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Super Mario Galaxy D.I.Y. 2
Super Mario Galaxy D.I.Y. 2
Developer(s) Moonlight Studios Logo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) 3DS
Genre(s) Action, D.I.Y.
Age Rating(s) 7Rating
Media Included 3DS Cartridge

Super Mario Galaxy D.I.Y. 2 is a New Super Mario Bros. game for the Neptune Z made by Moonlight Studios and is the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy D.I.Y..



At the beginning of designing a game, the player will need to select the number of worlds that would be in the game. Each game can have a maximum of 10 worlds, which includes hidden and special worlds.


Once a player has selected the world they want to build in they can select how many galaxies are in it. The player can have up to 8 galaxies in each world. They can either select a pre-made galaxy from previous Mario Galaxy games or make a new one.

Making your own galaxy

If the player is designing a new galaxy, he/she will have to choose a theme from the many lists provided, which will provide some special items. NOTE: Some items may appear in more than one theme catergory. Then they may begin to put together the layout of the planets. The galaxy can hold up to 25 sections, with each section holding 1 major planet and 1 minor planet.

Naming Galaxies

Once a player has completed the layout of the galaxy, they must name their galaxy with a suitable name. They can either create their own name or use a pre-made one.

Building Missions

To build a Mission, the player must enter a completed galaxy. Now, the player must chose a star from the list (See 'Minimum's and Maximum's' point) and place it in a part of the galaxy. The player then mus put enemies and items and play through the level until the star is reached. At any point during the build and when playing, the player will be able to swap characters, so specially themed puzzles can be included for each character.

Naming Missions

After the player has collected the star in build mode, the player is able to name it. The player can suitably name it themselves or used a pre-made based on items, enemies and plots found in the level.

Editing Layout

If during the build, the player needs to edit the layout of the planets. By pressing start and going on to "Modify Terrain", they can without effecting the build.

Minimum's and Maximum's

When building the game, there are minimum's and maximum's which the player must adhere to.

  • Worlds
    • Minimum - 7
    • Maximum - 10
  • Galaxies (Per world)
    • Minimum - 6
    • Maximum - 8
  • Planets (Per Galaxy)
    • ​Major Planets
      • Minimum - 14
      • Maximum - 25
    • Minor Planets
      • Minimum - 9
      • Maximum - 25
  • Stars
    • Power Stars
      • Minimum - 60
      • Maximum - 120
    • Green/Red/Blue Stars
      • Minimum - 40
      • Maximum - 100
    • Comets
      • Speedy Comets
        • Minimum - 8
        • Maximum - 15
      • Daredevil Comets
        • Minimum - 8
        • Maximum - 15
      • Purple Comets
        • Minimum - 8
        • Maximum - 15
      • Gravity Comets
        • Minimum - 8
        • Maximum - 15
      • Enemy Comets
        • Minimum - 8
        • Maximum - 15
      • Cosmic Comets
        • Minimum - 8
        • Maximum - 15
    • Stars per Galaxy
      • ​Minimum - 2
      • Maximum - 6
    • Total number of Stars
      • Minimum - 180
      • Maximum - 300



Image Name Description Key Skills
130px-NsmbMario Mario
NSMBWii Luigi Luigi
NSMBΩWario Wario
NSMBΩWaluigi Waluigi
NSMBΩBlueToad Blue Toad
NSMBΩYellowToad Yellow Toad
Baby Mario NSMBDIY Baby Mario
Baby Luigi NSMBDIY Baby Luigi


Image Name Description
Yoshi NSMBW Yoshi
250px-MP8 Birdo Birdo
Donkey Kong DK!!! Donkey Kong
Rambi DKCR Rambi


Image Name Description
Princess Peach SM3DW Peach
Daisy Daisy
Rosalina Rosalina
100px-PeachyBaby Baby Peach
Babydaisy Baby Daisy
Baby Rosalina by hikolol35 Baby Rosalina
403px-Toadette111-1- Toadette
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth
437px-DiddyKong2 Diddy Kong
Dixiekong Dixie Kong
BabyDK Baby DK


Image Name Description
Bowser NSMBW Bowser
137px-BowserJr Bowser Jr.
Koopalings Koopalings
Kamek Suprised Kamek
Kamella SMG Kamella
MortonKoopaSr. Morton Koopa Sr.
591px-BoomBoomSM3DL Boom Boom
MKXL Pom Pom Pom Pom
KingK.Rool MSS King K. Rool
DinoPiranha Dino Piranha
Peewee Piranha Peewee Piranha
Firey Dino Piranha Fiery Dino Piranha
Icy Dino Piranha Icy Dino Piranha
PeteyPiranhaPlant Petey Piranha
BaronBrrSMA2 Baron Brrr
BaronBrrn Baron Brrn
Big Bob-omb SM3DW Big Bob-omb
Bouldergeist Bouldergeist
BugaboomSMA2 Bugaboom
Dimentio3DbyHalf Dimentio
Eyerock Eyerok
Fawful by T0M.V.12 Fawful
Mg4 Gobblegut
Gooper blooper Gooper Blooper
Goomboss SMBU Goomboss
119px-KingBooSME King Boo
KingKalienteProfile King Kaliente
Kingfin Kingfin
Koopa Kid Koopa Kid
Major Burrows Major Burrows
Megaleg Megaleg
Metaboss Midbus
Mr L 3D Mr. L
Mummipokey2 Mummipokey
Shadowmario Shadow Mario
ShadowLuigi Shadow Luigi
250px-Sorbetti Profile 2 Sorbetti
Tarantox Tarantox
Topmaniac Topmaniac
Wart3D Wart
Digga-leg Digga-leg
GigaLakitu Giga Lakitu
Rollodillo Rollodillo
Mallettoid Mallettoid
Queen Glamdozer Glamdozer
Squizzard Squizzard
Prince Pikante Prince Pikante
KingWhomp Whomp King
MetalMarioMK7Solo Metal Mario
Tatanga by Tom Tatanga
250px-Tiki Tong Tiki Tong -
Shroober Shroober


Super Mario Galaxy D.I.Y. 2/Enemies





Beta Elements


Credits and Copyright

  • Credit goes to anyone who created the artwork
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