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Super Mario Brothers 3D is a Mario game being developed by GemGames Co. exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. The game can essentially be considered the sequel to Super Mario 3D Land, it is planned to be released sometime in late 2012.








Image Name Description How to unlock
Marioart2.png Mario The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom once again sets out to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser! Mario is the most basic and well balanced character, but also has the best star spins. Default
NewLuigi.png Luigi Mario's younger brother was kidnapped by King Boo, once rescued he becomes a playable character. Luigi has the second highest jumps in the game. Defeat King Boo
Wario Angry.png Wario After having his money stolen by Kamek, Wario and his brother Waluigi set out to get it back, only to be kidnapped by Bowser aswell! Wario is the slowest character in the game, but also has the strongest ground-pounds and can shoulder barge enemies. Defeat Goomboss
WaluigiMP8Official.png Waluigi He tagged along with Wario to retrieve their money from Kamek, only to be kidnapped by Bowser! Waluigi has the highest jumps in the game and can flutter-jump much like Yoshi. Defeat Petey Piranha
OmegaMaria.png Maria Mario and Luigi's female cousin has also been kidnapped, after saving her from Boom Boom she becomes playable. Maria can glide in the air for a short while using her dress and has star spins almost as powerful as Mario's. Defeat Boom Boom
LuiseOmega.png Luise Maria's younger sister was also kidnapped, she aswell becomes playable after being rescued. Luise can glide for a little longer than Maria and has a good running speed. Defeat Pom Pom


Image Name Description Encountered at
Peachy.png Princess Peach The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom has once again been kidnapped by Bowser! Peach was out for a walk with Toadsworth when the evil Koopa king abducted her and took her to his castle, now its up to Mario & friends to rescue her.

Bowser's Castle

Toad3DLand.png Toad Toad appears on various levels, assisting Mario & friends by providing them with useful items such as 1-Up Mushrooms if you speak to him. Toad is also seen at the start of the game, informing Mario of Princess Peach's kidnapping. Various levels
YoshiSMSJ.png Yoshi Yoshi appears in some levels after breaking open a Yoshi Egg. Mario and co. can then ride on Yoshi's back, he is able to flutter jump better than Waluigi and eat enemies and turn them into eggs/spit them out. Unlike in most games, only Green Yoshis appear in this game. Various levels
Rosalinasmg2.png Rosalina The Princess of the Lumas appears along with her Lumas on the Comet Observatory once the game is completed, it is revealed that she and Geno are good friends. Rosalina allowed Mario & friends access to Special World 10 in space once the player completes all of the Special Worlds that Geno gives access to. Comet Observatory
Geno Brawl.png Geno The Star Being makes a startling unexpected reappearance! Geno appears at the Comet Observatory where it is revealed that he and Rosalina are old friends, he invites Mallow to the observatory once the player has completed the game. He also gives the player access to the Special Worlds. Comet Observatory
MallowByJoeAdok.PNG Mallow The Prince of Nimbus Land makes an appearance at the Comet Observatory once the game is completed, he is summoned there by Geno. He will give the player 1-Up Mushrooms if they have enough Star Medals. Comet Observatory



Image Name Description
Bowser NSMBW.png Bowser The evil King of the Koopas has once again kidnapped Princess Peach! Bowser is battled a number of times and fights by breathing fire and jumping on the player.
BowserJr.SMG.png Bowser Jr. The evil Prince of the Koopas is Bowser's youngest and favourite child. He kidnaps Toads from Toad Town which the player must rescue, his battle style is the same as his fathers.
KamekNSMBW.png Kamek The evil Magikoopa was given the task of stealing Wario & Waluigi's money to lure them into a trap set by Petey & Goomboss. When battled he distorts the area around him with his magic spells.
King Boo MMWii.png King Boo The King of the Boos was given the task of kidnapping Luigi by Bowser. He appears and disappears while in battle and will punch the player to attack, he can also summon Boos to get the player.
Goomboss3D.png Goomboss The King of the Goombas was given the task of kidnapping Wario by Bowser. He stomps around during battle, trying to crush the player and with each hit gets angrier and faster.
Super mario Bros Petey.png Petey Piranha The apparent leader of the Piranha Plants was given the task of kidnapping Waluigi by Bowser. He will fly into the air and then ground-pound down to try and crush the player in battle.
SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art.png Boom Boom The flailing-armed Koopa is battled on Bowser's airships, he also kidnapped Maria under Bowser's orders. Boom Boom will flail his arms around to try and hit the player during battle, he'll also retreat into his shell and roll around.
PunpunSolo.png Pom Pom Boom Boom's female partner is also battled on some airships, she kidnapped Luise under Bowser's orders. In battle she will throw boomerangs at the player and levitate in her shell.


Image Name Description Type
180px-Goomba.png Goomba The most basic goons of the Koopa Troop, they will simply try and charge into the player. Takes just one stomp to defeat them. Plains
Paragoomba Card.PNG Paragoomba The winged sub-species of Goombas that will simply fly around, on rare occasions they will also drop Micro-Goombas. Plains
GoombaSM3DL.png Tail Goomba These tanooki-tailed Goombas will try and hit the player with their tails, they can also flutter jump. Plains
KoopaSM3DL.png Koopa Troopa The basic Koopa Troopa walks around and even fall off cliffs to hurt Mario Plains


Item Name Description Result
N/A Small Mario Small Mario is the player's most basic form, which is acheived if the player is hit by an enemy attack. In this form the player loses their hat and is unable to break Brick Blocks and star spin. SmallMario3DLand.png
Super Mushroom SM3DL.png Super Mario Super Mario is the player's normal form, in this form they'll have all of their regular abilities and will revert back to Small Mario if hit by an enemy. It is acheived by getting a Super Mushroom. Marioart2.png
FireFlowerSM3DL.png Fire Mario Fire Mario gives the player the ability to throw fireballs, the player can throw up to 5 fireballs at a time before having to wait for them to disappear to throw more. It is acheived by getting a Fire Flower. Fire Mario SM3DW.png
StarFlip.png Invincible Mario Invincible Mario is the most powerful form in the game, while in the form the player can kill any enemy instantly by just running into them. It is acheived by getting an Invincible Star. Starmanmario.jpg
SuperLeafFlip.png Tanooki Mario Tanooki Mario gives the player a tanooki suit, which allows them to flutter-jump and hit enemies with their tail. It is acheived by getting a Super Leaf. TanookiMario3D.png
FrogSuitSME.png Frog Mario Frog Mario gives the player a Frog Suit and the ability to swim with ease underwater, it also allows for higher jumping while on land. It is acheived by getting a Frog Suit. FrogMario.png
HammerSuitSME.png Hammer Mario Hammer Mario gives the player the ability to throw an infinite number of hammers, much like Hammer Bros.. It is acheived by getting a Hammer Suit. HammerMario.png
IceFlowerSME.png Ice Mario Ice Mario gives the player the ability to throw ice balls, the ice balls will turn any enemies they hit into a large block of ice that can then be thrown. It is acheived by getting an Ice Flower. IceMarioSME.png
BlueShell.png Shell Mario Shell Mario gives the player a Koopa Shell on their back, the player is then able to duck inside the shell, shell-dash much like a kicked Koopa Shell and ground-pound inside the shell. It is acheived by getting a Blue Shell. ShellMario.png



  • The game marks the first time that character Waluigi has appeared in a main-series Mario game.


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