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Super Mario 3D Designer
Developer(s) Ninkancho
Platform(s) Display
Genre(s) 3D platformer
Game maker
Series Super Mario
Super Mario Maker
Super Mario 3D Designer is a game made by Ninkancho for the Wii U and Display. It is one of the successors to Super Mario Maker, alongside the Display-exclusive Super Mario Designer. Super Mario 3D Designer allows players to create three-dimensional levels in the styles of different 3D Super Mario games, as the title implies.


When playing a level, DisplayLP is used to move Mario, and DisplayA to jump. DisplayB, DisplayX, etc. are used for different actions depending on the current game style. DisplayRP controls the camera.

In the 3D Course Designer, DisplayLP pans the camera around the level, while DisplayRP rotates it. Pressing the pads zooms the camera out and in, respectively. The touchscreen is used to place elements and drag elements. The game engine assumes that all new elements are being placed on the element or death barrier "underneath" the stylus. In addition, elements can be rotated by rotating the camera while grabbing them.

To prevent lag, only so many elements can be added to a level. Like in early installments of the Scribblenauts series, the heads-up display contains a budget meter that fills as elements are added. Elements that tend to have more complex polygon meshes between the game styles will fill the meter more. The game will reevaluate a level to be uploaded against a fresh instance of the meter so that any glitches or attempts to bypass it are made moot.

Game styles

Super Mario 3D Designer allows players to switch between four distinct game styles: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy (using some assets from Super Mario Galaxy 2), and Super Mario 3D World. New element models have been created where necessary, from Super Mario 64-style models being unconvincing low-polygon meshes and billboarded sphere sprites, to Super Mario 3D World's being fully high-definition and shaded appropriately.

Gameplay and handling has been standardized between the styles, but Mario retains unique moves in each. In Super Mario 64, Mario has access to an arsenal of acrobatics, as well as attacks like punches, dives, and different kicks. Super Mario Sunshine-style Mario can Spin Jump and Slip Slide, and wields the Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device at the cost of the Long Jump move. The Super Mario Galaxy-style Mario can Star Spin to attack enemies and get extra air-time, and use the secret Homing Ground Pound and Double Kick. Mario from Super Mario 3D World is more focused on the standard running and jumping maneuvers, with special power-up abilities to boot, but retains many of his special moves in addition to the newer Roll maneuver.


Brick BlockGround (brick)
Question Block, Exclamation Point Block (SM64)Ground (plastic)
Hard BlockGround (wood)/Ground (stone)
GroundGround polygon
PipeClear Pipe
Super MushroomGround (red mushroom)
CoinLife Mushroom, Spinning Heart (SM64), Water Bottle (SMS)
TrampolineNote Block
Goomba, Kug (SMS)Strollin' Stu (SMS), Octoomba/Octoguy (SMG), Galoomba (SM3DW)
Green Koopa TroopaRed Koopa Troopa, Beach Koopa (SM64)
Piranha PlantFire Piranha Plant (SM64), Polluted Piranha (SMS), Prickly Piranha Plant (SMG), Inky Piranha Plant (SM3DW)
Cap (SM64), Hover Nozzle (SMS), Bee Mushroom (SMG), Super Bell (SM3DW)Metal Cap/Vanish Cap (SM64), Rocket Nozzle/Turbo Nozzle (SMS), Boo Mushroom/Cloud Flower (SMG), Lucky Bell/Super Leaf (SM3DW)
LakituLakitu's Cloud
SpinySpiny Shell Helmet
LiftFlimsy Lift
Fire FlowerIce Flower (SMG), Boomerang Flower (SM3DW)
Super Star, Mega Mushroom (SM64), Rainbow Star (SMG)
1-Up MushroomGround (green mushroom)
Bill BlasterBullet Bill
Spike TrapSpike Panel
WaterLava/Quicksand, Lava/Quicksand/Haze (SM64), Lava/Quicksand/Goop (SMS)
Hammer Bro.
Buzzy BeetleBuzzy Beetle Shell Helmet
Thwomp, Blue Thwomp (SM64)Whomp
UkikiKlepto, Swipin' Stu (SMS)
BurnerFire Bar
Snake BlockGround (metal)
BowserKing Bob-omb/Whomp King (SM64), Bowser Jr./Gooper Blooper (SMS), Bowser Jr./Dino Piranha (SMG), Boom Boom/Motley Bossblob (SM3DW)
Monty Mole, Undergrunt (SMG)
Bob-ombLit Bob-omb/Amp, Lit Bob-omb/Amp/Chuck-ya (SM64)
Donut Block, Shrinking Tile (SMG)Sand Block/Ground (sand)
Cloud BlockGround (cloud)
Dry BonesGround (bone)
CannonClear Pipe Cannon, Sling Star (SMG)
BooBoo Buddy Circle
Peepa, Octoboo (SMG)Peepa Pal Circle, Octoboo Buddy Circle (SMG)
Warp DoorKey Door/Warp Pad
Yoshi Egg
Dash PepperBulb Berry
Bulb ground
Mushroom PlatformMushroom Top Platform
SignCheckpoint Flag
TrackClockwise spin track/Counterclockwise spin track
Conveyor Belt
Warp BoxOne-way Warp Box/Key Warp Box/One-way Key Warp Box
Pinball FlipperGravity Wall
IceGround (glass)

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