Super Mario Exploit.
Developer(s) Outer Limits Co.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) OL Havoc
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) ERating 3Rating
Media Included Havoc Card

Super Mario Exploit is the 7th installment in the famous Super Mario series for the OL Havoc, developed by Outer Limits Co.. Many elements from older games, such as Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64.

It features 240 Power Stars, with 106 being regular Power Stars, 116 of them being Green Stars, 8 being Red Stars, and 10 being Grand Stars. The stars are split between 10 areas and the 9th area is unlocked by having 80 Power Stars. Princess Peach's Castle is the main HUB, and links to the other Area HUBs, via Warp Pipe.


Princess Peach is holding a party, and she invites Mario and Luigi. Once they arrive, they see many familiar faces, like MIPS, Maria, Toad, Toadette, and Luise. Peach taps her cup and is about to give a speech, when meteorites come crashing down. Airships surround the castle, and rip the roof off. Bowser, Bowser Jr., Boom Boom, and Kamek stand at the bow of the ship. Bowser reveals that he has waited too long for Peach to be his, and that he plans to kill Mario. Mario tries to jump onto the Airship, but Boom Boom punches him, and sends him flying into Toad Town. Peach, now vulnerable, is grabbed and pulled into the Airship by Kamek, and the ships start to fly away. Luigi uncharacteristically decides try to board the Airships himself, but his blasted by Kamek's wand into Toad Town as well. Toad, Toadette, Maria, and Luise are seen being put into cages by numerous Hammer Bros. and Magikoopas, and the ships fly of into the sky.

Mario and Luigi are seen waking up in Toad Town. They get up, and are greeted by Toadsworth and Toadbert, who tell them what happened. They explain Bowser has taken all the Power Stars and scattered them across the Mushroom Kingdom, and plans to weaken the kingdom so he can take it over. Mario and Luigi decide that they need to stop him. Before they depart, Toadsworth warns them that Bowser left behind some troops in the Castle, as well as a Power Star. The two head off to collect the Power Stars and defeat Bowser.

After rescuing a few stars, Toadbert tells Mario and Luigi that Bowser is located in Space, and the only way to get to where he is is by powering the Sling Cannon, which takes 80 Power Stars.




The final roster.

There are 4 playable characters in the game. When entering a course, the Character Select Screen will pop up, and you can choose which character you want to use.

Each character can use basic moves like jumping and crouching, and they can also use abilities Star Spin and Ground Pound.

They also have some obvious differences. Mario is faster and heavier, and easier to control, while Luigi can jump high and far, and slides when he stops. Toad is the fastest character, but jumps low, and Toadette can jump really far, but is the slowest character in the game.

Image Name Description How To Unlock
MarioFortuneSt Mario It couldn't be a Mario game without Mario, could it? Mario, the plumber hero from the Mushroom Kingdom, is your basic Joe, a well balanced hero with all the basic powers. N/A
NewLuigi Luigi Luigi, Mario's green, high-jumping, shadowy twin brother is joining his bro. in his mission to stop Bowser! Luigi is less of a basic character, and is a bit harder to control. N/A
ToadtheShroom Toad Toad is Peach's advisor, and one of Mario's party members! After being saved, Toad decides he's not gonna stay in the shadows any longer. Beat Petey in the Big City
MP7 Toadette Toadette Toadette is Toad's best friend. She joins Mario mainly to take revenge on Bowser for locking her in a tight cage. She is a well balanced character. Beat

Non-playable Characters

Image Name Description
Peachy Princess Peach Peach is, once again, the damsel in distress. Although, this time, Bowser plans to use her as part of his plan. He plans on turning her into his queen.
YoshiSMSJ Yoshi Yoshi is a ride-able character that Mario and gang can use throughout their adventure to gain access to new areas. His flutter jump lets him jump longer and higher, and can eat things with his tongue.
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth Toadsworth is Peach's steward, and one of Mario's allies. He often gives Mario useful information on the current location. He is located in the helm of the Star Glider.
ToadbertSME Toadbert Toadbert is another one of Mario's allies. He is the smartest Toad in the Mushroom Kingdom, and puts his intelligence to use. He informs Mario whenever he finds a Power Star he missed, or when they have a new passenger or item. He also acts as the Super Guide for this game.
ToadBrigadeSME Toad Brigade The Toad Brigade are a group of five Toads that help Mario in many different courses. Here is a list of their roles:

Red Toad often directs Mario where to go. He is very cowardly, despite being the leader.

Yellow Toad is rarely often seen awake, and when he is, he hardly ever says anything useful, mostly stating his opinions.

Startoad gives useful tips to Mario, and is similar to Toadbert. On the Star Glider, Startoad keeps track of Mario's stars.

Mailtoad delivers Mail to Mario whenever he is delivered some. He is often seen in the water or with his snorkel on.

Banktoad is most likely the most courageous Toad of the brigade. On the Star Glider, he will hold on to Mario's coins, and will add on to them whenever he can.




Image Name Description
NSMBWiiCoin Coin Coins replenish Mario and gang's health. They are also counted, and every 50 collected gives Mario and gang a 1-up. Coins are also used in Princess Peach's Castle to buy Purple Coins, which will eventually give you a Power Star.
Purple CoinSMWWii Purple Coin Purple Coins can be purchased from Toadbert for 100 coins each. Once 100 are collected, you can give them to Sweebly, who will then give you a Power Star.
PowerStarSME Power Star Power Stars are the main item in this game. Mario and gang must recover all 230 Power Stars Bowser has scattered across the Mushroom Planet. There are also different types of Power Stars, such as Green Stars and Silver Stars.
GreenStarSME Green Star Green Stars are hidden Stars that must be found while doing other courses. There is one per every normal Power Star, and count as Power Stars.
RedStarSME Red Star Red Stars are extremely secret Power Stars that only appear when certain conditions are met. There are 8 in the entire game.
SilverStarSME Silver Star Silver Stars are small Power Stars that are scattered among courses. Once all five are found, they gather, combine, and form a Power Star.
BronzeStarSME Bronze Star Bronze Stars are Power Stars that are collected only if you get help from Toadbert in a course. They allow you to access the next course in the area, but are not counted in your Star count, the cannon, and the course it is collected on still counts as unfinished.
GrandStarSME Grand Star Grand Stars are the biggest and most powerful type of Power Star there is. There are 10 of them total, and are needed to defeat Bowser.
YoshiEggNSMBW Yoshi Egg Yoshi Eggs contain Yoshi's inside them. They are commonly found near the beginning of a course or section. The color of the Yoshi varies, depending on how well many coins you have:

0-15 = Green, 16-40 = Red, 41-75 = Cyan, 76-100 = Blue, and 101+ = Orange.

Power-Up Forms

Item Name Description Result
N/A Small Mario Small Mario is Mario's default form. He achieves this by starting a game, or getting hit as Super Mario. He is unable to break Brick Blocks, spin, and Ground Pound. SmallMario3DLand
Super Mushroom SM3DL Super Mario Mario's normal form, and most popular. As Super Mario, Mario can break Brick Blocks, spin into enemies, and Ground Pound. He is also able to use Power-Ups. Mario jumping
FireFlowerSM3DL Fire Mario Fire Mario is probably Mario's most famous Power-Up. Mario can throw Fire Balls in this form. He also moves a bit faster. FireMarioSME
IceFlowerSME Ice Mario Ice Mario, the polar opposite of Fire Mario. Despite being relatively new, this Power-Up is quite a regular one. In this form, Mario can throw Iceballs and can skate along ice. IceMarioSME
StarFlip Invincible Mario This is Mario's strongest form. As Invincible Mario, Mario runs at super fast speeds, and is invincible, so he can ram into enemies. Also, when he jumps, he does a flip, and goes super far. This Power-Up is temporary. Starmanmario
HammerSuitSME Hammer Mario Hammer Mario is one of the oldest, and probably strongest Power-Ups Mario has. In this form, Mario can toss hammers at enemies from afar, and can duck in his shell to avoid fire. He is also relatively slower. HammerMarioSMF
SuperLeafFlip Tanooki Mario Tanooki Mario is another old Power-Up, but has some new tweaks. Tanooki Mario can hover for a short time, and can also climb trees. He can spin his tail to hurt enemies, and can turn into a statue to confuse them. TanookiMario3D
FrogSuitSME Frog Mario This form is also old, but has updated powers. Frog Mario leaps along the ground instead of running, and jumps twice as high as Super Mario. He also swims better than any other form. FrogMario
BoomerangSuitSME Boomerang Mario Boomerang Mario is one of Mario's newer Power-Ups. In this form, Mario can toss his boomerang at enemies to attack them from afar, but has to wait for it to return. Like Hammer Mario, he can also duck in his shell to avoid fire. BoomerangMarioSM3DL
VoltShroomSME Volt Mario Volt Mario is one of the four new Power-Ups. In this form, Mario can toss thunderballs at enemies. In the air, he can also preform an electrified ariel kick. VoltMario
WindFlowerSME Wind Mario Wind Mario is one of the four new Power-Ups. Using this form, Mario can blow gusts of wind at enemies to spin them out or knock them off the edge. Mario has limited air, and after using it, must wait until he has more. WindMarioSME
BomberSuitSME Bomber Mario Bomber Mario is one of the four new Power-Ups. As Bomber Mario, Mario has three, inactive Bob-Ombs that follow him around, Mario can throw them at enemies. Once picked up, they light. After they are used, Mario must find another Bomber Suit to get more. He can also duck to avoid damage from the explosion. BomberMarioSME
LadybugSuitSME Biddybud Mario Bidybud Mario is one of the four new Power-Ups. In this form, Mario can fly for a while, until the gauge empties. In the air, if Mario collects Coins, he can fly for as long as he likes. He can also stick to some surfaces, and land on flowers and clouds. LadybugMarioSME


Name Description
PowerStarSMSJ Power Star A regular Power Star. It is obtained in almost any normal mission.
SuperKeySMSJ Super Key A Super Key is found in certain boss battles, and can unlock characters and hidden secrets.
GrandStarSMSJ Grand Star A large Power Star with the ability to unlock a new area. Found in the final course of each area.
SecretStarSMSJ Secret Power Star Green Stars that are hidden throughout courses. They can only be found during certain missions.
SpecialStarSMSJ Special Power Star A red Power Star that will only appear after a certain amount of the game is complete.


As with the rest of the Super Mario 3D series, Mario can access each area at any given time once it is unlocked, and there is no specific order in which he needs to collect stars.

Super Mario exploit also features the Star Glider, an aircraft that allows Mario and co to travel across the different levels, similar to Starship Mario from Super Mario Galaxy 2

Area 1 - Toad Town

Course Unlocked by Information Mission(s) Mission Information Boss(es)
Petal Town Default area. A fancy yet simplistic town filled with many Toads. PowerStarSMSJ Battle in the Sewers Mario must find the Warp Pipe that leads him to the sewers, and find out what is clogging the pipes. Sewer Blooper
PowerStarSMSJ Silver Stars of Petal Town Mario must collect the 5 Silver stars hidden around Petal Town to form the Power Star. None
PowerStarSMSJ The Fountain's Trapdoor Mario must find the hidden ? Switch to open a trapdoor in the fountain, and find the Power Star in a maze. None
SecretStarSMSJ Green Star in the Maze In The Fountain's Trapdoor, once you enter the maze, go right, and follow the section behind the Power Star. Hit the ? Switch, and go to the section where the Power Star is, and enter the newly-opened hole. The Green Star will be at the back of the room. None
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
Chocolate Mountains Beat Silver Stars of Toad Town. Mountains made out of the finest chocolate in the kingdom far north of Petal Town. PowerStarSMSJ The White Chocolate Mountain Mario must find a switch to activate a Warp Pipe that leads him to the White Chocolate Mountain, and reach the top. None
PowerStarSMSJ Cocoa Pyramid Mario must find the hidden Cocoa Pyramid and find the Power Star hidden in it's "eye". Eyerok
PowerStarSMSJ Chocolate Lake Mario must reach the Power Star across Chocolate Lake, using Hammer Mario to hit a switch on the other side of it. None
SecretStarSMSJ Green Star in the Jujubes In Cocoa Pyramid, instead of using Dig Yoshi to go into the Pyramid, continue on until you see a Starman. Use it, and go to the right. Run through all 7 fences so you can access "Candy Crops". Near the far right, there will be a large, green candy. Mario must break it to get the Green Star. None
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
Mushroom City Beat The White Chocolate Mountain. The capital city of the Mushroom Kingdom with bright lights, busy roads, and many secrets. PowerStarSMSJ Mushroom City's Brightest Light Mario must reach a Power Star located on top of one of the light posts, with the help of Yoshi and the Blimp Fruit. None
PowerStarSMSJ Late Night Chase Mario must find the car that has the Power Star hidden inside it, and the only way is to hit it as Invincible Mario. None
SuperKeySMSJ Petey in the Big City Mario must defeat Petey Piranha, who is terrorizing the citizens of Mushroom City. Petey Piranha
SecretStarSMSJ Green Star on the Wiggler Bus Mario must redo the mission Late Night Chase, where a Green Star has been seen on top of the out-of-control Wiggler Bus, and Mario must climb aboard and grab it. None
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
Vast Valley Collect five Power Stars. A vivid valley full of wildlife located in between Chocolate Mountains and Mushroom City. PowerStarSMSJ Rollin' by the Lake Mario must traverse on a Star Ball and guide it into a hole, without falling into the lake, to get the Power Star. None
PowerStarSMSJ Curse of the Poisonous Lake Mario must find out why Shroom Lake has become poisoned, so he can access the Power Star in it. None
PowerStarSMSJ Airships in the Valley Bowser and his airships have invaded the valley, and Mario must stop him. Boom Boom
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
Treacherous Forest Beat Rollin' by the Lake and unlock Toad. A large forest located near the Vast Valley, full of Ukikis. PowerStarSMSJ Climbing the Tallest Tree Mario must use the power of the Super Leaf to climb to the top of the Tallest Tree, and race The Chimp across the forest to get the Power Star. None
PowerStarSMSJ The Great Red Tree It's the annual Red Tree Race, and all the citizens of the forest are preparing. Mario must talk to the coach so he can enter. The goal is to reach the Great Red Tree first. None
GrandStarSMSJ Commotion in Motion Mario must reach Bowser Jr.'s Airships and fight his new beast, Guerilla. Guerilla

Area 2 - Haunted Meadows

Course Unlocked by Information Mission(s) Mission Information Boss(es)
Boo Mansion Beat Climbing the Tallest Tree. A giant mansion filled with Boos, Eeries, and Dry Bones. PowerStarSMSJ Star in the Basement Toad must use the Pound Suit in the attic to break through the floor and get into the basement, so he can grab the Star. None
SuperKeySMSJ King Boo's Assault King Boo has made himself a home in the Mansion, and you must flush him out, and battle him in the courtyard. King Boo
PowerStarSMSJ Top of the Mansion A lone Boo is waiting at the top of the Mansion with a Power Star inside him. Mario must reach him at defeat him, but how? None
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
Vicious Vine Jungle Beat Star in the Basement. A large jungle filled with many threats. PowerStarSMSJ Diddy Kong in the Jungle Mario must find Diddy Kong, who has gotten himself lost in the jungle. Donkey Kong says there is a special prize if he finds him. None
PowerStarSMSJ The Chimp's Jungle Quest 5 Helper Monkeys are off hiding in the jungle, and The Chimp challenges Mario to find them all within 2 minutes. None
PowerStarSMSJ King K. Rool's Rampage King K. Rool has invaded the Jungle, and Donkey Kong needs Mario's help to defeat him. Mario must find Dixie Kong to lead him into the dangerous depths of the jungle. King K. Rool
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
Pumpkin Plains Beat Diddy Kong in the Jungle. A very wide field of dead grass and old trees. Many Splunkins reside here. PowerStarSMSJ Splunkin Exploit Mario must lead the Gold Plunkin into the graveyard so it will become a Power Star. None

Area 3 - Sarasaland

Area 4 - Battlefield

Area 5 - Retro Tunnels

Area 6 - Frozen Flame Cavern

Area 7 - Petal Towers

Area 8 - Dark World

Area 9 - Bowser's Lava Sky

Area 10 - Comet Observatory


Name Points How to unlock
Welcome! 10 Play the game for the first time
Fiery Start 20 Play as Fire Mario for the first time
Ice to Meet You 20 Play as Ice Mario for the first time
Invincible Hero 30 Play as Invincible Mario for the first time
Toolboy 30 Play as Hammer Mario for the first time
Mythical Man 30 Play as Tanooki Mario for the first time
Hopping Swimmer 20 Play as Frog Mario for the first time
Royal Bumble 30 Play as Bee Mario for the first time
The One Who Vanished 40 Play as Boo Mario for the first time
Rock and Roll Over 40 Play as Rock Mario for the first time
Cloudy Day 30 Play as Cloud Mario for the first time
Bones to Pick 30 Play as Dry Mario for the first time
Super Bolt 40 Play as Volt Mario for the first time
Spring Shadow 40 Play as Spring Luigi for the first time
Suited with a Pound 40 Play as Pound Toad for the first time
Monkey Girl 40 Play as Spiky Toadette for the first time
Malletastic 45 Play as Mallet Maria for the first time
Light up the Dark 45 Play as Bulb Luise for the first time
Shroomy Boy 30 Unlock Toad
Shroom-ette 30 Unlock Toadette
Cousin in Red 35 Unlock Maria
Cousin in Green 35 Unlock Luise
Congratulations 100 Beat the game 100%


  • The forms Invisible Mario, Sand Mario, Whomp Mario, Monkey Mario, Cursed Bomb Mario, and Spiked Yoshi were all supposed to appear, but were scrapped to being either to close to other forms, or having useless powers.
  • Volt Mario's color scheme is very similar to Hammer Mario's.
  • This game makes it apparent that Toad and Red Toad are two separate characters, as Toad can interact with Red Toad and the rest of the Toad Brigade throughout the course of the game.



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