Super Mario Bros: The Popstar Crossover
Developer(s) NintendoLogo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U


Genre(s) Action Platform
Series Mario Series, Kirby Series
Mode(s) Story Mode, Multiplayer Mode, Singleplayer Mode (plays story mode levels and worlds)
Age Rating(s) E10+ Cartoon Violence, Animated Blood
Media Included 3DS Cartridge

Wii U Optional Disc

Digital Upload

Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover is a 2.5D crossover game, it involves Bowser attacking the Mushroom Kingdom, which causes a portal to another dimension (Kirby's dimension) appear, Mario attacks Bowser, and Kirby attacks King Dedede, both finish them off, now they continue on their vacation after one moment, they investigate the portal, Kirby investigates the portal, who comes out of it while Mario investigates the portal too, who comes out of the portal, Mario is now trapped in Kirby's dimension while Kirby is trapped in Mario's dimension. It is platformed for: Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, it will be released on 2014 September 8 in North America, it will be released for Japan in 2014 August 12, and for Europe in 2014 August 11.



Mario is having a vacation, after Bowser kidnaps Peach, Mario battles Bowser and the portal appears, meanwhile in Kirby's dimension, in Popstar, Kirby is having a vacation and Popstar is being attacked by Dedede because he wants Kirby ridded, Kirby battles Dedede and the portal appears, Kirby investigates the portal, Kirby comes out of the portal, Mario enters the portal after having been done with his vacation, the portal closes, Mario is trapped in Kirby's dimension while Kirby is trapped in Mario's dimension.

1st Chapter Prologue

Mario is asleep in Popstar but wakes up, Mario thinks he is in a island, but he dosen't think he is on Popstar, Mario screams as he is in Popstar, he journeys to the Green Fields to find out what is happening there, before going there, he meets a person that is named Hunso, a person that guides everyone, they both journey together to the Green Fields.

1st Chapter Epilogue

Mario, Kirby, and Hunso decides to enter the portal that opened up after defeating Whispy Woods, then see a few Shy Guys coming out of it, they decide to take a look outside and see the Shy Guys taking over the Mushroom Kingdom, with Jetpack Guys, Airships, etc. They now decided to enter the portal.

2nd Chapter Prologue

After Mario, Kirby, and Hunso entered the portal, Shy Net kidnaps Kirby thinking it was Mario, now Mario sets off to the airships to rescue Kirby.

2nd Chapter Epilogue

After Mario, Kirby, and Hunso defeated King Shy Guy, but he accidently hits the self-destruct button and ends up launching himself from his airship, now Mario, Kirby, and Hunso now escape the airships that are now falling down in destructed states.

3rd Chapter Prologue

They've finally escaped the falling airships in destructed states, they go to the cage of where Peach was dropped, when they find her gone, Luigi sees a flying bony Magikoopa in shadow on broom, taking Peach away, Luigi asks Kirby, Hunso, and Mario that he saw a flying bony Magikoopa in shadow on a broom, carrying Peach away, now they chase him to a mysterious deserted cliff with the sphinx on it.

3rd Chapter Epilogue

After defeating the Magikoopa, the sphinx opens it's mouth, and burps out chunks of sands, thus falling off the cliff, then Luigi saw a Ancient Tank and they ride it off the sphinx to get off.

4th Chapter Prologue

When Luigi and gang riding the Ancient Tank back to the Mushroom Kingdom sees an army of rabbit-like Hammer Bros. that are called Rabbid Bros. that are attacking Toad Town, now tired of doing the same thing, they race to Toad Town so they can stop it.

4th Chapter Epilogue

Mario punches a Rabbid Bro. out of Toad Town, everything is normal until Mario notices that he must find a way to get Kirby back to his dimension.

5th Chapter Prologue

Mario thinks that there is the Portal Shrine at the Bamboozle Forest and must journey to it, caution of Hunso's warnings, he warns Mario that entering the forest is very dangerous, but ignores Hunso's warnings and Kirby, Luigi, Hunso and Mario enter the forest, while Hunso is feared of the forest.

5th Chapter Epilogue

The Mario Bros. hammer the Three Hiders out of the forest and then discovers that there are 2 slots under the portal that are shaped like 2 Portal Gems, and Mario gets so depressed they go find them.

5th Chapter Epilouge (with Portal Gems collected)

Mario and Luigi insert the Portal Gems inside the 2 slots, and the portal appears to open, Mario, Kirby, Hunso, and Luigi enter the portal, but the ghosts follow them inside, thus Kirby is back at Dreamland, but it gets in great danger and ghosts started attacking, so they need to get rid of them before the people of Dreamland fear the ghosts haunting them.

6th Chapter Prologue

Mario and Luigi got Kirby back to his dimension, but Kirby falls out of another portal that leads back to the Mushroom Kingdom in the Bamboozle Forest. One day later, Luigi was walking past Peach's Castle when suddenly, Luigi saw a giant block-like golem that grabbed Peach, and jumped off the castle, and ran off with her, Luigi then informs Mario that a monster took Peach away, they go after the footprints of the golem that led them to Toy Block Palace.

6th Chapter Epilogue

After Mario hammers the vicious King Block Golem away, he grows back to normal size, but soon, the cliff it was on falls down, taking rest of the toy people with the palace, Kirby, Mario, Hunso, Luigi and Peach, runs from the castle, tonight later, they try to find a path back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

7th Chapter Prologue

When Mario and the gang gets lost, they take a rest, however a shadow who has a tree head, and 2 cannon-like arms and a cape, arrives. Who splits into 5 and goes into their ears (But the other one goes into Kirby's mouth instead because Kirby has no ears), it cuts to their dreams, Mario, Luigi, Hunso, Kirby, and Peach are nowhere to be found, But Mario is asleep in his dream, taking place in morning at the same place where the gang was sleeping at, except Mario finds the gang gone, then he saw a Zombie Koopa rising from the ground, and he runs to a dream portal to go into another dream to find his friends in their dreams.

7th Chapter Epilogue

When Mario and the gang finishes off the shadowest Dark Tree King, he cracks into mirror pieces, and then Mario, and the gang wake up, they were back at the Mushroom Kingdom, but Cloudevils swoop in and take Peach away, Mario and the gang track down Peach to a scary town known as Spooky Town, they know they had to face their nightmares to find Peach in this town.

8th Chapter Prologue

Mario and the gang go to a road where there are Cloudevils marching, (and so does other ghosts), they can't find Peach and might have to go through the town without being caught.

8th Chapter Epilogue

After defeating General Cloudevil, Mario and the gang get Peach out of the town, however, a few minutes later, they got away from the town, but a big Ztar swoops in and looks at either one person, then it chose Kirby, and takes over his body, and he flew away, Mario chases the possessed Kirby while the gang follow Mario.

9th Chapter Prologue

When Mario chased the possessed Kirby, the possessed Kirby creates his portal, enters it and closes up, Mario had an idea, he goes to the Bamboozled Forest, reroutes the portal to an unspecified kingdom and enter the portal, meanwhile the gang follow Mario into that portal.

9th Chapter Epilogue

Mario hammers Kirby's foot that spits out the Combination Ztar, then it rages furiously, then it grows, it creates it's own body that is called "Ztowser", and creates a dark planet version of Popstar called Dark Popstar, who goes to that planet, Mario catapults himself to that planet along with the gang.

10th Chapter Prologue

Mario and the gang, finds a pathway that leads to the palace of Ztowser, but they must go through the challenges they encounter.

10th Chapter Epilogue

Mario finally defeats the Combination Ztar, and it shatters into Super Darkstone Pieces, and scatters all over the world, thus the planet finally destroys itself, and Mario and the gang are back.


Kirby goes into the opened portal, Mario waves goodbye to Kirby as the portal flys up and closes. Then Mario enjoys his vacation.

Playable and Unlockable Character

Name Image Description and Ability How to Unlock
Mario Popstar Crossover
Mario is a red stache plumber who saves the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser and other various dangers, his ability is spin jumping. Default
Kirby Popstar Crossover
Kirby is a pink puffball who saved Popstar from evil villains, his ability is floating and inhaling enemies and copy their abilitys. Default
Waddle Dee KRtDL Waddle Dee-1- Waddle Dee is the servant of Dedede, but often helps him defeat Kirby but he is sometimes friends with Kirby, his ability is throwing spears and jumping high. Defeat Whispy Woods in Chapter 1.
King Dedede KING DEDEDE King Dedede is a big greedy penguin king who trys to defeat Kirby but fails, he is an anti-hero, he has the ability to inhale enemys and use his hammer. Defeat King Shy Guy in Chapter 2.
Luigi Popstar Crossover
Luigi is the green stached brother of the red stached plumber, Mario. He is often a scaredy cat but often gets along with it, he has the ability to flutter and do his high jump. Defeat Bone Magikoopa in Chapter 3.
Rabbid FlyswatterRabbid Rabbids are enemies of Rayman but one Rabbid wasn't before it was, it's abilitys are using the plunger as a melee weapon and use a bow to shoot plungers as a range weapon. Defeat Big Group of Rabbid Bros. in Chapter 4.

These portal-making ghosts are mischevious, even when helping the Mario Bros. if they are yellow ones, one's ability is making a portal (that must be supported with ectoplasm) that sucks up enemys.

Defeat The Three Hiders in Chapter 5.

Coin System

Depending on how high the coin is, a medal of either bronze (low score), silver (medium score), and gold (high score) will appear, to get the golden one, you must at least earn a high score by finding a dark yellow Diamond Coin that scores 5,000 coins, and the coins (that are collected from a level) will be added to the money for shops.


Chapters represent worlds that has plenty of levels.

Normal Chapters

Chapter 1: Plumbers in the Wrong Place

Level 1: Green-Green

Level 2: Whispy's Forest

Level 3: Lake O' Pound

Level 4: Down the Creek (Down the Lake in PAL)

Level 5: Fleaful Chase (Flea Chase in PAL)

Level 6: Peaceful Forest

Level 7: Down the Hatch

Level 8: Cuttin' the Wood (Cuttin' the Tree in PAL)

Level 9: Drag out Kirby (Drag out Puffball in PAL)

Level 10: Inspiration of Pleasure (Inspiration of Popstar in PAL)

Level Boss: Whispy Woods' Territory

Chapter 2: When Shy Guys Attack

Level 1: The Fleet of The Attacking Shy Guys

Level 2: Smasher onto the Plumber

Level 3: Mask Factory

Level 4: Falling Parachutes

Level 5: Super Mario!

Level 6: Kirby Who was Captured

Level 7: Plaguery of the Airship Pt. 1

Level 8: Plaguery of the Airship Pt. 2

Level 9: Monster Tank

Level 10: Confronting the Army of Shy Guys

Level Boss: King Shy Guy's Control Room

Epilouge Level: Escape the Airship!

Chapter 3: Crazy Bones of Egyptain Leader

Level 1: Wild Desertness

Level 2: Enter Sphinx

Level 3: Traps Traps (Traps But Traps in PAL)

Level 4: Hunting for Urn Pieces (Looking for Urn Pieces in PAL)

Level 5: Dye a Urn (Color a Urn in PAL)

Level 6: Get the Urn Back! (Give the Urn Back! in PAL)

Level 7: Marco! (Polo! in PAL)

Level 8: Attack of the Sandy Wall (Sandy Wall Chase in PAL)

Level 9: On The Mouth

Level 10: Rooftop (Rooftop Chaos in PAL)

Level 11: Hattop (The Golden Hat in PAL)

Level Boss: Bone Magikoopa's Roof-Fight

Epilouge Level: Tanker Manker

Chapter 4: Toad Town's Under Attack! Again!

Prolouge Level: Racing to Toad Town

Level 1: Plunging the West

Level 2: Strike of the Rabbids

Level 3: Number of One of it

Level 4: Raging Rabbids

Level 5: Plumber Approaching

Level 6: Robotical Destroyer

Level 7: The Rabbids' Plunger

Level 8: Runaway Train!

Level 9: Death to the Plumber!

Level 10: The Yelling

Level Boss: Giant Rabbid Bros.' Arena

Chapter 5: The Nature of the Bamboozle Forest

Level 1: Inka Dinka Doo, Shiny Gems that Held No-No-No-No-Nothing (Inka Dinka Doo, Shiny Gems in PAL)

Level 2: The Ghosts that Hunt (The Ghosts that Haunt in PAL)

Level 3: Flickering Lights (Flickering Lightness in PAL)

Level 4: Minecart Chaos

Level 5: Bamboozle's Largest Lake (Bamboozle's Giantest Lake in PAL)

Level 6: Braggle the Gem (Boggle the Gem in PAL)

Level 7: Portals, Portals, Portals (Chaotic Portals in PAL)

Level 8: Smudger Chase (Fatso Chase in PAL)

Level 9: Smacker's Smacks (Smacker's Smackings in PAL)

Level 10: Monstrous Fall

Level Boss: The Three Hiders' Hideout

Chapter 6: When Toys Strike

Level 1: Outside the Toy Tower

Level 2: March of the Toys

Level 3: Basement Blackout

Level 4: Main Corridor

Level 5: Secret Core

Level 6: The Toyish Fun

Level Boss: King Block Golem's Gigantic Battle (King LEGO Golem's Huge Battle in PAL)

Chapter 7: Dreaming in a Nightmare

Level 1: The Nightmares have Come to Life (The Nightmares Clone to Life in PAL)

Level 2: Let's Go Scare

Level 3: Nightmare Toyland

Level 4: Skary Night

Level 5: Clash of the Dreamare

Level 6: Dreamcart Chaos

Level 7: Monart Attack

Level 8: Pick up a Monsterball

Level 9: Greek Nightmare

Level 10: Bing in a Night

Level Boss: Dark Tree King's Throne Battle

Chapter 8: Night of the Living Town

Level 1: The Haunting (March of the Ghosts in PAL)

Level 2: Raging Stars that Attack (Angry Stars that Attack in PAL)

Level 3: Attack of the Cloudevils (The Attack of Cloudevils in PAL)

Level 4: Plantera's Return (Return of Plantera in PAL)

Level 5: The Hungry Bro Chase (Chase of the Hungry Bro in PAL)

Level 6: Skary Factory

Level 7: Ride through the Skull Hallway (The Ghostly Chase in PAL)

Level 8: Skully Castle

Level 9: Darkness Mayhem

Level Boss: General Cloudevil's Mayhem Fight

Chapter 9: Journey through Dark Popstar Kingdom

Level 1: Plaugery of the Village

Level 2: Infiltrate the Kingdom

Level Boss: Possessed Kirby (??? when not complete yet)

Chapter 10: The Final Area

Level 1: The Olden Days (The Oldest Game in PAL)

Level 2: Journey through a Hole

Level 3: Blackmailing Woods (The Domain of Darkness in PAL)

Level 4: Bring out Shadow Kirby(Bring out Shadow Puffball in PAL)

Level 5: Shallow Darkness

Level 6: Web Castle (Spider Castle in PAL)

Level 7: Dark Popstar's Castle

Level Boss?: Ztowser's Arena

Level Final Boss: Combination Ztar's Final Battle

DLC Chapters

Chapter A: Great Plumbers

Level 1: The Great Things

Level 2: Goombas that aren't Great

Level 3: Banishment of Greatness

Level Boss: The Great 4 Handed Top Hat's Piano Battle


Boss Music

These musics can be listened to in the Jukebox (Extra), the musics are unlocked by being played while fighting bosses.

Whispy Woods' Theme: The Guardian of Green Fields

King Shy Guy's Theme: The Battle Against the King

Bone Magikoopa's Theme: A Bony Battle

Giant Rabbid Bros.' Theme: The Giant's Way

The Three Hiders' Theme: The Return of The Three Hiders

Dark Tree King's Theme: Inside a Nightmare

General Cloudevil's Theme: General of the Darkness

Possessed Kirby's Theme: Whispering Death

Ztowser's Theme: Is That All?

Combination Ztar's Theme: The Final Battle

Title Sceen and Credits Music

The Title Screen and Credits music can be listened to in the Jukebox (Extra), the music is unlocked by being played while on the Title Screen and the Credits.

Title Screen Theme: The Adventure Begins

Credits Theme: It's The End of the Game

Level Music

These musics can be listened to in the Jukebox (Extra), the musics are unlocked by being played while progressing through Story Mode.

Plumbers in the Wrong Place

Green-Green, Whispy's Forest Theme, Fleaful Chase (Normal): Grassy Day

Lake O' Pound, Down the Creek Theme: Creek of the Week

Fleaful Chase (The Chase Begins): Flea's Deadful Day

Peaceful Forest, Down The Hatch Theme: The Forest of Lost

Cuttin' The Wood, Drag out Kirby Theme, Inspiration of Pleasure Theme:  Just the Way it Was

When Shy Guys Attack

The Fleet of The Attacking Shy Guys, Smasher onto the Plumber, Falling Parachutes, Kirby Who was Captured, Confronting the Army of Shy Guys Theme: Battle of the Shy Guys

Mask Factory Theme: Factory of the Masks

Super Mario! Theme (Normal): The Land of Marios

Super Mario! Theme (Super Mario): Super Duper Mario!

Plaguery of the Airship Pt. 1 Theme: Mission Infiltration

Plaguery of the Airship Pt. 2 Theme: Team Alert!

Misc. Music

These musics can be listened to in the Jukebox (Extra), the musics are unlock by being played/unlocked by doing the criterias or go to the Trophy Viewing Room.

Viewing the Trophys:

Riding Tankness:


Riding Tankness: Beat all Tank levels.

Other Levels

Enemy Course

They are rare short levels that appears in all of the chapters, this can be triggered if you touch an enemy on the chapter map. they can also be taken as a save point a a "home away from home" later in the game you will be able to decorate your "base" with various pieces of furniture unlocked by defeating bosses and with amiibo.

List of enemys that appears in Enemy Courses

  • 3 Bronto Burts (1st chapter)
  • 2 Waddle Dees and 1 Bronto Burt (1st chapter)
  • 3 Jetpack Guys and 1 Shy Guy (2nd chapter)
  • 2 Shy Guys and 5 Jetpack Guys (2nd chapter)
  • 1 Dry Bones and 3 Mega Dry Boneses (3rd chapter)
  • 2 Purple Magikoopas and 3 Dry Boneses (3rd chapter)
  • 5 Mummy Goombas and 2 Purple Magikoopas (3rd chapter)


Shops are very short levels that appears in several chapters when you do criterias below, they contain buyable things that helps Mario.


Beat a enemy course.
Defeat a boss.
Find a Toad lost in a level.
Defeat a Giganticus Fishicus and rescue the Toad or any other shopkeepers.


Note: every items only work on some Mario characters while it dosen't work on Kirby characters, but however the Orbshroom works on Kirby characters while using a ability.

  • Orbshroom (costs 2500 coins), when hit while using a power-up once, you will be protected by a forcefield.
  • Mime Mushroom (costs 4000 coins, only in special chapters), this turns you into your mime form, which lets you double jump and copy any enemy's moves.
  • Wind Flower (costs 3200 coins, only in special chapters), this turns you into the wind form, you obtain the ability to control wind or make wind.
  • Super Mushroom (costs 200 coins), this turns you into your normal form, when hit, you will revert back to your small form.
  • Fire Flower (costs 400 coins), this turns you into your fire form, you obtain the ability to shoot fireballs.
  • Super Leaf (costs 600 coins), this turns you into your leaf form, you are given the ability to fly when your Fly Meter is full, also makes you flutter when you fall.
  • Sand Flower (costs 1500 coins), this turns you into your sand form, you have the ability to travel anywhere (this only works in sand levels), however if you are hit by fire enemys or their projectiles, you will instantly die as you turn to stone.
  • Dark Leaf (costs 2000 coins), this turns you into your dark form, you have the ability to fly when your Fly Meter is full, makes you flutter when you fall and you shoot darkballs.


  • Costume Mode (costs 10000 coins), when enabled, you wear different suits and hats.
  • Mirror Mode (costs 10000 coins, only when game is beaten once), when enabled, you only start in your small form and you can't earn power-ups anymore, and enabling modes that help you won't work. During this mode, enemys and bosses become harder and looks different, beating a level/boss level/epilouge level in Mirror Mode would unlock gallery pictures.
  • Funny Mode (costs 10000 coins) when enabled, funny sounds will play when you defeat/harm enemys/bosses (Like an example, a squeak sound plays when you harm an enemy, etc.).
  • Super Mode (costs 5000 coins) when enabled, you start in your Super Leaf/Fire Flower form.
  • Shades Mode (costs 15000 coins) when enabled, you wear futuristic sunglasses in different colors.


Minigames are played on several Chapters and could be played with only Token Coins. Which are bought from Toad Shops for 100 Coins. S.S. Minigames - You can add Mini-Games here and add your nickname under the mini-game's name.

Legends: N - New, if a new minigame is added, it will have a N next to it, if updated, it will be gone.

Image Name Description Reward
Urn Cracker You must crack a big urn that is made out of platinum in 50 seconds with a hammer. This is a 2 Vs. 2 Mini-Game.

2 Lifes and a Platinum Urn (Hand Costume)

Kirby Fisher Kirby is fished by Lakitu and you need to catch Lakitu to bring Kirby back! This is a 3 Vs. 1 Mini-Game, you have 50 seconds to get Kirby back.

4 Lifes and a Cloud (Legs Costume)

Hammerer The D!

Mario is chased by King Dedede, find a hiding place to avoid being hammered by Dedede, you must avoid Dedede to avoid being hammered, you have 1 minute to hide. This is a 1 Player Mini-Game. 3 Lifes and Dedede's Hat (Hat Costume)

Run Run Run Run!

Kirby is running for his life because of a train! It might shoot Bullet Bills that is up and down, either you jump it or slide under it. This is a 4 Player Mini-Game. 2 Lifes and a Train Hat (Hat Costume

The Great Swiss Wrap N

You now work at Mr. Swiss Wrap's, to make swiss wraps for customers, be sure to order them of what they are ordering for, if you get it wrong, you lose 5 points, one with the highest score (espically 30 points) wins. This is a 4 Player Mini-Game. 3 Lifes and a Mr. Swiss Wrap's Uniform (Outfit Costume)


Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover/Enemies


  • Some chapters might make reference to other game(s) and their worlds as well, like an example. The urn styles (and so as the colorings) in Crazy Bones of Egyptain are similar to pots with different designs from the Terraria 1.2 Update.
  • This is the only SMBTPC game to have a silent antagonist.

Easter Eggs

  • if you get a game over in chapter 2 3 times, on the next time Mario will give you a infuriated look.
  • If you buy Costume Mode, male Mario characters will wear tuxedoes and top hats with red stripes.
    • Luigi's tuxedo bow and top hat stripes is colored light green, while the rest are colored red.
  • If you buy Costume Mode, Kirby characters will wear top hats with pink stripes.
    • Dedede wears a tuxedo while the rest dosen't, and also his feet are black as well.
    • Kirby's feets will be colored black.
  • If you buy Costume Mode, Characters from other series/games wear tuxedoes with blue bows and a top hat with a rose on the front with blue stripes.
  • If you actually look at Hunso for 4 minutes, he will say random sounds from 3D/2.5D games.
  • If you talk to a yellow eyed figure that is in the shadow that has a crate above him and crates next to him that are behind the walls of a shop, to get through the wall is by breaking it with a Bob-omb after beating the game once, then he will say "Ugh, what are you doing over here? I even don't have time to wait for the whole game!".

List of references

  • The level name for "Raging Stars that Attack" is a reference to Raging Star Kingdom in Psycho Waluigi.
  • In the mime form, the hat looks like the Red Hat from Terraria, however to fix the issues with this reference, the mime form now has a mime's hat instead of the one that looks like the Red Hat.
  • Some of the pot styles (and so as the colorings) is a reference to Terraria 1.2.
  • The yellow eyed figure hiding in the shadows appears in this game, he previously appeared in 3 fangames (that exists in MFGG.Net) that were made by Thunder Dragon called Toad Strikes Back, Psycho Waluigi, and Toadette Strikes Back.
  • The Rabbid Bro resembles a Rabbid-like Hammer Bro while the playable one is from Rayman: Raving Rabbids (possibly, the creator of the Rabbid Bro. had an inspiration from a spritesheet made by a banned MFGG user, tachin).
  • Ghostal shoots 2 different colored portals by pressing R/L buttons, traveling to the one you go in will go out the other one, similar to a game by Valve named Portal and Portal 2, similarly, Ghostal is based off the Portal Gun.
  • It's level title prefered by the name in English. "Inka Dinka Doo, Shiny Gems that Held No-No-No-No-Nothing" references a character in TV show called Donkey Kong Country named Inka Dinka Doo.
  • Red Gardevoir Incorperated posters appears on walls of buildings (or carryed by a plane if there isn't one) if you manage to defeat a enemy/bosses that are red/colored red.
  • Found in the Toy Block Palace in a level called March of the Toys, you could spot the scepters of the Koopalings, somewhere in the background.


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