Super Mario Bros: Bad Futures is the third installment in the Exotendo Super Mario Bros. series, following New Super Mario Bros: The Underground and Super Mario Bros: Multiverse Degeneration. This installment follows the campaign of Trump Koopa whole Mario and Luigi are forced to team up with Bowser and Donkey Kong to stop an evil version of Mario.

It was announced on 9/28/15. Like Multiverse Degeneration, this installment of the franchise is expected to take a quick amount of time with a deadline of 10/5/15, a week of development process. This one week deadline is similar to an earlier game done this year by Toroko called Battle for Tommorowland.




Hammer Slam Bowser, Turbo Charge Donkey Kong, and Princess Daisy are being chased by flying robots in a molten wasteland. As they attempt to outrun the robots, they are grabbed. A throne with Mario on it hovers over them and Mario reveals a device that will allow him to travel to different timelines to expand his empire. As he tells them about the device, one of the robots drops Princess Daisy into the lava, unceremoniously killing her. Bowser and Donkey Kong escape and kick the device out of King Mario's hands and activate it, causing them to vanish.

Peach is looking for the remains of Themis as Trump Koopa uses this distraction to run for ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. As Mario and Luigi attempt to tell Peach about this, Peach dismisses Trump Koopa, not believing he could possibly win. Suddenly, Turbo Charge Donkey Kong and Hammer Slam Bowser enter out of the sky. As Mario and Luigi check to see what's going on, they are suddenly grabbed and are warped to the other timeline in the remains of Bowser's old kingdom. There Bowser explains that they come from a bad future where Mario went crazy with power and took over the whole world and now has set his sights on other timelines. Mario and Luigi agree to help fight this crazy Mario.

World 1: The Koopa Kingdom

They first start in Bowser's old kingdom, torn apart by King Mario's forces. Battling King Mario's forces that now occupy the ruins, Hammer Slam Bowser is able to reclaim his kingdom and set up base, scouting new locations for the group to find forces to aid in the fight against King Mario. Suddenly, a frightening and haunting image of Luigi appears, under the name of Jester Luigi. After defeating him, they find that Bullet Billie has not been under King Mario's mind control and is willing to help them defeat King Mario once and for all.

Peach continues to search for the remains of Themis as Trump Koopa begins campaigning against Peach, which Peach ignores.

World 2: The Military Kingdom

World 3: The Underwater Kingdom

World 4: The Asbestos Kingdom

Playable Characters

All the members of the M Resistance. Unlike the past two games, only Mario and Luigi, along with two new characters called Turbo Charge Donkey Kong and Hammer Slam Bowser are playable instead of Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad.

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SSB Mario Series

Mario returns to help out his old foes Donkey Kong and Bowser? Actually, they're from another timeline but still... Mario is the most average character in the whole game, which helps him conform to most player's play styles. His special move is the spin jump, which allows him to bounce off unstompable enemies and allows him to hit enemies to stun them. He can collect all of the power-ups.

Luigi (recoloration) finish


SSB Mario Series

Luigi is Mario's less noticed brother. Although he is envious of his brother's successes, he understands his place in the world. Luigi is more slippery than Mario but jumps higher, which can even be charged to be a moonjump, which goes down slower. He can collect all of the power-ups.

Hammer slam bowser

Hammer Slam Bowser

SSB Mario Series

The Mario of a broken timeline, at least that's his nickname. He's Bowser with a giant hammer and armor. He isn't all that great at jumping so you need to propel him forward with rocket boots to clear longer jumps. He plays pretty differently from everyone else, being able to smash blocks and enemies with his hammer and taking up to 3 hits before needing a mushroom to fill up his health. He can't collect any other power-ups.


Turbo Charge Donkey Kong

SSB Mario Series

The Luigi of a broken timeline, at least that's his nickname. He's Donkey Kong and controls basically how you would expect him to; clearly more heavier than Mario and Luigi but still able to clear big jumps. He has the special ability to slam the ground and get foes stunned. He can also roll. He can't collect any power-ups beyond the standard mushroom and fireflower.



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Mushroom (Mario Kart 8)



The Mushroom is an all-time classic power-up. When you're small and on your last hit, the Mushroom makes you normal size and gives you just one more hit to take.


Fire Flower


Another all time classic power-up. This flower transforms Mario into Fire Mario which is able to throw fireballs which bounce three times before disappearing into the air.

Chicken Suit

Chicken Suit

Chicken Mario NSMBVR

The Chicken Suit transforms Mario into a chicken. In this form he can float down slowly and throw eggs similar to fireballs but with less of a bounce and ineffective against fire or water based enemies.


Oni Apple


The Oni Apple transforms Mario into Oni Mario, who can create thundering cloud platforms that move to the left after three seconds and allows him to walk on lava.



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The new standard enemy. These are Goombas trapped in used ? Blocks and because of this, shells and projectiles just bounce off them unless they hit the head, which is the weak point. They act like normal Goombas, just a little more prepared for whatever comes at them.


Joining Goomblocks as the new common mooks, the Koop-As aren't really different from their normal counterparts, still being able to turn into shells, however they can now stop their trajectory and resume walking forward if the shell has moved for 15 seconds. You can stomp on the shell again even as the Koopa-A gets out.

Brick Walkers

Walking Brick Blocks, basically. Ground-pound the block part and the whole enemy comes apart. Their legs can catch shells and kick them back and projectiles don't generally do much.

? Block Walkers

Walking ? Blocks, basically. Unlike Brick Walkers, you can't get rid of them through conventional means (only a Star will truly kill them) but you can ground pound the block to get a coin or power up.


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Jester Luigi

World 1's boss is Mario's own brother, now under extreme depression. Fun for the whole family! Jester Luigi is slow but calculates his green fireballs carefully, with every bounce growing the fireballs in size. You must slam or spin the fireballs back at him three times to succeed in defeating this alternate version of Luigi.


  • This is the third in a series of Super Mario games by Exotoro that follow generally the same story and characters. The two previous games were New Super Mario Bros: The Underground and Super Mario Bros: Multiverse Degeneration.
  • This is considered to be a bizarro entry because you battle many of Mario's friends as bosses and team up with many of Mario's foes.
  • The Chicken Suit was originally created by McBoo-Blitzman that was based off a rejected Mario suit idea.


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