Super Mario Exploration is a show that airs on Nintendo Kids. It premiered on August 3, 2030.



Mario, Luigi and the Toad Brigade go on adventures to several different places, across the Mushroom Kingdom and even around the world. The show also teaches kids how to speak Italian.


Season 1

  1. The Legend of Lily: Mario and Luigi find Lily to find out if she exists.
  2. Lost and Found: Mario and Luigi find an Italian-speaking Shy Guy.
  3. Hic-Boom-Ohhhh!: Mario and Luigi hear an odd noise and investigate it.
  4. Beaches: Mario and Luigi go to the beach.
  5. We All Scream for Ice Cream: Mario and Luigi find an Ice Cream Truck.
  6. Choo-Choo!: Mario and Luigi help Thomas the Tank Engine win a whistle.
  7. Treasure Island: Mario and Luigi find Captain Syrup's treasure.
  8. The Three Little Tepigs: Mario and Luigi help out 3 Tepigs.
  9. Big River: Archivist Toadette's shoe falls in the river.
  10. Berry Hunt: Mario and Luigi hunt berries.
  11. Jirachi Wishes: Mario and Luigi read a story of a Wish-Granting Mythical Pokemon.
  12. Grandma's House: Mario and Luigi bring a basket of treats to Nonna.
  13. Surprise!: Mario sets up Luigi's surprise party.
  14. Super Tape: Mario and Luigi fix a hole in Lakitu's hot air balloon.
  15. Bouncy Ball: Luigi's ball bounces away.
  16. Backpack: Mario must return books to the library.
  17. Biddybud: Mario and Luigi help a mommy Biddybud bring a cookie to her ten babies.
  18. Fish Out of Water: Mario and Luigi rescue a lost fish from a tidal pool.
  19. Little Star: Mario and Luigi bring a fallen star back to the sky.
  20. Mario Saves the Princess: Mario uses a magic word to save a princess.
  21. Il Yoshi: Mario and Luigi find an egg that hatches into Yoshi.
  22. The Chocolate Tree: Mario and Luigi find a chocolate tree.
  23. To the Treehouse: Mario and Luigi go to the treehouse for a party.
  24. Ti Amo: Mario and Luigi save a queen and king by breaking a magician's spell.
  25. Lyra's Flute: Mario and Luigi return a flute to Lyra so she can call Celebi before bedtime.
  26. Call Me Mr. Riddles: Luigi decides to participate in a riddle contest.

Season 2

  1. The Big Storm: Mario and Luigi warn their friends that there is a storm.
  2. The Magic Stick: Mario and Luigi find a magic stick.
  3. The Missing Piece: Mario and Luigi find a wizard find the wand.
  4. Marshall, The Fire Pup: Mario and Luigi help Marshall on his first mission.
  5. Lost Squeaky: Yoshi loses his bath toy.
  6. Doctor Mario: Mario dresses up as a doctor to help his friends when they get hurt or sick.
  7. The Golden Mushrooms: Mario and his friends form a team for Soccer.
  8. Festa Della Mamma: Mario and Luigi find three ingredients for Mamma's cake.
  9. Lost Map: Captain Toad's map gets stolen by a bird.
  10. Dash, The Pony Express: Mario and Luigi go riding through the Wild West.
  11. The Big Pinata: Mario and Luigi try to win a pinata.
  12. The Happy Sphinx: Mario and Luigi make the Sphinx happy.
  13. Super Toad Brigade: The Toad Brigade becomes a team of superheroes.
  14. Click!: Mario and Luigi take pictures of animals.
  15. Veloce, Principessa!: Mario and Luigi retrieve a toy truck on top of a mountain.
  16. A Present for Santa: Mario and Luigi deliver Santa's present on Christmas Eve.
  17. A Letter for Bowser: Mario and Luigi deliver the mail.
  18. Mario, Il Musicista: Mario and Luigi perform a parade to free locked up instruments.
  19. Egg Hunt: Mario and Luigi finds Easter eggs around the Mushroom Kingdom.
  20. Super Spies: Mario and Luigi become spies to protect Toad's cupcakes from being stolen.
  21. To The Monkey Bars: Mario tries to climb across the monkey bars.
  22. Hide and Go Seek: Mario and his friends play hide and seek.
  23. School Pet: The school pet goes missing from its cage.
  24. Quack! Quack!: Mario and Luigi color Mamma Duck and her eggs in a coloring book.
  25. Whose Birthday is It?: Mario and Luigi go to a party in Mushroom Park.
  26. The Lost Kingdom: One of Mario's plushies is hidden in the Lost Kingdom.
  27. Leo, The Circus Lion: Mario and Luigi meet a lion named Leo who wants to go to the circus.

Season 3

  1. Mario Has A Little Lamb: Mario and Luigi return a lost lamb to Mary.
  2. Meet Red!: Mario's friend Red is a Pokemon Trainer who works at the Pokemon Center.
  3. Stuck Truck: Mario and Luigi free an ice cream truck from the mud.
  4. R.O.B., The Robot: Mario and Luigi bring a robot to his grandpa's house.
  5. The Big Potato: Lakitu turns himself into a potato.
  6. Rescue, Rescue, Rescue!: Mario and Luigi must save three friends.
  7. Save the Pets!: Mario and Luigi play a new game.
  8. Per Favore!: Mario and Luigi read a story about a creature who doesn't know how to say "Per favore".
  9. What Happens Next?: Mario and Luigi continue stories with their imagination.
  10. The Fix-it Machine: Luigi gets a hole in his shoe, and the Toad Brigade decide to invent a Fix-It Machine.
  11. Baby Dino: Mario, Luigi, and Red help a baby dinosaur go home.
  12. Luigi Knights: Luigi tries to get his first hit in the Mario Stadium.
  13. Luigi's Special Day: It's Luigi's special day and he gets to do whatever he wants.
  14. To the South Pole: Mario, Luigi, and Red bring a lost penguin back home.
  15. Journey to the Comet Observatory: Mario and Luigi bring four lost Lumas back to Rosalina at her Comet Observatory.
  16. Boo!: Mario and Luigi help a Boo return home before the clock strikes 12.
  17. Mario Saves the Game: Daisy tells Mario to go to the soccer game.
  18. Mario's Pirate Adventure: Mario and his friends must retrieve their pirate costumes from Captain Syrup.
  19. The Super Silly Festa: Lily invites Mario and Luigi to her Super Silly Festa.
  20. Luigi's Favorite Plushie: Luigi accidentally loses his plushie at a slumber party.
  21. Job Day: Mario and Luigi try out different jobs.
  22. Louder!: Mario and Luigi help a rooster wake up the sun.
  23. ABC Pokemon: Mario and Luigi help an Audino find the missing Pokemon.

Season 4

  1. Mario's Fairytale Adventure: When Luigi falls under a spell, Mario must save Princess Peach so she can wake up Sleeping Luigi.
  2. Daisy, la Quindicesimo Compleanno: Mario and Luigi do the mambo for Daisy's fifteenth birthday.
  3. Star Catcher: Nonna gives Mario a star pocket so he can catch Power Stars.
  4. Il Maestro di Musica: Mario and Luigi take Toadette to school on time so she can start teaching her music class students.
  5. The Shy Rainbow: Mario and Luigi help the shyest rainbow shine above the mountain.
  6. Super Bowser Exploration: Mario and Luigi discover a lost baby dragon turtle while playing catch.
  7. Star Mountain: Bowser steals Mario's necklace and throws it on the Grand Star on top of Star Mountain.
  8. Big Brother Mario: Mario and Luigi go home to see if their new sibling is a boy or a girl.
  9. Super Babies: Mario tells a story about the Super Baby Siblings.
  10. Catch the Babies: Mario must try to stop his siblings' stroller from rolling into the geyser.
  11. Mario's Got a Chain Chomp: Bowser tries to steal a present for Mario's new Chain Chomp.
  12. We're a Team: Mario and his friends work as a team in the super adventure race.
  13. Super Spies Return: Mario and Luigi must go to Peach's party before Bowser takes it over.
  14. Mario and Red to the Rescue: Luigi gets blown away with a kite.
  15. A Crown for the Mushroom King: Mario and Luigi help a king find his crown.
  16. The Mixed-Up Seasons: Mario and Luigi find 4 things in the wrong seasons.
  17. Best Friends: Mario and Luigi celebrate Best Friends Day by having a picnic.
  18. Mario's Dance to the Rescue: Mario and Luigi try to rescue Bowser from a bottle.
  19. Save Red: Red gets stuck while trying to save a species that he hasn't met.
  20. Mario's First Adventure: Mario tells the story about his first adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom.
  21. Pikachu's Cry: A Teddiursa needs help getting down from a ledge on a mountain.
  22. Mario's World Adventure!: Mario and Bowser travel around the world to deliver friendship wristbands.
  23. Luigi to the Rescue: When Mario forgets his homework, Luigi must deliver it to school.
  24. Little Crab: Mario and Luigi save a little crab and help him get home.
  25. Mario Saves the Mermaids: Mario must return a crown back to Ariel the Mermaid.

Season 5

  1. First Day of School: Smart Toad and Peach go to school on their first day to learn English and Italian.
  2. The Backpack Parade: Mario and Luigi go to a parade where they will wear backpacks.
  3. Lakitu's Big Race: Mario and Luigi repair Lakitu's kart so he can continue the race.
  4. Toad's Unicorn Flowers: Mario and Toad help out a little unicorn.
  5. Mario's Jack-in-the-Box: Mario teaches Jack to time his jump out of the box so he give the toy to his siblings.
  6. Bark, Bark to Mushroom Park: Mario helps Chain Chomp find his twin in Mushroom Park on Twins Day.
  7. Mario Saves the Snow Queen: Mario and his friends must save Elsa from the Broodals.
  8. The Mayan Adventure: Mario and Luigi help two Mayans play against two cheaters in a ball game.
  9. Bouncy Shoes: Luigi starts bouncing when he gets his shoes back.
  10. Lily's Magic Show: Mario and Luigi must find Lily's wand and bowtie so she can return to her normal size.
  11. Mario Saves Three Kings Day: Mario, Luigi, and Red must find the Pokemon for Three Kings Day.
  12. Lakitu's Treasure: Mario, Luigi, and Lakitu save the Toad Brigade from the Junkyard.
  13. Mario Saves the Three Little Pigs: Mario and Luigi must help Bowser bring back the bricks to the Three Little Tepigs to save them from the Big Bad Wolf.
  14. Mario Saves the Crystal Kingdom: Mario and Luigi must find 4 colored crystals to color the kingdom with help from Queen Elsa.
  15. The Super Babies' Dream Adventure: Mario and Luigi help the Super Baby Siblings get the Golden Rooster to wake up Bedna the Dream Fairy so she can deliver good dreams to all the babies.
  16. Mario's Christmas Carol Adventure: Mario must help Bowser learn the true meaning of Christmas so he can get on the nice list.
  17. Mario Helps the Birthday Jirachi: Mario delivers a wand to the Birthday Jirachi so it can grant birthday wishes.
  18. Pirate Treasure Hunt: Mario, Luigi, and Sugar help Captain Syrup find Captain Goomba's treasure before it sinks.
  19. Luigi's Wish: When Luigi wishes for his favorite thing on a broken wishing machine, he gets more than he expected.
  20. Mario's Big Birthday Adventure: Mario and Luigi must find the Wishing Jirachi in order to get home in time for Mario's birthday party.

Season 6

  1. Mario's Pegasus Adventure: Mario and Luigi must find the constellations when they get scared by a meteor shower.
  2. Happy Birthday, Super Babies!: Mario and Luigi help the Super Baby Siblings save birthday cakes from a cake snatcher.
  3. Mario's Hair Raising Adventure: Mario takes Luigi to the barber shop for a haircut.
  4. Rosalina Comes Home: Mario and Luigi help Rosalina go to the Observatory before it returns to the galaxy.
  5. The Sphinx Gets Married: Mario and Luigi help the Sphinx find the wedding items before the wedding.
  6. Mario's Ballet Adventure: Mario and Luigi must find ballet shoes to replace his scuba flippers before the dance show.
  7. Luigi's First Bike: Mario and Luigi go to the bike shop to pick up their first bike.
  8. Vacanzes: Mario and Luigi go the the campground for a night with Red and Pikachu.
  9. Mario in Sphinxland: Mario and Luigi discover that the Sphinx is stuck in a hole.
  10. Schoolgirl Amanita's School Adventure: Mario and Luigi help Amanita, a schoolgirl, learn Music, Reading, and Math.
  11. The Tale of the Spartan King: Mario and Luigi help a King go to his castle.
  12. Halloween Parade: Mario and Luigi help Boo find a costume for the Halloween Parade.
  13. The Secret of Greek: Mario and Luigi save Atlantis by helping Athenians and Spartans become friendly.
  14. Mario Saves the King: Mario and Luigi must rescue the King.
  15. Mario and Red Save Greek: Mario and Luigi team up with Red to end a Athenian and Spartan fight.
  16. Lily's Magic Wand: Mario must get the wand fixed so Lily can turn Luigi from a girl to a boy.
  17. Bowser's Favorite Things: When Bowser's things get blown away, Mario and Luigi must help him retrieve them.
  18. A Ribbon For Dash: Mario and Luigi help their pony get to the horse show, but the train breaks down on the way.
  19. Mario's Knighthood Adventure: Mario and Luigi embark on a quest to help a horse and a donkey save the princess.

Season 7

  1. Mario's Easter Adventure: Mario and Luigi help the Easter Bunny find its egg basket after Bowser steals it.
  2. Buona Festa del Papà: Mario and Luigi must help their friends and their fathers.
  3. Mario's Rescue in Bikini Bottom: Mario and Luigi help Spongebob and his friends help out Ariel.
  4. Mario's Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure: Mario must find his ribbon before the show starts.
  5. School Science Fair: Mario and his classmate take their homemade volcano to the science fair.
  6. Mario's Moonlight Adventure: Mario must find one of Nonna's kittens when it chases yarn into a storybook world.
  7. Chain Chomp's Big Surprise: Bowser tries to reach Surprise Land before Mario and his Chain Chomp so he can steal the big surprise.
  8. Mario and Red's Amazing Pokemon Circus: Luigi and Pikachu have a circus with Pokemon.
  9. Lakitu the Castaway: Mario and Luigi must help Lakitu when he gets stranded on an island.
  10. Little Bongo's Big Music Show: When a little bongo falls out of the truck, Mario and Luigi must help him.
  11. Mario's Royal Rescue: Knight Mario and Squire Luigi help the horse and the donkey save Princess Peach.
  12. Dipingiamo!: Mario and Luigi help a paintbrush return to an artist.
  13. Check Up Day: Mario goes to his annual checkup.
  14. Li'l Toads: The Toad Brigade's nephew and niece draw pictures to help Mario and Luigi find treasure.
  15. Mario's Thanksgiving Day Parade: Mario and his friends prepare for a parade and a feast.
  16. Book Explorers: Mario and Luigi find the 3 needed things for the story wall.
  17. Mario Rocks!: Mario and Luigi go to Lakitu's dance party where Lakitu and Mario sing a duet.
  18. The Butterfly Ball: Mario and Luigi help a butterfly attend the Butterfly Ball where everyone gets wings so they can fly.

Season 8

  1. Mario and Poochy to the Rescue: Mario and his dog, Poochy, must save Luigi from a Big River.
  2. Pets Galore: Mario, Luigi, and Lakitu must rescue one of their pet dogs while keeping the rest clean.
  3. Catch That Shape Train: A shape train made in a sticker book goes on the loose.
  4. Kittens in Mittens: Mario and one of his kitties must help 3 kittens find their mittens.
  5. Mario's Great Roller Skate Adventure: Mario and Luigi use talking skates to help other talking vehicles.
  6. Rocky's Birthday Party: Mario and Luigi help Rocky clean up a flood in time for a birthday party.
  7. Mario and Sparkle's Riding Adventure: Mario heals a horse and rides him back to the barn.
  8. Mario's Kingdom Talent Show: Mario and Luigi rescue Lakitu so he can go to the talent show.
  9. Mario and Red in the Time of Dinosaurs: Mario and Red use a time machine to travel back to prehistoric times.
  10. Mario's Ice Skating Spectacular: Mario and Luigi help Queen Elsa beat the ice witch to win back the ice skates.
  11. Riding the Roller Coaster Rocks: Mario looks for a hidden door to an amusement park Nonna used to go.
  12. Mario In Wonderland: Mario and Luigi go to wonderland to retrieve their lost kittens.
  13. Mario's Museum Sleepover Adventure: Mario must break the spell to turn the lion back into a prince.
  14. Mario's Super Soccer Showdown: Mario must go to the Big Soccer Tournament in Brazil.
  15. Mario and the Very Sleepy Bear: Mario and Luigi must help a sleepy bear return home so it can hibernate.
  16. Let's Go to Music School: Mario and his two classmates help a bus take all the instruments to Music School.
  17. Mario's Fairy Godmother Rescue: Mario and Luigi help the Fairy Godmother fix her wand so she can get her stuff back.
  18. Mario's Piccolo Animale Adventure: Mario, Luigi, and Red help Buneary, Turtwig, and Butterfree get home.
  19. Mario's Night Light Adventure: Mario and Luigi must find a nightlight to light up the library before the Tochics' story time.

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