Super Mario Expeditions is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch and the third mainline game on the Nintendo Switch, prior being Super Mario Odyssey and Super Mario Sunshine 2: Four Seasons. It would release on June 16, 2023.


The opening would have a similar feel to Super Mario 64, its DS counterpart, and it's Switch remake counterpart, Super Mario 64 Switch.

Dear Mario, please come to the castle. I'm hosting a party and baked a cake for everyone to enjoy. Yours truly, Princess Toadstool.

The letter would then fold into an airplane and soar into the morning light. The screen transitions to Mario and Luigi hopping out of a pipe. The airplane from the previous scene falls onto the dirt road. After reading the letter, Mario looks into the distance, with Peach's Castle in the background.

After passing Beginner's Grassland (the tutorial level), Mario and Luigi enter Toad Town. The town would be decorated with games and stands. When entering the castle, he two brothers would walk in, but realize princess is missing. The others would say that Peach should arrive at any moment. Just then, they would all be startled with a clatter.

When they exit the castle, Bowser can be seen from his airships, holding Princess Peach captive and flying off. Mario chases after them, but ends up getting blown away from a cannon A new, unknown enemy wickedly laughs as Mario is blown away, and the screen fades to black.



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