Super Mario Galaxy 3 (known in Japan as スーパーマリオギャラクシー3) is the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2 and the third game in the Mario Galaxy Series. It is for the Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS if you want to use the amiibo functionality, and is the first handheld Mario Galaxy game. The game was created in 2014 but was released on February 19, 2015. It was created as a collaboration between Float Island Inc. and Santumerino. It is rated E 10+.




There are different playable modes.


Main Article: Super Mario Galaxy 3/Story

This mode is available from the beginning. You follow the storyline of the game.

Free Explore Mode

In this mode, you (Mario) can explore the secrets of any world that you have been to. There are no enemies, so you can play with the native creatures of the planet, look for the elusive Silver Coins that only appear during this mode, or just explore! Up to 4 players can play at once. Player 1 is Mario, Player 2 is Luigi, Player 3 is Wario, and Player 4 is Waluigi.

Black Hole Fight

In Black Hole Fight, a planet randomly chosen from planets you have visited in Story will appear (except with no life forms), and the people playing will fight to the death. The goal is to knock the other players off the planet and into a black hole. Up to 8 players can play. Player 1 is Mario, Player 2 is Luigi, Player 3 is Wario, Player 4 is Waluigi, Player 5 is Peach (with a jumpsuit instead of a dress), Player 6 is Daisy (with a jumpsuit instead of a dress), Player 7 is Rosalina (with a jumpsuit instead of a dress), and Player 8 is Yoshi. You can play this mode online.


Some new features that weren't in the previous games are Free Explore Mode, Black Hole Fight, and wireless multiplayer. However, some features were taken out. Comets do not appear due to technical limitations, and profiles were taken out.

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