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Super Mario Adventure: A Quest Begins is a new installment in the Super Mario series and will be released on the Nintendo 3DS by Master Productions Incorporated. The game is a 2.5D platformer and adventure game as it focuses on Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi going across the Mushroom World to defeat Bowser from taking over.

Super Mario Adventure: A Quest Begins features many new designs to worlds and will include Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Toad as the four main playable characters. Nintendo Network is avalible and the player can play as either Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, or Toad from time to time. The game will be released on March - April 2014 and will be Rated E. The game will highly resemble a mixture of New Super Mario Bros., New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario World, and a small bit of New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3.





Image Name Description
MarioNSMB2.png Mario Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and the galaxy. Mario has gone through many adventure throughout his life and now a new adventure awaits him as he travels across the Mushroom World to defeat Bowser and his army from taking over. Mario is a balanced character and a great choice for beginners.
NSMBULuigi.png Luigi Luigi is Mario's brother and is the hero of Sarasaland. Luigi decides to help out his brother on his nee adventure to defeat Bowser and save Mushroom World. Luigi is a little hard to control, but he can perform higher jumps than Mario.
MKXL Toad.png Toad Toad is a member of the species of the same name. Toad has helped out Mario on many of his adventures and now he decides to come along with him and Luigi to save Mushroom World from Bowser.
250px-YoshiMP8a.png Yoshi Yoshi is a member of the species of the same name. Yoshi has helped out Mario on his adventures many times as well and now he decides to join Mario, Luigi, and Toad's new adventure to save Mushroom World.

Non-playable Characters

Image Name Description
164px Princess Peach Princess Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and usually gets kidnapped by Bowser, but is rescued by her "knight in shining overalls" Mario. Peach helps out by giving Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi tips and sometimes some items.
ToadbertSME.png Toadbert Toadbert is the smartest Toad in Toad Town and usually gives Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Toad on some information about the next world they are heading too. At times, Toadbert can also give out some tips and secrets too.
143px Toadsworth Toadsworth is the main servant of Princess Peach. He will inform Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi some tips about dangerous obstacles.
Geno2.png Geno Geno or by his real name ♥♪!? is a Star Being from Star Road that is in the body of a puppet. He can usually be seen in some levels with Mallow and will offer to help the character.
Mallow (Right).png Mallow Mallow is the Prince of Nimbus Land and is great friends with Geno. He and Geno can be usually seen together in some levels and can offer to help the character.
DKandDiddy DKCR.png Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are a heroic and brave duo. The two can be seen in World 5 and the two have a challenge where the character has to collect a load of bananas and bring them back while avoiding obstacles. If the challenge is complete then, two Golden Mushrooms will be given which equals an extra life.
MIPSSME.png MIPS MIPS is a Rabbit who can be found in Sparkle Ocean. He can guide the character with some nifty tips and can offer him a sidequest where the character has to find all of MIPS' friends who suddenly got lost. When the sidequest is complete, optional prizes will be given.
MKXL Toadette.png Toadette Toadette is the Female counterpart of Toad and can be seen in some Toad Houses.
Bunty.png Bunty Bunties are the servants of Daisy and they are seen in World 2. Some Bunties can give some hints in some levels while some others are Shopkeepers.


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World 1

  • Name: Mushroom Plains
  • Description: Mushroom Plains is the first world in the game, has a Grassland theme, and is where the character's journey begins. The area is also the region of Princess Peach's Castle and Toad Town. The world is the easiest in the game. Features are in this area such as Hills, Trees, Flowers, Bushes, Toads, Fresh Grass, and more.
  • Fortress Boss: Goomboss
  • Castle Boss: Roy Koopa
  • How to Unlock: Default

World 2

  • Name: Dry Dry Desert
  • Description: Dry Dry Desert is the second world in the game and has a Desert theme. Many features are included in this area such as Pyraminds, Rising Sand, Quicksand, and Palm Trees.
  • Fortress Boss: Mummipokey
  • Castle Boss: Larry Koopa
  • How to Unlock: Pass World 1.

World 3

  • Name: Sparkle Ocean
  • Description: Sparkle Ocean is the third world in the game and has a Ocean theme. The world has many features such as Grass, Sand, Palm Trees, Boardwalks, some Mountains, and of course the Ocean. There is also another side of Sparkle Ocean which reveals it's dark side where much dangerous enemies lurk.
  • Fortress Boss: Boom-Boom
  • Castle Boss: Lemmy Koopa
  • How to Unlock: Pass World 2

World 4

  • Name: Ice Lands
  • Description: Ice Lands is the fourth world in the game and has an Ice theme. Ice Lands has many features in it such as Trees covered in snow, Hills covered with Snow, Cliffs, Ice Water, and of course Snow.
  • Fortress Boss: A large Mr. Blizzard.
  • Castle Boss: Iggy Koopa
  • How to Unlock: Pass World 3

World 5

  • Name: Toxic Forest
  • Description: Toxic Forest is the fifth world in the game and has a Forest theme with Toxic elements added into it. Many features are included in this world such as Tall Trees, Bushes, grass, vines, flowers, and toxic water.
  • Fortress Boss: Petey Piranha
  • Castle Boss: Wendy O. Koopa
  • How to Unlock: Pass World 4

World 6

  • Name: Ancient Kingdom
  • Description: Ancient Kingdom is the sixth world in the game as it was once a growing Kingdom, but then after a war the Kingdom has been abadoned and was left to be abadoned forever. Ancient Kingdom has many features such as Tall Trees, large bushes, dead flowers, buildings and other achitecture covered with vines, nearly destroyed architecture, and a nuclear waste lake.
  • Fortress Boss: A Quartet of Reznors
  • Castle Boss: Morton Koopa
  • How to Unlock: Pass World 5

World 7

  • Name: Moonlight City
  • Description: Moonlight City is the seventh world in the game and has a City theme to it. Moonlight City has many features such as Cars, Buildings, Houses, other architecture, Roads, and more.
  • Fortress Boss: Monty Tank
  • Castle Boss: Ludwig von Koopa
  • How to Unlock: Pass World 6

World 8

  • Name: Crumble Canyon
  • Description: Crumble Canyons is the eigth world in the game and has a Canyon theme. Crumble Canyon has many features such as Stone Mountains, Stone Paths, Pipes (which are mainly filled with Piranha Plants), Bullet Blasters, Stone Paths, Caves, and cliffs.
  • Fortress Boss: Two pairs of Reznor Quartets
  • Castle Boss: Bowser Jr.
  • How to Unlock: Pass World 7

World 9

  • Name: Magma Mountain
  • Description: Magma Mountain is the ninth world in the game and is a Volcano themed world. Magma Mountain includes many features such as large erupting Volcanos which shoot out Raining Debris, Stone Paths, pools of Lava, and many Podoboos.
  • Fortress Boss: Two Pairs of Reznor Quartets
  • Castle Boss: A Magma version of Gobblegut
  • How to Unlock: Pass World 8

World 10

  • Name: Bowser's Lava Warehouse
  • Description: Bowser's Lava Warehouse is the tenth and final normal world in the game. Bowser's Lava Warehouse is a huge Warehouse-like world where many of Bowser's creations and other enemies can be seen. The Warehouse is also Bowser's Lair as he plans his new plan to rule Mushroom World! Many features are included such as rocks, Stone Paths, Lava with Podoboos jumping out and Magmaarghs emerging from the deep lava and trying to devour the player to their eternal doom. Banzi Bill Blasters are located through the Warehouse as guards to keep tresspassers and Rising Lava will emrge. Spiked Pillars will try to trap the player and rolling Spiked Balls as well. But an incident has occur as the Volcanoes at Magma Mountain (which is near the Warehouse) are erupting and sending large amounts of Raining Debris which is ruining the Warehouse one my one as it crumbles to pieces each and every second.
  • Fortress Boss: All the Koopalings in the Koopa Clown Car
  • Castle Boss: Bowser
  • Final Boss: Giant Dark Magic Bowser
  • How to Unlock: Pass World 9, but you must collect all the Star Medals on every level in World 9.



Image Name Description Item
Small-mario.png Small Mario The default form in the game. The character would not be able to break blocks until a Super Mushroom is gained and when hit by an enemy in their small form, they will lose a life. N/A
MarioNSMBWii.png Super Mushroom When gained, the character will grow in height and will be able to break blocks. Super Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World.png
NSMB2 Fire Mario.png Fire Flower When gained, the character will have the ability to throw Fireballs which can kill most enemies in one hit. FireFlower.png
IceMario..png Ice Flower When gained, the character will have the ability to throw Iceballs and can freeze enemies into a block, and can break the block by throwing it. NSMBW ice flower.png
WiiU NewMarioU 3 char02 E3.png Acorn Mushroom When gained, the character will gain a Flying Squirrel Suit which can make them glide. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Super Acorn.png
MegaMario NSMB2.png Mega Mushroom When gained, the character will grow in a massive height and can plow anything in their way for a short amount of time. MegamushroomNSMB2.png
MiniMario NSMB2.png Mini Mushroom When gained, the character will become tiny and can run across water, enter secret passages, and jump higher. MiniMushroomNSMB2.png
Hammer Mario Final SM3DW.png Hammer Suit When gained, the character can throw Hammers (much like Hammer Bro.) and can defeat enemies with it. HammerSuit.png
150px Propeller Mushroom When gained, the character will have a helmet with a propeller on it and they can use the propeller to fly. Other characters can hold on to the character that has the Propeller and they can fly together. 528px-Propeller Mushroom.png
NSMB2 RaccoonMario.jpg Super Leaf When gained, the character can use their Raccoon Tail to fly and attack. When the P Meter gets full then the character can fly through most of the level. SuperLeaf2.png
Penguin Mario.png Penguin Suit When gained, the character can throw iceballs and can slide on his stomach with the Penguin Suit. 165px-684px-Penguinsuit.png
Starmanmario.jpg Super Star When gained, the character will be invincible for a short amount of time. Starman - Mario Kart Wii.png
NSMB2 Golden Mario.png Gold Flower When gained, the character will have the ability to throw Goldenballs which can make many things such as Blocks and enemies into coins. Gold Flower NSMB2.png
Invincibility Raccoon Mario - New Super Mario Bros 2.png Invincibility Leaf Whenever a character dies for more than 5 times, then they can gain the Invincibility Leaf which makes them invincible throughout the entire level. The character will never die (unless it touches lava) and can defeat enemies with just one touch. GoldenSuperLeafSME.png
Cape Mario SMWU.png Cape Feather When gained, the character can use the Cape they gained to fly. Cape FeatherSMWWii.png

Other Items and Objects

Image Name Description
Coin.png Coin Coins are on every level and when collected they can be stored to buy items, and when 100 Coins are collected then a 1-up is earned.
Block.png Question Block Question Blocks are Blocks that are seen in every level and when a Question Block is hit then either a power-up, Poison Mushroom, or coins will appear.
Winged Block NSMBDIY.png Flying Question Block Flying Question Block is the same thing as a regular Question Block, but it has wings so it can fly.
Rectangle Question Block.png Rectangular Question Block Rectangular Question Block is just a Question Block, but just rectangular. When hit the Block will give 3 coins.
Questioncoin.jpg Question Coin When touched, a line of Coins or Rainbow Notes will appear.
Music Notes.png Rainbow Notes Rainbow Notes are Musical Notes that appear when a Question Coin is touched. While the Rainbow Notes are being collected, it will play a tune and when all of the Notes are collected a jingle plays in the background and a 1-up is recieved.
NSMB Warp Pipe.png Warp Pipe The best form of transportation in the game. When a Warp Pipe is entered then it will transport the character out of another Warp Pipe at another area.
Brick Block.png Brick Block Brick Blocks are just blocks made out of brick and when hit the bricks fall apart.
767px-UsedBlock NSMBWii.png Used Block Used Blocks are just Question Blocks that have already been used. When hit it will do absolutely nothing.
1-up.png 1-Up Mushroom 1-Up Mushrooms are rare items that can be seen in hidden or random blocks, and they can also be gained by doing Mini-games or from Toad Houses. When gained, the 1-up will give the character an extra life.
3-UpMoon.png 3-Up Moon 3-Up Moons are very rare items and when gained, the character will gain 3 lives.
143px Poison Mushroom Poison Mushrooms are rare items and are dangerous when touched because they will harm the character when in contact.
MidwayFlag.png Midway Flag The Midway Flag is a flag that is a checkpoint. Whenever the character loses a life then he will go back to the saved point which was where the Midway Flag was touched at. Before getting touched, the Midway Flag's symbol is Bowser, but when Mario touches it, it has his M symbol on the flag, when Luigi touches it then his L symbol will appear, when Toad touches the flag his symbol would be a Mushroom, and when Yoshi touches it then a Yoshi Egg appears on the flag.
RedRing.png Red Coin Ring When the Red Coin Ring is passed through then 8 Red Coins will appear.
Red Coin.png Red Coin After the Red Coin Ring is passed through, then 8 Red Coins will appear and when all 8 are collected then a 1-up is recieved.
P-Switch NSMB2.png


When pressd, the P-Switch will make Brick Blocks into Coins for a limited amount of time.
Baddie Box SM3DL.png Baddie Box The Baddie Box will open which will reveal enemies such as Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Hammer Bros. The only way to defeat the Baddie Box is with a Star or the Invincibility Leaf.
Roulette Block SM3DL.png Roulette Block When the Roulette Block is hit then a random power-up is chosen and recieved.

Snake Block SMWU.png

Snake Blocks Snake Blocks are connected Green Blocks and will make a path by itself for the character to walk on.
StarCoin...NSMB2.png Star Coin Star Coins are large coins with a star on it. Every level has 3 Star Coins that and each one of them are hidden or obvious to get. When all Star Coins in the game are collected, a secret prize is earned.
380px-GoldenringNSMB2.png Gold Ring When passed through, the Gold Ring will turn all enemies into Gold for a short amount of time.

Note Block.png

♪ Block ♪ Block are blocks and when they are jump they will make the character jump at a great height.
BeanstalkNSMBW.png Beanstalk Whenever a chosen Question Block or Brick Block is hit, the Beanstalk will rise and the character can climb the Beanstalk which leads them to the clouds. When in the clouds, the character can play a mini game to collect coins or game some items.
POWBlock.png POW Block When used, the POW Block will defeat any nearby ground enemy and will make Coins fall from the air to the ground.
Donut Lift 3D.png Donut Lift Donut Lifts can be used as a path, but when standed on for a short amount of time they will drop down.
Signpost.png Signpost When seen, the Signpost can be read and will give out some information about the new world the character has arrived to.
Yellow Platform SM3DL.png Elevator Elevators can be used to get to other areas. Elevators mainly move sideways and up and down.
Cannon.png Cannon Whenever a secret path is revealed and when the character enters the path, they can enter the Cannon which can launch them to another world.

Golden Mushroom NSMB2.png

Gold Mushroom Gold Mushrooms are extremely rare items and are only found at random levels hidden in hidden blocks. These type of Mushrooms can be gained when completing Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's challenge. Each Golden Mushroom is 50 coins.
Flagpole.png Flagpole Flagpoles are usually at the end of most of the levels in the entire game. After landing down, the character enters the Castle which is usually next to the Flagpole which takes the character to the next level. When the top of the Flagpole is touched, the character will gain a one-up and fireworks will appear when the character enters the castle.
Castle.png Castle Castles are usually entered whenever reaching the Flag Pole at the end of every level. When the character enters the Castle they progress to the next level.
Red Flagpole NSMBDIY.png Red Flagpole Red Flagpoles are Flagpoles that aren't the usual normall Flag Pole, but they are the flagpole when a secret exit is revealed.
SecretCastle.png Secret Castle Secret Castles aren't the usual normal Brown Castle, but they are Gray because the character found a secret exit.
Bonecoaster Sprite.png Bonecoaster Bonecoasters are coasters that resemble a Skeleton. When ridden on, it will travel through many obstacles and they all have to be dodged and still have to stay on the coaster.
Swing chain.png Chain Chains are items that are usually in Castles. They are mainly to be swinged on.
4spinner.png Paddle Wheel Paddle Wheels are paddles that are all connected and when the character goes on one side of the Paddle Wheel, it also goes where the character goes (it also moves like a wheel). The Paddle Wheel can help characters get from one location to another.
Water Spout Sprite.png Water Geyser Water Geysers are spouts of water that usually arise in some water levels. They can be walked on top off and enemies can even be inside the geyser waiting for someone to arrive so they can attack.
Castle gear small.png Small Gear Small Gears are small gears that are usually found in some Castles. They go from left to right and can be ridden on to get to the other side.
Giant Gear.png Large Gear Large Gears are very large gears and does what a regular Small Gear does.
Cloud trampoline big.png Cloud Trampoline Cloud Trampolines are Clouds that are usually found in some Sky levels and can be jumped on top of to get to another location or another cloud. Even enemies who are Cloud Trampolines bounce as well.
Clock.png + Clock + Clocks are clocks that increase time whenever the timer for the player is running out.
Mg chest.png Chest Chests are usually found in Toad Houses and they usually keep some power-ups or some 1-ups inside.
Arrow sign 0.png Arrow Sign Arrow Sign are signs which point which direction to go on. Some of these are real helpful clues on how to find a Star Coin,
Glow block.png Glow Block Glow Blocks are blocks that glow, and are usually found at dark levels. These blocks can be carried and are real helpful on progressing and knowing whenever something is coming at you.
Tilt grate down.png Tilt Gate Tilt Gate are useful objects that can be found in some Underground levels, some Fortresses, and some Castles. When a character touches the tilt grate, their emblem will appear stating that the character who is most familar with the emblem is controlling the tilt gate.
Tilt Lift NSMBW.png Tilt Lift Tilt Lift is another useful item and is very much like the Tilt Gate, but it only goes up and down while the Title Gate goes left and right.
Door.png Door Doors are very common objects and they lead the character to other locations to explore.
Tower door.png Tower Door Tower Doors are doors that lead to the Fortress Boss.
Castle door.png Castle Door Castle Doors are doors that lead to the Castle Boss.
NewToadDoor.png Toad House Door Toad House Doors are the enter and exit doors that are located inside Toad Houses.
NewGhostDoor.png Ghost House Door Ghost House Doors are doors that are found inside of Ghost Houses. Ghost House Doors can lead to other rooms, rooms that trick the player, or just trick doors that turn into three Boos when trying to enter.
Keys.png Key Keys are gained after a Castle Boss and these keys must be collected in order to unlock a new world.
Oval Bubble.png Bubble Bubbles don't really do anything, but some enemies are inside bubbles.
Bigshell.png Big Shell Big Shells are shells that are very large and can be walked on top of.
DASHCOIN.png Dash Coin Dash Coins are actually coins, but in order to reveal them, the character must pass through the dotted shape.
IceSpikeLongNSMBW.png Icicle Icicles are usually found in Underground Ice levels and do drop, and they can harm the player. But the Icicle can act as a path which makes the Icicle seem like it's harmful, but helpful in the end.
Mega icicle.png Mega Icicle Mega Iciles do exactly the same as an Icicle does, but a Mega Icicle cause a one hit death and creates a large path.
Giant floating log.png Floating Log Floating Logs are mainly found in the Toxic Forest and are usually floating on the Toxic Water. When on the log for a couple of seconds, the log will roll, but if the character jumps the log becomes slower and then eventually stops.
Box wood small.png Wooden Crate Wooden Crates are just crates of wood that are usually found in a lot of levels. They can be used to acces unreachable jumps and if the character ground pounds once on the crate, it will break.
Box metal small.png Metal Box The Metal Box is mainly found in Fortresses and Castles and does the same purpose as the Wooden Crate does, but the Metal Box cannot break unlike the Wooden Crate.
Lift dokan top.png Garden Pot Lift Garden Pot Lifts are lifts that have Garden Pots on them and Super Piranha Plants/Super Venus Fire Traps are usually on top of the Garden Pot.
Mg cannon.png Minigame Cannon Minigame Cannons are cannons that are just used in Minigames. When a character enters this cannon during a minigame, he will be launch where he can collect as many Power-ups or 1-ups as he can.