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Super Mario Capture Masters is a fifteen dollar title that is a spin off of Super Mario Odyssey, starring Mario, Luigi, Peach, Wario and more with their Bonneter helpers. The game is not necessarily a platformer, but a title with a battle mode, a challenge mode, and a capture hide and seek mode. It will come out on both the Nintendo Switch and The V².


Super Mario Capture Masters is a title that uses the same engine as Super Mario Odyssey and it's DLC, with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Wario retaining their moves and abilities from their past adventures. Their differences are explained in great detail in their own section. Every playable character has the ability to Capture by throwing their hat at a hatless object or character, allowing them to be controlled and used. The hats can also be used to create platforms for characters to jump off as well as a projectile to hit other players with.


Capture Battle

Up to four players duke it out in a arena with nothing but their Bonneter to work with. The arenas are full of capture targets and items to use, with each player having either three or six health points to work with. Additional rules can be added.

Capture Challenge

These are challenges that test various Captures, with each challenge holding two Power Moons. These can be played solo or competitively with a group of four people. Collecting Power Moons will unlock more challenges and boss fights.

Capture Hunt

One player is enlisted as the Seeker, with three others being Hiders. Hiders have to hide from the Seeker, either by capturing items or NPCs. In this mode, all Captures lack the trademark signs that would otherwise give away that a object has been Captured. Additionally, there are several more Captures, such as Lamps, Birds, NPCs, even Signs, that are exclusive only in this mode. Each Hider has 3 health points; the Seeker can damage them using their hat. The Seeker must either find and defeat all three Hiders in 120 seconds or the Hiders win.

Playable Characters

Playable Characters
Character Information
SMO Art - Mario
Mario is the most rounded character out of all the playable characters. Not too fast, not too slow, not lacking in jump height, and not especially combat focused. He is paired with Cappy, who is the quickest to Capture targets.
SuperMarioCaptureMasters Peach
Princess Peach
Peach is one of the slower characters, but her aerial game is excellent, having a double jump and a float. She lacks a somersault and dive, however. She is paired with Tiara, who gives Peach a second of invincibility after Capturing a target although is the slowest to Capture targets.
Wario is more combat focused, and jumps the shortest, although he does have aerial jump that helps him get to Mario's level. Wario can grab enemies and toss them as well, as well as use a shoulder charge. Wario however, cannot wall jump. Wario is paired with Bowler, who gives Wario a charged throw that allows him to throw farther and ricochet off walls.
Luigi is faster, jumps higher, and can use his scuttle jump to add some extra air time to his jumps. Luigi, however, cannot wall jump, has worse traction and cannot roll, instead having a dive similar to Super Mario Sunshine's. Luigi can also run across the water for about 2.5 seconds without a Rocket Flower. He is paired with Helmer, who gives him a increased bounce that has him spin in the air, descending slowly.

Capture Targets

All characters can capture the same Capture Targets.

Capture Targets
Target Information

Players can capture a frog to jump extremely high and reach high platforms and places that they could otherwise not reach. They can also stick their tongue out to eat small enemies and to stick to conveyor walls.

Leapin' Lizard

A lowly Leapin' Lizard from the Cap Kingdom. He can bounce pretty high, but also stick to walls, allowing vast verticality. Players can stick to a wall, jump off, and then stick on again in mass loop to get to extremely high areas very quickly.

Spark Pylon

Using a Spark Pylon, players can turn into a ball of electricity and move across power lines to travel to locations quickly.


Players can stack on top of other Goombas to create a tower to reach new heights. While in the form, players cannot slip on ice when walking across it.

Metal Goomba

Players can stack on top of other Goombas to create a tower to reach new heights. They can also walk underwater at normal speeds.


Can temporarily be controlled, breaking anything in it's path. It can attack using it's mouth and dash to cover more ground quickly.


Can dash and attack using it's tail to break obstacles. Can also munch on grass.


The Bully Capture has a short jump but it can go up against foe without taking any damage, knocking them back.


The Whimp Capture is easily one of the weakest Captures, as it can't jump and it doesn't really go that fast either. It's main attack also causes the player to leave the form as it disintegrates. However, it can be handy for getting into small areas, as well as smashing objects that are made of silver.

Pirate Goom

The Pirate Goom can jump similar to the Goomba and has great traction on ice, but cannot stack on top of each other. However, they can use their spear to poke bombs away and use it to climb walls.


Players can capture a Sherm to gain it's cannonball firing ability, which can destroy enemies and mounds of dirt (as well as pipe pillars).


Battle Maps

Battle Maps
Map Information
New Donk Sewers Capture Targets


New Donk Sewers is a pretty small map with four pipes running down the center. The lit hole in the center will drop Capture Targets to use. Players can use the pipes as a sort of cover, although they can be blown up using the Sherm capture.

Challenge Maps

Challenge Maps
Map Information
Froggy Hoops Capture Targets


Get the frog through every rainbow hoop to earn a Power Moon, jump down to the left of the challenge to find the second Power Moon.

Hunt Maps

Hunt Maps
Map Information
Bonneton Tower A circular area with a tower in the center that features a flight of stairs and various crates, frogs, and streetlamps. Players can climb to the top and jump down, although overall the area is pretty small.



  • The game's "Capture Hunt" mode was suggested by Pyrostar (tbc).
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