Super Mario Galaxy 3-Bowsers Third Revenge
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Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan June 7 2013
25px-Flag of USA June 20 2013
25px-Flag of Europe June 20 2013
25px-Flag of Australia June 27 2013
Mode(s) 1-3 Players
Age Rating(s) ERating
Media Included Wii U Disk

Super Mario Galaxy 3 is The sequel To Super Mario Galaxy 1 & Super Mario Galaxy 2! The game is for The Wii U & was released in 2013.


One night, Mario, Luigi, The Toad Brigade, and Princess Peach all got invitations To The Comet Observatory's 1000TH Year Anniversary. However Lubba was driving the Starship Mario and thrashed it into Rosalina's starship. All the pieces of the Comet Observatory except the Terrance scattered around the galaxy. Bowser then appears out of nowhere and told them that he tried to shoot the Starship Mario to get to Peach. Bowser was taking Peach to the castle. Luigi, In an attempt to save Peach, Actually got caught in Bowser's airship and landed to the Engine Room. However Bowser was to late. Fawful quickly jumped right on the Princess to take her away. Bowser told them with anger that kidnapping the Princess is his thing. Lubba and Rosalina told them that Mario and Bowser must work together if they want to get the Princess. Mario went To go search for The rooms and Peach.


File:Egg planet.PNG

Power Stars make a comeback, last being seen in Super Mario 64. The main goal of the game is to collect a minimum of sixty stars and defeat Bowser. Similar to Princess Peach's Castle in Super Mario 64 and Delfino Plaza in Super Mario Sunshine, the Comet Observatory acts as the game's hub area. There, Mario can access the galaxies from domes. New areas in the Comet Observatory become accessible as Mario gains Power Stars and Grand Stars. A minimum number of Power Stars is required to have enough power to go to each multi-star galaxy, single non-Grand Star galaxies with a ? Block icon when locked are bonuses for finishing certain star missions. The game has a level intro for each star, as in Super Mario Sunshine.


Mario encounters Luigi in four levels (located in the Good Egg Galaxy, the Honeyhive Galaxy, the Battlerock Galaxy, and the Ghostly Galaxy). In Ghostly Galaxy, Luigi is at the end of Luigi and the Haunted Mansion holding a star. After Luigi is rescued, he can be seen in the observatory and helps Mario reach secret stars that he could not get alone. When Luigi is in other galaxies, Mario receives a letter from Luigi every time Luigi has found a Power Star, including a picture which helps Mario find Luigi. After the main game is finished, Mario can return and collect up to 120 stars. Super Mario Galaxy contains a few different types of stars, including red, green, and comet stars. The Green Power Stars are secret stars which are used to unlock the Trial Galaxies and one Red Power Star appears when Mario returns to the gate, which allows usage of the Red Star in the Comet Observatory.

After finishing a level, Mario's highest score of coins for the galaxy is recorded and the collected Star Bits are transferred to the Comet Observatory, where Mario can later use them to feed Hungry Lumas. The requirements for opening up each galaxy is listed below, with Star Bits if the galaxy is created by a Hungry Luma. Note, however, that some galaxies are not unlocked by simply obtaining a number of stars but by completing a specific star. This is true for all Hungry Lumas except the first, and all bonus galaxies from Buoy Base Galaxy onward.

There are a total of forty-two galaxies in the game.

The amount of Power Stars and Star Bits listed after a galaxy is the amount of the corresponding collectibles that is required to unlock the galaxy.

Galaxies marked with an asterisk (*) are unlocked by feeding Hungry Lumas.

Meadow Galaxy Fawful's Cave Galaxy*
Grand Star Rescue Meadow's Purple Coins Fawful's Robot Mechanism
Yoshi's Island Galaxy Sky Garden Galaxy
Dino Piranha Cosmic Adventure Bee Mario's Third Return Honey Queen's Hive
King Kaliente's War Dino Piranha Speed Run Mandibug's Stampede Sky Garden Cosmic Mario Race
Yoshi's Purple Coins Kamek's Tunnel The Sky Garden's Purple Coins Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom
Super Water Galaxy P-Switch Galaxy
Coach's Ray-Surfing Lesson Switching the Planet Green
Honeycomb Galaxy Bowser Jr.'s Robot Contraptions
Honey Climb Training Saturn's Rings
Donkey Kong Country Galaxy World War Galaxy
Through The Vines Barrel Break World War Weapons World War III
Banana Breakthrough Through The Vines Speed Run Soldier Tribe Soldier's Daredevil Run
DK's Purple Coins Lubba's Unexpected Appearance Purple Coins World War Mario's War
Mario V.S Bouldergeist
Rolling Castle Galaxy Speedy Galaxy
Rolling in the Castles Hurry-Up!
Slinky Galaxy* Fawful's Planet Reactor
Bouncin' Down The Sideways Stairs Fawful's Robot Creation
Ray-Surfin' Galaxy Luigi's Mansion Galaxy
Ray-Surfin' Treasure Blooper Mario's Swim Test Luigi's Haunted Mansion Spooky Speedster's Return
The Chimp's Ray-Surfin' Challenge Fast Foes on the Rubik Cube Boo Mario's Haunted Float Boo Mario's Haunted Float Speed Run
Ray-Surfin' Purple Coins Surfing Up Waterfalls Purple Coins in the Mansion Dark Matter Mansion
Bubble Blower Galaxy Tank Engine Galaxy
Through the Spiky Field Bowser's Secret Tank Green Star of the Secret Tank
Drip Drop Galaxy* Bowser Jr.'s Army
Electric Eel Labyrinth Koopa and Goomba Galore
Honeybee Garden Galaxy Ice Forest Galaxy
Bees in the Wind Bee Mario's Tricks Baron Brrr's Ice Kingdom The Chimp's Race Trail
Honeybee Garden's Gravity Bee Mario's Trick Daredevil Run Cold Collision Frosty Cosmic Mario Race
Purple Coins on the Puzzle Cube The Golden Chomp Purple Coins of the Summit Conquering the Summit
Dusty Desert Galaxy Pull-Star Galaxy
Desert Rodeo Blasting Through the Sand Pull-Star Slide
Sunny Yellow Desert Sand Desert Sand Speed Run
Purple Coins of the Desert Bullet Bill on Your Back
Treasure of the Pyramid
Monster Galaxy* Fawful's Dark Matter Lair
Monster's Treacherous Planet Warped Darkness Valley
Engine Room
Arcade Pinball Galaxy Sweet Chocolate Galaxy
The Chimp's Pinball Challenge Paint Mario's Painting Spree Mario's Chocolate Treat Bowser's Monster Cake
Electric Pinball Game Cosmic Mario Pinball Goal Race The Silver Stars of the Chocolate Bar Cosmic Mario's Sweet Chocolate Race
Purple Coins of the Arcade The Ball of the Giant Pinball Machine Purple Coins of the Ice Creams The Chimp's Chocolate Sundae Race!
Toy Time Galaxy Robot Gadget Galaxy
Heavy-Metal Mecha Bowser Mario Meets Mario Advanced Robot Gadgets
Bouncing Down Cake Lane Fast Foes of Toy Time
Luigi's Purple Coins The Flipswitch Chain
Sand Spiral Galaxy* Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor
Choosing a Favorite Snack Bouldergeist's Rocky Return
Dark Shadow Galaxy Fun Carnival Galaxy
Mario's Secret Shadow Bubble Blastoff Mario's Roller Coaster Fun The Ferris Wheel
Guppy and the Underground Lake The Dark Shadow Daredevil Run Revenge of the Topman Tribe Topman Tribe Speed Run
Plunder the Purple Coins Boo in a Box Carnival's Purple Coins Silver Stars of the Carnival
Lava Liquid Galaxy Dark Matter Galaxy
Fire Mario's Lava Spire Through the Fire and Flames Bowser's Fiery Aura
Fiery Dino Piranha Through the Fire and Flames Daredevil Run Snowy Town Galaxy*
Red-Hot Purple Coins The Chimp's Lava Crate Challenge Star Bunnies of the Snow
Planet of Trials
Rolling Gizmo Galaxy Bubble Blast Galaxy
Gizmos, Gears, and Gadgets The Electric Labyrinth
Loopdeeloop Galaxy Grand Finale Galaxy
The Galaxy's Greatest Wave The Star Festival
Center of the Universe
Fawful's Warped Galaxy
The Fate of the Universe


Playable Characters

Image Name Description Statistics
Mario Jump NSMBU Mario Mario the heroic plumber from The Mushroom Kingdom is here to save "the special one". Mario is the most balanced of the cast.
BalancedSpeed: ***Jump: ***

Strength: ***

NSMBULuigi Luigi If Mario would be unable to help, then Luigi would be the other decision. Luigi has once again To join Mario To save the special one. Luigi is The fastest character with low traction and high jumps.
SpeedSpeed: ****Jump: ****

Strength: ***

Bowser NSMBW Bowser Bowser, the evil turtle from the Mushroom Kingdom is- WHAT?!? Teaming up with The Mario Brothers?!? Yes that's true. Bowser has extreme strength and he spins Dark Matter instead of stars.
StrengthSpeed: ***Jump: **

Strength: *****


Image Name Description
Lubba Lubba Lubba is The first leader alongside Rosalina! Lubba gives Mario very useful advice & Tells Mario if he get's Tired of collecting stars Then he could Take The rest!
DKthumbsUp Donkey Kong Donkey Kong is The new Yoshi of The game! D.K is ridable & can swing on vines & can defeat other enemies with The one hit & appears on The Starship Mario! Instead of coming out of The egg like Yoshi does, Instead D.K comes out of The D.K Barrel!
Rosalina - Mario Party 10 Rosalina
Toad brigade by banjo2015-d8nrzjb The Toad Brigade The Toad Brigade are Toads That Team up & work Together To encourage The Mario & friends To search for The Power Stars! The Team is unique in EVeryWay!

  • The Red Toad is The captain! The leader is normally anxiouz To help Mario, Luigi, & The Chimp! He normally searches for The new adventure!
  • The Blue Toad is The smartest! The Nerd Toad is always scientific whenever The Toad Talks! The Blue Toad normally searches for investigations!
  • The Green Toad is The BankToad or otherwise known as The worker Toad! This Toad loves To sell StarBits & Work Very Tough! The Toad likes To Take The job seriously!
  • The Purple Toad is The MailToad! The Toad searches The galaxy To find addressed letters To either Mario, Luigi, Or The Chimp! The Toad never really searches The Power Stars Though!
  • The Yellow Toad is The Silly Toad! The Toad is often seen creating The joke of his self or Taking The Nap! The Toad rarely Takes The job seriously!
Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Yoshi
Peach - Mario Party 10 The Princess Peach

Mario Power-Ups

The Image The Items The Description
BeeMush Bee Mushroom The normal suit. This turns Mario into a Bee and Mario can hover & spin honey.
BooMush Boo Mushroom AHHHHHHH!!! Oh... Its just Mario. In This suit, Mario could Turn into The infamous ghost from Mario, Boo. With Boo Mario, you can vanish and other Boo's will fall in love with these heroes.
SpringMush Spring Mushroom BOING!....... BOING!....... BOING! This is The sound THIS suit does. In this suit, Mario can reach to high spots Mario can't do on his own.
RockMushroomSME Rock Mushroom This suit let's Mario thrash into tough like objects.
SpinDrill Spin Drill This item let's Mario dig underground to search for secret things.
CloudFlower Cloud Flower This suit let's Mario create up to three clouds at a time. Disappears after 10 seconds.
Ice Flower Ice Flower This suit let's Mario throw ice balls and freeze other enemies.
FireFlowerSM3DW Fire Flower This suit let's Mario throw fire balls and defeat other enemies.
RedStar2 Red Star This suit let's Mario soar through the sky.
Brush Flower Brush Flower [NEW!!!] The new suit. Touching this suit turns Mario into Paint Mario. With Paint Mario, Mario can paint the floor and walls to let enemies slip and slide.
BlooperSuit Blooper Suit [NEW!!!] The new suit. Touching this suit turns Mario into Blooper Mario With Blooper Mario, Mario can swim under water for unlimited time.
ThunderFlower Thunder Flower [NEW!!!] The new suit. Touching this suit turns Mario into Thunder Mario. With Thunder Mario, Mario can throw thunder balls, which could stun enemies for 5 seconds.
Bubble Flower Bubble Flower [NEW!!!] The new suit. Touching this suit turns Mario into Bubble Mario. With Bubble Mario, Mario can throw bubbles at enemies, which is if the bubble pops, enemies turns into coins.
BowserMushroom Bowser Mushroom [NEW!!!] The rarest suit in the game: The Bowser Mushroom. Touching this suit turns Mario into Bowser Mario With Bowser Mario, Mario retains the exact strength as Bowser. This item canNOT be used with Bowser himself, and is only found in if you die ten times in a level.
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