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Super Mario 3D Land: Fun with Friends
Developer(s) Ye Olde Baker Boy Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Platformer
Release Date(s) TBA 2012
Mode(s) Story Mode, Multiplayer Mode, WFC
Age Rating(s) PEGI: 3+


Media Included Nintendo 3DS: 3DS Game card

Super Mario 3D Land: Fun with Friends is a remake of the original 3DS game for the same console. This game was developed by Ye Olde Baker Boy Productions. Basicaly, this game has new levels, remade old levels, new and returning powerups and items for the players to use and a heavier focus on multiplayer as well as new playable characters along with Mario and Luigi.


It all starts some time after the events of the original Super Mario 3D Land took place. Mario and Luigi were having a picnic with the princesses Peach and Daisy when Bowser's Doom Ship came in, much to the four's confussion. A pipe appeared on the ship's underside and began to suck up the princesses like if it was a vacuum and succeeded. The Mario brothers rushed to save them when they suddenly stumbled upon Wario and Waluigi. Mario and Luigi asked for their help and the Wario brothers decided to help him with the condition that the princesses must kiss them as well when they save them. And so, both the Mario brothers and the Wario brothers set off to rescue the damsels.

At World 1-Castle, the four defeated a false Bowser and rescued a Blue Toad that joined their party. The heroes received letters from the princesses as they travelled across the worlds and, at World 5, received one from Daisy telling them that they had escaped from Bowser's Castle but she was stuck at 5-Castle. She was rescued by the heroes and joined the party.

When they arrived at World 7, they received a letter from Peach telling them that she was waiting at 7-Airship but when they defeated the boss, they found out that she was a cardboard decoy and the real Peach had been taken back to Bowser's Castle.

Mario and his team eventually arrived at World 8-Castle, where the real Bowser was waiting but got defeated by the heroes, who eventually reunited with Peach. However, Kamek rushed in with Bowser hanging on his broom and took her away to World 8-Final Castle.

The heroes defeated Bowser for good and return to the Mushroom Kingdom with Peach as the credits rolled. After the credits, a cutscene is seen in which the Comet Observatory is seen floating around Special World 1. Rosalina is later rescued from Dry Bowser at Special 1-Castle and joins the party.

Gameplay modes

Story Mode

The player must venture through the worlds using Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi to rescue the princesses Peach and Daisy.

Multiplayer Mode

Up to 4 players can play together. All the levels are available (Even if a player hasn't reached all of them) but each player can only play as the characters he/she has unlocked.


Like in Multiplayer Mode, a player can go online to play with people from all around the world. All the characters are available. However, there's a specific world for this mode called World W.




Artwork Name Stats
Mario Balanced character
SM3DL2 Luigi.png

Jumps higher than Mario

He has low traction, making braking harder


He's the strongest character, making him able to break Black Brick Blocks

He's slower and can't jump very high


Can perform a double jump in mid-air

His long legs make him faster than Mario


Artwork Name Stats Unlocking criteria
Blue Toad 2.png
Blue Toad

He's the fastest character of the roster

He doesn't jump very high, but not less than Wario

Defeat the False Bowser at World 1-Castle
Princess Daisy

She's a bit faster when compared with Peach

Defeat the False Bowser at World 5-Castle
Princess Peach

She can float in the air if the player keeps the jump button pressed

She falls slower thanks to her parasol

Defeat Bowser at World 8-Final Castle
Rosalina MK7.png

The rolling is replaced by the Star Spin

She's stronger than Peach but not as much as Wario

Defeat Dry Bowser at Special 1-Castle


Artwork Name Info
Yoshi Rideable in some levels
Toadsworth He gives clues to the players about Star Coin locations
MP7 Toadette.png
Toadette Hosts Toad Houses so the player can get items

Enemy characters

Artwork Name Info
Bowser He has kidnapped Peach once again! And Daisy too! The Mario brothers and the Wario brothers will have to defeat him if they want the girls back.
SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art.png
Boom Boom One of Bowser's top soldiers. He appears at the Airship levels from Worlds 2 and 3 and fights alongside Pom Pom in World 7
Pom Pom Another top soldier from Bowser's troop. She appears at the Airship levels from World 4, 6 and 7 with the help of Boom Boom
Dry Bowser Art.png
Dry Bowser He captured Rosalina when she arrived at the first Special World. He's also fought at the other castle levels from the Special Worlds


  • World 1: A grassy plain. Pipes and hills can be seen in the background.
  • World 2: A valley in the sunset.
  • World 3: A beachy area.
  • World 4: A forest area with mushrooms in the background.
  • World 5: A desert with cacti dancing at the map's theme.
  • World 6: A sky area full of clouds.
  • World 7: A poisonous swamp area.
  • World 8: A volcanic place for the first half (8-1 to 8-Castle) and a barren place with thunderstorms for the second half (8-6 to 8-Final Castle).
  • Special 1: An at night version of World 1. A teal glow can be seen in the sky (It can probably be the Comet Observatory).
  • Special 2: A remade version of World 2. Its night time and the colour of the sand is Blue.
  • Special 3: An underwater view of World 3.
  • Special 4: A remade version of World 4. The mushrooms now look like Poison Mushrooms and spores rain down the place.
  • Special 5: A remade version of World 5 with darker sand and flowers blooming out of the cacti.
  • Special 6: A stormy version of World 6. The clouds are recolored grey.
  • Special 7: World 7 with a pink-coloured swamp.
  • Special 8: An area that has a huge retro feel. The sky is golden-colured.
  • World W: A cybernetic area. A space view of Earth can be seen in the background.



Other items


References to other games

  • Super Mario 3D Land: It's heavily based in this game. Most of the enemies (Including the Tanooki tail'd versions of some of them) return.
  • New Super Mario Bros.: Balloon Boos return.
  • Super Mario Galaxy: Bomb Boos return.
  • P-Floatie Racers: The default playable cast is used as the playable cast in this game.


  • Daisy wears a Kitsune Suit like Luigi does when they get a Super Leaf.
  • Since Toads already wear a scarf while wearing a Tanooki Suit, when Blue Toad gets a Statue Leaf, his suit is grey-coloured.
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