Developer(s) EndgameEnterprises
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) 3D Platform Adventurer
Series Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy: Morning Stars (スーパーマリオギャラクシー:モーニングスター Sūpāmariogyarakushī: Mōningusutā in Japan) is the fifth installment to the Super Mario Galaxy series and a tribute to the game series.


Introduction (Rise of Dawn)

Mario, after defeating Bowser once again from his previous and much more difficult journey. He decides he needs a break from saving the Mushroom Kingdom and go back to his old job; plumbing. Bowser, who wasn't dead from falling into the black hole, rips himself out of it and thinks of a new plan. Since he heard that Mario is on his break, his mind started to bring up a new plan. Bowser starts by attacking the Mushroom Kingdom and leave all the Toad Guards wounded and injured so he can capture Princess Peach with no trouble.

He launches many Bullet Bills at the Toads and inhabitants, destroying the houses, injuring many residers and blasting the entrance to the Princess' castle. Bowser finally grabs Peach and goes back to his castle to lock her in a cage. Bowser also decides to wreck havoc into the Galaxy once again by attacking most of the new galaxies, the planets in the Solar System and space all together, even managing to steal the Grand Stars too.

Part 1 (Earthly Days)

As Mario starts plumbing at the first house he reached, a white shooting star, which happens to be the Luma he saw since Super Mario Galaxy, crashes into the house and frightening Mario. The hero starts to think that Bowser is up to no good once again in the galaxy, so he decides to go back to space to save the galaxy again. However, before he does, he fixes the toilet and starts to reach the observatory.



Image Character Name Skills Biography
207px-Mario Artwork - New Super Mario Bros
  • Spin Attacking enemies
  • Co-Star Jumping
  • Long Jumps farther
  • Breaking boxes and blocks
Mario, labeled as the Jumpman, is the main protagonist of the series that shares his name. Mario collects coins and turns into different forms with a power up. Mario can spin attack enemies and even do the Spin Jump where he can leap and spin and go higher than a backflip jump. He has to save the galaxy from Bowser's clutches.
345px-Luigi SSBU
  • Jumping higher
  • Running faster
  • Great aquatic skills
Luigi is the shadow of Mario and is his twin brother. Although Luigi is taller than Mario, he is younger than him. Luigi is very good at jumping and running and swimming. Unlike his older brother, Luigi doesn't have a Spin Jump and doesn't long jump farther than him. His traction is terrible as he slides farther than anyone.
Chr 13 wario 05
  • Can belly flop
  • Can fart out gas
  • Can break bricks
  • Can toss enemies around
Wario is the rival of Mario and is the anti-hero of the Mario series. In some games, he antagonizes Mario and Luigi alongside his pal Waluigi. Wario has two moves in his normal form and the moves are removed when he collects a power up. Wario can belly flop his enemies and fart out gas to stun them. Wario is very slow and jumps terrible than anyone else.
539px-Waluigi Artwork - Mario Party DS
  • Can throw explosives
  • Can run faster than anyone
  • Cannot break boxes, blocks or bricks
Not excepting a "Waluigi Time"? TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME! Waluigi enjoys antagonizing Luigi in the spin off games and usually fighting with the scaredy cat. Waluigi can throw explosives unlike anyone, but cannot break anything. Waluigi runs faster than anyone, even his rival, Luigi.
MKPC Yoshi Solo
  • Can flutter jump
  • Can lay eggs by eating enemies
  • Can eat and blow fire
  • Cannot break anything, even walls
  • Has a large ground pound hitbox
Yoshi is Mario's dinosaur ally who helps him in every single platforming game starting with Super Mario World. He even babysits very well! Could explains why he helps Baby Mario in the game. Yoshi can flutter jump which allows him to reach high places. If a player mounts another Green Yoshi which is not this one, you can ride it! Rumors say that Yoshis can actually talk.








Image Name Attributes First appearance
  • Gives an extra life if you collect 50.
  • Purchase stuff at shops that needs coins.
  • Collect 10 in a row to get extra health.
Egg Roll Galaxy
Fake Coin
False Coin
  • Damages you when you touch it.
  • Reduces your total coin count by one.
Fake Factory Galaxy
Red Coin
Red Coin
  • Increases the total coin count by two.
  • Collect seven of these to get a random power up or a Health Mushroom.
Egg Roll Galaxy




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