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Super Mario Bros: The Sacred Shards
Publisher(s) Fantendo_Logo_Orange.png
Platform(s) 120px-Wii_Logo.png
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s) Oct. 1, 2011
Mode(s) Platform
Age Rating(s) 90px-E.jpg


Platform: Wii

Number of players: 4

Nunchuck: No

Wii Remote: Yes

Gameplay Style: NSMB Wii

Game Modes:

Multiplayer: Up to 4 people can play as either Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Toadette, or even Abigail after the games completion. Cutscenes will change a bit, and the characters will adress you as "you", "heroes', etc.

Single Player: You can only play as Mario, Luigi or Toad. Other characters will interact in cutscenes more, and you will be adressed directly by your character's name.

Plot Summary:

Mario, Peach and Toad and Luigi are at a cerimony. A 6 year old princess named Abigail has a capsul with 6 shards of great power. When she is about to put the capsule underground to protect it, Kamek ruins the cerimony and kidnaps the princess with the capsule. Mario, Peach, Toad and Luigi must go through 7 worlds that get more and more challenging to save the princess and get the shards back to the safety of the kingdom.


Text: In a faraway kingdom, 6 sacred shards were found: red, purple, blue, green, yellow and orange. They were found by a king and placed into a capsel, where they will soon be locked in the safety of the Shard Chamber.

You will need to play as Mario, Luigi, or Toad. You'll start with Princess Peach saying : "Mario/Luigi/Toad, we don't want to be late! Why don't you go check on the Princess?" You need to go to the 6 year old Princess Abigail in her bedroom. She will be playing with her toys and will have a plink blanket in her hand. Talk to her. Abigail says: "Oh, hello Mario/Luigi/Toad! The cerimony is about to start! I'm so glad you can make it! After Mommy gets dressed up, I'm going to put the shards away nice and safe." A cutscene begins.

Mario and his buddies are at a tall castle. A King and Queen walk down a red carpet with their 6 year old daughter, Abigail. Abigail is holding a capsel holding 6 shards, one red, one purple, one blue, one green, and one yellow, and one orange. Speakers: "Ladys and Gentelmen! Toaday is the day that the shards will safely be locked away in the Shard Chamber. A rainbow colored sparkel lifts up a cover for a hole on the floor, and as Abigail prepares to put the capsel in the hole, a swoosh is heard and something flys past the castle. Everyone turns to look. It happens again, this time in the front of the castle. Everyone turns again .Kamek peeks from
Kamek and Abigail 2

Kamek flying away with Abigail and the Sacred Shards

behind a tower. He laughs and waves his wand. A spell shoots at the princess, Abigail. Mario jumps and pushes her out of the way. Kamek waves his wand again, and a black cloud appears over the castle and shocks it twice. Everyone evacuates immideatly. The king runs up to kamek and says: "Kamek! How dare you enter my kingdom!" Kamek makes another shock hit next to the King, injuring him severly. Distraught, Abigail stopps next to the balcony. Kamek orders another shock next to Abigail, who falls off the balcony. Kamek teleports and catches her. Abigail scream and yells "Help!" He flys off with her and the capsel. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad and Toadette run after Kamek.

New Features:

  • Peach, red Toad and Toadette are newly playable, Mario and Luigi are also playable
  • Abigail is playable when the game is beaten
  • Gloom Heart that makes you able to cry
  • when no power up, you can punch (Hit with the parasol is Peach and Abigails case)
  • Abigail and Peach can float with their umbrellas by pressing up in mid air
  • Luigi's Fire is green
  • New Upgrades! (See items section)
  • Luigi's mansion King Boo is back
  • Level/game creator!
  • Player 1 can choose their character!
  • You start off big, so you don't die in 1 hit in the beginning.
  • Up to 4 players!
  • Rage Heart lets you burn in rage!
  • The characters you are not being will float away aoutomatically in bubbles after cutscenes

World/Level Layout

World 1 The Kingdom

World 1-1

World 1-2

World 1-3

World 1-Tower

Mid-Boss: Boom Boom

World 1-5

World 1-6

World 1-7

World 1-Castle

BOSS: Bowser Junior

World 2 The Plains

World 2-1

World 2-2

World 2-3

World 2-Tower

Mid-Boss: Boom Boom

World 2-5

World 2-6

World 2-7

World 2-8

World 2-9

World 2-Castle

BOSS: Iggy Koopa

World 3 The Goo Forest

World 3-1

World 3-2

World 3-3

World 3-4

World 3-Tower

Mid-Boss: Pom Pom

World 3-6

World 3-7

World 3-8

World 3-9

World 3-10

World 3-Castle

BOSS: Petey Piranha

World 4 the Swamp

World 4-1

World 4-2

World 4-Tower

Mid-Boss: Pom Pom

World 4-4

World 4-5

World 4-6

World 4-Castle

BOSS: Kritter

World 5 the Desert

World 5-1

World 5-2

World 5-3

World 5-Tower

Mid-Boss: Reznors

World 5-5

World -6

World 5-Castle

BOSS: Mummi Pokey

World 6 The Bowser's Kingdom

World 6-1

World -2

World 6-3

World 6-4

World 6-Tower

Mid-Boss: Boom Booms

World 6-6

World 6-7

World 6-8

World 6-Castle

BOSS: Bowser Junior With Koopa Clown Car

World 7 The Bowser's Volcanoe

World 7-1

World 7-2

World 7-3

World 7-4

World 7-5

World 7-6

World 7-7

World 7-8

World 7-Tower

Mid-Boss: Reznors

World 7-Bowser's Castle

Final Boss:Kamek & Bowser

Playable Characters:




World 1- The Kingdom

Bowser Jr yells at you "Ha! Not this time Mario!" the same type battle as in NSMB begins. It is the harder one that you need to step on the shell, then throw it at him. He wfill also spit fire at you and throw hammers like a hammer bro. but farther.

Bowser Jr. NSMBVR

Boss: Bowser Jr.

World 2- The Plains

Iggy turns to face you, and jumps in shock. He pulls out a wand powered by the green shard. Just hit his head 3 times like normal bosses.

Iggy Koopa 3D

Boss:Iggy Koopa

World 3- The Goo Forest

Luigi, tired, stoppes next to flowers, which he lays in like a soft fluffy bed. He feels a prick and picks up the red shard. Peach turns around, not noticing the shard, and says "Luigi, we dont have time ----- " Petey Piranha bursts out of the ground, sending him flying and Petey swallows the shard. Peach screams. Petey roars and a diffirent battle begins. Petey will chase you, eventually stopping. There will be an infinate use item block with gloom hearts. Like in SPP, cry in his mouth then jump on his belly button. this will repeat 3 times. If you dont get the water into his mouth, like in Super Mario Sunshine, he will barf out goo.

Petey Piranha (Inflated)

Petey inflated


Boss:Petey Piranha

World 4 - The Swamp

Mario walks up to the lake, where he sees a shard in the water. Suddenly, Kritter jumps up and swallows it. The battle begins. When he charges, ground pound his head. He can also swim away, the from either direction pop up and try to sweep you with his tail. The battle takes place on a small muddy patch in the swampy water.

Kritter SM3DW

Boss: Kritter

World 5 - The Desert

Mummy pokey bursts out of the ground. The boss battle is like is like in NSMB, but he can get minion pokeys.


Boss: Mummipokey

World 6- Bowser's Kingdom

Bowser Jr. sees the heroes, and he jumps into the helicopter vehicle. He can spit fire, and slam the ground to try to hit you. He will also throw down random objects (shells, spike shells, bombs, etc.), along with a spring which is used to bounce up and hit him on the head. The bottom hurts you.

Bowser Jr NSMBW

Boss: Bowser Jr

World 7- Bowser's Volcanoe

The heroes find Kamek in a room, where he jumps up in shock and then the battle starts. He will fly around on the top of the screen, shooting spells. When he swoops down, hit his head.


Boss 1: Kamek

The heroes run into Bowser's chamber. Abigail is stuck in a cage. "Mario/Luigi/Peach/ Toadette/Toad!" she yells. Bowser turns araound and says: "Mario! (Mario)/ What, who are you..... IT DOESN'T MATTER (Luigi)/ Another one of you mushroom guys? (Toad/Toadette)/ Princess!? How did you manage? (Peach) Come to spoil my plans? WELL NOT THIS TIME!" Bowser roars and the battle begins. You must jump under him like in the old Mario games and press the button. He can shoot fire at you.He will also occasionaly roar and if you are near the sound waves you will fly back, but not get damaged. Once the button is presses, the floor will fall and he will go to the lava.

Bowser is seemingly defeated, then Abigail floats down with her parasol. Kamek flys by and snatches her. He goes over to another chamber. The heroes jump in shock when he flys back and casts a spell and flys away again. Giant Bowser pops up and roars. The chase is diffirent from NSMB Wii. Bowser shaters the blocking wall in the beginning, but after that the fire's only purpose is to harm you. You must run away from Bowser, dodging the fire, enemies, lava waves, and springing up to hig places. There is also one of those skeleton rollar coaster things that will take you in one part, but there are fireballs, and lava shooting up at you. Overall, it is much harder than in NSMB Wii.


Boss 2: Bowser, Giga Bowser

The heroes have pushed a large orange button in front of the next chamber to defeat Bowser. The doors open and they enter. Abigail, on a high up stone platform, says "Mario, it's a trap! He has the power of the shards." Kamek comes in again and says "You again! Fine! I'll have to take care of you myself!" The same as the battle with Kamek in NSMB Wii begins, but the floor wont move.

Kamek is defeated, then he says "Fools!" he pulls out the capsel with the shards and turns giant. Abigail yells. His big blue spells leave behind some giant shapes that rotate. Jump on them then ground pound his head to kill him. He has 3 lives like all bosses. He can also shoot a spell to trap you in a bubble, so with one person or nobody to pop you, you will loose. He also has red spells that dont follow you, but he shoots alot. If they hit a shape, it will turn into a random powerup or enemy.

When defeated, get the shard capsel, and then the capsel will burst open and the shards will float up and unite into one star looking thing. The power of the shards makes a half rainbow leading up to the platform, which Abigail slides down to get to Mario. She says "Thank you! You saved the shards..... and my life!" Mario takes off his hat and bows and she goes on tip toes to kiss the top of his head.

Giant Kamek

Boss 3: Giant Kamek


At the kingdom, there is a celebration. The Toads are shooting Kameks wand at a target to make Bowser fall into a water tank in the backround as Mario and Abiail walk along. Also, Kamek is hit by tomatoes thrown by Toads. Once Abigail gets to her parents, they hug. Someone walks by and gives Mario and Abigail cake slices to eat. Instead, they run over to Kamek, nodd to eachother, and throw their cake at his face and laugh at him.

The screen goes blank and a purple Text says: The End

After, a note will say "Abigail Unlocked!" and you will be able to play as Abigail as well now. Her appearance will slightly change from having her hair down like normally, to a poinytail.

Level/Game Creator:

Game Creation will allow you to make your very own game. You can make cutscenes, place enemies and contraptions, edit maps, choose playable characters, make your OWN characters (Not just Miis, characters you can create to match NSMB look), put and program bosses, and much more!


First of all, we will start with cutscenes. It is easy, you can choose angels of the camera, put objects and characters (Including custom ones and Miis), choose weather and change it throughout the cutscene, and give each of them actions, or even make your own actions. It is very easy to make wonderful looking cutscenes.

Ex: You can make Peach walking in her castle during a thunderstorm. Suddenly, lightning hits the castle and makes a hole. Bowser hovers down in his helicopter, with a custom evil looking toad character. The take Peach, and Mario runs after them as Iggy chases red toad in the backround.


You can also edit the maps. You can choose a wather (Snowy, rainy, sunny, etc.) locations (Forest, mountains, plains, etc.) and you can place down decorative objects. You can also place levels and castles and fortresses. You can even place battles (When you hit an enemy, you will do a save the toads thing) and you can choose the prize they get for poping all the toad baloons. You can also edit what goes on when you reach a new world, such as in the real game, kamek takes Abigail to the fortress. When that is beaten, he takes her to the castle.

Ex: The map is snowy, and has a forest covered in snow. There is a goomba battle, and 5 levels and a fortress and castle. When you get there for the 1st time, Bowser in his helicopter hovers to the castle.

Custom Characters:

This is a very handy tool for this mode. You can make your own NSMB style character. You can choose a variety of hair styles, noses, face shapes, clothing, headgear, acessories, jewlery, shoes, and more! You can also use your Miis how they are, or transform them into NSMB Style.

You can also make them playable.

Choose Playable Characters!

Bored of Mario? Well you can choose playable characters. You can choose a variety of characters from the Mario series, even bad guys! You can also use custom characters and Miis.

The Levels:

This is the main feature. You can add enmies, tiles, and contraptions easily. You can put characters, that you can make do waterver you want, like follow player 1, 2, 3, or 4, or even follow the closest one. You can give the character a path, speeches, or even make them pull switches to help you or harm you. You can also put checkpoints.

Ex: The level is in a snowy place with ice everywhere and goombas. There is a pipe that you must go to to get down to the purple toxic water. To avoid it, hop on logs. There are also bats. Once out, a toad will pull a switch, making a bridge, but then a koopa hits one to make goombas fall by you. Once past the bridge, there is the ending flag and you win.

Castles: You can also make castles. This lets you put bosses. You can either program them to do what you command, or pick a style (Such as Bowser in Super Mario World syle, or in NSMB style so you just have to run under him) and give waknesses and how to kill them. You can also put mini cutscenes, like in the real game, when you win, Kamek will grab Abigail and fly away with her.

Ex: Once killing a giant goomba by dropping barrels on his head, you will find Bowser and Peach in the helicopter. Bowser will take off, and Mario runs after.


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