Super Mario Dodgeball!!
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Developer(s) Official Double J Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii Logo
Release Date(s)
1-4 Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Sports
Media Included Wii Disk

"Super Mario Dodgeball" is a Mario sports game developed by Official Double J Inc. In this game, Mario and a wide variety of his friends and enemies play rounds of dodgeball. There will be a wide selection of colorful characters and courts to choose from. Some characters such as Toad and Yoshi come in different colors.


In Super Mario Dodgeball!!, there are several different ways to play the game. You can play with the Wii Remote being held vertically, the Wii Remote being held horizontally, the Wii Remote and Nunchunk combination, Wii Remote Classic Controller or Nintendo Gamecube Controller. Each mode of control is different depending on the mode of gameplay they choose.

There are many differnet ways to play. In Super Mario Dodgeball!!, you choose your team of up to eight playable characters and head off into one of the following modes.

  • Exhibition Mode: Play a friendly exhibition match of Dodgeball. Up to 2 Players.
  • Tournament Mode: Choose your team and enter in a tournament against 4 to 16 different teams. Up to 4 Players.
  • Story Mode: Gather up a team of playable characters and head off to the Koopa Kingdom to take on Bowser and the Koopa Troop in the Koopa King's Dodgeball Tourney. Read the Story here. 1 Player only.
  • Minigame Mode: Play a selection of minigames that actually act like training to the player. These minigames can help you dodge items, catch balls, hit opponents and take advantage of your characters special throw. Up to 4 Players.
  • Records Mode: Check all your game records such as Trophies earned from Tournament Mode, Characters Unlocked, Stages Unlocked, How many times a character was played as, How many times a stage was played on, How much time overall was spent playing the game and how many times a character won and/or lost.



The First Character Selection Screen as of August 2nd, showing all the confirmed characters and showing the multiplayer option.

In Super Mario Dodgeball, there are over a hundred characters to play as. There are many default characters to start the game and a chunk of unlockable characters to find on the way. There are 6 different character types. All-Around, Technique, Speed, Power, Tricky and Flight. 118 characters will be appearing in this game. Here are all the planned characters so far.
Name Image Bio Type
Mario Marioo The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. His red fireball throw can knock his opponents off the court. All-Around
Luigi Luigii Mario's cowardly brother. His green fireball throw keeps his opponents down. All-Around
Peach Peachh The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Her heart throw stuns her opponents for a limited time. Technique
Toad Toadd1 - Copy Peach's loyal servant. His Shroom throws can knock all his opponents down to the ground. Speed
Yoshi Yoshii1 - Copy Mario's best friend and noble steed. His opponents won't see his Rainbow ball come in. Speed/Flight
Donkey Kong Donkeyy Hero of Donkey Kong Isle. His Gorilla Power Throws leave opponents on their knees. Power
Wario Warioo Master of Microgames and Greed. His Garlic throw keeps his opponents away. Power


Bowserr King of the Koopas. His Bullet throw shows opponents who not to mess with. Power
Daisy Daisyy Princess of Sarasaland. Her Flower Power throw stuns her opponents. Technique
Waluigi Waluigii Master of Cheating and Lying. Waluigi's Eggplant Throw leaves opponents on their toes. Technique
Bowser Jr. Bowserjrr Bowser's second-in-command. This princes Podoboo Throw fires up the competition. Speed/Power
Birdo Birdoo - Copy The confused dino from Subcon. Her Birdo Egg Throw stuns her opponents. All-Around
Diddy Kong Diddyy Donkey Kong's little buddy. His Banana Throw curves up the competition. Speed
Boo Booo - Copy Ghosts that reside in the Mushroom Kingdom. His Tricky Throw can confuse their opponents. Tricky/Flight
Dry Bones Dryboness - Copy Skeleton Koopas that reside in Fortresses. His Bone Throw can knock a player out cold. Tricky
Toadette Toadettee The sweet little mushroom girl. Her Musical Throw can stun her opponents for a limited time. Speed
Baby Mario Babymarioo The Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, as a baby! His Baby Bros. Throw can show size doesn't matter. All-Around
Baby Luigi Babyluigii Baby Mario's shy little brother. His Baby Bros. Throw can show size doesn't matter. All-Around
King Boo Kingbooo Luigi's longtime rival. His Royal Boo Throw can scare away his opponents. Tricky/Power/Flight
Petey Piranha Peteyy Mario's Botanical Enemy. His Goop Throw can cause opponents to slip and slide. Power/Flight
Koopa Troopa Koopaa - Copy Friendly residents of the Mushroom Kingdom. His Turtle Shell Throw knocks his opponents down to the ground. Speed
Koopa Paratroopa Koopaa - Copy (3) Koopa Troopa's that take to the sky. His Winged Turtle Shell Throw can cause great knockback. Flight/Speed
Toadsworth Toadsworthh Princess Peach's attendant. His Old Spores Throw can cause his opponents to spin out of control. Technique
Shy Guy Shyguyy - Copy Shy enemies with robes. His Shy Away Throw will keep opponents away. All-Around
Hammer Bro. Hammerbroo - Copy Strong soldiers of the Koopa Troop who weild hammers. His Hammer Throw can knock his opponents out in just one throw. All-Around/Power
Baby Peach Babypeachh The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, as a baby! Her heart throw stuns her opponents for a limited time. Technique
Baby Daisy Babydaisyy Princess of Sarasaland, as a baby! Her Flower Power throw stuns her opponents. Technique
Baby DK Babydkk The famous gorilla himself, as a baby! His Baby Banana Throw shows he has strength even as a youngster. Power
Dixie Kong Dixiee Diddy Kong's energetic girlfriend. Her Ponytail throw can cause her rivals to slip.


Funky Kong Funkyy The coolest member of the Kong family. His Funky Throw can shock his opponents in amazement. Power
Tiny Kong Tinyy Dixie's younger yet taller sister. Her Pigtail throw can cause her rivals to slip. Speed/Flight
Rosalina Rosalinaa Mother of the Luma's and protector of the cosmos. Her Star Dust throw can make rivals see a blur. Tricky/Flight
Dry Bowser Drybowserr Bowser after a fatal lava accident, His Bowser Bone throw can knock players out cold. Power/Tricky
Goomba Goombaa Residents of the Mushroom Kingdom who betrayed their homeland to join the Koopa Troop. Though they have no special throw due to their lack of arms, their amazing speed on the court makes up. All-Around/Speed
Paragoomba Paragoombaa Goomba's who have the ability to fly. Though they have no special throw due to their lack of arms, their amazing flight on the court makes up. All-Around/Flight
Kamek Magikamekk Bowser's caretaker and wise magikoopa. His Spell Throw can confuse the other team. Technique/Tricky
Wiggler Wigglerr Caterpillar-like enemies who have quite the temper. His Rage Attack and knock out his opponents. Speed/Power
Cranky Kong Crankyy The original Donkey Kong from the arcade game, now retired. His Animal Buddy throw causes a stampede of Animal Buddies to wreck havoc on his opponents side of the court. Technique
Candy Kong Candyy Donkey Kong's lovely girlfriend. Her Candy Cane throw will leave her opponents dazzeled. All-Around
Wrinkly Kong Wrinklyy Loving wife and grandma of the Kong Family who was recently deceased. Her Banana Birds throw causes a flock of Banana Birds to wreck havoc on her opponents side of the court. Technique/Tricky
Lanky Kong Lankyy The weirdest Kong with the longest reach. His Simian Slam can cause an earthquake on the court. Speed
Kritter Kritterr - Copy King K. Rool's top soldiers. Their Kremling Keeper throw can knock out his rivals. Power/Tricky
King K. Rool Kingkrooll King of the Kremlings himself. His King Kremling Keeper throw can knock out all his opponents. Power
Male Pianta Piantaa - Copy Plant-like creatures that reside in Isle Delfio. Their Watermelon throw can cause watermelons to knock their opponents on the head. Power
Female Pianta Piantaa - Copy (6) Female Pianta's with yellow skirts instead of green. Their Durian throw can cause Durians to knock their opponents on the head. Power
Female Noki Nokii - Copy Shell-like beings that live on Isle Delfino with Pianta's. Thier Nok Nok Shell throw knock their opponents to the ground. Speed
Male Noki Nokii - Copy (4) Male Noki's with shell-like hats instead of shell-like horns. Their Nok Nok Shell throw knock their opponents to the ground. Speed
Professor E. Gadd Egaddd The professor that created the Poltergust 3000 and F.L.U.D.D. His Gaddget Throw can amaze the team. Technique
Monty Mole Montyy Mole enemies that burrow in the ground. Their rock throw can knock the other team out in shock. Speed
Blooper Blooperr Squid enemies that attack by swimming towards Mario. Their Ink Throw can block out any opponents sight. Flight

Alternate Costumes


There are over a hundred courts as well as characters. Each character has their own court that can be unlocked by playing as that character at least 10 times. Once you do that, the characters court will be unlocked. Here is a list of the planned courts so far.

  • Mario Court (Default)
  • POW Sewers (Play as Mario 10 times)
  • Luigi Circuit (Play as Luigi 10 times)
  • Peach Garden (Play as Peach 10 times)
  • Mushroom Gorge (Play as a Toad 10 times)
  • Yoshi's Island (Play as a Yoshi 10 times)
  • DK Jungle (Play as Donkey Kong 10 times)
  • Wario Factory (Play as Wario 10 times)
  • Bowser's Castle (Play as Bowser 10 times)
  • Daisy Cruiser (Play as Daisy 10 times)
  • Waluigi Pinball (Play as Waluigi 10 times)
  • Bowser Jr.'s Tower (Play as Bowser Jr. 10 times)
  • Birdo's Island (Play as a Birdo 10 times)
  • Diddy Kong Mines (Play as Diddy Kong 10 times)
  • Ghost House (Play as a Boo 10 times)
  • Dry Dry Desert (Play as a Dry Bones 10 times)
  • Toadette's Music Room (Play as Toadette 10 times)
  • Baby Park (Play as Baby Mario 10 times)
  • Sherbert Land (Play as Baby Luigi 10 times)
  • Luigi's Mansion (Play as King Boo 10 times)
  • Bianco Hills (Play as Petey Piranha 10 times)
  • Koopa Troopa Beach (Play as a Koopa Troopa 10 times)
  • Sky Garden (Play as a Koopa Paratroopa 10 times)
  • Toad House (Play as Toadsworth 10 times)
  • Shy Guy's Toy Box (Play as a Shy Guy 10 times)
  • Hammer River (Play as a Bro. 10 times)
  • Baby Peach's Castle (Play as Baby Peach 10 times)
  • Moo Moo Meadows (Play as Baby Daisy 10 times)
  • DK Mountain (Play as Baby DK 10 times)
  • Hornet Hole (Play as Dixie Kong 10 times)
  • Funky Stadium (Play as Funky Kong 10 times)
  • Angry Aztec (Play as Tiny Kong 10 times)
  • Comet Observatory (Play as Rosalina 10 times)
  • Grumble Volcano (Play as Dry Bowser 10 times)
  • Goomba Road (Play as Goomba 10 times)
  • Goomba Village (Play as Paragoomba 10 times)
  • Kamek's Library (Play as Kamek 10 times)
  • Vermillion Forest (Play as Wiggler 10 times)
  • Cranky's Cabin (Play as Cranky Kong 10 times)
  • Candy's Dance Studio (Play as Candy Kong 10 times)
  • Kong Kollege (Play as Wrinkly Kong 10 times)
  • Gloomy Galleon (Play as Lanky Kong 10 times)
  • Ropey Rampage (Play as a Kritter 10 times)
  • Gangplank Galleon (Play as King K. Rool 10 times)
  • Delfino Plaza A (Play as a Male Pianta 10 times)
  • Delfino Plaza B (Play as a Female Pianta 10 times)
  • Noki Bay A (Play as a Female Noki 10 times)
  • Noki Bay B (Play as a Male Noki 10 times)
  • E. Gadd's Garage (Play as Professor E. Gadd 10 times)
  • Monty Mountains (Play as Monty Mole 10 times)
  • Deep Blooper Sea (Play as Blooper 10 times)


  • POW Sewers is the only stage not to be personalized by a character. Ten Mario matches only unlocks it because Mario Court is default.
  • Sledge Bro. is the character to have different artwork, different appearance and same color yet still be considered an alternate color character. In this case he is the alternate color of Hammer Bro.
  • Pianta's and Noki's are the only characters in the game that come in, not only different colors, but different genders, that are not considered alternate colors.
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