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Super Mario Allies is a platforming game released for the Nintendo Switch, developed by Crash Co. It is the twentieth game in the Super Mario series, following Crash Co.'s previous Super Mario and the Underworld Trials. The game has a focus on "Allies", the characters that usually grant Mario abilities to help him on his adventures. As such, he has access to multiple powers and abilities depending on which ally is with him.


The game opens with Mario sitting on top of Peach's Castle, suntanning with sunglasses in his boxers. Nearby, Yoshi is eating some berries with Toad, and Toadette walks by, delivering Mario a glass of lemonade. Mario takes a sip from it and lays it on a nearby table. However, Mario sees a piece of paper fly by through the air. Mario leaps from his seat and climbs the tallest tower on the castle, leaping from it to grab the paper and landing on the ground.

Yoshi, Toad, and Toadette quickly climb down from the castle and run towards Mario. The four study the paper closely, revealing it to be a map leading to a currently uncharted island. Toadette says that finding the treasure to this map could be exciting, though Toad replies that they have no ship to sail. As they ponder the situation, Mario hears bells ring. He quickly runs towards a pair of binoculars and looks to the distance. He sees a black ghost ship arriving at the shore of the Mushroom Kingdom, which Mario recognizes as the Black Skull, a ship that helped Mario during his quest in Rougeport. Not before changing back into his regular attire, Mario runs to the beach, with his friends following.

When they arrive at the beach, they see several Toads, Yoshis, Tostareans, Underworlders, and more crowding around it as it begins to dock. Mario and co. push through the crowd and see Cortez appearing. He says that he is looking for a crew to travel to a new, undiscovered island for treasure. Wasting no time, Mario, Yoshi, Toad, and Toadette climb aboard, with Cortez recognizing Mario and welcoming him to the crew. Mario also meets other familiar faces; Flavio, Pa-Patch, Admiral Bobbery, and Vivian, as well as an Underworlder girl that Toad mistakes for Pearl, but turns out to be Topaz. Flavio tells Mario that he found a map and has organized an expedition to find the treasure. Toad mentions that Mario just found a map as well, with Flavio asking Mario to show him. Mario complies, showing the entrepreneur his map. Flavio says the two are identical, and takes both maps for himself for "safe keeping". The other crew members greet Mario and friends. Soon after, Cortez announces that they will now be setting sail for the island. Everyone mans their stations as the Black Skull sets sail, leaving the Mushroom Kingdom.

A few days later, the Black Skull arrives at the mysterious island. Once the ship docks, the crew steps off the ship, with Flavio requesting that Mario scouts the area while everyone else sets up camp. Mario heads out, but after exploring a bit, finds his old friend Cappy. The Bonneter happily greets Mario, saying that he and Tiara arrived from Bonneton in search of a map's treasure. He wonders how Mario got on this island too, but then sees Toad running up to let Mario know that the camp has been finished. Cappy asks if Mario is on a treasure hunt too, with Mario answering yes. Cappy then says he would love to join, but ended up losing Tiara somewhere and asks for Mario's help. He obliges as Cappy replaces Mario's cap, with Cappy reminiscing in their "good ol' days".

Mario eventually finds Tiara, but she quickly gets swallowed up by a massive jungle plant-like beast called Sporethorn. Mario and Cappy defeat the monster, setting Tiara free as well as a strange, golden arrow. Mario grabs it, causing a place on Cappy's map to begin glowing. Everyone returns to camp with Mario showing everyone Cappy's map. Flavio takes a look at it and says that the map may have radar-like functions, and may be pointing to somewhere. Tiara says that it happened when Mario grabbed a golden arrow, with Cappy suggesting they should find more of them. Bobbery points out that it's quite strange that there are three of the same map, but Flavio assures everyone there is nothing to worry about. As Tiara stays behind at camp, Cappy and Mario say they will head onward to find out where the arrow leads.

As Mario and Cappy collect more Doubloons from the surrounding area, locals from the island begin to join Mario's crew, looking for adventure. Soon, while exploring, Toadette comes to find Mario, telling him that a strange box just fell out of the sky at camp. Mario comes to investigate, and finds a massive blue package. Mario opens it and finds F.L.U.D.D., the water pack he used on his time in Isle Delfino. F.L.U.D.D. activates, recognizing Mario and saying that Professor E. Gadd sent him to help when he found out Mario was on an adventure. Strapping him on, Mario proceeds to collect more Doubloons with Cappy and F.L.U.D.D.

After collecting more Doubloons, a loud horn from Cortez's ship is heard. Mario, Cappy, and F.L.U.D.D. run back to camp to see what happened, with Cortez saying that there is another ship coming closer to the island. Flavio suggests that it's a group of thieves looking to steal the treasure out from under them, and commands everyone to come aboard and stop them. Everyone gets on the Black Skull as Cortez sails across the water.

As they get closer to the other ship, Cappy wonders what it actually is, with F.L.U.D.D. suggesting it may be a potential rival. Soon, a roar is heard, and the ship becomes more visible, having familiar patters and designs on it. Bowser then appears, roaring again. Mario then sees Peach held captive, tied on the ship's crow's nest. Bowser says that he wasn't expecting Mario to be on the island too, but that makes it his best day ever, as he will get to crush him, keep Peach, and get some treasure. F.L.U.D.D. mentions that Bowser must have gotten a similar map to the ones they have, with Cappy wondering how he got it. Peach calls for Mario's help, who leaps onto the ship with Cappy and F.L.U.D.D. The three work together to take down Bowser, and in turn destroys his ship. Using the Cap Throw and Rocket Nozzle, Mario grabs Peach and takes her back to the Black Skull. As Bowser's ship sinks, he vows revenge on Mario, saying that he will return soon. As he is submerged in water, another Golden Arrow appears. Mario grabs it and Cortez sails back to the island. They follow the new directions listed on the map and go to a different region of the island, having new areas to explore.


Super Mario Allies follows Super Mario Odyssey and Super Mario and the Underworld Trials in being a sandbox-based 3D platformer. The game sees Mario traveling through sandbox areas around the island. There are three main collectibles in this game; Star Doubloons, Doubloons, and Golden Arrows. Star Doubloons and Doubloons serve as the game's main collectibles; Star Doubloons are found within the game's main coursess while Doubloons are found throughout the island. The latter are easier to collect but there are much more to collect. Inversely, Star Doubloons have greater value but require more effort to collect. Meanwhile, Golden Arrows are collected on the overworld; upon collecting them, a new location will be shown on the map and, in turn, the island, allowing the player to continue. These are usually collected from beating major bosses.

In contrast to Super Mario Odyssey and Super Mario and the Underorld Trials, Mario's life meter has eight wedges akin to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, and s such different obstacles deal varying amounts of damage. However, like Super Mario Odyssey, there are no lives, and players simply lose 20 Coins if they are defeated. Purple Coins also make a return, and can be used as currency at Wario's Emporium or Waluigi's Traveling Stand to obtain items in a similar vein to Crazy Cap.

The game's central focus is the utilization of Allies. Throughout the game, Mario will team up with various Allies who help him on his adventure, granting him new abilities and attacks to explore the area and overcome obstacles. Through the push of a button, Mario can switch between his Allies at any time. Because of this, many of the game's collectibles can be collected in a multitude of ways depending on the Ally Mario has with him. Below is a list of Allies Mario can use, and their abilities:

Mario's friend from Bonneton when he traveled the Mushroom World to save Peach from a marriage with Bowser. He takes the form of Mario's cap. Mario is able to throw him around to defeat enemies and destroy obstacles. He can also float in midair for a short time after being thrown, allowing Mario to use him as a platform. Most notably however, Cappy allows Mario to Capture certain enemies and obstacles, allowing him to open up new areas and solve puzzles. The things Cappy allows Mario to Capture can range from enemies like Goombas and Koopa Troopas to objects like trees and rocks. Each one allows Mario to perform different actions.
Short for "Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device", F.L.U.D.D. is a machine built by Gadd Science Inc. Mario encounters a model of it during his vacation to Isle Delfino, and he was a pretty big help to cleaning up the island of goop. F.L.U.D.D. has several nozzles that Mario can switch to; his standard Squirt Nozzle allows him to shoot water, which can help solve puzzles. Other Nozzles available include the Hover Nozzle that allows Mario to hover through the air to travel farther, the Rocket Nozzle that shoots Mario upward to reach new areas, and the Turbo Nozzle that allows Mario to rush forward at high speeds. All of these require water however, and once he is out of it, Mario must enter a body of water to refill.
Baby Luma
The youngest of Rosalina's family of Lumas, Rosalina assigns her to help Mario when Bowser kidnaps Peach and takes her to the center of the universe. Much like their space travels, Baby Luma allows Mario to perform a Spin Attack, which can damage enemies, break obstacles, and gain slight midair height. However, Baby Luma also allows Mario to alter his own gravity; this allows him to jump higher and fall slower, making it good for long-distance platforming. Other abilities Mario gains access to include a black hole attack that can draw in enemies and items towards him, as well as a pulse attack that pushes them away. Mario can also use the Spin Ground Pound, a homing variant of the Ground Pound.
Baby luma by banjo2015-d8mq04a
Posi & Nega
Posi & Nega
A duo of mysterious, genie-like beings that have the power to alter matter and its properties. Despite their stark differences in personality, they share a strong bond that has recently become romantically entangled. Posi takes control of Mario's left side, while Nega control's Mario's right side. They allows Mario to extend his limbs to ludicrous lengths, allowing him to easily reach new areas and defeat enemies from a distance. Some techniques with this ability include Mario extending his legs to reach higher areas, extending a hand through a narrow space to collect an item out of reach, and jumping just as he extends his legs to gain extra height.
A party-loving parrot coming from the more tropical regions of the Sand Kingdom. He is a master torch dancer, and entertains entire crowds with his fire-dancing mastery. McCraw perches himself on Mario's shoulder as he adventures through. Among all other Allies, McCraw gives Mario the most aerial-based arsenal. Though he doesn't gain many abilities on the ground, Mario can leap in midair multiple times, cling to walls rather than sliding down them, perform air dashes, float in the air for a short time, and float downward while falling. He gets a bit tired after staying in the air for too long however.


Although Mario is the game's only playable character, several other side characters also play a role in the game's story. Many of them are members of the crew Mario is enlisted in, and some of them run services or can help Mario on his journey.

The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and this game's sole playable character. While relaxing on the roof of Peach's Castle, he finds a mysterious map that points to an uncharted island. After finding out Cortez is organizing a crew to find this treasure, Mario and his friends come aboard and set sail. He meets many friends and more than a few opponents on his quest though.

On his adventure, Mario has access to several techniques to help him navgigate through areas, defeat enemies, and solve puzzles. Some of these include the Ground Pound, Triple Jump, Backlfip, Wall Jump, Dive, and Roll. Like Super Mario 64, Mario can also punch and kick.
SSBU Yoshi
Mario's helpful dinosaur friend, who has traveled with him on numerous adventures. He is relaxing with Mario on Peach's Castle until Mario finds a map. He then goes with Mario to become a member of Cortez's crew, who is after the same treasure on the map.

Yoshi stays behind at camp. However, he can sometimes be found in courses trapped in a Yoshi Egg while trying to find Star Doubloons. He will need some special fruit in order to hatch. Once hatched, Mario can ride (or Capture) Yoshi to help him in certain areas. He can swallow enemies, Flutter Jump, and cling to walls with his tongue. He is also able to swim in water.
Toad was relaxing on Peach's Castle until Mario manages to find a mysterious treasure map. He goes on with Mario and his friends and joins the crew on the Black Skull as they set off for this strange island.

Toad stays at camp with the other crew members. However, he can sometimes be found in courses, helping Mario look for Star Doubloons. He can also be found trapped sometimes, and needs to be helped out by Mario.
Toad SM64S
Toadette SM64S
A very close friend of Toad, she is found relaxing on Peach's Castle with Mario until he finds a strange map leading to an undiscovered island. One thing leads to another, and next thing she knows, she's aboard the Black Skull, sailing with a crew of other sailors to find mysterious treasure.

Toadette stays behind at camp, but can be found in her own hut. Here, she can recount Mario's records and reward him Doubloons for accomplishing feats during his quest, similar to her role in Super Mario Odyssey. She can also sometimes be found with Toad within various courses.
A "famous" entrepreneur hailing from Rougeport. He finds a mysterious treasure map leading to an uncharted island, and as such bands together an expedition to find it. With the help of Mario, as well as Cortez's Black Skull, he leads the journey to find riches on this new island.

Flavio will normally stay behind at camp. He can sometimes be found getting into arguments with his crew mates, but will cheer Mario on from the sidelines. Though not particularly brave, he will follow Mario around the island to prove his crew otherwise. This is sometimes needed to find hidden Doubloons.
Admiral Bobbery
A very formidable sailor hailing from Rougeport. The death of his beloved wife Scarlette caused him to enter a near endless depression, though thanks to Mario, he was able to pull through it and rekindle his love for the sea. Able to make any ship bow to his will, Bobbery navigates the entire crew to this strange new island for their treasure hunt.

While Bobbery will sometimes stay at the camp, he can wander around the island on his own. Talking to him then will allow Mario to view studies of the island's geological attributes and wildlife, which he plans to use for future navigations.
One of the three Shadow Sirens, Vivian was originally an enemy of Mario. However, after he showed her some compassion, she ended up abandoning her sisters to become a friend of Mario. Though not really an explorer type, she joins Flavio's crew on the Black Skull accompanied by Bobbery. She is, though, overjoyed to see Mario again, and is eager to help on the expedition.

Vivian can be found at camp. While she doesn't do anything particularly noteworthy, she does cheer Mario on from the sidelines.
Vivian Blitz
A young, fun-loving Underworlder who loves nature, from animals to plant life. She joined Cortez's crew to find treasure on the new undiscovered island. Though she says she wants to explore the island with everyone else, she has secret intentions of finding her older brother, who went missing at sea.

Topaz will stay behind at camp. Similar to Pearl in Super Mario and the Underworld Trials, she can be found interacting with the other crew members. However, rather than playing with them, she will try pulling pranks on them. She also finds some Doubloons of her own, and will give them to Mario if he helps her with her pranks.
The pirate king, Cortez held one of the Crystal Stars in his ship, but gave it to Mario after he defeated him. Since then, he has become much more friendly, but still just as spooky. When Flavio finds a special treasure map, Cortez helps by organizing a crew to look for the treasure. Mario and friends oblige, and they shove off.

Cortez isn't seen with the rest of the crew, but he can be found in his ship, the Black Skull. He also helps Mario in sea battles against certain enemies.
Slithering Scale
Slitering Scale
A member of the Slitherling Tribe in Treetop Japes, Slithering Scale is a Masnake who has a large spear. His tribe is in constant war with another tribe in the area, the Vemon-Tooth tribe. Throughout their time there, Mario helps the Slitherings tribe defeat the Venom-Tooth tribe. Slithering Scale decides to adventure with Mario, joining his crew after all the Star Doubloons in the area have been collected.
Hailing from the heavenly Skyhigh Seclusion, Puffia is a kindly Fwoosh who loves gardening. Like the other members of her town, she welcomes Mario and his allies, and they even help her when some Hotapenos steal veggies from her garden. After all Star Doubloons in the area are collected, Puffia decides to join Mario's crew to find some adventure.
SMO Tiara
Cappy's little sister. She went on an adventure with Cappy to this strange island to find some treasure, but ended up going missing. With Mario's help though, she ended up safe and sound. Tiara decides to stay at camp, but wishes Cappy luck on his journeys with Mario.
Peach is the lovely ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario's love interest. Though she does get kidnapped a lot, Mario manages to rescue her each time. This time, she is captured by Bowser on his journey to get some treasure. When they arrive on the strange island, Mario and crew step in to stop Bowser and save Peach. Soon after, she decides to join Mario's crew, being interested in finding treasure herself.
SuperMarioParty Peach
SMO Art - Luigi
Luigi is Mario's cowardly twin brother. While he isn't so into adventuring as he used to, he has taken his Balloon World career to new heights. Looking for new places to set up shop, he finds an undiscovered island and heads there. Just as luck would have it, this is the same island Mario and crew are looking for treasure.

Luigi runs Balloon World, a game that can be played online in an almost identical structure to Super Mario Odyssey. In it, players can try to place balloons in hidden locations, or can try to find balloons other players placed. He can be found in any course or any region of the island's mainland. He doesn't offer Doubloons, but can offer Coins and special clothing.
Though only young, this Bea girl has become a world-renowned artist, creating many works inspired by the Mushroom Kingdom's best artists in history, from Vincent van Goom to Pablo Piantissimo. Despite her fame, she is quite humble, and is even willing to teach others how to paint like her.

Though Beatrice didn't come on the voyage, she did find out that a new island was discovered, and decided to go there and gain new inspiration for her work. She can sell paintings that can be placed around camp or Cortez's Black Skull, which can serve as fast travel between levels.
Beatrice Allies
Wario & Waluigi
Wario SM64S
Two of the more notorious Mushroom Kingdom villains, Wario and Waluigi get a copy of the map as well. While they want to get the treasure, they find out that several others are coming to the island as well. Thinking they can make a quick buck, they decide to set up shop on the island.

Wario can be found in the different parts of the island mainland, running Wario's Emporium. Here, Mario can trade in Coins to purchase items, such as clothing, items for both the Black Skull and camp, and even Doubloons. Meanwhile, Waluigi can be found within the game's courses, running Waluigi's Traveling Stand. He offers goods much like Wario, but they can only be purchased with that course's Purple Coins.
Waluigi - Wario World 2


The island serves as the game's main location. It is split into six different parts, each of them acting as sandbox areas similar to the Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey. As such, they are quite expansive, and feature Doubloons that can be collected. In these areas, bosses can also be battled, which possess Golden Arrows to unlock new locations.

Within these areas are smaller sandbox courses, which are structured much like Super Mario 64 ad Super Mario Sunshine; players play through them and collect Star Doubloons, taking a similar mission structure to the two aforementioned games. However, the player has the option to exit the course after collecting a Star Doubloon or start the next mission immediately. They are notified when a new course is available or when a special event occurs, however.

East Region

Allies Map - East Region

The East Region is the starting area, and as such is quite basic. It consists of a beach going into a dense jungle area. The higher areas of the region hold bridges that Mario can use for easy travel. There are also trees to climb on and a large cave to explore on the right side. Mario can also enter the water, and explore tiny islands on the coast.

The East Region contains four courses.

Treetop Japes
Allies Map - Treetop Japes The first course Mario can access in the East Region, as well as the first course overall. It follows the familiar trope of grassland as a first course, though a bit more dense in trees. There's a bunch of them for Mario to climb to access higher areas, as well as lower areas to explore. A tribe of snake-like creatures wearing masks, aptly named Masnakes, also lives here. They enlist on Mario's help in defeating their rivals, the Venom-Tooth tribe.
Skyhigh Seclusion
Allies Map - Skyhigh Seclusion The main area of this course consists of a massive tree, set high above the clouds. As such, platforming can be pretty perilous, though Mario's Allies should be able to help him along the way. Above and below the tree's leaves are clouds that house friendly Fwooshes (a few unwelcoming ones can still be found though). The tree, which has its own fair share of areas, serves as a symbol of their home. Though they don't get visitors often, they welcome Mario with open arms.
Crumbled Mines
Allies Map - Crumbled Mines This area is set in a mineshaft that appears to be abandoned, and as such has become infested with Boos and other haunted enemies. The course is quite spacious, so use of Allies is recommended. Additionally, Mario can ride around the area in minecarts for fast travel. The edge of the mines holds a hidden tunnel, which serves as the nesting place for all the undead inhabitants.


Coin NSMB2
Basic collectibles scattered around the island. They can be found in the open, from ? Blocks, from defeating enemies, etc. They serve as currency that Mario can use to purchase items from Wario's Emporium. If Mario is defeated, he will lose 20 Coins.
Heart SMO
Items that can be found in ? Blocks. They restore Mario's health by two wedges.
SMO Life-Up Heart
Big Heart
Larger, rarer Hearts. They will fully restore Mario's health if collected.
1-Up Mushroom
Extremely rare items. It Mario manages to find one, it will allow Mario to be defeated without losing any Coins.
1.SMA Doubloon
One of the game's main collectibles, Doubloons can be found on the island mainland. They can be collected by accomplishing certain tasks, solving puzzles, or being found in hidden locations.
2.SMA Star Doubloon
Star Doubloon
Another main collectible. Star Doubloons are found within the game's courses. They are rarer than Doubloons, but usually require more effort to collect. After collecting one, Mario can choose to exit the level or start the next mission.
Warp Pipe
Green tubes that Mario can enter. They can lead to a different part of the area, or sometimes a new location altogether.
Pixel Pipe
Blocky variants of Warp Pipes. When Mario enters one, he becomes 8-bit and is able to explore special, 2D sections displayed on walls styled after Super Mario Bros. 3. These can be used for exploration, progression, or collecting Doubloons.

Enemies and Bosses


Goomba Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Goomnbas will wander around aimlessly. If they see Mario, they will charge at him to damage them. Any attack can defeat them.

If Mario Captures one with Cappy, he can walk around and jump. He can also jump on other Goombas to form Goomba Towers. They will be stunned by F.L.U.D.D.'s water and defeated by Baby Luma's spin attack.
Micro Goomba
Mini Goomba Icon SMO Micro Goombas are smaller, yellow Goombas. They often come in groups of three to 10, and will try to charge at Mario. However, they can't damage him and can be defeated by simply stepping over them.

Micro Goombas cannot be Captured by Cappy, and will be defeated if his Cap Throw is used. They will also be defeated by F.L.U.D.D.'s water and Baby Luma's spin attack.
Metal Goomba
MetalGoombaSWO Metal Goombas will act like regular Goombas, wandering around and charging at Mario when he's nearby. However, because they are made of metal, Mario cannot jump on them to defeat them; he will simply bounce off of them. They can, however, be lured toward switches to activate them upon stepping on them.

If Mario Captures one with Cappy, he can move around and jump like he can with a regular Goomba. However, he cannot form a Goomba Tower with regular Goombas, as jumping on Goombas as a Metal Goomba will defeat them. F.L.U.D.D.'s water and Baby Luma's spin attack won't have any effect on them, as they will simply be pushed back.
Piranha Plant
0.1.Piranha Plant looking forward Piranha Plants are rooted to the ground. If Mario is nearby, they will lunge forward to try to bite him. Most attacks can defeat them, and sometimes they will reveal vines that lead to new areas.

Using Cappy's Cap Throw on a Piranha Plant will let it eat him, and it must be defeated to get Cappy back. F.L.U.D.D.'s water is also ineffective against them, though Baby Luma's spin attack can defeat them.
Fire Piranha Plant
2.1.Fire Piranha Plant looking forward Fire Piranha Plants are rooted to the ground. If Mario is nearby, they will try to spit fireballs that can damage him, though F.L.U.D.D.'s water can put them out. Most attacks will defeat them.

Using Cappy's Cap Throw on a Fire Piranha Plant will let it eat him, and it must be defeated to get Cappy back. To Capture it, an object must be tossed into its mouth so it cannot eat Cappy. When Captured, Mario can spit poison fireballs, which can damage enemies and burn down obstacles such as ropes. Though F.L.U.D.D.'s water cannot damage them, it will stop them from spitting fireballs if they are preparing to spit one. Baby Luma's spin attack can also defeat it.
Putrid Piranha
1.2.Putrid Piranha Plant Preparing to shoot Poison Putrid Piranhas are rooted to the ground. If Mario is nearby, they will try to spit poison gas that can obscure the area and damage him. It can, however, be cleared by Cappy's Cap Throw or F.L.U.D.D.'s water. Most attacks will defeat them.

Using Cappy's Cap Throw on a Putrid Piranha will let it eat him, and it must be defeated to get Cappy back. To Capture it, an object must be tossed into its mouth so it cannot eat Cappy. When Captured, Mario can spit poison gas, which can not only defeat enemies but also wither away obstacles like trees. F.L.U.D.D.'s water is ineffective against them, though Baby Luma's spin attack can defeat them.
0.7.Piranha Plant Blowing up a Spiked Ball Ptooies are rooted to the ground. They will continually blow their spiked ball up and down, and if Mario is nearby, they will blow it at him to damage him, before blowing up another. The spiked ball can be reflected by Cappy's Cap Throw and Baby Luma's spin attack. It can be defeated by most attacks.

Using Cappy's Cap Throw on a Ptooie will let it eat him. If it is blowing a spiked ball, then it will fall on it and defeat it. To Capture it, Mario must make it throw the spiked ball, throw a projectile at it, then throw Cappy at it. When Captured, Mario can blow spiked balls into the air and throw them around to defeat enemies or hit switches far away. Though F.L.U.D.D.'s water is ineffective against it, he can squirt the spiked ball away. Baby Luma's spin attack can defeat it however.
Prickly Piranha
0.4.Spiky Piranha Plant is Angry Prickly Piranhas are rooted to the ground, and are much larger than other Piranha Plant varieties. If Mario is nearby, they will try to attack by slamming their heads onto him. They can't be jumped on because of their spiny head, so the only way to defeat them is with a projectile.

Cappy cannot Capture a Prickly Piranha, and F.L.U.D.D.'s water and Baby Luma's spin attack are also ineffective against it.
BooNSMBWii Boos will float around and chase Mario when his back is turned at them. If he looks at them, they will cover their faces and turn invisible. They are typically invincible to Mario's abilities, though leading them into light can defeat them.

Capturing a Boo with Cappy allows Mario to move around like Boo Mario in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2; he can float through the air and turn invisible, allowing him to pass through walls such as gates. Baby Luma's spin attack can also allow Mario to grab them by the tongue and swing them around. F.L.U.D.D.'s water isn't very effective on them however.
Red Boo
ACLPinkBoo Red Boos won't chase Mario, but rather float in a set pattern. Like Boos, they are invincible to Mario's attacks, and because of their set floating pattern, they cannot be lured into light by normal means.

By squirting a Red Boo with F.L.U.D.D., it will turn into a platform that Mario can hop on, though it will return to normal after awhile. Though its path is set, Mario can move it to a new location by Capturing it with Cappy or spinning it around by the tongue with Baby Luma. This can allow him to reach new areas.
Bomb Boo
BombBoo MKS Unlike normal Boos, Bomb Boos will chase down Mario when they see him. If they touch him, they will explode on impact. Because of this, Mario can't defeat it through regular means, aside from luring it to light.

By using Baby Luma's spin attack, Mario can swing a Bomb Boo around by the tongue and use it as a tool to destroy certain objects and defeat enemies. This can also be done by Capturing it with Cappy, allowing Mario to move toward something and explode on contact, or with F.L.U.D.D.'s water, which will push it back, making it explode when it hits something.
Chain Chomp
ChainChomp SSBUltimate Chain Chomps are chained to the ground. If Mario is nearby, they will try to lunge at him and bite him. They are typically invincible, and cannot be defeated. However, if they are unchained, they will run rampant and disappear after awhile.

If Mario Captures one with Cappy, Mario can move around as far as the Chain Chomp's chain can stretch. If he tries to strain the chain in one direction, he will charge up. Jumping out of the Chain Chomp will cause it to rocket backward, destroying any obstacles in the way. F.L.U.D.D.'s water nor Baby Luma's spin attack don't have any effect on it.
Big Chain Chomp
Big Chain Chomp Big Chain Chomps are much larger than regular Chain Chomps. Their chains are bigger, allowing them to have more free movement. They are also typically more destructive, especially if set free.

If Mario Captures one with Cappy, Mario can do the same things he can do as a normal Chain Chomp. However, because of the increase in size, it is much more destructive. F.L.U.D.D.'s water nor Baby Luma's spin attack don't have any effect on it.
Boiling Chain Chomp
Boiling Chain Chomp Boiling Chain Chomps are normal Chain Chomps that are searing hot. As they move around, they create patches of flames, which can be problematic if released. However, these flames can be put out by F.L.U.D.D.'s water.

Boiling Chain Chomps cannot be Captured with Cappy, as they are too hot to touch. F.L.U.D.D.'s water can put it out, rendering it a normal Chain Chomp for a short time. Mario can Capture it in this state, and can use it like a regular Chain Chomp. Baby Luma's spin attack has no effect on it weather it is hot or normal however.
Bullet Bill
BulletBillMK8 Bullet Bills are fired from Bill Blasters, and will fly forward in a straight line, exploding on impact. If Mario is nearby, they will try to home in on him. Jumping on them will defeat them.

If Captured with Cappy, Mario can fly through the air as a Bullet Bill, as well as speed up. However, he will be forced out of it after hitting a wall or a short amount of time has passed. They can't be defeated by F.L.U.D.D.'s water or Baby Luma's spin attack, but they can be turned around. Mario can also grab onto a Bullet Bill with Posi and Nega, riding it like a zipline and lean left and right while holding it to dodge obstacles.
Banzai Bill
BanzaibillNSMBU Banzai Bills are fired from Bill Blasters, and will fly forward in a straight line. Because they are much larger than Bullet Bills, they can destroy smaller objects in their path. If Mario is nearby, they will try to home in on him. Jumping on them will defeat them.

If Captured with Cappy, Mario can fly through the air as a Bullet Bill, as well as speed up. However, he will be forced out of it after hitting a wall or a short amount of time has passed. They can't be defeated by F.L.U.D.D.'s water or Baby Luma's spin attack, but they can be turned around. Mario can also grab onto a Bullet Bill with Posi and Nega, riding it like a zipline and lean left and right while holding it to dodge obstacles.
Burrbo Render Burrbos are normally found in groups, and will jump at Mario when he's nearby. He cannot jump on them because of their spikes, but after being defeated, more Burrbos will dig out of the ground after a short time.

Burrbos cannot be Captured, and are instead defeated by Cappy's Cap Throw. They are also defeated by F.L.U.D.D.'s water and Baby Luma's spin attack.
Klepto Icon SMO Kleptos will fly overhead. If Mario is close enough, the Klepto will swoop in and try to take away the Ally he is using. If it is successful, the Ally must be rescued by defeating the Klepto. It will usually perch itself on high ground after kidnapping an Ally, so Mario can sneak up on it and attack to defeat it. Alternatively, F.L.U.D.D.'s water can stun the Klepto and make it drop the Ally, and Posi and Nega or McCraw can be used to attack it directly in midair.
Hotapeno Hotapenos are living pepper-like creatures that bounce around. If Mario is nearby, they will breathe flames that can damage him. Most attacks can defeat them.

If a Hotapeno is Captured with Cappy, Mario can hop around and spit fire breath, which can allow him to burn down obstacles such as trees and ropes. F.L.U.D.D.'s water can put out a Hotapeno's flames, though it will only stun the Hotapeno itself. Baby Luma's attacks can also defeat it.
Fwoosh SM64S Fwooshes will float around in the air. If Mario is nearby, they will blow wind at him, which can push him off ledges and cause him to fall off. While they can be defeated by jumping on them, they can be difficult to defeat since they're out of reach.

Capturing a Fwoosh with Cappy allows Mario to float around and blow wind, which can push around enemies and obstacles. F.L.U.D.D.'s water and Baby Luma's attacks can defeat it.
Coin Coffer
Coin Coffer Icon SMO Coin Coffers are invisible initially. If found, they will try to run away. If attacked however, they will release a bunch of Coins after being defeated.

If a Coin Coffer is Captured, Mario can simply collect more Coins by walking around, though he can only collect up to 100 Coins this way. He can also fire his Coins as projectiles to defeat enemies. Squirting them with F.L.U.D.D.'s water can spray Coins out of them, and Baby Luma's spin attack can defeat them. Mario can also use Posi and Nega to reach into the Coin Coffer's throat and collect Coins.


Mainland - East Region
When Mario arrives to the mysterious island, he finds his friend Cappy, who is looking for treasure with Tiara, who goes missing. The two find her, but she is swallowed by Sporethorn. This massive beast must then be battled to rescue her; once defeated, Tiara is free, and the two Bonneters join the crew.

Sporethorn will rise from the ground and try to stick its tongue out to eat Mario. He must use Cappy to Capture a nearby Goomba, and run around the area to form a Goomba Tower. Once tall enough, if Sprethorn tries to eat the Goomba Tower, it will clog its mouth and spit them out, damaged. This must be repeated two more times for it to be defeated, causing it to explode in green goop.
Bowser - Mario Party 10
During Mario's quest to look for treasure, Bowser takes the opportunity to kidnap Peach. However, he finds a strange map leading to the island, and sets sail. He encounters Mario, and plans on beating him and his Allies so he can get to the treasure first. After he is defeated, Peach will join the crew, curious to know what the treasure is.

Bowser's attacks consist of throwing hammers, spitting fireballs, and ground pounding to create shockwaves. His main attack has him ignite himself on fire and charge at Mario. He must put out the flames, either using F.L.U.D.D.'s squirt nozzle or using Cappy to capture a nearby Blooper and squirt ink at him. After he's put out, Bowser will be stunned for a short time. Mario can then either use F.L.U.D.D.'s turbo nozzle to rush into him or rocket into him with a Captured Blooper. After this is repeated three times, Bowser will be defeated, causing his ship to sink.


  • This game was inspired by the director of Crash Co. watching the Game Grumps' let's play of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and finding the voice Arin gave to Flavio hilarious.
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