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Super Mario 3D Land 2 is a Nintendo 3DS platformer in the Super Mario series. It is the direct sequel to Super Mario 3D Land, using the same engine; and the follow-up to Super Mario 3D World. Like them, 3D Land 2 is a 3D Super Mario game in the style of a 2D one, and focuses on simple fun in the form of linear platforming challenges.

In reference to Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, this game's signature power-up is the Super Carrot.


As far as kidnapping princesses goes, Bowser feels like he's stuck in a rut. Running out of places to terrorize, and not wanting to reopen a can of worms by capturing Princess Peach for the umpteenth time, he settles for taking over the little-known Eastern Island. Of course, the locals are none too happy about Bowser's plans, and send a scout to search the nearby regions for help.

Mario is relaxing with Luigi in the Mushroom Kingdom when a rabbit snatches his trademark red cap. He chases it through World 1-1, eventually catching up at the Goal Pole and getting his cap back. However, the rabbit gestures for Mario to keep following it, and attempts to describe Bowser invading its homeland, Eastern Island. Mario catches on, and promises to help save the rabbits from Bowser.

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Super Mario 3D Land 2 is a 3D platformer with the main goal of reaching the Goal Pole at end of a level, usually with the help of power-ups. Similarly to previous games of this style, each level contains 3 Eastern Eggs which must be collected to unlock certain later levels.

Most levels adhere to the design philosophy of introducing a new mechanic, developing it, adding a twist, and concluding it to move onto something new.


Power-up Description
Super Mushroom
The classic Super Mushroom turns Small Mario back into Super Mario. He can break empty Brick Blocks, and taking damage will revert him to Small Mario instead of losing a life instantly.

In this game, Mario starts every life in this form by default.

Fire Flower
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Image by Peardian

Super Carrot

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Super Star
The Super Star turns Mario into Invincible Mario, who is invincible and can defeat most obstacles on contact. Defeating 8 or more enemies earns extra lives.

The invincibility only lasts for a few seconds, though. When the music starts getting frantic, Mario will have to find another Super Star or get out of harm's way. Also, some obstacles such as bottomless pits will make Mario lose a life even while using this power-up.

Original image by Peardian

Invincibility Carrot

If Mario loses five consecutive lives in an unfinished level, it's not too late: an Assist Block containing the Invincibility Carrot will appear. It turns Mario into White Bunny Mario, who is invincible and has all of Bunny Mario's abilities. If he then beats the level in this form, he will revert to Bunny Mario afterwards.

However, if the Assist Block is touched, the level will not be marked as completed. Any Eastern Eggs collected after touching the Assist Block will be blank, and Mario will have to recollect them on his own to return them to normal.


Level Description
World 1

World 1-1
Mushroom Fields

A simple grasslands stage. Mario has to chase a rabbit to get his cap back. The rabbit guides new players through the level, demonstrating how to jump to move about and avoid obstacles. It also drops a free Super Carrot at the Checkpoint Flag.

The first half of the level has a few Goombas to stomp, with Spike Tops entering the mix later. There are only a couple of bottomless pits to worry about. The level ends with a classic staircase to the Goal Pole.

World 1-2
Clear Pipe Caverns

An underground level based on using Clear Pipes to navigate around. The player must walk on top of Clear Pipes or throw other objects through them to reach certain collectibles.

The level also focuses on avoiding Piranha Plants, and eventually players will have to dodge Piranha Eggs while moving through the Clear Pipes. After the final challenge, Mario emerges from the underground via Clear Pipe and can aim for a higher pipeline to the top of the Goal Pole.

This is the first level with a secret exit.

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