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This is a fan game idea by McBoo-Blitzman with room for improvement.

Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 Spine Logo.png
Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 Wii Boxart.png
Developer(s) EEA Inc. Logo on Cases.png
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Wii Logo.png, Nintendo VR Logo.png
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan.png July 5 2011
25px-Flag of USA.png August 12 2011
25px-Flag of Europe.png November 11 2011
25px-Flag of Australia.png December 22 2011
Mode(s) 1-4 Players
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg
Media Included Wii Disk, VR Disk

Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 (originally Super Mario Galaxy: Universal Quest) is the second sequel to Super Mario Galaxy, made by EEA Inc. for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo VR. The game will release after Super Mario Galaxy 2 in 2011, celebrating Mario's 25th anniversary. The game will include all-new gameplay including both Mario and Luigi collecting Power Stars at the same time as well as new galaxies, bosses, enemies, and more.


A month after defeating their nemesis, Bowser, Mario and Luigi are sleeping in their house, when Mailtoad comes to his door with a letter reading: Dear Mario, We will be be passing over your world in the Starship. The Lumas and I will meet you in the town square. - Lubba. Happy to see that their old friend was back, Mario and Luigi start off to Peach's Castle. On the way, they stumble upon Mario's hat, the one that he lost during the departing Baby Luma. Picking it up, Mario finds Baby Luma inside with a new letter. This time, with different handwriting. Dear Mario, There is a HUGE problem where I am right now, which I don't have a clue. Anyway, that monster that you battled is back, and bigger than ever! HELP! -Lubba. Mario and Luigi thought for a moment, and then with Baby Luma in tow, headed to Peach's Castle. Arriving, the bros. found Bowser, looming over them, and suddenly discovered that the first letter was a trick. Bowser grabs Princess Peach and flies into the galaxy. Mario, Luigi, and Baby Luma seek help from a couple Lumas, that blast them into space. Mario finds himself reunited with Lubba and sets out to save Princess Peach, meeting many new and old friends along the way.

After adventuring a long way, the Mario Bros. finally find and defeat Tara Bowser. However, just as Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Lubba are about to return to the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser returning and the crew must fight him on the Starship Mario. But after defeat, Bowser destroys the Starship out of anger and sends Mario, Luigi, Peach, and all the other passengers into a black hole. The Toad Brigade escapes on the Starshroom with Lubba. Mario soon wakes up to find that the Lumas and Rosalina had saved him. All of Mario's new friends from space join him in a party with a giant cake, presented by Princess Peach herself. All the bosses, even Bowser and the Koopalings. Once all the Power Stars are collected, it is revealed that the Toad Brigade stuck in outer space with Lubba. Lubba agrees to help them get back to Mushroom Kingdom, starting at World 9 with the new Starship Toad. From their, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad collect Power Star with help from the other members of the Toad Brigade. When they get back, they find that Bowser ate the last piece and cake, and a battle occurs. Soon, Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad could travel to World 10.


Although the game isn't a redone version of Super Mario Galaxy 2 a lot of the gameplay from the second game is used. The Comet Observatory does not appear and the Starship Mario returns from Super Mario Galaxy 2 (although slightly redesigned) as well as a map of the universes (previously called worlds). Power-ups like the Spin Drill and Yoshi also return in the game, as well as a bunch of new ones, such as the Robo Flower, Shark Mushroom, and Sand Mushroom. Like the last two games, Mario must travel though galaxies and collect Power Stars. The game includes a unique new mode, where both Mario and Luigi can play at the same time and help each other retrieve Power Stars. Up to four players can play, since both Mario and Luigi have Co-Star Lumas, which can retrieve items for them. Once the player finishes the game with all 170 Stars, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad are unlocked. The Nintendo VR version is still the same game, just with virtual reality controls, including moving arms to walk, spin, and jump. The Wii version is just like the first two games.



Universe 1

Galaxy Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Planet Plains Galaxy A simple galaxy that introduces the main concept of the game. This is great for starters and includes many Launch Stars from players to blast their way though the galaxy. Easy enemies like Goombas and Electrogoombas appear. StarWe've got P.T. Piranha
StarThe Blast of a Lifetime
StarFeeding the Baby
Speedy Comet StarP.T. Piranha Speed Run
Purple Comet StarPlanet Plains' Purple Coins
Secret StarSecret of the Plains
P.T. Piranha
Shallow Sewage Galaxy A sewage line, running into a lake. The sewage is harmful to Mario, and he must be careful when getting to the Power Stars. There are a few enemies such a Skeeters that float on the lake, making it harder for Mario. Mario uses the Ice Flower for the first time in the game. StarThe Polluted Lake
StarSilver Star Toxic Run
StarSluglug's Slimy Sedge
Speedy Comet StarSluglug's Speed Run
Cosmic Comet StarToxic Taste of Cosmic Clones
Secret StarThe Lake's Underworld
Roll-O-Rama Galaxy An easy starter galaxy, teaching Mario how to roll on the Star Ball. There are no enemies that are a threat to Mario, since he can just roll over them, except for the exploding Bob-ombs. StarStar Rolling Superstar
Speedy Comet StarA Quick Victory
Bowser Jr.'s Drill Base A strange base owned by Bowser Jr. with includes the debut of the Spin Drill. Magikoopas, Hammer Bros., and Bullet Bills make their appearance in this fort as well. Bowser Jr. himself, it battled in an Airship, which Mario fights from a distance. Grand StarJr's Treacherous Tricks
Daredevil Comet StarBowser Jr.'s Daredevil Run
Secret StarGearmo's Trash Trial
Bowser Jr.

Universe 2

Galaxy Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Dusty Stream Galaxy A desert galaxy with an oasis running though it. The Sand Mushroom makes it's grand debut as well as a few sand enemies, such as Tweesters and Dry Bones. The Stars are mostly located on high heights. StarThe Star Climb
StarWhat a Wind E. Storm
StarThe Storm's Aftermath
Cosmic Comet StarThe Cosmic Clone Climb
Purple Comet StarPurple Coin Climb
Secret StarSecret of the Sink Sand
King Wind E.
Skybound Woods Galaxy A ground of medium-sized planetoids, surrounded by high cliffs and shear drops. Most of the Stars are located on those cliffs, with tons of twists and turns along the way. Many flying foes are introduced in this galaxy. StarClimbing the Cliffs of Skybound
StarBehind the Portcullis
StarLeft is Right
Fast Foe Comet StarFast Foes of the Cliffside
Purple Comet StarPurple Coins on the Cliff
Green StarGreen Pipe = Green Star
Ray River Galaxy A floating river, home to Ray and the Dolphin clan. Mario first learns to race on Ray, in an easy track and even race again the Dolphins. However, if Mario falls, it's a long way down. StarRacin' with Ray
StarThe Dolphins' Big Speed-Off
Speedy Comet StarRay Race Speed Run
Larry's Shady Lagoon The second boss galaxy with Larry Koopa as the commander. Water enemies like Cheep-Cheeps and Bloopers are included and Koopa Shell rides are very common. Larry himself is battled underwater with magic to spare. Grand StarLarry's Aqua Brawl
Cosmic Comet StarKoopa's Cosmic Clones
Larry Koopa

Universe 3

Galaxy Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Yoshisland Galaxy A sunny island, inhabited by Yoshis, Piantas, Nokis, Crabbers, and also introducing the Juicy Peach power-up. Yoshisland Galaxy resembles Isle Delfino, complete with a Town Square and Pianta Statue. StarHatching Old Buddies
StarSilver Stars in the Town Square
StarQueen Mudura's Scorching Behavior
Daredevil Comet StarQueen Mudura's Daredevil Run
Purple Comet StarAnnual Purple Coin Sprint
Secret StarPianta's Crate Bustin' Challenge
Queen Madura
Woody Wilds Galaxy With Whittles and Yoshis, Mario makes his way though large forest with tall trees, dash ramps, and lots of surprises. Woody Wilds Galaxy debuts Ukikis and Flaptacks to the game as well as the Blimp Fruit and Dash Pepper for Mario's good friend, Yoshi. StarIt's a Bird! It's a Blimp!
StarBreak Brakaleg's Leg
StarTop Speed in the Treetops
Fast Foe Comet StarClimbing with Fast Foes
Cosmic Comet StarSpeedy Cosmic Clones
Secret StarSpeed or Soar
Gully Glide Galaxy A jungle/rainforest area, home to all birds, mainly Jibberjays and Fluzzard. In this area, Mario flies to the goal, while being carried by Fluzzard. Jibberjays will also race him for the Star. Ukikis are the only enemies in this galaxy. StarFlying Fluzzard Style
StarFly to the Finish
Speedy Comet StarFast Flying Speed Run
Morton's Musty Desert A half 2D and 3D fortress with desert flowing in, filling the fortress higher and higher as Mario ventures closer to Morton Koopa Jr., a Koopaling that creates earthquakes in every jump and uses Thwomps for minions. StarHoppin' or Thwompin' Morton
Speedy Comet StarHourglass Speed Run
Morton Koopa Jr.

Universe 4

Galaxy Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Honeyhover Galaxy A floating grassland area, inhabited by Bees and their highness, the Queen Bee. Mario learns about the Bee Mushroom and Honeywalls in this galaxy and battles Mandibugs, Flipbugs, and Rumblebees. StarBee Mario Visits the Queen
StarRumblebumble's Honeycomb Smackdown
StarRumblebee Extermination
Speedy Comet StarRumblebee Extermination Speed Run
Purple Comet StarPurple Coins on the Honeywall
Secret StarRage of the Wild Insects
Bigger Beach Galaxy Another beach galaxy with gigantic enemies such as Grand Goombas. Mario uses the Cloud Flower in this galaxy for escaping these large enemies. Mario also meets Clawd, a Crab that challenges him in later galaxies as well as this one. StarThe Monstrous Moody Rick
StarSilver Stars on the Big Beach
StarClawd's Mega Stomp
Cosmic Comet StarMoody Rick's Cosmic Clones
Daredevil Comet StarSilver Star Daredevil Run
Secret StarClawd's Piranha Stomp
Moody Rick
Mineshack Galaxy A large, dark, floating mineshaft that is haunted by Boos, Electroboos, and many other ghouls. Mario learns a new strategy of riding in minecars and racing a band of Bageys, monkey racers, down dark tracks. StarMine your own Business
StarThe Bageys' Down-Track Challenge
Purple Comet StarPick a Track for Purple Coins
Wendy's Safari Wildland In this boss level, Mario meets up with Yoshi yet again, and this time with the returning Super Scope, a gun used to shoot enemies and Wendy O. Koopa herself. Mario with get help from wild Girafflings that use their long necks to help Mario spin. StarHunting for a Battle
Red StarThe Wild Red Star
Wendy O. Koopa

Universe 5

Galaxy Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Downside Up Galaxy A strange gravity-defying galaxy that includes various switches that make Mario fall down or up. Enemies such as, Goombas and Swaphoppers appear in this galaxy for Mario to bash. The problem is, one wrong move and Mario could end up in a swirling black hole. StarDefying Galaxy Once Again
StarWatch your Step
StarHunting Up and Down for Silver Stars
Fast Foe Comet StarWatch out! Fast Foes!
Purple Coin Comet StarUp and Down Purple Coins
Secret StarBring me a Swaphopper
  • Soleskate Galaxy - Galaxy 5-2
  • Pitch Light Galaxy - Galaxy 5-3

Universe 6

  • Undergoop Galaxy - Galaxy 6-2
  • Bill Base Galaxy - Galaxy 6-3

Universe 7

  • Voidcano Galaxy - Galaxy 7-1
  • Rockodile Cove Galaxy - Galaxy 7-3

Universe 8

  • Windmill Rewind Galaxy - Galaxy 8-1
  • Falling Falls Galaxy - Galaxy 8-2

Universe 9

  • Lunch Launch Galaxy - Galaxy 9-1
  • Bowser's Galactic Battlefield - Galaxy 9-Boss

Universe 10

  • Retro Rumble Galaxy - Galaxy 10-3



Galaxy Bosses

Fortress Bosses


Mario's Power-Ups

Yoshi's Power-Ups


Please note that all other character artworks are returning from Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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