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Super Mario Bros. F5
Developer(s) Ninkancho
Platform(s) Display
Genre(s) 2D platformer
Series Super Mario
Predecessor Super Mario Bros.
Release Date(s) The International Flag of Planet Earth 2016
Super Mario Bros. F5 is a Display title developed by Ninkancho, based on the classic Super Mario Bros..

Unlike the Fresh Coat remake, Super Mario Bros. F5 is meant as an updated re-release with enough new content to warrant a modern cartridge. Despite this goal, it stays true to the original game's pixellated aesthetic—bright, angular, flat, and blocky.


Following the Mario Bros.' heroic rescue of Princess Toadstool, peace returns to the Mushroom Kingdom. But before long, all is for naught: King Koopa attacks, stronger than ever! He absconds to the Dark Zone with the sovereign and leaves the Mushroom Kingdom in disarray with his black magic. Can Mario, Luigi and their friends save the day once more?


As in Super Mario Bros. proper, the player controls a character on a two-dimensional plane the height of the viewport, making that character run and jump, collect items, and dodge and defeat enemies. The goal of each level is to grab the Goal Pole at the end.

Before the Dark Zone is unlocked, the Mushroom Zone, Flower Zone, and Star Zone must be completed in any order. Each zone has eight worlds with four levels each, as well as several skips for expert players to discover.

Playable characters


Second-level power-ups, found in certain Question Blocks if the player that hit it is already Super, are now selected at random.

Fire Flower
Fire Mario can shoot deadly fireballs at most enemies to defeat them from a distance.
Superball Flower
Superball Mario can throw superballs (seriously, that's what they're called), which ricochet off of solid blocks at a 45° angle, like that one screensaver. Because they are not affected by gravity, superballs are most useful in tight passageways.
Cape Feather
Cape Mario's only special ability in this game is to spin his cape at enemies, an effective and repeatable close-range attack that can be combined with a jump for a spin-jump.
Yoshi Egg
Yoshi can lick up enemies from a short distance, will digest many and can spit out others. Unlike in other games, he acts more as a mutually exclusive power-up than as a mount, and will persist between levels.
Bunny Mario can flap his ears to slow his fall and cross large gaps with ease.
Spin Drill
You don't know the drill—unlike in Super Mario Galaxy 2, this item will transform Mario into Spin Mario, able to stun enemies, double-jump, and drill-spin by star-spinning.
Block Cactus
Block Mario can create solid blocks out of thin air in all four cardinal directions. These blocks will disappear after a couple of seconds, or shortly after he starts moving again.
Goomba Shoes are also set to spawn in certain blocks. Unlike second-level power-ups, the type of shoe in each block is predetermined. Makeshift Green Shoes can also be found by hitting a block underneath a Sockop.

All shoes offer the player character an extra hit, keep them one tile tall, and protect them from being harmed by spikes from below, in addition to stacking with other power-ups unlike Yoshi. Green Shoes have no special abilities. Red Shoes provide nigh-immunity to fire and let the player character walk on lava. Blue Shoes give the player character floatier jumps and let them flutter-jump. White Shoes increase speed and grant all of the other shoes' powers as well.


The main game is home to six distinct zones, with potential DLC extras on the way.

Mushroom ZoneA zone consisting of the levels from the original Super Mario Bros., providing a key when cleared.
Flower ZoneThis zone is full of brand-new levels stylized mainly after Super Mario Bros., using a combination of its and Super Mario 3D World's level design philosophy. A key can be earned by beating this zone.
Star ZoneThe more gimmicky zone, giving out a key when finished. It uses old and new level design elements to spice up the classic run-and-jump gameplay.
Dark ZoneKing Koopa's domain, requiring three keys to unlock and being much more difficult than any of the previous worlds.

New features

Mystery Boxes have a random chance of appearing in certain levels. Upon hitting it, the player character will be taken to a small challenge room where they must complete a certain objective in ten seconds. Objectives range from defeating all enemies to getting a certain coin count to finding a Hidden Block. If the player has met the objective when the timer is over, they will get an extra life as they leave the box. Either way, the Mystery Box will become a grey, transparent Used Block afterward until the level is finished, and the player character will spawn on top of it.
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