Super Mario 3D World Deluxe
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Platformer
Release Date(s) April 6, 2019
Age Rating(s) E


Super Mario 3D World Deluxe is an expansion to the Wii U title sharing the same name.

Several changes have been made, such as new powerups and characters. General balancing to difficulty has also been made.


One night, the Mushroom Kingdom Festival had begun! Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, Blue Toad, and now accompanying them, Wario & Yellow Toad, were walking down the path of the Mushroom Kingdom, admiring the fireworks.

Their celebration is cut short, however, as they notice a clear pipe thanks to Blue Toad's eyesight. Mario & Luigi do some handy plumberwork to fix the pipe in no time! The pipe shook and rumbled... and out came a million powerups, and a green fairy known as a Sprixie Princess!

She seemed more in panic about something else; the dastardly Koopa King, Bowser, has taken all of the other Sprixie Princesses hostage! Dark clouds emerge from the clear pipe...

Out comes Bowser! With haste, he grabs the Sprixie Princess and traps her in a giant jar! He glares at everyone, especially Mario, and slips down the pipe. Princess Peach was curious, so she was the first to go down. With everyone panicking, they enter the pipe, one by one, with Luigi being last.

They then travel the very long clear pipe into a brand new Sprixie Kingdom, and then they notice the green Sprixie Princess trapped in a giant castle in her jar! Mario and co. run for the first level...


Image Name Bio
Mario Bubble Mario Mario is the main hero of this adventure, you should know by now! When the Sprixies are captured, join him and his friends as Mario's completely balanced stats jump through worlds!
Luigi Bubble Luigi Luigi is Mario's bro, and he's helping rescue the Sprixies too! His physics may seem like every level is an ice level, but his high jump can definitely prove useful!
Blue Toad Bubble (1) Blue Toad Blue Toad is a wacky one. Come to think of it, if he has short stubby legs, how does he run faster than everyone else? That guy can't jump to save his life, though!
Peach Bubble Princess Peach Huh?! Peach is a hero too?! Bowser's gone and kidnapped something else, so it's time to retire the role of 'damsel in distress' as you float through worlds with ease! Take your time, though, the speed's quite low.
Rosalina Bubble Rosalina Isn't she supposed to be in space? No! She's helping! She may be even slower than Peach, but that spin jump makes quite the good tool if you lack a Fire Flower.
Wario MPUniverse Wario HUH?! A brand new hero has arrived! Oh great, it's Wario! Looks like he's only in it for the treasure. That guy's so slow and can't jump much! At least the bosses he encounters won't stand a chance; they'll go down in one hit!
Yoshiart Yoshi Yoshi is somehow here too! Don't ask. He's got a totally different playstyle. Rather than jumping on enemies, he'll throw eggs at 'em. He can also flutter jump.


Image Name Bio
Super Mushroom SM3DL Super Mushroom Straight and to the point, the Super Mushroom lets you grow big! Or, if you're already big, you net a few more points!
FireFlower Fire Flower A complete enemy-destroying machine! Shoots fire projectiles.
StarmanSM3DW Starman Touch this and there's no going back! Starman destroys anything, no matter what!
SuperLeaf3D Super Leaf The Super Leaf returns once more! Casually glide through the air and swipe enemies with your tail.
SuperBellSM3DW Super Bell Meee-ow! Turn into a cat with the Super Bell! Climb up walls and scratch your foes! This is truly one of the best items to have!
MegaMushroomSM3DW Mega Mushroom Honestly, we're not sure why'd you pick this up, but hey, destroying enemies while you're giant is pretty cool!
Boomerangflower Boomerang Flower What goes forward must come back! Fires a projectile (or boomerang) that comes back to you, like a boomerang! Guess that's the purpose...
370px-SuperLeaf3D2 Golden Leaf Similar to the Super Leaf, but invincible too! Only works if you fail a stage too many times.
Lucky Bell SM3DW Lucky Bell Sadly does not turn you invincible, but guaranteed to make you lucky if you Ground Pound in the air!
Acorn Shroom Super Acorn Exclusive to Yellow Toad, this acorn can help you glide across, and even float up! (a little but it counts)
NSMBWiiMiniMushroom Mini Mushroom Being tiny definitely does not help in the damage department, but helps you discover hidden goodies, or even exits.
PoisonMushroom Poison Mushroom Quick! Grab it-Oh wait, DON'T grab it. That Mushroom will damage you instead!
GoldFlower Gold Flower Returning from a coin-filled Mushroom Kingdom, the Gold Flower will net you a million coins (not to scale) when you collide it with bricks or enemies!
BlueShell Blue Shell Don't worry, you're not in first! This shell is all hollow, so fit inside it and take it for a spin as you destroy everything in your path: Like a normal Koopa shell would!


Image Name Bio
Donkey Kong Bubble Donkey Kong Sure, the Sprixie Kingdom's in danger, but now Bowser Jr. attacks the Mushroom Kingdom while Mario and co. are busy! It's up to this ape to stop the young prince! He's got great jumping, but doesn't really have speed.
Diddy Kong Bubble Diddy Kong Diddy Kong is the sidekick of the adventure. He can help DK by picking up speed and hovering like a Super Leaf, but way faster!
Yellow Toad Bubble Yellow Toad Friend of Blue Toad, this one is quite different! He has the same stats as Mario, but has access to a new item: The Super Acorn!

Arcade Mode

A brand new mode added to Deluxe, Arcade Mode makes it's way to the game.

After beating Story Mode, this fast-paced mode is unlocked.

Arcade Mode puts you back into the adventure from step one, but there's a VERY clear difference; you can't save your game at all! Can you beat the entire game in one sitting?

The perks of Arcade Mode is that you won't have to collect Green Stars to progress.

Master Mode

Another new mode added to Deluxe, but only after beating Champion's Road.

Master Mode is like the normal adventure, but if you take a single hit, you die.

Enemies are much more frequent in this mode too.


  • Originally, the entire game of Super Mario 3D Land was also supposed to be in the game. However, due to hardware limitations, the idea was scrapped.
  • Super Mario 3D World Deluxe is the foruth Mario game to get a Deluxe treatment.
  • Mario was supposed to have different outfits, like in Super Mario Odyssey. This idea was cut.

Differences from the original

  • Difficulty balance
  • New characters: Wario & Yoshi
  • New Items: Super Acorn, Gold Flower, Mini Mushroom, Blue Shell
  • Graphics increase
  • More levels to Captain Toad
  • Decreased Luigi's traction
  • DLC
  • Two new modes: Arcade Mode and Master Mode.


The game contains a wide selection of songs.


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