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Super Mario 3D Galaxy
Developer(s) Game Line, Inc.
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Super Mario 3D
Predecessor Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D Galaxy (スーパーマリオ3Dギャラクシー Sūpā Mario 3D Gyarakushī) is a game for Wii UZenze and Super Gamer, and it was ported to the Nintendo Switch. It's the third game in the Super Mario 3D series. It borrows most gameplay and powerups from Super Mario Galaxy.


It was a nice day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi were walking around when suddenly Mario spotted an alien ship. Soon after, a scream was heard. Mario knew inmediately what was happening. The Bros. ran to Peach's castle only to find a weird device in the ground. When Mario tried to pick it, a hologram appeared that read:

"Mario, I have captured Princess Peach with my alien buddies and we will be holding her hostage. If you want to see her again, then you better come at us! Bwahahaha! Just kidding, I know you're too much of a wimp to come fight us!

- Bowser and the Aliens"

Mario and Luigi are shocked, but before they can do anything an alien appears and knocks them out with a laser beam. Luigi wakes up floating in space, with Mario nowhere to be found. Soon enough, something quickly grabs Luigi. He finds himself in Spaceship Mario, with Mario on board. That's where the game starts.

Playable Characters


Image Name Description
Coin This item can be collected. Collect 100 to get a 1-UP.
Star Bit This item can be collected. Collect 50 to get a 1-UP.
1-Up Mush.png
1-UP Mushroom This item gives you another life.
Super Mushroom This item can be placed and can knock any enemy down if ran into.
GreenShell.png Green Shell This is a Koopa enclosed in his shell. It can be thrown and will knock an enemy down if hit.
RedShell.png Red Shell This is a Red Koopa enclosed in his shell. It can be thrown and will knock an enemy down if hit.
Bomb Mushroom 2.png
Bomb Mushroom This item allows you to throw bombs that will damage all enemies.
FireFlowerSM3DL.png Fire Flower This item can be fired numerously. Each enemy hit will die.
POW.PNG POW Block This item can be dropped and it will knock down all the enemies.
Mini Mushroom.png Mini Mushroom This item can be thrown and anything who runs into will shrink.
8-Bit Mushroom This item can be thrown and anything who runs into will grow huge and become an 8-Bit version of itself, effectively replacing the Mega Mushroom.
Technocolor Mushroom This item allows Mario to run at incredibly fast speeds and destroy everything in its path, but it only lasts for a tiny bit.
370px-SuperLeaf3D2.png Invincibility Leaf This item when collected will make you invincible for the rest of the level. It only appears after the player dies 8 times in the same level.
Propeller Mushroom.png Propeller Mushroom This item can be collected and it will give the player an extra boost of height.
Spring Mushroom The Spring Mushroom allows the player to jump higher and reach previously unreachable areas, at the cost of having acurrate control over the character.
Freezie SM3DW.png Freezie This item can be thrown and will freeze anything it touches.
Double Cherry This item creates a duplicate of the current character. The duplicate will copy the exact same movements as the original character.
CloudFlower.png Cloud Flower This item lets you make temporary platforms that dissapear after a while.
Superball Flower This item allows you to throw superballs that act similar to fireballs, except they bounce off walls.
Red Star This item allows you to fly but, unlike other games, it also gives you invincibility. It appears when you die 10 times in a row in the same level.

Pre-release, unused content and easter eggs

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Promotional content





Super Mario 3D Galaxy Technocolor Mushroom

Technocolor Mushroom (Beta)


Boxart and software icon

Gameplay videos and screenshots



TheFireDragoon for the amazing Bowser letter (even though it was slightly modified).

Nibroc-Rock  from DeviantArt for the character renders, except Peach and Rosalina's whose artwork is from Nintendo.

EximiusMax for that AMAZING American/European logo.