Super Mario Bros: A Greater Evil
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc


Super Mario Bros: A Greater Evil is an upcoming 3D platformer game for the Wii U. It will require the player to collect power stars, similar to Super Mario 64, and the Super Mario Galaxy installments.


One day, Princess Peach was hosting an outdoor picnic party. A huge purple cloud started forming in the sky. Mario and his friends were confused. Bowser came running to the picnic and told them that the "thing" was harnessing power from his castle. Suddenly, the Comet Observatory came crashing down into a nearby hill. Rosalina came running over to Mario and co. She explained that everyone was in great danger. The purple cloud shot down her ship. There was another ship inside of the purple cloud, which had a villain that never revealed his name and had been causing trouble throughout the galaxy for a long time. Just then, a huge red ray shot down at Princess Peach's castle and started harnesssing it's power stars. Rosalina immediatley pulled out a device and shot  another ray at it, causing all of the power stars to go flying all over the Mushroom World. Then, the cloud shot a ray into the core of the Mushroom World. Rosalina, panicked, explained that it was harnessing power from the core, and that once it was done, the Mushroom World would crumble to dust! She explained that if they get all of the Power Stars back, that it could re-power her ship. She explained that there was more Power Stars waiting in the galaxy that had been shot out of her ship. Mario and Bowser decide to team up on this mission, and everyone there decides to help! During the first course, Toad Town, the purple cloud shoots out enemies all over the Mushroom World. They seem to be robotic versions of enemies from the Koopa Troop! Mario gets the first Power Star when he defeats 10 enemies within the area. Once the Grand Stars of each area are collected, they will power Rosalina's Comet Observatory. Once it's powered, you can go in it, and now access the Galaxy areas.



To move, the player uses the left analog stick. To move the camera the player uses the right analog stick. To run, the player holds down X while moving. To use a power up, also use X. To jump, the player presses A. To duck press ZR. Press ZL to change the camera zoom.


To switch characters, the player must enter Princess Peach's castle and go into the room on the very left. Then a character selection screen will appear, where you can select the character you want to play as.


Character Image Description Stats
Mario 150px Mario is a well-rounded character. Except, he doesn't have flutter ability...
  • Jump:2/4
  • Power:2/4
  • Speed:2/4
  • Flutter:0/4
Luigi 150px Luigi can run pretty fast, jump fairly high, and flutter with his legs pretty well. He isn't very powerful though...
  • Jump:3/4
  • Power:1/4
  • Speed:3/4
  • Flutter:3/4
Princess Peach 150px

Princess Peach can go at an average speed and jump at an average hight. Her dress allows her to float down making her flutter ability incredible. Her power isn't very high though...

  • Jump:2/4
  • Power:1/4
  • Speed:2/4
  • Flutter:4/4
Princess Daisy DaisyHockey Princess Daisy can go at an average speed and has average power. She can jump high, like Luigi, and her dress allows her to float down.
  • Jump:3/4
  • Power:2/4
  • Speed:2/4
  • Flutter:4/4
Toad 150px Toad can jump super high and run super fast! He can flutter slightly and has little power.
  • Jump:4/4
  • Power:1/4
  • Speed:4/4
  • Flutter:1/4
Wario Wario (mario kirby9) Wario is very strong! However he doesn't jump very high or run very fast, and he has no flutter.
  • Jump:1/4
  • Power:4/4
  • Speed:1/4
  • Flutter:0/4
Waluigi SuperDuperWaluigiUltra Waluigi can run at an average spead an jump pretty high too! He is fairly strong and can flutter for a little bit.
  • Jump:3/4
  • Power:3/4
  • Speed:2/4
  • Flutter:2/4
Nabbit MushroombanditNSMBU Nabbit can run super fast and jump pretty high. He has average power and can flutter for a good while.





Bowser BowserNSMBU Bowser can jump at an average height, but he can't run very fast. He is super strong. He has no flutter.
  • Jump:2/4
  • Power:4/4
  • Speed:1/4
  • Flutter:0/4
Drake Drake (Dark Toad) Drake can run pretty fast and jump pretty high. He isn't very strong, and can flutter for a bit.
  • Jump:3/4
  • Power:1/4
  • Speed:3/4
  • Flutter:2/4
Bowser Jr. BowserJr. Bowser Jr. can jump high and run at an average speed. He isn't very strong, but can flutter for a good while.
  • Jump:3/4
  • Power:1/4
  • Speed:2/4
  • Flutter:3/4

Supporting Characters

Character Image Description
Koopa Troopa


There are areas, with courses attatched to them. Inside the courses there are Power Stars to collect. In each area, you must collect 9 Power Stars to unlock the boss course. After the boss course you can then move on to the next area. A * represents a boss course.

Mushroom Kingdom
Toad Town Crystal Caverns
Whomp's Fortress Krypto's Castle*
Desert Hills Pyramid Park
Quicksand Land Trumble's Tomb*
Isle Delfino
Delfino Square The Shore
Splash Lake Crabtopus' Cruiser*
Pine Forest
Nabbit Village Treetop Bridges
Big Tree Pineedle's Cove*
Tall Tall Mountains
Freezeflame Mountain Cloud City
Mt. Cave Lava Monster's Lair*
Mushroom Islands
Shroom Town Mt. Mushroom
Shroom Shore Princess Shroob's Grotto*

Galaxy Areas:

Icy Galaxy
Planets of Ice Rosalina's Ice World
Rocky Mountain Frio's  Fury*
Wooden Galaxy
Giant Jungle Wooden Planet
Whittle Planet Mandibug Strikes Back*
Random Galaxy
Block Land Rainbow Planet
Floating Waters King Kaliente's Volcano*
Tropical Galaxy
Floating Island of Tropics Koopa Falls
Tropic Forest Mega Huckit's Waterfall Ride*
Rainbow Galaxy
Cloudy Valley Rainbow Road
Dark Dark Clouds High in the Sky*
The Purple Cloud
Who is it?*

Course Descriptions

Name Description Power Stars
Toad Town A town inhabited by Toads.
  • Defeating Enemies
  • Top of Toad Tower
  • Scattered Silver Stars
  • 8 Red Coins
  • Race with Koopa the Quick
  • 3 Hidden Green Stars
Crystal Caverns An underwater cave near Princess Peach's Castle.
  • At the End of the Caverns
  • Ground-Pound the 5 Pillars
  • Swim for Silver Stars
  • Red Coins in the Labryinth
  • Secret Passageway
  • 3 Hidden Green Stars
Whomp's Fortress A remade version of Whomp's Fortress from SM64.
  • King Whomp's Fortress
  • Inside the Fortress
  • Silver Stars Above
  • Red Coin Rockwall
  • Where's Whittle?
  • 3 Hidden Green Stars
Krypto's Castle A castle where the boss guarding the Grand Star is named Krypto.
  • Beat Krypto
  • Red Coins Along the Way
  • 3 Hidden Green Stars
Desert Hills A desert area with hills and a village inhabited by Toads, Piantas, Nokis, and Nabbits
  • Get the Water Flowing!
  • Desert Sandfalls
  • Silver Stars in the Village
  • Red Coins in the Village
  • The Secret of the Falls
  • 3 Hidden Green Stars
Pyramid Park A sandy area with a pyramid.
  • To the Top!
  • Push in the Loose Bricks
  • Silver Stars Inside the Pyramid
  • 8 Sunburn Red Coins
  • Secret Room?
  • 3 Hidden Green Stars
Quicksand Land An area with lots of quicksand and plain sand and platforms.
  • Reach the End
Trumble's Tomb An underground labrynth. The boss guarding the Grand Star is a huge Trumble.
Delfino Square A town filled with Piantas and Nokis. It is very similar to the Mario Kart DS course.
The Shore Isle Delfino's beach. Half of the course is underwater, and half is on the beach.
Splash Lake An underwater course, taking place in a lake on Isle Delfino.
Crabtopus' Cruiser A ship that has a Crabtopus guarding the Grand Star.
Nabbit Village A village in Pine Forest inhabited by many Nabbits.
Treetop Bridges A course within the treetops of Pine Forest.
Big Tree A course that takes place inside a huge tree in Pine Forest.
Pineedle's Cove A cove filled with many Pineedle's and a Mega Pineedle guarding the Grand Star.
Freezeflame Mountain
Cloud City
Mt. Cave
Lava Monster's Lair
Shroom Town
Mt. Mushroom
Shroom Shore
Princess Shroob's Grotto
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