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Developer(s) EEA Inc. Logo on Cases
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Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan August 26 2009
25px-Flag of USA August 27 2009
25px-Flag of Europe August 30 2009
25px-Flag of Australia September 15 2009
1-2 Players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included DS Card

Super Mario Bros.: Diaper Duty DS (or just Diaper Duty DS) is a game in the Diaper Duty Series made sololy by EEA Inc. (unlike the other Diaper Duty games which EEA Inc. assisted Vined Inc.) Unlike the other Diaper Duty games, it is for the Nintendo DS.


The game returns to side scrolling with the same graphics as New Super Mario Bros. Most of the gameplay is the same as Super Mario Bros: Diaper Duty. The babies walk slowly and can hitch a ride on various things, including Remote Control Cars in Big City and Camels in Sarasaland. Yoshis are found in Yoshi's Island and act like the Yoshis from any Yoshi game. The color of Yoshi depends on which baby the player is using. However, if Yoshi gets hit by an enemy, the baby will fall off like in Super Mario World and must get back on Yoshi. If a baby gets hit by an enemy, instead of shrinking, the baby has a health gauge. The baby will lose a life after five hits. Again, each baby has a special move that only he/she can do. Like the first game, the player can switch babies when opening the menu. In Story Mode, there are 3D videos like in Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis. This game also has a Multi-Player Mode that allows the players to play levels and defeat bosses together.


After the events of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby Bowser, and Toadsworth the Younger, come back to their proper time period, where the other babies are waiting for them. The babies congratulate the Baby Mario Bros. on defeating Baby Bowser. Baby Mario then gets the idea to defeat Baby Bowser once and for all so that he will not grow up to become the Mushroom Kingdom's villain. Baby Bowser overhears Baby Mario and decides to stop Baby Mario from growing up and becoming the hero. Baby Bowser finds out that his father, King Koopa was revived by Kamek and was ready to help his son. Together Baby Bowser, King Koopa, and Kamek round up all the villains from the past Diaper Duty Series games to destroy the babies. The Star Children and Toadsworth the Younger, head to Big City to celebrate the defeat of Baby Bowser. When they get there, they notice that the city is in chaos! Baby Bowser's group had sent out their first weapon, a huge Baby Petey Piranha! He eats all Toadsworth and all the babies expect Baby Mario who easily defeats him. Baby Petey shrinks down to his normal size. All the babies are released but not Toadsworth. Just then, Baby Bowser and Kamek came down in a huge King Koopa Balloon that picks up Baby Petey. Determined to save Toadsworth, the babies chase after the balloon. After a long walk, the babies end up in Diamond City, where they take a short rest. Just then, they meet up with Baby Waluigi. He was mad that the babies forgot to invite him to the party in Big City. He challenges Baby Wario who defeats him. Baby Waluigi gets mad and runs away. The babies keep going. On their way to their next destination, the Mushroom Kingdom, they meet up with Baby Waluigi again, who this time is with Baby Bowser, Kamek, and Baby Petey. He wanted to get his revenge on the Star Children. Before getting to the Mushroom Kingdom, the babies stopped at Toad Town. There, they met up with their old friend, Professor E. Gadd. He was working on closing all the Time Holes with Andrew and Andrea. Just then, a huge Mecha Baby Toad stomped into Toad Town and crushed Andrew and Andrea. Baby Funky, the strongest of the babies decided to try to defeat the huge robot. After it's defeat, it was revealed that Baby Toad was inside the robot who was brainwashed by Baby Bowser. The babies continued their adventure without E. Gadd, who stayed behind with Baby Toad and used the Mecha Baby Toad's parts to fix Andrew and Andrea. When the babies finally reached Mushroom Kingdom, they found that Baby Bowser was not there. Instead, Baby Bowser's cousin, Koopa Kid was there. After his big defeat in Diaper Duty 10, he also wanted to defeat the Star Children. This time, Baby Yoshi battled Koopa Kid and defeated him. Koopa Kid got really mad and charged the other babies. At that time, E. Gadd returned with a repaired Andrew and Andrea. He hit Koopa Kid, knocking him into a Time Hole. E. Gadd then closed the time hole, trapping him in the future. Continuing their search for Baby Bowser, the Star Children come upon Baby Daisy's kingdom, Sarasaland. Yet again, Baby Bowser was not their, but Tatanga was. Baby Daisy defeated Tatanga on her own and sent him back into space. Baby Daisy hoped that he would not return for a long time. The babies ventured out into Donkey Kong Island where Prince K. Rool was the self-proclaimed king. Baby DK entered the Prince's temple and challenged him. The other babies watched Baby DK battle from a nearby cave. After Prince K. Rool was defeated, he went after the other babies, but Baby Funky and Baby DK pushed a giant rock off the top of the cave, trapping Prince K. Rool inside. After getting out of the jungle, the babies found themselves in Yoshi's Island where Baby Bowser was. Baby Bowser was taking over Yoshi's Island with his minions, Kamek, Baby Petey, and Baby Waluigi. Baby Peach wants to try to defeat Baby Bowser but fails. Baby Bowser kidnaps Baby Peach and decides to flee to Bowser's Keep. However, the babies knock Baby Bowser and Baby Peach out of the balloon and only Kamek, Baby Petey, and Baby Waluigi proceed to Bowser's Keep. Baby Peach then battles Baby Bowser again and defeats him this time. Baby Bowser flees in the opposite direction of Bowser's Keep saying that he promises to defeat Baby Mario went he grows up. The babies know that they must continue to Bowser's Keep if they want to save Toadsworth from Baby Petey. After a very long walk, the babies find themselves at Ghost Valley. They know that after crossing Ghost Valley, they will be at Bowser's Keep. Just then, Prince Boo appears out of nowhere, blocking the way to Bowser's Keep. The babies had no choice but to battle him. Baby Luigi decided to conker his worst fear and battle Prince Boo. After Prince Boo is defeated, he slowly fads away, revealing a path to Bowser's Keep. Inside Bowser's Keep, the babies find King Koopa, Baby Petey, Kamek, and Baby Waluigi. After the babies defeat King Koopa and Kamek, they fall over. Kamek's wand rolls over and Baby Mario picks it up. Using huge amount of power, Baby Mario makes Bowser's Keep crumble. A brick fall on the stomach of Baby Petey Piranha, making Toadsworth fly out of his mouth. Another brick falls on King Koopa, making him dizzy. He falls into his own lava pit and dies. As the castle continues to crumble, Baby Mario sees the exit. Just then, King Koopa's Shell pops out of the lava, and uses a huge amount of speed from the wand, the Star Children and Toadsworth ride the Shell out of Bowser's Keep just in the nick of time. The babies land on a ledge and watch Bowser's Keep turn to ruins. Kamek than escapes from the castle and using his wand, the babies banish Kamek again. They then use the wand to take them back to Big City. When they get there, the Star Children and Toadsworth held an even bigger party than last time. All of their friends and even enemies were there. Baby Waluigi, Baby Petey, Prince Boo, Prince K. Rool, and even Tatanga were invited. As the babies party, Baby Bowser watched from a cliff, planning his revenge. Baby Mario then calls out that its bed time, and all the babies start going home. The credits then roll. After the credits, Koopa Kid finds himself in the future, where he meets the grown up Bowser. Wanting to get revenge on the Baby Mario Bros., Koopa Kid becomes Bowser's assistant and helps him in the Mario Party series.


Playable Characters

The star children at the end of Diaper Duty 10: Koopa Kid's Revenge are playable in the game.

  • Baby Mario - The easiest character to control with all-around moves, that can shoot Fireballs at enemies.
  • Baby Luigi - He can jump higher and run faster that Baby Mario but is harder to control. He can also shoot Fireballs.
  • Baby Peach - She is the weakest character, with low jumps. However, she can hover in the air for a little while.
  • Baby Daisy - Like Baby Luigi, she is faster and has higher jumps, but can not hover as long as Baby Peach can.
  • Baby Yoshi - The fastest character that can jump high and swallow enemies just like Yoshis can, but he is the hardest to control.
  • Baby Wario - A very strong character that can attract Coins with a magnet. He is the slowest character with the worst jumps.
  • Baby Donkey Kong - He has poor speed but can swing from vines quickly, with the best jumping and is very strong.
  • Baby Funky Kong - He is faster and stronger than Baby DK but his jumping and control is weaker. He can also swing from vines.

Non-Playable Characters

  • Baby Toad - A baby that was kidnapped by Baby Bowser, brainwashed, and was forced to control the robot, Mecha Baby Toad.
  • Toadsworth the Younger - The caretaker of the babies that is over protective of Baby Peach. He helps them on their adventure.
  • Professor E. Gadd - An old inventor that helps the babies by inventing gadgets for them, like the robots, Andrew and Andrea.
  • Andrew - He used to be a normal Anderobot, but was redesigned by E. Gadd to help the babies on their adventures.
  • Andrea - Yet another good Anderobot, redesigned by E. Gadd and then ungraded by Cranky Kong to be able to fly.


  • Baby Bowser - Baby Mario's main rival that still wants to take over Yoshi's Island. Being not that strong, he gets minions to fight for him.
  • Kamek - The most high ranking member in the Koopa Troop, that acts as an assistant and caretaker of Baby Bowser.
  • Baby Waluigi - A friend of the Star Children that got mad at them for forgetting he inviting him to their party in Big City.
  • Baby Petey Piranha - A minion of Baby Bowser, that was created by the Shroobs. He is able to swallow things whole.
  • Prince Boo - The guardian of Ghost Valley, that was hired by Baby Bowser to guard Bowser's Keep from the Star Children.
  • Prince K. Rool - The self-proclaimed king of Donkey Kong Island that is the main rival of Baby DK. He is not working for Baby Bowser.
  • Koopa Kid - The cousin of Baby Bowser that is a classic enemy of the Star Children. He still holds a grudge on the babies.
  • King Koopa - Baby Bowser's father, who is the leader of the Koopa Troop. He was revived by Kamek after he was killed in the first Diaper Duty.


All the worlds in the game are from other Diaper Duty games.


Playable Characters

Non-Playable Characters




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