Super Mario Galaxy 4 (tentative title) will be relased in 2012 for the VR by Outer Inc.



All characters have special Power-ups and Star Spins.

Image Name Description Special Power-Up How to Unlock
MarioCrossedArms Mario Mario sets out for another adventure! He has the best Star Spin and is playable from the start. He is the basic character, and is used in most levels

Mario has the most balanced stats, and is great for beginners.

??? Starter
ToadtheShroom Toad Toad, Peach's assistant, is joining in the quest to sabotage Bowser's plans!

Toad jumps the lowest out of all the characters, but is the fastest character in the game, so he is a little harder to control. He is good for players who have good control.

Speedy Mushroom

The Speedy Mushroom turns Toad into Speedster Toad. In this form, he is able to run super fast, almost as fast as Dash Yoshi! Why do we have two speed Power-ups, you ask? Because Toad uses these in some of his races against Koopa the Quick. In this form, he gets a white vest with a blue rim, and a blue cap with stars on it.

Beat "Toad Town's Secret" and collect the Super Key.
LuigiMPDS Luigi Luigi is back and greener than ever! Luigi is embarking on another adventure with his bro., but this time, he get's a little more fame!

Luigi is a little slower than Mario, but can jump really high. He is good for players with a bit more experience.

??? Beat "King Boo's Secret Lair" and collect the Super Key.
DiddyKong Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong, the legendary Donkey Kong's little Nephew is joining the Bros.!

Diddy is one of the faster characters, and he jumps moderately high, but not very long and is easy to control. He can also swing on vines. He is, like Mario, good for beginners

??? Beat "Rumble in the Jungle" and collect the Super Key.
WarioTime Wario Wario is teaming up with Mario to get the coi-no no, to defeat Bowser, of course! Is he really helping, or is he stealing the coins for himself? We will never know.

Wario is arguably the slowest character in the game. Despite that, Wario can collect coins from further away using his magnet, and can jump fairly high. Wario is good for players with alot of experience.

??? Beat "???" and collect the Super Key.
MP7 Toadette Toadette Toadette is joining the Bros. in the adventure! Toadette is speedy, but not as fast as Toad. She can jump really high too, almost as high as Luigi. The thing she is best at...floating! when she falls, she falls at two thirds the normal speed because she is so light.

Toadette is moderately easy to control but, like Luigi, is better for people who have more experience in the 3D Mario series.

??? Beat "???" and collect the Special Star.

Allies and other NPC's

Image Name Description
YoshiSMSJ Yoshi Yoshi is returning to the 3D world as a mount! This time, Yoshi has 2 new Power-ups, the Iced Pepper and the Hammer Egg. Yoshi has the smarts and the power to help Mario and co. defeat Bowser!
StarlowSMSJ Starlow Like in Super Mario Star Journey Starlow asks if you want her to take you to the star anytime you lose more than 7 times in a level. If you choose to do so, you get a Bronze Star and the level is counted as unfinished.
Bloop 3 Bloop What's this? YoshiEgg Nook's best friend is joining the quest? Not quite, Bloop is the leader of the large Bloopal of this area, and you need to talk to him before you can ride the Bloopal. The first time he meets Mario, he challenges him to a race.
Bloopal Bloopal These large, red Bloopers are Mario's allies and will let you ride them across a lake if you get permission from Bloop.
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth Toadworth resides at Toad Town. Talk to him to buy pipes around Mario's house to go to different levels.
Toadbert SMN Toadbert Toadbert is a blue-capped Toad that resides in Toad Town. He appears in a few missions with helpful tips and even gives Mario a Power Star in Toabert in Trouble.


New Enemies

Enemies Brand New to the 3D series.

Returning Enemies

Enemies returning from Super Mario Galaxy 1,2, and 3, Super Mario Nation, and Super Mario Star Journey.


Normal Items

Image Name Description Courses
NSMBWiiCoin Coin These are a form of money that you collect. once you get 100 you get a 1-Up. Unlike previous 3D games, Coins don't replenish health. Certain amounts are needed to buy pipes from Toadsworth. All
Red Coin SMN Red Coin Red Coins are a type of Coin that need to be collected to get a Power Star in a course. There are 8 per course. Red Coin Courses
HeartSMSJ Heart These replenish health. They are counted up, like coins, so you can get a 1-Up with 100. Thay can be tossed at enemies, like Star Bits from the Super Mario Galaxy series. All
RainbowCoin Rainbow Coin Rainbow Coins are a type of coin that make Prankster Comet's appear. If you wan't all the stars, you need to collect these. All (One in every level)
PowerStar Power Star These stars appear in every course. There are many varieties of them, too. These or the objects Mario and co. need to collect in every level to save Princess Peach. All (One in every course)
Shine Sprite Shine Sprite Shine Sprites are objects similar to Power Stars, except that they are used to get Power Stars from Shine Pillars. There is one in every course. Bring thirty to a Shine Pillar to get the star.

All (One in every course)

PoisonMushroom Poison Mushroom Poison Mushrooms are a special Power-down made by Bowser. Poison Mushrooms Make Mario mini, although Mario an use this to his advantage by going through Mini-Pipes to get to swiches and other things. Mario will become normal sized by collecting a Heart, Power-Up, or by getting on Yoshi. ???


Image Name Description Result
Rock Mushroom SMBU Rock Mario Rock Mushrooms turn Mario into Rock Mario. In this form Mario can turn into a Rock and can roll around the stage bumping into enemies, but will disappear if you run into an unbreakable wall RockMario
CloudFlower Cloud Flower This flower can turn Mario into Cloud Mario. In this form, the player can use one of his three clouds to make a platform slightly above them and use them as stairs. Once all three are used, Mario will need to get a new Cloud Flower to restore the Clouds. Cloud MarioSMWWii
TubaFlower Tuba Flower Turns Mario into Tuba Mario. Mario can blow into the Tuba and can blow enemies away by shaking the Wii Remote. You can't jump very high, and will return to normal if hit by an enemy. TubaMario
100px Fire Flower The Fire Flower turns Mario into Fire Mario. While in this form, Mario can aim and shoot Fireballs and enemies or frozen objects to melt them. In the course Chillin' Chisel, Mario has to melt the ice brick to get the Power Star. FireMarioOriginal
Star Super Star Don't get these confused with Power Stars! The Super Star turns Mario into Invincible Mario, where, hence the name, he is invincible to almost anything for 30 seconds. Starmanmario
MetalMushroom Metal Mushroom The Metal Mushroom returns with the same power as the Metal Cap. In the form of Metal Mario, Mario can go to the bottom of the ocean without losing a life. He can also walk into enemies and kill them. While Mario is Slow and is very heavy, he is practically invincible. This is a temporary effect. MetalMarioSMSJ
VanishFlower Vanish Flower This old Power-up is still just as useful, turning Mario into Vanish Mario. In this form, he can walk through enemies, walls, and cages, and walk on freezing water. When having a Metal Mushroom and Vanish Flower together, Mario can walk through underwater cages like in the course 64 Cages Under the Sea. Vanish Mario
DashPepper Dash Pepper Dash Peppers turn Yoshi into Dash Yoshi. In this form, Yoshi runs really fast and is somewhat difficult to control. Dash Yoshi can run across water, too. This is a temporary effect, so watch out, because if you are on water when the Dash Pepper runs out, you lose your Yoshi. Marioyoshireed
DigPeanut Dig Peanut The Dig Peanut turns Yoshi into Dig Yoshi. The second Yoshi eats a Dig Peanut, he starts digging. After 30 seconds, Yoshi reverts to normal. If you are underground whil he returns to normal, you return to the top of the hole, and if you dig to the top of the ground while Dig Yoshi still has his power, Yoshi returns to normal. MarioDigYoshi
BlimpBerry Blimp Fruit Blimp Fruits turn Yoshi into Blimp Yoshi. With this power, Mario and Yoshi can reah hights otherwise un-accessable. This Power-up is temporary, so watch out, because if you are high up when the Air Meter runs out, you will fall and lose a life-point. BlimpYoshi
IcedPepper Iced Pepper Wait a minute, where are the Frozen Mushrooms and Ice Flowers? Don't worry, we have an ice Power-up, but it's for Yoshi. The Iced Pepper turns Yoshi into Ice Yoshi so he can freeze things like water and enemies. If Yoshi hits an enemy or touches fire or lava, he turns back to normal. IceYoshiSMG3
HammerEgg Hammer Egg What's this? Another power-up? You bet! The Hammer Suit is back with a new vessel, the Hammer Egg. Once Yoshi gets this item, he turns into Hammer Yoshi where he can spit out hammers at things unaccesable, like a switch across a lake. If Yoshi touches an enemy, he returns to normal. HammerYoshiSMG4
VoidAvocado Void Avocado The Void Avocado transforms Yoshi into Void Yoshi. Void Yoshi can suck in an unlimited amount of enemies without becoming full. This power is good for levels when you have to defeat a certain amount of enemies within a certain amount of time. VoidYoshi


HUB - Mario's house

Mario starts here. From here, he can access Toad Town and every other area by buying Warp Pipes from Toadsworth in Toad Town.

Course Information Mission(s) Mission Information Boss(es)
Peach's Castle Peach has been kidnapped again, now Bowser has sent his troops inside her castle! Koopas and Goombas appear here. On the top floor is the Grand Star guarded by a weak troop. GrandStarSMSJTop of the Tower Mario must go to the top floor of Princess Peach's Castle to get the Grand Star guarded by 4 Koopas. None

Area 1 - Toad Town

Here, Mario meets Toadsworth and learns that the Power Stars let you access new levels. He also finds out he needs to use the Grand Stars to pull all of Mushroom Kingdom Back together.

Course Unlocked by... Information Mission(s) Mission Information Boss(es)
Goomba Meadows By beating Top of the Tower An easy level with Goombas, Bob-ombs, and Goombos. There are cannons here and in the distance is a mountain. There is also a secret underground room located under the mountain.
PowerStarSMSJ Goombo Cave Mario must enter the cave in the bottom of the mountain and make his way to the highest point, suddenly, a Giant Goombo Jumps through the Moutain, and engages Mario in battle. The Power Star is in his crown. Giga Goombo
PowerStarSMSJ Cannon Mayhem Mario must defeat the snoozing Goombos inside the cannons and blast himself to the top of the mountain and face three Grand Goombas. None
PowerStarSMSJ Koopa the Quick Returns Mario must race Koopa the Quick to the top of the mountain. Once Mario beats him, he gives him a Power Star. None
SpeedRunPrankStarSMSJ Giga Goombo's Speed Run Mario must defeat Giga Goombo in 20 seconds. There are timers Mario can use to add 5 seconds to the clock. Giga Goombo
SecretStarSMSJ The Hidden Room The mission Cannon Mayhem must be chosen. Instead of going to the cannons, Mario must find the entrence to the secret room and hit the switch in there to open a door. Once Mario goes through, he must defeat the correct Goombo to get the green Star. None
Toad Square By beating Goombo Cave The main square of Toad Town, there are Toads here you can talk too, this is somewhat easy and has Koopas, Goombas, and Kleptoads in it. PowerStarSMSJ Toadbert in Trouble Mario must find Toadbert in the far left part of the main square. He tells Mario that the Kleptoads of toad Square stole his Red Coins. Mario agrees to find them. Once he gives them all to Toadbert, he gives Mario a reward, a Power Star. None
PowerStarSMSJ Stary Night There are Stars EVERYWHERE! Mario must use up all the stars to reveal the big Power Star. Thing is, these Stars are very bouncy... None
SuperKeySMSJ Toad Square's Secret Mario must find out what is causing all the fog that has covered Toad Square. Once he finds the source, he must Battle it to clear the square. Hide 'n Foo
SpecialStarSMSJ Red Star in the Moon Once you have reached Area 3, this mission appears. Get the Yoshi Egg by the big Pine Tree and find the Blimp Fruit by Toadbert's house. Use it to climb up to the top of the Shroom Comunity Hall, and look at the Moon. A Red Star will come down slightly out of reach. Mario will have to double jump to get it. None
Frightful Cemetary By having 5 Power Stars. A cemetary full of Boos and Goombas. There is a large shed to the left side of the cemetary and a few Toads reside in a little village just outside the cemetary. Some say that Prince Toadley is buried here. PowerStarSMSJHide 'n Spook Mario must use the Yoshi Egg by the entrance to guide Yoshi through the cemetary to the Dig Peanut in the back of the cemetary. Once he does that, you must find the Power Star underground. Wach out because if Yoshi gets to close to a Boo, he will hide in his egg again. None
PowerStarSMSJPink Boo in the Graveyard Mario must use the Void Avocado that is found only in this level where the Dig Peanut was. Mario and Yoshi must run around the big Pink Boo untill he becomes dizzy and is vulnerable, then suck him in with Yoshi. Do this 4 more times to win and recieve the Power Star. Each time You cusk him in, he gets Smaller. Pink Boo
DoubleTimePrankStarSMSJDouble Spook

Mario must beat the first level Hide 'n Spook with the Boos and Goombas moving around the cemetary twice as fast.



  • In Hammer Yoshi's Official Artwork, he is shown to be throwing the hammer, rather than spitting it out like he does in-game.

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