playable from the start and is good for beginners. Starter
LuigiMarioParty7-1.png Luigi Luigi can jump really high, and is much quicker on his feet than Mario, but he is hard to master, so isn't recommended for beginners. Complete Setting the Gears into Action
Warioooo.png Wario Wario is much slower compared to Mario and Luigi, but on the other hand is much stronger, so he can defeat enemies more easily. He is only used in some missions. Complete The Secret of the Chest
Babymariositting.pngBabyLuigibeinghimself.PNG Baby Mario & Baby Luigi These two are the fastest characters to choose from, and they can also fit through small gaps that others may not be able to. They're only used in some missions. Complete Floating Away with the Breeze
Rosalina Artwork - Super Mario 3D World.png Rosalina Similarly to Wario, she is quite slow, however she as a small hover that the others don't have. She is only used in some missions. Complete Crossing the Star Steps


Image Name Decription
Toad Group.jpg Toads The Toads now help Rosalina a board the Comet Observatory, along with the Toad Brigade Captain.
Toad Brigade Captain SM3DW.png Toad Brigade Captain He helps out by going on his own expeditions into the galaxies.
Lubba.png Lubba The owner of Planet Mario. Lubba resides on the Comet Observatory to help with guidance and resides on Planet Mario on some expeditions.
Lila luma.png Luma Luma's are friends of Mario and help him on his galaxy quest by turning into Pull Stars, Sling Stars and Launch Stars.
Toadsworth Brawl.png Toadsworth Toadsworth is Toad's friend and owner of the Galaxy Shop.
Penguin.png Penguin Penguin's are friends of Mario and help him in some galaxies.
Robotic operating buddy.png R.O.B. R.O.B. helps Rosalina aboard the Comet Observatory, such as cleaning and repairing.
Golden Rosalina.png Golden Rosalina Golden Rosalina appears in all galaxies as a guide once the level has been attempted and failed 10 times.
86px-Daisy MK7.png
Princess Daisy Tired about never going on adventures, Daisy tags along with Mario in the Comet Observatory. By paying her some coins, she can give you hints about missions if you're having trouble.


Power Ups

Main Article: Super Mario Galaxy Wii U/Power-Ups

This game includes a variety of different Power-Ups that Mario can use. For instance, the Super Acorn, Boo Mushroom, Double Cherry and Penguin Suit return from previous Mario instalments, whereas the Drench Flower, Noise Flower and Lakitu Cloud are all brand new items for Mario to use.

Yoshi also returns in this game, with a new array of Power-Ups, which includes the Honey Apple and the Mega Mango.

Mario, Yoshi, and Luma

Galaxies and Missions

Main Article: Super Mario Galaxy Wii U/Galaxies and Missions

The Game contains 12 Worlds, which each originate from one of the Domes on the Comet Observatory, similar to the first game. The Domes include the Patio, the Conservatory, the Garage, the Fountain, the Study, the Kitchen, the Bedroom, the Sunroom, the Engine Room, the Garden and Planet Mario also.

Comets also return in this game. The Speedy, Purple, Daredevil, Cosmic and Fast Foe comets return from the original game, whilst the Green Comet returns from its sequel, however it is in a slightly different form. When a Green Comet appears, one of Mario's Friends goes to retrieve it instead of himself, whether this be Wario, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, Rosalina, Toad Brigade Captain or in some cases Luigi.

Despite that, there is a new comet that has been introduced. The Powershot Comet is a new comet that prevents the use of the Star Spin during the level.


Galaxy Shop

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