Not to be confused with Super Mario 3D Designer.
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Super Mario Designer
Developer(s) Ninkancho
Platform(s) Display
Genre(s) Game creator
Series Super Mario
Predecessor Super Mario Maker
Super Mario Designer, stylized super mario DESIGNER, is an upcoming game by Ninkancho Co., Ltd. for the Display. It is a Super Mario game creator and player, and a sequel to Super Mario Maker for the Wii U.


Players can create and share their very own Super Mario levels and worlds with a user-friendly interface, then play others' levels online and give feedback. The Course and Map Designers primarily use the stylus, though DisplayLP or DisplayD and dash buttons can also be used to move about the level more quickly.

Differences from Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Designer was largely made to be "Super Mario Maker, but more", but there are some areas and aspects where the two games differ completely. As follows are some miscellaneous notable changes.

  • High scores of points have been introduced as another type of world record, alongside the returning timer record.
  • The camera…
    • uses a smart system instead of trying to keep Mario centered and lagging behind him. Players can now see more of the level in front of Mario, removing some aspect of fake difficulty from many levels. The camera will change "direction" if Mario turns and moves three-quarters of a tile.
    • can be panned left and right by holding the shoulder buttons, regardless of its position, unless it is already up against the edge of the stage. It can also be zoomed.
  • There are new ways to earn stars, though these methods only work once per player per level despite stacking. Players can now earn stars by…
    • getting a first clear or world record on a level.
    • earning 100000 points in a single level.
    • having their level played more than once by a single player.
    • beating a level with a star as the prize.
  • If a player plays ten levels without starring any, a reminder to star levels the player likes will appear on the results screen.
  • Level creators' times for beating the full course to upload it now appear alongside world records, and are set as the default world record. This also somewhat separates the concepts of first clears and world records, and both can be given in one course completion.
  • Prizes can be set upon uploading a course, to be awarded to each player who beats it for the first time they do so. The options for prizes range from sums of coins, most useful to Mario Challenge players, to a star.
  • To avoid unnecessary loading times, when Course World's Courses button is pressed, the different "tabs" first appear as buttons, instead of loading Featured courses and locking the player out of other selections until the loading is finished.
  • A coin, progressive power-up, or other compatible item can be dragged onto enemies to make them drop said item upon defeat. This is similar to how keys work, and mean that each compatible item has a unique symbol when in a block, enemy, or container.
  • Scenery and arrow signs can now appear in front of semi-solid platforms and the like.
  • Server-side, virtual systems "play" every submitted level multiple times with different inputs on turbo. Automatic levels, and levels that can be completed by holding any of the main controls, are automatically flagged and will not appear in Mario Challenges.
  • In some game styles, certain objects use 3D models rather than sprites.

Course Designer

The Course Designer, the main attraction in Super Mario Designer, lets players create their very own 2D Super Mario levels by using and combining tools from a palette at the top of the screen. There are a few main types of elements that can be used. Tiles can be laid down in bulk by moving the stylus across the Display's screen from an empty space, while performing the same gesture with another type of element selected will drag one new copy around. A player can quickly and easily switch between building and playtesting their level by pressing the clapper in the lower-left corner of the screen.

To the left of the Course Designer are options to change the game style of the course, and the level theme, backdrop, and lighting of the current sublevel, as well as a button to toggle the sound effects mode.

To the right are buttons to undo and reset the level, still with icons of Undodog and a rocket, respectively. Above those are new options for the pen for "drawn" tiles, like ground and blocks. There is the default pencil (now with customizable size), a fill bucket tool, a rectangle tool, and the dithering brush from Flipnote Studio (with customizable pattern). These new tools can be accessed with the A, B, X, and Y face buttons, respectively. Holding one of these face buttons while a non-tile object is selected will make said object drawable. Finally, above these pen options are buttons to activate the multi-grab, erase, and copy modes, respectively from top to bottom.


Up to four other players can locally collaborate on a level using Displays, Sight controllers, m-controls, Wii Remotes, and/or other compatible controllers. Player 1 has control over adding and kicking collaborators. Online collaboration is not planned.

Start and Goal

The Start and Goal points can now be customized to a degree, and new options are unlocked on certain days. On day 1, both default to the second row from the bottom at the beginning and end of the level, respectively, and cannot be moved. However, other objects can be put over the ground tiles, which will also "join" with adjacent ground. On day 2, each can be moved vertically, or horizontally in vertical levels, and day 4 lets designers drag them in the other direction as well.

On day 6, amiibo costumes and second-level power-ups can be dragged onto the Start to force Mario to keep that form throughout the level. When hit, Mario will become a short version of this form; or in the case of an amiibo costume, it will look visibly tattered and ripped. Up until day 7, the arrow on the Start point automatically rotates to point toward the Goal; on said day, it can be manually rotated, or even hidden altogether by double-tapping it.

Day 9 unlocks the ability to resize the Start and Goal from their default 4-by-1 sizes. In addition, both can be shaken at this point. Shaking the Goal turns it into an alternate form, such as a Magic Ball in the Super Mario Bros. 3 game style, a lock and big key in World, and a red Goal Pole in SMB, NSMB, and the like. Shaking the Start turns the ground into pink blocks, which disappear once Mario steps off of a row of them.

On day 14, the secret ability to copy the points is unlocked. Copying the Start results in more pink blocks appearing, whereas copying the Goal creates a secret exit.


The palette is the menu from which elements to place in a level are selected. The available range of elements is similar overall to that of Super Mario Maker, with some new additions scattered about and many others usable by shaking other elements.

Elements are sortable by ID, type, and theme, and can be dragged into a custom order as well.

New elements are unlocked in the same manner as in Super Mario Maker. However, elements will be delivered after thirty minutes of using the Course Designer since the last batch if none of the other unlock requirements have been met. Elements that a Nintendo Network user has already unlocked in Super Mario Maker will sync their availability to Super Mario Designer.

ID Day Row Element Shaken
A simple tile that can hold other things, releasing them when hit. With no item inside, Super Mario can break it apart.
SMW: Empty Rotating Blocks only rotate when hit, and will eventually stop turning. Super Mario can break one by spin-jumping from above.
Note: Blocks containing coins will now only produce one coin when hit.
Becomes a Used Block.
211? Block
An intriguing-looking tile that you can put other things in. They work the same way as Blocks, but will give out a coin and become a Used Block when hit.
Becomes a Triple ? Block, which can hold three things at once, and gives three coins by default when hit.
311Hard Block
These tiles are hard to break, but something really destructive, like a Bob-omb blast or a giant Koopa shell, should bust it into nothingness.
Becomes a Gray Block, which opens a menu to change its color when tapped in the editor.
This tile is indestructible, and in some ways, that might be for the better.
Becomes a half-ground tile, which will change shape into slopes and more depending on the surrounding ground tiles.
An object that can be elongated and rotated by dragging its lip. Tapping it will open a menu from which a color can be picked. Put something in to have it pop out every once in a while, or drag Mario into it to send him to the sublevel once it's unlocked.
Becomes a mini pipe, which cannot hold anything.
Note: Only Mini Mario can enter mini pipes. If Mario is dragged into one in any other form, he will become Mini Mario before the warp is created.
611Super Mushroom
A power-up that makes Mario grow into Super Mario, letting him break empty Blocks and take an extra hit before dying. Drag it onto something else, and it might become big as well!
Becomes a Mini Mushroom, which can also shrink certain elements in the editor.
If Mario collects a hundred of these shiny floating items, he will get another life.
Becomes a Star Coin, up to three of which can be placed in a course. Mario will get an extra life for every three Star Coins he collects.
Things tend to bounce off of these springy objects. If the jump button is pressed just as Mario lands on one, he will bounce higher than usual. In most game styles, Mario can also pick trampolines up and carry them around.
Rotates such that it is bouncy on the sides and can be stood on from the top.
An enemy that simply walks forward, despite being weak to all attacks. If it hits a wall or another enemy, it will turn around. There is a small chance of spawning a Kug instead when creating one, which will electrify itself for a bit every few seconds.
Becomes a Galoomba, which can be picked up and carried after being stomped in most game styles.
1011Koopa Troopa
This enemy can be stomped for its shell, which can be carried and kicked to collect coins and take out other enemies.
Becomes red and will not walk off of cliffs.
1111Piranha Plant
These meat-eating plant enemies will go in and out of a pipe they are placed in, unless Mario is standing nearby.
SMW: Jumping Piranha Plants jump into the air every so often.
Changes color, moves more quickly, and will not stop emerging even if Mario is nearby.
This object can be dragged onto other elements to give them new attributes and behaviors.

Become a parachute.
1321Shy Guy
A Goomba-like enemy that will turn around instead of walking off of a platform.
Dinosaur enemies that take two stomps to defeat; the first will only squish one, making it start to move faster.
Starts out squished.
An enemy that rides around in a cloud and throws something, Spinies by default, at Mario. However, Mario can hijack the cloud and ride in it himself for a while.
Note: If put into a pipe, Lakitu will become a Pipe Lakitu.
If a 1-Up Mushroom is put into the cloud, Lakitu will become a Fishin' Lakitu.
Ejects Lakitu from the cloud, becoming Lakitu's Cloud, which other elements can ride.
1922Buzzy Beetle
Note: Becomes a Buster Beetle when shaken over a carryable object.
2022Spike trap
This tile hurts to touch, so Mario will have to avoid it.
Note: Becomes a spike when next to a ground tile.
Ice cave: Becomes an icicle when under a ground tile.
Becomes a falling spike, which will fall down when Mario is nearby underneath.
2122Fire FlowerBecomes an Ice Flower.
2222Second-level power-upBecomes another second-level power-up.
2332Super Star
24321-Up MushroomBecomes a 3-Up Moon.
An object whose width can be adjusted. Only its top is solid.
Becomes stairs, the direction and length of which can be changed.
2632Semi-solid platform
This solid-on-top platform object can also be used for aesthetic purposes.
Note: Can only be tapped or dragged if selected in the palette.
Changes design.
These objects are essentially moving bridges. Their width and direction can be changed as well.
Becomes a flimsy lift, which will fall once Mario stands on it.
2842Cheep Cheep
A floaty container object that can hold all sorts of things. It pops when Mario touches it, though jumping off of a bubble from the top will also provide a small bounce.
3142Bullet Bill
3242Bill Blaster
3353Grab Block
SMB3: Ice Block
3453Hidden Block
This invisible ? Block doesn't even physically exist until it's hit from the bottom.
Gets a dashed outline, tipping players off to its location; this can be useful for puzzle levels and the like.
3553POW BlockBecomes red and floats in place.
3653P-SwitchBecomes a Red Ring, prompting the player to place eight Red Coins.
3753Hammer Bro.Becomes a Sledge Bro., which shakes the ground to stun Mario when landing from a jump.
3853ThwompBecomes a Blue Thwomp, which only damages Mario if it squishes him.
3953Lava BubbleBecomes a Fire Snake.
4053BowserBecomes Bowser Jr., then a Boom Boom.
4163Monty MoleBecomes a Rocky Wrench.
4463Fire barBecomes a roto-disc, then a ball 'n' chain.
A resizable horizontal background element.
Changes design.
4663Note Block
4763Donut BlockBecomes a Frosted Donut Block.
4863Cloud BlockTurns upside-down, preventing Mario from moving through its underside but being intangible from any other angle.
4974Semi-solid wheel
A rotating circular platform object whose top can be stood on. Its radius and direction can be adjusted.
5074Conveyor belt
A solid object that moves other things on it. The width and direction can be changed.
Moves faster.
5174Moving block
An object that moves back and forth. Its size, direction, and movement length can be adjusted.
Becomes semi-solid.
This spiked pillar-like object slams into the ground every few seconds, hurting Mario if it hits him. Its direction and distance can be adjusted.
Becomes a wooden Skewer, which is only one unit wide rather than two.
5374Snake Block
5474Bolt lift
5574Lava lift
A skull-themed platform that moves straight forward.
NSMBU: Resembles a Spine Coaster.
Becomes blue, moves faster, and will not fall off the course.
5674Carrot lift
A small lift that can be turned diagonally.
Becomes a timed lift, which will move and start a countdown timer once Mario stands on it, then fall once the countdown reaches zero.
5784Shoe GoombaBoot becomes a stiletto.
5884Yoshi EggHatches.
5984BerryChanges color.
6084Volcano Lotus
6394Arrow signBecomes a Checkpoint Flag.
Note: Can now cross other track, creating a composite track piece in the process.
Becomes curved if diagonal.
6695GrinderBecomes a Bumper.
6795SpikeThrows spike ball downward rather than forward.
6895RopeBecomes a chainsaw.
Note: Can contain small elements.
Shoots more quickly.
71105Skull Box
A mechanical hand inside this obstacle reaches out to deploy Torpedo Teds.
72105Spike TopTurns blue and moves faster.
73105BooBecomes Circling Boo Buddies.
Note: Individual Boo Buddies in the circle can be selected, copied, and erased.
74105Dry BonesBecomes a Dark Bones, which throws bones forward.
75105MagikoopaBecomes a Mechakoopa.
76105MuncherBecomes a Nipper Plant.
77105WigglerStarts out angry.
78105PokeyBecomes green and can be jumped on.
79105Chain ChompBecomes a Chomp.
Note: Changes appearance based on level theme.
Becomes a swinging vine.
81116Warp Door
Becomes a locked door, prompting the player to place a key if there isn't already one in the level.
82116Clown CarDrops Big Steelies.
83116Dash Panel
Makes Mario move quickly for a while upon touching it.
SMB3: Automatically fills the Power Meter.
84126Angry Sun
85126CandleTurns bright red and will spawn Hot Feet.
87126Chargin' ChuckBecomes a Clappin' Chuck, then a Splittin' Chuck, then a Passin' Chuck, a Confused Chuck, Diggin' Chuck, and Whistlin' Chuck, before turning back to the default Lookout Chuck form.
Note: All versions of Chargin' Chuck have visual differences, be them an altered color scheme or the addition of a shovel to the sprite.
88126SwoopTurns blue and moves more quickly.
A rotatable platform creating a stream of wind that Mario can ride. Put it in a pipe and the tube will generate air instead!
Underwater: Current
Note: When placed in a Warp Pipe, the pipe becomes a Pipe Cannon rather than creating wind.
Turns on and off every few seconds.
90136Big Steely
This big steel ball will roll and bounce left or right; the direction is customizable.
Becomes a Big Bubble.
91136NinjiBecomes purple, charges at Mario, and jumps when close.
92146Sumo Bro.
93146WaterBecomes quicksand, then lava.
94146IceBecomes digging sand, then flammable wood.
95146One-way door
The metal, rotating side only lets anything through from the object's inside.
Becomes a trapdoor, which swings open to the side when Mario is next to the "entrance" side.


In edit mode, a P-Switch can be tapped multiple times in quick succession to press it and activate P-Mode. This temporary mode switches certain items in the palette to P-related counterparts. Items placed in P-Mode do not revert once the mode expires. In addition, the interface becomes blue, and a remix of the current game style's P-Switch music can be heard.

Element P-Mode
? BlockON/OFF Switch
Hard BlockP-Block
An indestructable tile that only becomes opaque and tangible when a P-Switch is running.
CoinBlue Coin
While playing a level, this coin only appears when a P-Switch is pressed.
This bright blue pipe only spawns the object inside if a P-Switch is pressed. If nothing is inside, it will be translucent and intangible until the switch is hit.
P-SwitchGray P-Switch
TrackON/OFF track
Pink ON track only becomes solid when ON/OFF Switches are turned on. In P-Mode only, it can be shaken to turn it into gray OFF track, which is activated by ON/OFF Switches being off.
Warp DoorP-Door

Game styles and level themes

Super Mario Designer features both more game styles and level themes than its predecessor. New game styles will include Super Mario Land 2: Golden Coins, Super Mario All-Stars, New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Maker, and New Super Mario Galaxy 2D.

The level themes included are as follows.

Level theme Shaken
SuperMarioDesignerTheme00 OverworldSuperMarioDesignerTheme01 Desert
SuperMarioDesignerTheme02 UndergroundSuperMarioDesignerTheme03 Sand cave
SuperMarioDesignerTheme04 AthleticSuperMarioDesignerTheme05 Sky
SuperMarioDesignerTheme06 BeachSuperMarioDesignerTheme07 Underwater
SuperMarioDesignerTheme08 SnowSuperMarioDesignerTheme09 Ice cave
SuperMarioDesignerTheme10 ForestSuperMarioDesignerTheme11 Mountain
SuperMarioDesignerTheme12 BadlandsSuperMarioDesignerTheme13 Volcano
SuperMarioDesignerTheme14 Ghost houseSuperMarioDesignerTheme15 Airship
SuperMarioDesignerTheme16 TowerSuperMarioDesignerTheme17 Castle

Backdrop and lighting

For each combination of game styles and level themes, there are three related backdrops to choose from. In addition, players can adjust the lighting type to add atmosphere to a course. The overall hue, brightness and saturation of the lighting can be changed. Some backdrops will change according to the brightness level, such as sunny skies becoming starry, ghost house windows letting in bright light, and afternoon scenes switching to dawn. A New Super Mario Bros. Wii-style spotlight effect can also be used to focus light on the player and other bright objects, and the spotlight's size and blurriness can be changed.

Sound effects

Many of Super Mario Designer's sound effects are reused from Super Mario Maker. The overall volume of sound effects has been turned down.

Players can now create their own music to place in their level, using a Mario Paint-style sequencer to do so. While this feature does not replace Music Blocks, the end result may sound similar due to the sequencer using the same instruments.

Two brand-new sound effects have been confirmed so far. One is the "Mario's voice" sound effect, which makes whatever it's applied to play different voice clips of Mario depending on the situation. The other is the "Editor music" sound effect, which switches the level's current background music to its music in the editor.

Music discs have been confirmed, allowing the creator to change a level's background music to an ever-expanding selection from popular and not-so-popular games. It is hinted that music from Mario side-series installments and from other series entirely will be included, alongside tracks from Ninkancho's own titles. Fans have speculated that music discs will be obtainable through event courses, by having save data from other games linked to the player's Nintendo Network ID, or at random when completing various tasks and Mario Challenges.

Super Mario Designer will also feature client-side settings to turn certain sound effects off. When asked why this option was added, a Ninkancho representative half-jokingly replied, "Because honestly, that rave music is f[rea]king grating."

Camera control

Another new feature is a menu for camera control. There are several options for adjusting the in-game camera's behavior, such as locking, zooming, panning, and centering the viewport, and specifying a custom path to follow when autoscrolling.


Crafting is a somewhat-new addition to the Course Designer, in which players may combine certain elements to create new ones. Crafted elements can be dragged into the empty rows in the palette to save them there for easy later use. In addition, combinations of different elements may yield the same result or none at all.

To craft two elements, they are multi-grabbed via the shoulder buttons, and the selection box is shaken. For this to work, no other elements may be selected. Depending on the types of items being crafted, a shortcut to this process exists in the form of dragging one item onto the other.

Super Mushrooms, wings, and parachutes can be put onto all enemies. For all intents and purposes while crafting, most of these forms are considered the same as their base enemies. To save space, they are not listed here. In addition, Mini Mushrooms shrink any elements that are already big.

Craftable objects can be added to the palette for easy access, and removed after pressing the Customize button.

First Second Result Shaken
BlockBlockStretch Block
BlockSuper MushroomBig BlockPipe corner
BlockWingsWinged Block
Block, Stretch Block, ? Block, ! BlockStretch Block, Snake BlockPlatform Block
Winged BlockHammer Bro.Amazing Flying Hammer Brother
Used BlockSuper MushroomPipe corner
? Block, Hard BlockTrampoline, Note Block, Music Block, BumperSpin Block
? Block, long ? Block! Switch! Block
Hard Block, Gray BlockBob-ombActivator Block
Turns on when touched by something in motion, immediately sending electricity to other Activator Blocks directly next to it. Active Activator Blocks "activate" anything they touch, causing Koopas to hide in their shells, pipes to eject items, Thwomps to fall, P-Switches to activate, and more.
Hard BlockBooBoo Buddy Block
Activator BlockSuper MushroomOR gate
An orange two-by-three solid object that can be rotated. On the bottom of the shorter sides are tubes for Activator Block energy, and at the bottom center the tubes join in a curve and lead to another one-way tube at the top. Electricity will be sent from the out-tube if either or both of the in-tubes are receiving it.
AND gate
The tube connector at this cyan gate's bottom is square-shaped. The gate will only send electricity out if both in-tubes are receiving it.
Activator BlockMini MushroomNOT gate
A red, rotatable, one-way gate that inverts the signal going into it.
GroundSemi-solid platformGround rectangle
Half-groundDash PanelTriangular Block
Pipe, mini pipeFire FlowerFire Pipe
A black pipe that shoots something out of the opposite end when several fireballs are thrown in.
Pipe, mini pipeHidden BlockClear Pipe
Super MushroomSpike trapFloating Mine
Underwater: Urchin
Super MushroomFire Flower, second-level power-upProgressive power-up
Super MushroomLil' SparkyHothead
Super MushroomSemi-solid platformMushroom platformChanges color.
Mushroom platformTrampoline, Note Block, Music Block, BumperBouncy mushroom platform
Super MushroomCheep CheepBig Bertha
Super MushroomSpiny Cheep Cheep, Rip Van FishPorcupuffer
Super Mushroom, 1-Up Mushroom, mushroom platformGrab BlockMushroom BlockChanges cap design.
Super MushroomP-Switch! SwitchChanges color.
Super MushroomHammer Bro.Sledge Bro.
Super Mushroom, RexMonty MoleMega Mole
Note: Now resembles its design from SMW.
Morty Mole
Super MushroomDino-TorchDino-Rhino
Super MushroomDino-RhinoReznor
Super MushroomBig BooThe Big Boo
NSMB: Balloon Boo
NSMBU: Boohemoth
Mini MushroomGoombaMicro Goomba
Mini MushoomThwompThwimp
Mini MushroomYoshi, colored YoshiBaby Yoshi
Micro GoombaBlockPile-Driver Micro-Goomba
Micro GoombaGoombaGoomba Nanny
Micro GoombaParagoombaParagoomba Nanny
Baby YoshiKoopa TroopaColored Baby Yoshi
CoinSnake BlockControllable coin snake
CoinDash PanelDash Coin
GoombaDry BonesDry Goomba
Green Koopa TroopaRed Koopa TroopaYellow Koopa TroopaBlue Koopa Troopa
Koopa TroopaSpiny Shell Helmet, Buzzy Beetle Shell HelmetKoopa Shell
Koopa Troopa, Koopa ShellBob-ombBombshell Koopa
Koopa Troopa, Koopa Shell, Spiny, Spiny Shell Helmet, Buzzy Beetle, Buzzy Beetle Shell HelmetPOW BlockPOW Ball
This ball can be picked up, thrown, and kicked. It rolls along the ground until it hits a wall, upon which it counts as being hit and vibrates the screen like a POW Block.
Turns red, hovers in place until kicked or thrown, and maintains its vertical position unless moving up or down some sort of slope.
Koopa Troopa, Koopa ShellYoshiColored Yoshi
Piranha Plant, Fast Piranha PlantSpikePtooie
Piranha Plant, Fast Piranha PlantDry BonesBone Piranha Plant
Lakitu, Lakitu's Cloud, Pipe Lakitu, Fishin' Lakitu
Fishin' LakituBooFishin' Boo
Spiny, Buzzy BeetleDry BonesBony Beetle
Spiny, Spiny Shell Helmet
Buzzy Beetle, Buzzy Beetle Shell Helmet
Fire FlowerFire FlowerFlare Flower
Fire FlowerIce FlowerThunder Flower
Fire FlowerHammer Bro.Fire Bro.
Fire Flower, Ice Flower, Thunder FlowerBoomerangBoomerang Flower
Fire FlowerClown CarFire Clown Car
Fire FlowerChain Chomp, ChompFlame Chomp
Ice FlowerHammer Bro.Ice Bro.
Ice FlowerClown CarIce Clown Car
Thunder FlowerHammer Bro.Thunder Bro.
Thunder Flower, FuzzySpike TopLil' Sparky
Thunder FlowerClown CarThunder Clown Car
Second-level power-upGoombaSMB: Costume Goomba
SMB3: Tail Goomba

NSMB: Goomba Troopa
NSMBU: Heligoomba
Second-level power-upKoopa TroopaSMB: Cosplayer Koopa
SMB3: Aquatic Koopa
SMW: Super Koopa
NSMB: Blue Spiny Koopa Paratroopa
NSMBU: Cooligan
Second-level power-upGrab BlockSMB3: Tail Block
SMW: Cape Block
NSMBU: Propeller Block
Light Block
Semi-solid platformVineClimbing fence
Note: Double-tapping a part of the fence will create a rotating square that Mario can punch to flip to the other side. Double-tapping an element that is completely in front of the fence will move it behind, and vice-versa regardless of whether the fence is in the way.
Becomes semi-solid on top.
Lift, flimsy liftLift, flimsy lift, trackScale
Cheep CheepSpike trapSpiny Cheep CheepRip Van Fish
Cheep CheepDry BonesWet Bones
Big BerthaSpike trapPorcupuffer
Hidden BlockCircling Boo BuddiesBoo Buddy Swarm
Hammer Bro.Bob-ombBomb Bro.
Hammer Bro.BoomerangBoomerang Bro.
Yoshi EggBooEerie
Semi-solid wheel, cannonCannonRotating cannon

Course World

The Course World is a curated hub for Super Mario Designer courses from around the world.

Courses can now be played in Multiplayer Mode by up to five players at a time, with each one playing as a palette swap of Mario. Multiplayer can consist of any combination of local and online players. In this mode, players share lives and try to clear the course cooperatively. Items and keys dropped by dying players will enter bubbles and float toward the remaining players. Courses can be locked from Multiplayer Mode, and all levels must be beatable with a single player to upload them.

Course World levels can be bookmarked wherever links to them appear, so that players can access and play them later on.

Super Mario Designer corrects Super Mario Maker's contested lack of a search feature. Players can search through and sort the level database by course name, designer, and other metadata to find levels with ease. Some of the search options are reused from the SUPER MARIO MAKER BOOKMARK site's Course Search, such as game style, region, difficulty, and tag.

In addition to stars, players can give courses votes. A level with many votes is likely to be highlighted.

Map Designer

The Map Designer is a new mode allowing players to create their own World maps out of local courses. Players can upload their maps, and the levels on it by extension, to the Internet.

Mario Challenge

The Mario Challenge now has three sliders to adjust the difficulty. Each combination of these slider settings will grant an exclusive Mystery Mushroom costume the first five times it is cleared. When the Mario Challenge begins, the player is challenged with beating a random selection of courses from the Course World. The game selects increasingly more difficult courses as the Mario Challenge is closer to completion, picking courses with more plays and less clears such that they are sure to be more difficult.

Lives [ 1 | 3 | 5 | 10 | 16 | 25 | 50 | 64 | 75 | 100 ]
The number of lives Mario starts the Mario Challenge with. Losing all of them will result in an "unsatisfactory" mark on Mario's official testing record, followed by a game over.
Courses [ 1 | 6 | 8 | 10 | 16 ]
This number of courses must be beaten to complete the Mario Challenge.
Clear rate [ 0%–5% | 5%–10% | 10%–25% | 25%–50% | 50%–100% ]
The courses that are randomly selected must have around this percentage of clears out of total attempts.

Infinite Mario Challenge

Instead of fiddling around with sliders for costumes, the player can instead choose to play the Infinite Mario Challenge. Here, Mario has infinite lives, as his goal is to beat a potentially infinite number of courses that get progressively more difficult as the challenge continues. Unlike the "normal" Mario Challenge, the player has a limited number of skips. They start the Infinite Mario Challenge with five skips, and are able to collect more by getting a 1UP on the Goal, by using a secret exit, or by cashing in Play Coins. Each player can have three Infinite Mario Challenge saves at any given time.

New Costume Mario costumes

Super Mario Designer introduces a slough of new Costume Mario costumes. All of the mechanics remain unchanged from Super Mario Maker, though the player can now press the jump button to skip a death jingle.

Grandma Costume
A grandma from Cookie Clicker. When Mario wears this costume, defeated enemies burst into cookies which quickly fade away. Rarely one of these particles will be a Golden Cookie. Most sound effects are based on mouse clicks.
Bullet Bill Costume
Bullet Bill
This Bullet Bill costume is tinted red with cyan accents to differentiate it from the enemies of that species. A flame appears behind the suit when dashing. The sound of a Bill Blaster firing plays upon getting this costume.
Buzzy Beetle Costume
Buzzy Beetle
This costume looks rather more bluish than any Buzzy Beetle seen before. When the up button is pressed, it flips over upside-down and retreats into its shell.
Cheep Cheep Costume
Cheep Cheep
Tired of being bothered by those ever-jumping red fish? Well, now Mario can be one himself!… sorta. The costume sports darker colors to fish out Mario from a crowd of Cheep Cheeps.
Koopa Costume
This costume may look somewhat similar to that of Mario Bros.' Shellcreeper. Oops.
Mario Head Costume
Mario Head
With this costume, Mario can once again be a gigantic, disembodied floating head. This time, his skin is the unnatural shade they call pure magenta. The head bobs up and down when moving. If the up button is pressed, the Mario Head will face the player with a shocked look and a gaping mouth. Upon getting the power-up, Mario will exclaim, "Wheeeeeeee!" When dashing, he says, "Moving on the ground, moving on the ground!" If he falls into a pit, he will say, "Help, I'm-a fallen and I can't get up!" Finally, when Mario clears a level with this costume on, he will sing, "When the moon hits your eye/Like a big pizza pie/That's amore!"
Mushroom Costume
When this costume is acquired, a remixed version of the power-up sound will play as Mario becomes a Mushroom himself. This costume's sprite is based on the Mushrooms from Super Mario Bros., but has roughly the color scheme of the more modern version, in addition to sporting vertical lines for eyes. The color of the cap and eyes will change from red to green as long as the up button is held.
Engraved Costume
Engraved Mario
It's a sprite of Mario engraved shoddily into a block of concrete. That's about it. Unlocked by default.
Shaded Costume
Shaded Mario
Mario, but with an extra hit and a nice, simple shading effect. Unlocked by default. The sound effects for this costume have a slight but noticeable reverb effect.
Color Costume
Color Mario
With this costume on, Mario changes color continuously. Unlike Starman Mario, the hue only changes once per second. This costume's sound effects are heavily flanged.
God Mario Costume
God Mario
This is a costume of everyone's least favorite godmode. When beating a level, Mario will exclaim, "That was not even a warm up!" Ironically enough, God Mario can no longer perform any ridiculously epic feats―but hold the up button and he'll try, to no avail. As if this powered-up Mario wasn't embarassing enough already.
3D Classic Costume
3D Classic Mario
Because this costume's respective amiibo spawns a Big Mushroom instead of a Mystery Mushroom, the costume is awarded randomly in 100 Mario Challenge if the player has at least 25 costumes unlocked. 3D Mario uses his jump pose when idle, but he can be made to stand by pressing up on the control pad.
3D Modern Costume
3D Modern Mario
This costume's amiibo spawns a Big Mushroom when scanned, rather than a Mystery Mushroom, so it can instead be unlocked via 100 Mario Challenge once the player has 25 costumes unlocked or more. Mario uses the sound effects from New Super Mario Bros. U when he wears this costume. 3D Mario's idle sprite is the same as his sprite when jumping, but if the up button is held, he will stand in place.
Dimentio Costume
Dimentio, the "charming magician" from Super Paper Mario. He appears to float above the ground rather than running or dashing. When up is pressed, he will do one of several poses while staring at the player and winking creepily. His theme for beating a stage is the first two measures of his game's final battle theme.
Gomez amiibo Costume
Mario becomes Gomez from Fez. His sound effects and sprites are based on Gomez's appearance in that game. Pressing up makes him appear without his fez.

Other modes


As in Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Designer has remixes for all in-level music in the Course Designer, as well as new music for level themes in game styles that didn't have them originally.

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