Developer(s) TorokoLogo
Publisher(s) Nintendo logo
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Genre(s) 3D Platformer/Sidescroller
Release Date(s) September 11th, 2015
Mode(s) none
Age Rating(s) ESRB2013E10CERO B12Rating
Media Included Wii U Disc

Super Mario Bros: Multiverse Degeneration is a game created to honor the 30th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros and is a sequel to New Super Mario Bros: The Underground. It features new characters, new worlds, new power-ups in addition to celebrating Mario's legacy in his biggest game yet with old friends, some completely unexpected.

The game was revealed on August 1st on the third Witching Hour, where it was released in it's completed state.


The gameplay is somewhat of a mix, with the first half of the game being in the New Super Mario Bros style. This half is played either in classic style, with the Wii Remote held horizontally, or in Nunchuk style, with the Nunchuk used for movement. Some actions, such as jumping is used with 16px-Wiimote A and attacks are performed with 19px-Nunchuk Z or 12px-Wiimote B with the nunchuck. Others, like spinning in midair and picking up other players, are performed by shaking the Wii Remote. Certain areas of levels, such as specific platforms, can also be manipulated by tilting the Wii Remote.

The second half of the game being in the Super Mario Galaxy style. Mario is controlled with the analog stick and can jump with the 16px-Wiimote A. The 19px-Nunchuk Zworks makes Mario crouch, do Somersaults and do Long Jumps. Mario can also triple jump by jumping with precise timing three times, each time jumping higher than before. The 20px-Nunchuck C centers the camera behind Mario, while the 16px-Wiimote Dpad1 can adjust the camera angle manually. By pressing 16px-Wiimote Dpad up, the player can enter a first person perspective.


The story revolves around a cosmic deity named Themis, who has kidnapped Rosalina with the help of the Cosmic Clones. Themis learns of a comet that is heading towards the Mushroom Kingdom and wishes to obtain it's powers and recreate the universe in his liking. When Mario and the others stop him from intercepting the comet, the comet splits into thousands of pieces into the portal realm. Themis learns of the multiverse and refocuses his efforts and getting the comet shards, allowing for his original plan to become even bigger.

Now Mario and friends have to travel through time, space, and dimensions to stop Themis, who desires everything to go his way, and save Rosalina. Over the course of the game, the battle becomes bigger and bigger with both sides amassing forces.


A cosmic deity known as Themis is searching for a planet in his next step for universal conquest. As he does, he bumps into Rosalina's Comet Conservatory. Although the two seem to get along well, when Rosalina learns that Themis is attempting to take over the universe she fights him only to be overwhelmed with Cosmic Clones. The Lumas are also captured by Cosmic Clones, but one manages to escape: Baby Luma. Rosalina tells Baby Luma as he escapes the Comet Conservatory to find Mario.

Mario and Luigi wake up in the morning and head to Peach's castle, only to find nobody is there. Mario groans as he believes Peach is kidnapped again and tries to call up Yellow and Blue Toad, only to hear a cellphone ring in the castle. As Mario heads over to the sound of the noise, the lights turn on and everyone comes from their hiding spots to shout surprise.

As Mario and Luigi celebrate their birthday, Mario realizes that Rosalina and the Lumas aren't here, which is really odd considering everyone from Princess Lily to Geno to Mimi showed up. Mario asks Bowser if he's seen Rosalina, but Bowser has no clue. Mario then asks Bowser's brother Devili the same thing, but the answer is the same.

As Mario steps out of the castle for a minute, Baby Luma crashes in front of him with the message that Rosalina has been kidnapped but is unable to explain her captor. Mario puts him in his hat and begins walking, trying to figure out who it could be.

Suddenly Mario spots Peach looking out a telescope and sees that a comet is heading towards them, with a impact date of 4 days. Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, Peach, Princess Lily head out to put a stop to it.

World 1: The Mushroom Kingdom

Mario and the group head towards the impact location of the comet and try and figure out how to stop it. There they spot Bowser taking the Sprixies, which has them reasonably alarmed. Upon rescuing all of the seven Sprixies and facing Bowser, Bowser is revealed to be under the control of Themis. Themis tells that he is seeking the comet coming to the Mushroom Kingdom and needed the use of Bowser's army to awaken his powers. As blue lava encompasses him in a circle, the Sprixies manage to hold off the lava from completing the circle. When Themis realizes what is going on, it is too late as Mario and the others send a giant baseball to direct the comet from course. Themis becomes angry and begins to attack Mario's group, taking them all out instantly. When Mario comes to...

World 2: Comet Fields

Mario find himself inside of the comet which is an expansive extradimensional dimension. Inside he finds that Themis is already heading to the core of the comet. He and the others chase after him. When they meet with Themis again, he sends out an army of Cosmic clones to hold them off as he absorbs the comet and it's power. Bowser manages to shatter the Comet's core before it can be fully absorbed by Themis. Themis slams Bowser into the fourth dimension and realizes he has broken reality, opening the Portal Realm, where he discovers the Multiverse.

World 3: The Portal Realm

Themis realizes that there must be several other comets coming at the same date because of the infinite possibilities a multiverse has. If he can absorb enough comets, he can become powerful enough to remake the multiverse in his own image. Mario's group advises against this but he heads off anyway and brings Rosalina with him.

As the group explores the Multiverse further, Mario meets his possible future daughter Maxia again, who has begun to fade, stating that Themis' possibility of succeeding has increased and has begun to erode several future universe's possibilities. With each universe that erodes, the infection will spread further until there is nothing left. Peachiro encounters the group and joins them as they bump into each other. Mario heads to New York after he sees Themis head there.

World 4: New York

Like the Mushroom Kingdom, a comet is heading towards Earth. As Mario and the others head into New York, they find their presence is not welcomed, as Themis has claimed they are a threat from the Mushroom Kingdom. As they are trapped by several members of the military, a character from the portal realm named Bullet Billie suddenly fires into the military group and manages to rescue Mario's group. They see Themis flying towards the comet using extradimensional travel, leaving several portal rings in the sky. As Mario and the group use a helicopter to get close to Themis, the helicopter is knocked into a portal ring by Gobblegut, knocking them into Inkopolis.

World 5: Inkopolis

As Mario and the group land in Inkopolis, an Inkling named Ika attempts to fight them only to learn that paint doesn't do anything to them. Puzzled by this, Mario explains that they're from another universe. Ika tells them there might be a portal that could lead them home, but they will have to go into Octo Valley.

After defeating DJ Octavio, the group heads into the portal to find themselves...

World 6: Hyrule Hyrule. Mario and the others encounter Link and Zelda and learn that there is a portal that can send them back, but it is in Gerudo Valley. As they go to Gerudo Valley, they meet Ganondorf who they battle. After battling Ganondorf, Themis appears out of a portal and heads towards the sky, opening more Portal Rings. Pit and Palutena fall out of the sky and watch as Themis heads to Flat World. Using the power of flight, they manage to follow.

World 7: Flat World

Mario and the others land in the Flat World, where they find that Themis has teamed up with some of Count Bleck's old minions such as O' Chunks, Mimi, and Nastasia. As the group looks for Themis' location, they come across Goombella. They finally get to Themis, who is after a comet that is heading towards this world. He sends O' Chunks, Mimi, and Nastasia after them. After defeating the three, the universe erodes as Themis absorbs the comet. They are knocked into the last stable universe, a barren black landscape where Mario meets his Paper counterpart and joins up with him. They find the Comet Conservatory.

World 8: The Comet Conservatory

Themis has only one comet left to consume. Mario and the others use the Comet Conservatory to follow him and possibly stop him, even though the chances are slim to none. As they approach Themis, he begins to fire at them with lunar and solar stars, which must be dodged. As the Comet Conservatory crashes into Themis, the boss battle begins.

After defeating Themis, Rosalina manages to grab the comet for herself and using all of her power manages to cast Themis outside of a forcefield. Rosalina states there are still fragments of the Multiverse left, some of which are the shops and a couple of levels with Power Stars. If they can gather enough Power Stars, it might be enough to depower Themis and drain his powers so they reverse the damage he has created.

Galaxy 1: Onett

This begins the second half of the game and is now in the Galaxy style of gameplay. Upon collecting all 5 power stars in Onett, Ness joins the team.

Galaxy 2: Wily Castle

Upon collecting all 5 power stars in Wily Castle, Megaman and Roll join the team.

Galaxy 3: Koopaling World

Upon collecting all 10 power stars in the Koopaling World, Mario Koopaling and Jinkesse Koopaling join the team.

Galaxy 4: Spacial Destruction

The fragments of the worlds are beginning to disappear, with this corrupted fragment being one of the last places. Upon collecting all 5 power stars, Rosalina just needs one more Power Star but the only one left is in the most corrupted world yet. The team agrees to journey anyway.

Galaxy 5: Noise World

In this last world, we see Umbra, who holds the last Power Star. He recognizes Mario and the others but they don't recognize him, as they do not originate from the Super Smash Bros. Assemble universe. After battling, the last Power Star powers the comet and Themis is mostly depowered. As Rosalina fixes the multiverse, Themis slams Mario into the fourth dimension, which turns out is actually the past.

World 1-1

Mario is flung into the past to where it all began: World 1-1. As Mario heads towards the flag, something roars in the distance, which turns out to be a elephant made of parts of the level called Ojay. After defeating Ojay, a portal to the future opens, returning Mario to the present time, where it is still broken.

The Final Battle

Themis is seen taking a stone from Toadsworth, which Palutena learns is the Enchanted Stone which allows Mario to transform into God Mario. Themis touches the stone and turns into God Themis and hits Mario, but as Mario flies back he touches the stone and transforms into God Mario. The two battle and it becomes incredibly close until Bowser appears out from the fourth dimension and turns into God Bowser. Both God Mario and God Bowser defeat God Themis. The screen turns white as the world returns to it's proper state. As the game closes, it reveals that Themis is in deep sleep, waiting to be awakened again...

Playable Characters

All of the playable characters in Super Mario Bros: Multiverse Degeneration. BowserSymbol marks special characters that can only be played in "Rampage Levels". Seeing as this is an Toroko game and a sequel to New Super Mario Bros: The Underground, expect a ton of characters!

Image Info
Mario-SSBCMario SSB Mario Series

He's the man with a mission and that mission is to take down Themis! Mario is the most average character in the whole game, which helps him conform to most player's play styles. His special move is the spin jump, which allows him to bounce off unstompable enemies and allows him to hit enemies to stun them. He can collect all of the power-ups.

Luigi (recoloration) finishLuigi SSB Mario Series

Luigi is Mario's less noticed brother. Although he is envious of his brother's successes, he understands his place in the world. Luigi is more slippery than Mario but jumps higher, which can even be charged to be a moonjump, which goes down slower. He can collect all of the power-ups.

Blue Toad SSBBlue Toad SSB Mario Series

Blue Toad is a blue Toad, of course. He and Yellow Toad are brothers, and he is the older one. He is generally faster and he has the special ability to throw his mushroom hat as a weapon similar to Oddjob from James Bond. This hat can attack enemies and jam machinery/doors.

YellowToadJump3DWorldYellow Toad SSB Mario Series

Yellow Toad is Blue Toad's younger brother and he's been on Mario's adventures before with his older brother. He can leave behind poison mushrooms that last for about five seconds, which are sitting traps for enemies and bosses. However, they can harm players too, so watch out!

Peach-1Princess Peach SSB Mario Series

Princess Peach has only recently joined Mario's adventures, but she proves to be a valuable member even if it was started to rescue her when she got kidnapped. She has the special ability to float and descend down slowly, allowing her to reach hard to land areas down below.

PrincessLilyNewPrincess Lily SSB Mario Series

During Mario's adventures in the Underground, she joined him to help save Princess Peach. Like Peach, she used to be kidnapped by a Koopa King, however she gave birth to all of his Devilings. She attacks with a laser sword, which is a close ranged weapon that can take out most enemies. However, her power-up selection is somewhat limited.

Toadette - Mario Party 10Toadette SSB Mario Series

During Mario's adventures in the Underground, she also joined up with the group. She is unlocked after World 1, busy trying to free the Sprixies before joining up with Mario's group. She has the special ability to dash really fast, although she brakes as if she was on ice.

Unlocked at the end of World 1.

BowserSmooshBowser BowserSymbol

Mario's timeless foe, responsible for 99% of Peach's kidnappings. Despite this, there's seemingly not a ton of bad blood between them and he's even raising a family that would make most Mormons blush. He's a strong character that doesn't take crap from anyone, able to smash through just about everything although his jumps suck and he's restricted to special levels.

Unlocked at the start of World 2.

MarioPEachPeachiro SSB Mario Series

In a strange world where Mario was Peach comes Peachiro. She has come along for the ride just for fun. Her special ability is throw fireballs without a power up.

Unlocked in the middle of World 3.

BulletBillieBullet Billie SSB Mario Series

Bullet Billie is a humanized form of a Bullet Bill, with a explosive personality to boast about. She uses very small Bullet Bills to attack, although she can only fire two at a time and only hit enemies that aren't the size of a Goomba at ground level. She comes from a universe where all the Mario enemies are humanized.

Unlocked in the middle of World 4.

InklingAssembleInkling Ika Splatoon icon

Her name is Ika and she is an member of the Inkling race, which is a species that evolved to hide in paint and transform. She uses a paint gun which doesn't really harm enemies but makes for ground allowing her to slide across and slide up walls.

Unlocked at the start of World 5.

Link (alt) - Hyrule WarriorsLink SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Link is the hero of Hyrule and is part of the Triforce as "Courage". Link uses a sword similar to Princess Lily, but he moves kind of slower. He can preform a downward thrust with his sword that can defeat most enemies.

Unlocked at the start of World 6.

Hyrule Warriors - Zelda Tact ArtworkZelda SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Zelda is Hyrulian royalty and is part of the Triforce as "Wisdom". Zelda uses magic which has to come from fire flowers and the like but she has more hits than any other standard character to make up for the fact it's not easy for her to deal with enemies without powerups.

Unlocked at the start of World 6.

PitSSBVFullPit SSB Kid Icarus Series

Pit is a angel that can't fly. He uses a bow which can shoot most enemies fairly well but he's kind of a sluggish character to use.

Unlocked at the end of World 6.

PalutenaRadioactivePalutena SSB Kid Icarus Series

Palutena is Pit's goddess and knows a lot of information through scanning. She can float like Peach and triple jump using a rocket jump. She also has a weak and slow standard attack that shoots orbs through her staff.

Unlocked at the end of World 6.

PaperMarioAnarchy2Paper Mario SSB Mario Series

Paper Mario is like Mario, but paper! He can float due to his paper qualities and can use a hammer as a standard melee attack.

Unlocked at the end of World 7.

Rosalina MP10Rosalina SSB Mario Series

Rosalina is the last character you unlock in the first half of the game. She controls similar to Luigi and can use the spin jump like Mario. She is slower than Peach though.

Unlocked at the end of World 8.

NessSSB4Ness SSB EarthBound Series

Ness is a boy with psi powers that saved the world from an alien menace called Giygas. He can use a variety of PSI powers and runs pretty alright, but he can't collect power ups.

Unlocked after all the power stars in Onett are collected.

MegamanOrochiOmegaMega Man SSB Mega Man series

Mega Man is a robot that has saved the world from Dr. Wily countless times. Returning once again, Megaman doesn't have a great jump, absolutely can't touch spikes and is somewhat slow. However, he has his own life meter and can use power-ups to enhance his attacks, some of which are really devastating.

Unlocked after all the power stars in Wily Castle are collected.

RollTransparentRoll SSB Mega Man series

Roll is Mega Man's sister. She uses her broom to attack and is functionally similar to Megaman as she has a life bar and can't touch spikes as well. However she uses melee attacks instead of ranged attacks.

Unlocked after all the power stars in Wily Castle are collected.

JinkesseCroppedJinkesse Koopaling SSB Mario Series

A fan Koopaling? She is actually somewhat of a cyborg, having died in infancy. She can transform into various forms that trade off speed for power but cannot collect powerups.

Unlocked after all the power stars in the Koopaling World are collected.

MarioKoopaMario Koopaling SSB Mario Series

Mario Koopaling is Mario's biggest fan. He jumps and moves similar to Mario, but instead of a spin move he uses a wrench to attack instead.

Unlocked after all the power stars in the Koopaling World are collected.

NSM SamusSamus SSB Metroid Series

Samus is somewhat slow but she makes up with that in power. She has a standard shooting attack and can upgrade into Power Armor which gives her different abilities based off what Power-Ups she collects.

Can be bought with 50 Radioactive Coins.

KTD Kirby walkKirby SSB Kirby Series

Kirby is a lovable puffball that likes to eat. Kirby has to suck up enemies and use their powers and cannot collect power-ups. He can jump 5 times in the air, although the jumps are low, and his speed is poor.

Can be bought with 100 Radioactive Coins.

Sochi 2014 olympic wario 3d render by ratchetmario-d8j2g4eWario SSB Mario Series

Wario is Mario's rival and likes money and treasure. He is very strong but slow and makes use of his shoulder charge to slam into enemies at a fast speed.

Can be bought with 150 Radioactive Coins.

Princess shokoraPrincess Shokora SSB Mario Series

A Princess who was turned into a cat but was freed by Wario. She jumps the highest and has pretty good speed and strength. She has no special move.

Can be bought with 200 Radioactive Coins.

BeastGanonSSBHBeast Ganon BowserSymbol

The Power part of the Triforce and you can tell! Beast Ganon is faster than Bowser but jumps even worse in Rampage Levels.

Can be bought with 250 Radioactive Coins.

MaxiaMaxia SSB Mario Series

Mario's potential future daughter from a universe where Mario and Rosalina married. She has a super spin dash that is much bigger in radius than Mario and Rosalina's spin dashes and jumps fairly average but is super speedy.

Can be bought with 300 Radioactive Coins.


Image Info
Toad by banjo2015-d8mtjqmToad SSB Mario Series

The shopkeeper of World 1. He sells Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, Ice Flowers and Super Bells. He also has a roulette mini-game similar to the one in Super Mario Bros. 3.

LumaleeLumalee SSB Mario Series

The shopkeeper of World 2. It's a Luma with a 1-Up on one stick and a Life Mushroom on the other. However, one can spend 30 Starbits and fill Lumalee up, causing them to transform into a chance block that can grant up to five 1-Ups.

MaxinaMaxia SSB Mario Series

The shopkeeper of World 3. A potential future daughter from a universe where Mario married Rosalina. She sells unlockable characters.

StanleySSBHStanley the Bugman SSB Mario Series

The shopkeeper of World 4. Stanley is a bug exterminator as well as the protagonist of the game Donkey Kong 3. He supplies Poison Cloud Mushrooms.

AnnieAndMoeSplatoonAnnie & Moe Splatoon icon

The shopkeeper of World 5. She sells headgear such as Light Boxes, Cannon Boxes, Goomba Masks, and Propeller Boxes.

PoeCollectorPoe Collector SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

The shopkeeper of World 6. He buys Poes that you capture and sells Bombchus.

HowzitHowzit SSB Mario Series

The last shopkeeper, located in World 7. He sells a little bit of everything.


Image Info
Mushroom (Mario Kart 8)Mushroom Mario-SSBC----

The Mushroom is an all-time classic power-up. When you're small and on your last hit, the Mushroom makes you normal size and gives you just one more hit to take.

FireFlowerFire Flower FireMarioitself----

Another all time classic power-up. This flower transforms Mario into Fire Mario which is able to throw fireballs which bounce three times before disappearing into the air.

IceFlowerNSMWIce Flower IceMarioJump----

This power-up showed up in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and transforms Mario into Ice Mario. In this form, Mario can throw ice balls that freeze most enemies into ice cubes which can then be grabbed and tossed to break.

SuperBellSuper Bell 400px-CatMario - SuperMario3DWorld----

The Super Bell is an item introduced in the game for the Wii U, Super Mario 3D World. When obtained, Mario and others will transform into their cat form, which allows them to run up walls, slide into enemies, attack in midair, and climb up Goal Poles.

PosionCloudMushroomPoison Cloud Mushroom PosionCloudMarioThe Poison Cloud Mushroom transforms Mario into Poison Cloud Mario, a deadly and noxious form. Mario can run through just about every enemy and kill them and can disperse some energy through gliding past pits. However, there's only so much Mario can glide in this form and when it's up he turns back to Small Mario.
FLUDDFLUDD MarioSplatoonWorld----

FLUDD was introduced in Super Mario Sunshine and is a machine that goes on Mario's back. When used, it can spray water at enemies and can be used to propel Mario straight up into the air. When on floating objects in water, FLUDD can be used to propel forward. FLUDD also takes out the Octolings very easily.

MarbleMushroomMarble Mushroom MarbleMario----

Brand new and introduced into this game, Marble Mario allows Mario to take 10 extra hits before reverting to Small Mario and allows him to do a hard slide that crushes anything in his way with a uneasy breaking system.

DiamondCupMKNWPower Diamond DiamondMario3----

The Power Diamond allows Mario to shoot crystal shards and run on spiked surfaces. It also reflects light, which can be used to get rid of those pesky Boos.

EnchantedStoneEnchanted Stone GodMarioY----

The Enchanted Stone allows for any character to turn into a god-like form, it's powers and feats too long too describe. Of course, when you need to save the Multiverse, none of it really matters...


Image Info
Coin Artwork - Super Mario 3D WorldCoin A simple coin. Collect 100 of these and get an extra life. It's as easy as that.
RedCoin LTLRed Coin These coins only show up in a certain area and they are often close together. If you collect them all, you get a 1-UP or a star, depending on which part of the game you are in.
RadioactiveCoinSMBMDRadioactive Coin These coins are a bit harder to get because they only drop randomly from enemies. Use these to buy characters in World 3.
Propeller Box Artwork - Super Mario 3D WorldPropeller Box A Propeller Box is a power-up first seen in Super Mario 3D Land. The player is able to wear it over their bodies. The blades of the propeller can be used to rapidly fly into the air to a great height, and then slowly fall back down towards the ground. The Propeller Box is lost once the player finishes a level, but an extra life is rewarded. While wearing a Propeller Box, nobody can use attacks.
Light Box Artwork - Super Mario 3D WorldLight Box A Light Box is an object that first appeared in Super Mario 3D World. It can be worn over the player's body. Light Boxes can be found in sets of four (one for each player) inside a Ghost House. Upon wearing one, the block will change into the color depending on the character and the lamp on the front will emit a beam of light, which can be used to not only light up any dark spaces in front of the player, but also to defeat ghost enemies, such as Peepas, Boos and Big Boos, a method similar to that of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. However, unlike the aforementioned games, the beam of light must be shone on the enemy for a short period of time to defeat it.
Cannon Box - Super Mario 3D WorldCannon Box The Cannon Box is an item that first appeared in Super Mario 3D World. Cannon Boxes are first found as ? Blocks, but after being hit once, the actual Cannon Box is revealed. The player can then hit it once again, causing them to wear it over their body. The color of the Cannon Box changes to match the character that is wearing it. While using a Cannon Box, characters can fire cannonballs from a cannon on the front of the box; the projectiles can also be charged before being fired, which increases the distance they travel and allows the player to hold their fire. Cannonballs fired can collect coins and other items, as well as break cracked walls and Grey Brick Blocks. Unlike other items, the cannonballs can damage the other players unless they are in their Invincible form or Mega form.
Goomba Hat Artwork - Super Mario 3D WorldGoomba Mask Introduced in 3D World, the Goomba Mask is a mask of a Goomba that makes the player look similar to a Goomba. Upon wearing it, some enemies capable of noticing the character's presence will not recognize the player nor attack them. Also, Spotlights will not react if the player is within sight. However, contact with enemies will still cause damage, removing the mask. Power-ups cannot be used, but Peach's float is still usable.
BombchuSSB4Bombchu The Bombchu is a type of mobile explosives, which quickly move along the ground in a straight line until they self-destruct (indicated by red flashing) or until they touch an object or an enemy. They can be used to deliver explosive power to areas too out of reach for reach for regular Bombs or other weapons, or to attack enemies without getting too close. They can also crawl up walls.


Image Info
BowserMPITBowser SSB Mario Series

World 1's boss and Mario's timeless foe. Simply dodge him when he runs forward and watch out when he pulls out a chunk of the floor. The boss is defeated when Bowser realizes he's basically out of floor and a cage appears in the middle of the room allowing a character to kick it into him.

DeviliDKoopaDevili D. Koopa SSB Mario Series

Bowser's brother and a optional boss battle in World 1 if you come back from any further world and re-do the Castle level. His fight involves a escalating battle as he breathes down his ice breath to freeze the platforms and create spiky and harmful areas that you don't want to jump onto, as well as sending down a variety of goofy enemies you can send at him.

GobblegutGobblegut SSB Mario Series

Gobblegut appears at the end of World 4, flying above New York. What a crazy game! Anyway, you gotta jump out of the helicopter and hit the red spots and then jump BACK into the helicopter and wait for another moment to strike back. When he is defeated, he'll take the helicopter down with him!

DJOctavioDJ Octavio SSB Mario Series

World 5's boss. During the boss fight with DJ Octavio, he will to try and splat you or crush you with the many weapons equipped to the Octobot. He shoots torpedoes, rocket fists, Octarians, and a laser. To truly harm the boss, you must reflect a giant bomb back to it and cause to it explode three times.

GanondorfSSBVFullGanondorf SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

World 6's boss. He attacks by sending the undead to battle, in which you must knock their remains back to him. After nine times of this he is defeated.

PaperTrioPaper Trio SSB Mario Series

World 7's bosses. You begin with O' Chunks, who tries to ground pound you. You just need to stomp on his head three times. The next battle is with Mimi, who's legs need to be stomped on. The final battle is with Natasia, who you just need to throw enemies into.

ThemisThemis SSB Mario Series

World 8's boss. In this battle, you fight Themis down a collapsing Comet Conservatory. Themis will throw stars at you and you will need to dodge them until he sends out a giant green projectile that needs to be hit and reflected. After three hits, he'll stop and begin dashing and you need to time your jumps so that you miss the dash but stomp on his head.

UmbraUmbra SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

The Noise World's boss. This guy just shows up everywhere, huh? Anyway, you just need to hit or stomp on him but a lot of his moves will be maneuvering away from you using shadow moves and dashes. Manage to hit or stomp him three times and he's done.

OjayOjay SSB Mario Series

The boss of the World 1-1 section. He is a elephant made out of level pieces. He chases you and then when you reach a dead end, he initiates the boss fight. You need to jump onto his back using the spring boards and get to the castle, where you can beat him up inside. Do this process three times and you're done, man.

GodThemisGod Themis SSB Mario Series

The final battle. You will both be flying in the air and you need to watch when he sends out laser, in which you need to send one out to counter it and then rapidly press the button to hit him. After three laser hits, he'll duplicate and you'll need to attack the ones that come towards you.


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