Mario won't know what hit him!
Floro Sapien Soldier, Super Mario Bros Extreme: Total Takeover
Super Mario Bros Extreme: Total Takeover
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The Game cover and video game poster.
Developer(s) Ice age mammal
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii and The Wii 2
Genre(s) Super Mario Bros
Release Date(s) North America: June 24, 2012

Japan: June 21, 2012

Mode(s) Single Player. Mulitplayer
Age Rating(s) [E]

This Game is an upcoming RPG Paper Mario Bros game appearing in 2012. for the Nintendo Wii, and the Nintendo Wii 2. There are 7 long worlds.

Upcoming Plot

'The main Plot is basically The Floro Sapien's are angred by the fact they were driven back deep into their kingdom and left there' to rot away, and angred about what Mario did to their king last time. So A group of floro sapiens leave the kingdom and spread around these odd growing seeds around the forests and islands of the Mushroom Kingdom. In doing so they infect all the plants and Vines and weeds grow everywhere and there is no way to kill them. So mario is asleep in his house when he hears a distress call and finds green plants growing everywhere, upon this mario realizes he must stop this and whoever is doing this, so mario must make his way to stop the Floro Sapiens. Mario must go through 7 grueling worlds in order to do so.

Main Characters

Mario (Playable main character)

Luigi (Partner)

Yoshi (Partner)

Luvbi (Partner)

King Croacus IV (Briefly a Boss of world 1 though switches to ally later on after learning the truth about his peoples plotting)




Floro Sapien Generals

Giant Floro Sapien Leaders.


It's a me! Mario
Mario the main hero stating his famous quote at the beginning of the game.

Super mario.jpg

Mario is the main hero of the story. His attacks include jumping on enemies and getting powerups, you play as mario through the game and is a all-around character. He is the only playable character and his attack and defense vary by level. Many of mario's forms include his Fire and Ice ability. His special hammer weapon he will aquire later on in the game. And the super leaf making it's long awaited return into a mario game.

Luigi ps 28Mario Party DS ps 29.png

Is it a me, or are these Floro Sapiens getting stronger mario?
Luigi To mario about a Magma Plant

Luigi is Mario's cowardly brother and always takes things secondly, but when Mario sends luigi on a daring mission to the Floro Sapien HQ, it's Luigi's time to shine! As long as his fear doesn't get in the way. He is a partner He Can Tattle Enemies status for you.


HP- 25

Attack 4

Defense 0


Now it's Yoshi's time for his first appearance and confrontation with the Floro Sapiens. Yoshi as always is a helpful member and can be easily riden for transportation. and he can also eat things as well. Hmm, i wonder how floro sapiens taste? He is a Partner. And he can throw eggs at enemies.


HP- 20

Attack- 3

Defense 0

Does Thou Wish to engage in combat?
Luvbi to a Floro Sandapien


luvbi the Nimbi Girl makes her second appearance in a mario game after Super Paper Mario. She is seen in World 6, the Golden Clouds. She joins with Mario partly because she has nothing else better to do. She is a partner. She can put enemies to sleep for you.


HP- 15

Attack 4

Defense 1

Floro Sapiens

Floro group.png

The Twin Generals, Lavender and Thornus Make their first appearance as floro sapien commanders who broke away from King Croacus To spread their evil growth. Can Mario Stop them? They are the bosses of Worlds 3 and 5. They both care for each other but sometimes don't always agree.


King Croacus IV is the fourth king of the floro sapien line, he was not responsible for what some of his people did however you can come to him for information about his people and the history of the Floro Kingdom. For some reason you fight him again as a boss of world 1.


Many of the enemies include strictly Floro Sapien's. But now there is The New floro sapien breeds like the Magma Plant And the Frosted Weed Plus the Floro Sandapien and the ultra powerful Golden Floro Sapien, and the Dark Floro Sapien. Some Koopa Troopas and Goombas however are small time enemys. Bowser is barely involved and wants no part of this.


World 1- Floro Sapien Caverns.

World 2- Floro Forest.

World 3- Magma Fields.

World 4- Icy Glaciers.

World 5- Desert Journey

World 6- Golden Clouds.

World 7- Mine of Malice.

World 8- Constricting Doom.

World 2 Floro Forest

Mario in World 1, he returns to floro caverns

World 3, Magma Fields

Mario slips on the ice in World 4, Icy Glaciers

Now Yoshi and Luigi join in World 5, Desert Journey

Luvbi The nimbi decides to help mario in World 6, Golden Clouds

The second Final Showdown between mario and the floro sapiens in world 7, the Mine of Malice

World 8- Constricting Doom. The final world of the game. What could be so special, secret and revealing about this world?

World Music


Super Mario Bros Extreme Total Takeover World 3 Magma Fields Music

World 3, Magma Fields Music

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