Really, SolarBlaze? Really? You call THIS a story? Even Sticker Star did better, and that was a piece of garbage!
Cranky Kong, Part 5

Super Mario Brothers: Legend of the Chaos Star is a story written by SolarBlaze, started on September 26, 2012. Having been inspired by the first three games in the Paper Mario series, the author's goal is to combine their plot elements into one story, while at the same time, adding ideas of his own.


After another humiliating defeat at the hands of the Mario Brothers, Bowser decides to start recruiting new members of the Koopa Troop to use for his next scheme to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Among these new recruits is a pair of mysterious, magical jester twins who look suspiciously similar to Dimentio. As they got themselves acquainted with Bowser, they informed him of a powerful object called the "Chaos Star", which, according to the twins, possesses the power that the Koopa King needs in order to defeat his enemies, make Princess Peach/Toadstool his bride, and conquer the Mushroom Kingdom (as well as the rest of the world).

However, even though the twins claim to be nothing but loyal servants to Bowser, there just may be more to them, as well as the Chaos Star itself, than they're letting on. Who are these two mysterious characters, and what are their true intentions? When their plan is set in motion, will Mario and Luigi have what it takes to stop them?


UPDATE: New chapter coming on September 26, 2020!

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Cast of Characters





  • Birdo's dislike of Princess Peach throughout the story stems from the fact that the two of them had bad chemistry in Mario Super Sluggers. It also comes from the events of Superstar Saga, where Birdo was forced to pose as the princess, and ended up getting her voice stolen by Cackletta and Fawful in the process.
  • The scene in the first chapter where Dimentia and Dimention read entries out of Bowser's diary regarding his crush on Princess Peach was a nod to an intermission cutscene in the first Paper Mario. It was also a reference to the scene in Super Paper Mario where Dimentio read passages out of Mimi's diary.
    • Incidentally, in Part 15a, Antasma says that simply defeating Bowser in battle won't be satisfying without humiliating him first. This referenced another intermission cutscene in the first Paper Mario, where Bowser said the same thing about Mario after the former got the idea to ask Princess Peach about the latter's weaknesses.
  • During the scene in Part 3, where Flurrie accidentally squeezes Jr. Troopa too hard, Goombella compared the choking noise he made to Sir Grodus's laugh, much to the amusement of Mario and Bobbery.
  • One of Punchinello's Bob-omb minions was given the name of "Johnson" as a nod to a running gag that was started in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
  • The mechanical dragon, "Zillatron" that Larry used in the seventh chapter was an homage to Hooktail and Fracktail. Additionally, the fact that the battle took place within a fortress located in a grassland was a nod to each of the first chapters of the Paper Mario series.
  • In the tenth chapter, a Terrapin makes a reference to a line that one of the X-Nauts said to Grodus during one of the intermission cutscenes in Thousand-Year Door.
  • Ludwig's attempts to scare Luigi and his party with ghostly moaning noises in chapters eight through ten was a reference to the first two Paper Mario games, where Tutankoopa and Cortez tried to do the same to Mario and his allies.

TV Shows

  • In the first chapter, Toad referred to Bowser as "Koopa Stoopa", as he's done many times throughout the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!.
  • From the first chapter all the way through the fourth chapter, Bowser used his "pepperoni plumbers", "drain-brain", and "facet freaks" insults, which also came from the Super Show!.
  • In the eleventh chapter, while Iggy was introducing himself, he tells the heroes that he's also known as "Hip", which was his name in the Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World-based cartoons.
    • Also in that very same chapter, Donkey Kong used his "Banana Slamma!" catchphrase from the Donkey Kong Country TV series.


  • In Part 8, Lady Bow claimed to be far scarier than anything Luigi would ever find in Ludwig's castle. This was a nod to a scene in Shrek, which the aforementioned, titular character rejected the notion that there was anything in the woods that was more frightening than himself.
  • In Part 10, Dimentia asks Bowser, "Why so serious?". This line is a reference to The Dark Knight's portrayal of The Joker.



  • "Yessss… I can give you power beyond your vildest dreams! Vith my help, you vill be able to escape this dungeon und free the rest of your friends, including Princess Peach! Then, vunce und for all, vee can teach Bowser a lesson und give him vut he deserves! The vun thing I ask for in return is your cooperation. Vut do you say?" ~Part 11
  • "Vut's that? Bowser is being used!? SKREE HEE HEE HEEEEE! Yessss... How delightful! Serves him right! I haff no pity for him vutsoever!" ~Part 12
  • "I am your vorst nightmare! SKREEEEONK!" ~Part 13
  • "Bowser… Soon enough, I vill show him the true meaning of fear und terror! SKREEEEEARK!" ~ Part 15a
  • "I von’t be satisfied vith just haffing Bowser beaten up, oh no… Vut I also vant to do is humiliate him in some vay…" ~Part 15a
  • "I vas actually more shocked...und disturbed at the 'burly, awesome hubby' bit..." ~Part 15a
  • "Yessss…this vorks out just nicely! Bowser vill get his turn soon, but before I deal vith that traitor, I believe I vill exact my revenge…on you!!! SKREEEONK!" ~Part 15a


  • "What, you thought you'd dent a shell as burly as this one? You thought you'd smack down a huge, studly boss like me? What a joke!" ~Part 3
  • "Peach, hang on! Your burly, awesome hubby is coming for you!" ~Part 15a
  • "Simple, batface. The day Bowser played you like a bat fiddle might've been the most important day of your life, but for me? It was a Tuesday, pal." ~The upcoming Part 15b

Cranky Kong

  • "You guys lost to Bowser? Oh, come on! Back in my day, I'd have knocked him out in one punch!" ~ Part 5
  • "'Polywarp'? What kinda name is that? [...] sounds like somethin’ straight outta Pokémon, which, by the way, is rubbish. ~Part 5
  • "Bah. [Super Paper Mario's plot] sounds like bad fanfiction to me." ~Part 5
  • "I had to [come]. Who else is gonna add some flavor to this boring, poorly-written excuse for a story?" ~Part 11
  • "Tired of me? You should be glad I even considered it! SolarBlaze couldn't write to save his life! Not even the writers of the Donkey Kong Country series did THIS terrible of a job! Seriously, I could pull out a better script from the crack of my behind!" ~Part 11
  • "Just to be clear, I know everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that's gonna go down in this story, and I'll tell you... It has one of the stupidest-looking final bosses I've ever seen; one that makes both Tiki Tong and Fredrik seem original by comparison, along with a rubbish ending that has 'cliche' written all over it!" ~Part 11
  • "Ugh, seriously. What does SolarBlaze think this is? A Dr. Seuss book?" ~Part 11
  • "Who asked you? A stepladder with eyes and wings... Who came up with such garbage character design?" ~Part 11
  • "Yep, we got the stupid star. That's as 'okay' as things get for this rubbish story." ~Part 12
  • "Yep, that's SolarBlaze's GENIUS writing for you. By the way, don't I know you from somewhere? You look familiar..." ~Part 12
  • "I make all kinds of 'em, but don't go asking me for a potion of good writing, as even MY genius is unable to rescue this story from its rightful destiny in the recycle bin. Assuming, of course, that someone's actually bored enough to wanna download this rubbish." ~Part 12


  • Originally, SolarBlaze intended for the story to take place during Princess Peach's birthday, but since that had already been done in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, he opted for it to be the Mario Brothers' birthday instead (which, coincidentally, ended up tying into the "Year of Luigi").
  • In a past continuity, Dimentia and Dimention were depicted as Dimentio's siblings, but because SolarBlaze considered that to be somewhat cliche, he decided against it. Instead, their resemblance to him was explained by stating that they originated from a dimension-bending jester clan, similar to how there are various Merlons, Merlees, and Merluvlees within the Tribe of Ancients.
  • In addition to SolarBlaze wanting to keep Cranky Kong in character, the negative comment the latter made about Paper Mario: Sticker Star came from the former's own dislike of the game.
    • Incidentally, this was also one of SolarBlaze's primary motivations for writing Legend of the Chaos Star; as a sort of "throwback" to what he considers to be the glory days of the Paper Mario series and the Mario RPGs in general.
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