Super Mario Bros. Endgame
Developer(s) Endgame Enterprises
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Genre(s) 2D Side-Scrolling
Series Super Mario Endgame
Predecessor N/A
Successor TBA
Release Date(s) August 2017
Mode(s) 1 Player Game
2 Player Game
Age Rating(s) +6
Media Included Disc.

Super Mario Bros. Endgame (also called Super Mario Endgame or Mario Endgame) is a 2D side scrolling game developed by Endgame Enterprises and published by Fantendo. This game takes the events after Super Mario 3D World.


Part 1 ~ A New Plan

Bowser is already frusturated about his plans being foiled by Mario and Luigi and wants something...or someONE to help him. Suddenly, the Endgamer in his soul form, comes from the sky, in his orb. It lands on Bowser and lands on his hands, Bowser starts rubbing it and the Endgamer comes out. Endgamer looks at Bowser and tells him that the Endgamer was a person created out of the dust of cancelled (deleted pages/games in this wikia) games. He helps Bowser destroy the Mario Bros. at his command.

Later back at Toad Town, the Mario Bros. and Peach are going on a picnic at Picnic Plains, however that's where Endgamer and Bowser are going to start a Kold Koopa War. As the three and Toadsworth, who reached the plains before them, enjoy their picnic, all of the Koopas, Bowser and Endgamer started a civil war. Mario and Luigi defend the Princess by defeating Koopas , Goombas and the Koopalings with ease. Bowser battles the two and beats them with ease, since it has been a long time fighting him back in 2013. Then, on his airship, shoots Bob-Ombs at the bros., sending them flying to Slimy Seaside.

At Slimy Seaside, Mario wakes up along with Luigi. They found out that they are stranded on a seaside which is far away from the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario sees a lonely Toad named Albert, is seen on the seaside, crying because he lost his favorite toy, which was his toy truck he had when he was four years old. Mario goes through the place to find the truck.

Part 2 ~ A Slimy Situation


Part 3 ~ ???


Part 4 ~ ???


Part 5 ~ ???


Part 6 ~ ???


Part 7 ~ ???


Part 8 ~ ???


Part 9 ~ ???


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  • This is the second Endgame Enterprises game that has the word "endgame" in the game's title. The first one was Super Smash Bros. Endgame.
  • This is the first game to feature Endgamer in an Endgame Enterprises game.
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