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Super Mario 3D World The Real Final Boxart.png
Super Mario 3D World final boxart.
Developer(s) Cosmic Koopa Company
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg 3Rating.png
Media Included Wii Optical Disc

Super Mario 3D World is a Mario game for the Wii. It is a sequel to Super Mario 3D Land. It has many elements from different Mario games. It was created by Cosmic Koopa Company.


Princess Peach invites Mario and Luigi to the 80th anniversary party of the Mushroom Kingdom. As the are going through Toad Town to the Princess Peach's Castle they find an airship flying over to the castle. It starts bombing the castle and right then Mario looks back finding Luigi captured by the Koopa Troop. He tells a Yellow Toad and Yoshi to go get Luigi while he goes to save the Princess. When he reaches the castle there is debris surrounding the front doors and there is no way in. Kamek flies in and casts a spell on Mario which makes him fall asleep. Later the Yellow Toad and Yoshi return waking up Mario and telling him Luigi and the troops disappeared. Soon Mario finds himself and a huge problem. Toadsworth comes and tells Mario that in order to save his brother and the Princess he has the go through many worlds to earn Power Stars and bring them to the castle. As he starts his journey he realizes that the troops left behind a few items they were planning on taking.

After Mario collects 48 Power Stars he is able to go to Bowser's Lava Castle where he finds Luigi trapped in a jail cell. After battling Bowser he takes off in his Koopa Clown Car, leaves the Key to the jail behind. Mario then takes the key and puts it into the keyhole and get Luigi out. After beating Bowser's Lava Castle Luigi is now playable.

When Mario and Luigi reach Bowser's Castle with 108 Power Stars, it is heavily guarded with Fire Bros. and Bullies. After getting into the castle they face two Big Bullies. When they reach Bowser he uses the Magical Star Princess Peach had to become invincible. Soon an Airship comes crashing into the tower of Bowser's Castle and Bowser boards the ship. Mario jumps out of the tower on some Para-Beetles to follow Bowser. During the chase Banzai Bills and Thwomps will get into Mario's way. A King Bill comes and chases Mario until he reaches the ship. Then Bowser will jump off onto a platform surrounded by Spiked Bombs. Mario has to grab Bowser's tail and spin him around and throw Bowser at two of the Bombs similar to the Bowser battles in Super Mario 64. Bowser then gets into his Koopa Clown Car and starts to fly over to a part of his castle with Hammer Bros. and Thwomps. Mario will get there via Warp Pipe. After Mario has to climb to the top of the tower while Bowser shoots Bullet Bills and throw Bob-ombs. Bowser then gets out of his Koopa Clown Car and chases Mario up the tower to the top. At the top another battle takes place with Mario having to grab Bowser's tail and throwing him into a Spiked Bomb three times. When Bowser falls off the ledge from the last Spiked Bomb Mario takes Princess Peach and uses a Super Leaf to escape the Castle With no more power for the castle, it comes crashing to the ground and is destroyed. When they reach Princess Peach's Castle the party resumes after the clean-up of the caslte. In the end she tells Mario about an area in Toad Town that is very secretive and no one else can find out.


The Wiimote and Nunchuck are used for the game.

  • A Button: Select things, Jump
  • B Button: Back, Pull or Pick up things, Throw things
  • Analog Stick: Move
  • Z Button: Crouch
  • A and Z Button: Long Jump, Back Flip, Ground Pound
  • D-Pad: First person view, rotate camera
  • C Button: Fix Camera
  • + Button: Pause
  • - Button: Used for Cheat Codes
  • 1 Button: Used for Cheat Codes
  • 2 Button: Used for Cheat Codes
  • Shake Wiimote: Spin, Shoot Fire or Ice balls (Fire or Ice Mario), Swing Tail (Raccoon Mario), Throw Hammers (Hammer Mario), Throw Boomerangs (Boomerang Mario)



There are two playable characters, the Mario Brothers. They both have the same power-ups but their skills are a bit different from each others.

Image Name Description Unlockable by...
Mario SM3DW.png Mario Mario has been helping the Mushroom Kingdom and saving Princess Peach for a long time. He is back in a new journey across different lands of the Mushroom Kingdom. N/A
Luigi SM3DW.png Luigi Mario's brother returns for another adventure. He has his high jumping skills again and his own power-up. He is traveling with Mario helping the Mushroom Kingdom once again. Beat Bowser's Lava Castle


Image Name Description
Princess Peach SM3DW.png Princess Peach Princess Peach is the one always getting captured. This time both Peach and Daisy are captured by Bowser. She sends letters to Mario giving him 1-Up Mushrooms.
Daisy.png Princess Daisy Princess Daisy finally gets captured by Bowser. She and Peach have been put deep in the dungeons in Bowser's Castle. She will send letters to Luigi that have 1-Ups just like Peach's letters to Mario.
MKPC Yoshi Solo.png Yoshi Yoshi is a rideable character that Mario and Luigi ride. He has his own power-ups and his own moves. He can do flutter jumps and use his tongue to eat enemies or eat items.
Toadsworth2.png Toadsworth Toadsworth is Peach's steward, and one of Mario's allies. He tells Mario how to use moves and some enemies weaknesses.
NSMBWiiUToad.png Toad Toad, Princess Peach's assistant. He will help Mario along the way. He can show the player what buttons to use to do a certain move.
MP7 Toadette.png Toadette Toadette is the shopkeeper found in Toad Town. She also appears in the intro and credits.
Toad Group.jpg Toads Toads are found in many places such as Toad Town and many of the courses. There are some missions where the player will have to save a Toad that is lost in the course.
Golden Mario Statues SM3DW.png Golden Mario Golden Mario is a character that can help the player through the level. If Mario or Luigi needs help they can ask Golden Mario, if so he will go through the level and get a bronze star.
DKandDiddy DKCR.png Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong appear in Donkey Kong's Jungle. There they will tell you where to go in the jungle and sometimes they will occasionally be found in Toad Town. Donkey Kong is captured by the Koopa Troop in the first mission of Donkey Kong's Jungle and Mario has to battle him.
PiantaTree.PNG Pianta Piantas are found in Palm Tree Beach where they work and walk around the beaches and islands. Some may even give helpful tips and throw you in the air to reach higher places.
NokiShell.PNG Noki Nokis are found in Palm Tree Beach and in Toad Town where they sit on the beaches and talk. Some of the nokis may give helpful hints, but others will not.
Lil' Cloudy SM3DW.png Lil' Cloudy Lil' Cloudies are clouds that appear in Sky and Beach levels. Some can transform into giant clouds that act as trampolines.
Bob-omb Buddy Mario 2012.png Bob-omb Buddy Bob-omb Buddies are pink Bob-ombs that help Mario. They will open up Cannons for Mario and give him tips about the course. They appear in almost every level near the beginning of the course or somewhere else.
Koopa The Quick YG99 style.png Koopa the Quick Koopa the Quick is a Large Koopa that is a runner. He appears in three courses, Dusty Desert Dunes, Grass Temple, and Gigantic Land. The player will have to verse him to get a Power Star.
Tuxie and Mom.png Penguin Penguins are characters that appear in snowy courses and beach courses as well. Tuxie, a baby penguin, is found in Penguin's Snow Mountain. She must be brought back to her mother in one of the missions.

Power Star List

Main Article: Power Stars


There are five areas(not including the special area) in Toad Town, (the hub) and there are five main courses and one or two mini-courses in each area. The first area is the easiest then each area gets harder after it gets unlocked. All the Main Courses except for the final area courses have four Power Stars. The Mini-courses have two Power Stars which means that each area has a total of twenty-two Power Stars except for Area 6 with eighteen Power Stars. The final area courses have two Power Stars in them. Also in Toad Town there are a total of twelve Power Stars in the town. The total amount of Power Stars in the game is 140 Power Stars.

Area 1

Rolling Greens, the first course.

Main Courses

  • Rolling Greens
  • Penguin's Snow Mountain
  • Dusty Desert Dunes
  • Lakitu's Sky Fortress
  • Bowser Jr.'s Battleground


  • Goomba Plains
  • Poison River Path

Area 2

Molten Magma Land, a course in Area 2.

Main Courses

  • Molten Magma Land
  • Donkey Kong's Jungle
  • Crazy Maze Cave
  • Blooper Bay
  • Boom Boom‘s Airship Attack


  • Boo's Graveyard
  • Mushroom Climb

Area 3

Main Courses

  • Boo's Haunted House
  • Honeybee Tree
  • Piranha Sewers
  • Koopa's Castle
  • Bowser's Lava Castle


  • Thwomp Desert
  • Melody Music Sky

Area 4

Koopa Industries Factory

Main Courses

  • Grass Temple
  • Cool Crystal Caverns
  • Koopa Industries Factory
  • Gloomy Boardwalk
  • Pom Pom's Bombship


  • Rocky Cliff
  • Delfino Village

Area 5

Magma Trench, a mini-course in Area 5.

Main Courses

  • Tick-Tock Tower Clock
  • Snowman Valley
  • Midnight Beach
  • Bowser Jr.'s Fleet
  • Bowser's Castle


  • Kamek's Barricade
  • Magma Trench

Area 6

  • Piranha Ruins
  • Tasty Toy Town
  • Yoshi's Prehistoric Lands
  • Gigantic Land
  • The Golden Passage (Final Level)



Image Item Image Form First Appearance
Super Mushroom SM3DL.png Super Mushroom Mario jumping.png Super Mario Toad Town
FireFlowerSM3DL.png Fire Flower Fire Mario SM3DW.png Fire Mario Dusty Desert Dunes
Ice Flower SM3DW.png Ice Flower Ice Mario SM3DW.png Ice Mario Crazy Maze Cave
SuperLeaf3D2.png Super Leaf Raccoon Mario.png Raccoon Mario Rolling Greens
StarFlip.png Super Star Starmanmario.jpg Invincible Mario Rolling Greens
Hammer Suit SM3DW.png Hammer Suit Hammer Mario Final SM3DW.png Hammer Mario Bowser Jr.'s Battleground
Boomerangflower.png Boomerang Flower BoomerangMarioSM3DL.png Boomerang Mario Piranha Sewers
Winged Cap SM3DW.png Wing Cap WingMario.png Wing Mario Toad Town
Metal Mushroom SM3DW.png Metal Mushroom Metal Mario SM3DW.png Metal Mario Piranha Sewers
BeeMushroom.png Bee Mushroom Full Bee Mario SMG.png Bee Mario Honeybee Tree
SpinDrill.png Spin Drill Drill Mario SMG2 art.png Drill Mario Rocky Cliff
Statue Leaf Super Mario.png Statue Leaf StatueMario 3DL.png Statue Mario Tick-Tock Tower Clock
GoldenSuperLeafSME.png Invincibility Leaf Invincibility Raccoon Mario - New Super Mario Bros 2.png Golden Raccoon Mario When Mario loses 5 or more lives in a level.

Other Items and Objects

Image Name Description
CoinSM3DL.png Coin Coins are very common in the Mushroom Kingdom. Some can be collected from Blocks and some can be collected from enemies. Every time you collect 50 Coins Mario will get a 1-Up. Coins can also help the player buy items.
Blue Coin.png Blue Coin Blue Coins only appear when the player jumps on a P-Switch. Each Blue Coin is worth 5 Coins. They will appear in groups. If the player collects all of them they will get an item just like Red Coins.
Red Coin SM3D.png Red Coin Red Coins can be found when Mario or Luigi pass through a Red Coin Ring. When they pass through one there will be five Red Coins to collect in a certain amount of time. If they collect the five they will get an item.
RedRing.png Red Coin Ring Red Coin Rings can be found in several areas. When Mario or Luigi passes through one it will activate five Red Coins for them to collect to get an item.
Purple CoinSMWWii.png Purple Coin Purple Coins are only found when there is a Purple Coin Challenge in a level. There is usually 100 Purple Coins but sometimes there are more like 150. When 100 are collected Mario or Luigi will be rewarded with a Power Star.
Star Medal SM3DL.png Star Coin There are 3 Star Coins in each level. They can be found in special and mini levels too. Collecting enough can open a new course in Toad Town.
Power Star SM3DW.png Power Star Powers Stars are found in almost every level. To get a Power Star Mario or Luigi will have to do something in a level or perform a task to earn one. Getting more Power Stars will get you closer to fighting Bowser.
BronzeStarSME.png Bronze Star Bronze Stars are Power Stars that are collected by having Golden Mario help you through the level. They don't actually count as real Power Stars but when the player goes back to the level they will need to collect the Real Power Star.
3D 1-Up Mushroom Artwork.png 1-Up Mushroom 1-Up Mushrooms are green Mushrooms that give Mario or Luigi an extra life. They are very rare in the game.
Poison Mushroom SM3DW.png Poison Mushroom Poison Mushrooms are mushrooms that will make Mario turn into Small Mario. These can only be found in Blocks but sometimes they will be left by enemies.
Question Block 3D.png Question Block Question Blocks are a common object. The can release Coins or items. The are some Question Blocks that are shaped like rectangles and release 3 Coins or 2 Coins and an item.
Flying Question Block.png Flying Question Block A Flying Question Block is a Question Block with wings. It will fly around back and forth containing multiple Coins or an item. They are very rare to find and they will also make a chirping noise.
Brick Block SMB3DS.png Brick Block Brick Blocks are Blocks that can release Coins or items or the can be simply broken(Small Mario cannot break Brick Blocks). There is a Brick Block enemy in the game called a Fake Block, it has a raccoon tail and will fly into the air and try and stomp onto the player.
Used Block 3DL.png Used Block Used Blocks are Blocks that cannot be broken at all and don't have any items in them. They are indestructible blocks which means there is no way to break them.
Music Block SMB3DS.png Jump Block Jump Blocks are white blocks with a Music note on each side. They can make Mario jump higher. Some are even rainbow colored and launch the player into Coin Heaven.
Roulette Block SM3DL.png Roulette Block A Roulette Block is a glass block with multiple items in it, the items will scroll in a set order. When Mario or Luigi hit the block, whatever item it lands on will be the item the get. Not all will contain the same set of items, it depends where the location of the Roulette Block is.
SM3DL Goldenleaf.png Assist Block An Assist Block is a yellow block with an Invincibility Leaf on it. It will only appear after the player loses five lives and will appear right at the start of the level.
Orange Mystery Box !.png Warp Box Mystery Boxes are boxes that can warp Mario or Luigi to a different part of a level. They act just like Warp Pipes.
Baddie Box SM3DL.png Baddie Box Baddie Boxes are green boxes with Red Bowser Emblems shown on them, which release enemies such as Goombas out of them. The only way to defeat them is using White Tanooki Mario or a Star.
POW.jpg POW Block POW Blocks are blue blocks with the word POW on it. They can be picked up and thrown to defeat any ground enemies in the area of where it landed or it can be used to make any Coins that are in the air fall to the ground.
Plus Clock SMG2.png Plus Clock Plus Clocks are clocks that will give the plyaer more time in Speed Run missions. There are two types of Plus Clocks, there's Green Clocks and Blue Clocks. The Blue Clocks only give 10 seconds while the Green Clocks can give 20 to 50 seconds.
Key.png Key Keys are items that can unlock doors and open up force fields. They are rare in the game, only appearing in 3 courses.
GreenShell.png Koopa Shell Koopa Shells are red or green Shells from Koopa Troopas. The player can pick them up and throw them at chests, Brick Blocks or enemies. They can also be used when swimming. They will go much faster and also can be thrown in water. The Red Shells home on things when thrown and are faster when used in water.
BlueShell.png Blue Shell Blue Shells are different from Green and Red Shells, instead of picking them up and swimming with them the player can ride on them. Riding on Blue Shells makes the player almost invincible to anything, if the players hits a wall the Shell breaks. The Blue Shells are also used for some missions such as the one in Molten Magma Land.
Chance Cube.png Chance Cube This is a cube that allows Mario or Luigi to take the chance. All chance cubes show pictures of a 1-up mushroom, A coin and a Bowser Emblem. Spin attacking it will cause it to spin in a similar fashion to a die. A snare drumroll sound will play, with a cymbal crash at the end when it lands. Whatever picture is face up is what Mario or Luigi will earn. Performing different attacks such as using a fireball, raccoon tail, or a hammer will also cause it to spin. It appears in a few courses.
Yellow Platform SM3DL.png Elevator Elevators are objects that move up down or side to side. They can travel at different speeds. Some can be fast while others can be slow.
Snake Panels SM3DL.png Snake Panels Snake Panels are green panels with faces on them. To activate them Mario or Luigi must find a green panel with a ! on it, they must step on it and it will create a path of Snake Panels. They can go over hazardous things such as spikes, lava, gaps, and poison water.
Warp Pipe 3D Land.png Warp Pipe Warp Pipes are green, sometimes orange, pipes that stick out of the ground or walls. The are just like Warp Boxes but can be reused over and over. They are common especially in Toad Town.
Bonus Pipe SM3DW.png Bonus Pipe Bonus Pipes are Orange Warp Pipes with white stars on them. When Mario or Luigi enters, they will be transported to a bonus room of the course. A few courses with these, will lead Mario or Luigi to a room where they can spin Chance Cubes.
P-Switch NSMB2.png P-Switch A P-Switch is a blue switch with a P on it. When pressed it will activate something like a Brick Blocks turned into coins, making a group of Blue Coins appear or making Coins into Brick Blocks.
Checkpoint Flag SM3DL.png Midway Flag The Midway Flag is the checkpoint of a level. There are usually one or two of them in a level. If Mario or Luigi loses a life after passing through a Midway Flag they will be brought back to the flag to pick up where they left off, instead of the beginning of the level.



There is a total of 16 bosses (not including second time for Bowser, Bowser Jr. and Mugly) in the game. Some of the bosses are new and some are old ones from other Mario games. There are a few daredevil runs where Mario or Luigi have to face a boss being small.

Image Boss Course Description
Big Bob-omb SM3DW.png Big Bob-omb

Rolling Greens

Big Bob-omb's Return

Big Bob-omb will throw Bob-ombs at the player. Pick up Bob-ombs and throw them at him 4 times. He can pick up and throw Mario and also stomp on Mario.
King Lakitu SM3DW.png King Lakitu

Lakitu's Sky Fort

The King of Lakitus

King Lakitu can throw Spiny Eggs down at the player. Use Yoshi to eat the Spinies and spit them at King Lakitu 5 times. He will also shoot lightning bolts at the ground and touching them will hurt Mario.
Bowser Jr NSMBW.jpg Bowser Jr. #1

Bowser Jr.'s Battleground

Clown Car Bashing

Bowser Jr. will fly in his Clown Car and try to ram into you. The player has to get into their Clown Car and bash Bowser Jr. into the electric fence. It will take 4 hits to do that. There walls that can block the player's way. If the player touches the electricity fences 3 times they have to start over.
King Bully SM3DW.png King Bully

Molten Magma Land

Being the Bully

The player must use their spin attack or Raccoon Tail to push King Bully of the edge to go into the lava, he has to be pushed into the lava twice. He will try and push Mario into the lava and will also have Bullies to help him.
Evil DK SM3DW.png Evil Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong's Jungle

Ape on the loose!

When Mario or Luigi reach Donkey Kong they must grab Barrels and throw them at him. The player must throw 5 Barrels at Donkey Kong to defeat him. He can grab the Mario and throw him at the wall and also pound at the ground causing shock waves which can hurt Mario.
Gooperblooper01.jpg Gooper Blooper

Blooper Bay

Gooper Blooper strikes again

Gooper Blooper will spit out ink at Mario and will cover parts of the screen in ink. Mario must Ground Pound his tentacles and pull them off. Then he must pull his mouth to hurt him. The player must do this twice. He will also slam his tentacles down at Mario to hurt him.
SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art.png Boom Boom

Boom Boom's Airship Attack

Boom Boom Attacks

The battle is just like the battle from Super Mario 3D Land. Mario has to stomp on his head 5 times to defeat him. He will spin around and also he will go in his shell when Mario jumps on him.
KingofBoos.PNG King Boo

Boo's Haunted House

Exploring the Haunted House

King Boo will send out a group of Boos that will circle around then disappear. He can also teleport and spin around similar to Boom Boom. Mario will have to bring him towards the light to make him confused. When he's confused Mario must use his spin attack or Raccoon tail to hurt him, the player must do this 4 times to defeat King Boo.
PeteyPiranhaPlant.png Petey Piranha

Honeybee Tree

Attack of the Plant Monster!

Petey Piranha will fly around. At certain points he will land and Mario will have to go near him. He must shot 3 Fireballs at him, he will then fall and that is when Mario must Ground Pound on his stomach. The player must do that 4 times to defeat him. He can use a tornado move and also use his head to push Mario away.
Red Chomp SM3DW.png Giant Red Chomp

Koopa's Castle

The Big Bad Chomp

Giant Red Chomp is chained to a stake. Mario must Ground Pound the stake 3 times to free it. Mario must grab the chain of the Giant Red Chomp and pull it as far as it can go then release it into the lava. The player must do this 3 times. Giant Red Chomp has the ability to shoot Fireballs and can cause shock waves which can hurt Mario.
Bowser HUGE.png Bowser #1

Bowser's Lava Castle

Storming the Castle

Bowser will throw Spike Balls that will explode towards Mario. If he touches them it will explode and hurt him, Mario must bring Bowser towards them and then shoot Fireballs at them to explode in order for him to get hurt. The player must do this 4 times for Bowser to get defeated. Bowser can also stomp on the ground which can cause shockwaves which will hurt Mario.
Wiggler running.png Giant Wiggler

Grass Temple

The Wiggler of the Temple'

The Giant Wiggler will run around trying to charge into Mario. The only way to defeat him is by Ground Pound the P-Switches to shake the ground. The Wiggler will fall onto his back. Then Mario will have to Ground Pound a certain segment to defeat him. It will take 4 times to defeat him.
Goombatrol SM3DW.png Goombatrol

Koopa Industries Factory

The Goomba of the Factory

Goombatrol is a Mega Goomba with a Spiked helmet on his head. He can charge into the player and summon Goombas as well. The player will need to pick up Koopa Shells and throw them at him to get defeated. It will take 6 hits for him to be defeated.
PunpunSolo.png Pom Pom

Pom Pom's Bombship

Pom Pom's Battle

Pom Pom will throw Boomerangs at Mario. It is just like Boom Boom's battle, you have to jump on her head to make her go in her Shell. She will then go up and hover over Mario and try to land on him like a Thwomp. It will take 5 hits to defeat her.
Kamek YBA.png Kamek

Kamek's Barricade

The Magical Koopa

Kamek will use his magic wand to hurt Mario, his magic spells can also turn Used Blocks into enemies. Kamek can also teleport. In order to defeat him Mario must jump on him to hurt him, it will take 4 hits until he is defeated.
Bowserjr MP9.png Bowser Jr. #2

Bowser Jr.'s Fleet

Invading the Airships

Bowser Jr. will shoot Fireballs out of his mouth and will also jump and Ground Pound towards Mario to hurt him. There are also 4 Rocky Wrenches during the battle. In order to defeat him Mario must be near the glass for Bowser Jr. to break it and get hurt. It will take 6 hits to defeat him.
Bowser in Koopa Car.pngBowser HUGE.png Bowser #2

Bowser's Castle

Breaking In the Castle

Bowser will hop into his Clown Car and fly away, during that time Mario will have to chase him down by boarding airships hoping on Para-Beetles and dodging many of Bowser's minions. There is no way to catch up to him until a certain point he will fly down towards a large circular platform with Spike Bombs around it. Mario will take a Warp Box down there will he will pass the Midway Flag. He will then fight Bowser like the Super Mario 64 styled battles. After Bowser is hit by 3 Spike Bombs he will get back in his Clown Car, Mario will take a Warp Pipe to a Tower which he will climb to reach the top where Peach is. Bowser will throw Bob-ombs at Mario and shoot Bullet Bills. When reaching the top Mario will take the Grand Star and save Princess Peach.
Koopa Troopa Boss.png Giga Koopa

The Golden Passage Part 4

The Final Challenge

Giga Koopa is an extremely large Koopa that will try and stomp on you. You have to have him ram into a wall to make him dizzy. He will flip over and that is when the player has to Ground Pound on him. He will also use his tail to push the player away from him. It will take the player 3 times to hurt him.

Beta Elements


Click here to see a list of music from the game. Many themes are heard from previous 3D Mario games like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario 3D Land, and Wario Land: Shake it!


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Course Pictures

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