Super Mario 3D: Magic Orb Legacy
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Developer(s) KinglerMaster (tbc)
Publisher(s) FantendoHDLogo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Release Date(s)
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Single-Player, Multiplayer, Level Editor, Enemy Log
Age Rating(s)
ESRB2013E Cero a YfgPEGI 3.svgUSK 6
Genre(s) Platformer, Level Editor
Series Super Mario 3D Series (spin-off)
Predecessor Super Mario 3D World
Successor N/A
Media Included Coming soon!

Super Mario 3D: Magic Orb Legacy is a Super Mario 3D game released for the Nintendo Wii U. It is a platformer, like the other Super Mario 3D games, but also features a level editor.

In this game, the story revolves around Bowser trying to take the Magic Orbs of the Mushroom Kingdom, which are currently owned by Peach, therefore altering the kingdom to become hers. He has given 10 of the orbs to his Koopaling children, and kept the most powerful one for himself. He is now having Kamek help him alter the kingdom, and the player must defeat him before the Mushroom Kingdom is altered forever.


One day, at Peach's castle, Toad and Peach are up early making breakfast for them and the Mario Bros. Then, of course, Bowser comes in out of nowhere, with 14 of his Koopalings. He tries to kidnap Peach, but Mario comes just in time and transforms into Diamond Mario. Using his powerful diamond boots, he jumps on Bowser's head and knocks him into a coma. The Koopalings, angered, state how much they hate Mario and say that he'll regret his choices when they steal the Magic Orbs of the Mushroom Kingdom. Peach and Mario have doubts, considering that the cave containing them is heavily guarded, but Luigi, who just woke up to hearing all of the chaos, is worried.

About a week or two later, Bowser crashes his airship into Peach's house with 13 Magic Orbs in his hand. Peach and Mario notice, and Mario attempts to power-up, but Bowser gets away in time, yelling at Peach (international version), or cursing at her (japanese version). He then runs off, and a cutscene is shown showing him giving the orbs to 10 of his Koopalings and working with Kamek to unleash the final one's inner ability.

Toadsworth then explains to Mario the Magic Orbs' history. He says that long ago, before the Mushroom Kingdom was founded, 11 orbs guarding the area from evil were grown in the ground. He explains that the 13 orbs, which all wielded different elemental abilities, were very powerful and could defeat evil with the right forces. He then says that about 1.2 million years later, Peach found them, and, absorbing her nature, became adjusted to be owned by her, therefore making the Mushroom Kingdom hers.

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This game's gameplay is quite similar to Super Mario 3D World's. It is a 3D game, so it works in a 3D format, and multiplayer mode is supported. It works the same as Super Mario 3D World's, using up to 4 players at a time. Also, similar to New Super Mario Bros. U, when using multiplayer mode, the GamePad can be used as Boost Mode, although some abilities of Boost Mode can be used without being in the mode. Also, unlike New Super Mario Bros. U, whether to use Boost Mode or not can be customized.

In this game, multiple abilities used throughout the series are available. Of course, standard abilities such as running and jumping are available, but more complex abilities such as back-fliping, somersaulting, wall-jumping, and much more are also available.

Yoshis also appear in this game, marking their 2nd appearance in a 3D Mario game as a rideable steed (first was Super Mario Galaxy 2). However, this is their first time being used in a 3D game supporting a full multiplayer mode. In this game, multiple Yoshis are given to the players in multiplayer mode (similar to the NSMB series), but unlike the NSMB series, each Yoshi is the same color, to avoid unfairness between Yoshi abilities. Also, like in Super Mario World, there are different colored Yoshis woth different abilities. There are special fruits that give Yoshi abilities, like in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Lastly, Baby Yoshis appear as well, but act more similar to how they did in Super Mario World.

The Magic Orbs, which are a major part of the story, also appear as usable items. There are special tiles on the ground in certain levels that have the symbol of the Magic Orb it rleases. When Ground Pounded, it releases up to 4 orbs (based off the amount of people playing) , and those orbs can be collected to give the player special abilities. that can be used to complete the level. The tile for the Magic Orb will not activate if the user has collected the orb already.

There is also a Level Editor in this game, which allows you to create levels for other players to play, and to play other people's levels, although the two just mentioned require not only Internet, but a Nintendo Network ID as well. For more information on it, click this link.



Playable Characters

Default Characters
Artwork Description Stats Advantages/Disadvantages
170px-Mario - Mario Party 10 Mario is the main hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and a balanced character. He doesn't have as much abilities as the other characters, so he's perfect for beginners. Mario isn't rescuing Peach this time, though; he's taking the sacred Magic Orbs back from Bowser.
Mario's Stats

+Controls easily
+Balanced stats
-Balanced stats

Luigi - Mario Party 10 Luigi is Mario's cowardly, overshadowed little brother. He's so overshadowed that, despite being on adventures alongside Mario quite often, many Mushroom Kingdom residents don't exactly recognize him, calling him Green Stache' or Tall Mario. Luigi has higher jumps than most of the characters, but is slower than most.
Luigi's Stats

+Has the highest jumps
-Has low speed

180px-Peach - Mario Party 10 Princess Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and a princess who is always being kidnapped by Bowser. However, this time, she gets to help the gang take the Magic Orbs back from Bowser and keep the kingdom in peace!
Peach's Stats

+Can float in midair
+Has good sprint stat
-Has terrible speed stat

440px-Toad Artwork - Super Mario 3D World


Toad Artwork - Super Mario Crystalline World

Toad is Mario's speedy partner on this adventure. Toad's speedy instincts and inability to slip on ice make him very helpful on this adventure. However, Toad, does have one weakness, which is his inability to jump well.
Toad's Stats

+Fastest character in the game
+Does not slip on ice
-Terrible jumps

Unlockable Characters
Artwork Description Stats Advantages/Disadvantages Unlocking Criteria
Princess Daisy Princess Daisy is the princess of the kingdom known as Sarasaland. She is a very tomboyish princess, which is quite different than Peach's sweet, optimistic personality. Daisy is now going to help Mario and friends take the Magic Orbs back from Bowser!
Daisy's Stats

+Falls down slower than other characters
+Decent sprint stat
-Mediocre jump and speed stats

Complete World 3: Creamy Desert
WarioBattleForTheRuins Wario is Mario's overweight, greedy rival that only wants to help Mario and friends because he doesn't want a terrible hangout space. Wario is much slower and jumps lower than the other characters due to his weight, but his weight allows him to create shockwaves that defeat enemies whenever he ground pounds.
Wario's Stats


+Creates shock waves that defeat enemies when he ground pounds
-Terrible Jump and Speed stats, as well as a mediocre Sprint stat

Complete World 5: Blooper Bay
20100606222911!Waluigi 6 Waluigi is Luigi's rude rival and Wario's best friend. Waluigi said he's actually only coming because Wario is coming, and because if he wasn't on the adventure he would feel bored. Anyways, Waluigi is good in all stats, although his unlucky nature causes him to get half points for all items.
Waluigi's Stats

+Good in all stats
+Swims faster than other characters
-Only gets half points for all items

Complete World 7: Abandoned Village
Rosalina MP10 Rosalina is a overseer of space and adopted mother of the Lumas. She is normally watching the galaxies, but has come from the cosmos to assist Mario!
Rosalina's Stats

+Can use a Star Spin to gain more height and to defeat enemies
+Best sprint stat in the game
-Slowest character
-Loses Star Spin if she gains a power-up

Complete World Mushroom MK8-2
Miis Miis are custom avatars that can be unlocked to be used in the game. They are actually one of the better characters in the game, due to them having the ability to have their stats customized.
Mii's Default Stats (Customizable)

+Stats can be customized using up to 150 stat points
+All-Around stats if stats are not customized
-All-Around stats if stats are not customized
-Varies depending on stats

Create, verify, and post a level. When the level gains at least 5 likes, the Mii will be unlocked.

Supporting Characters

Artwork Description Role
PiantaTree Piantas are friendly species that usually appear on Delfino Isle, although some live inside the Mushroom Kingdom as well. They are well-known for being very strong and can pick up Mario with ease. Sometimes appear on beach levels. When jumped on, they will pick up the player, and throw them upwards to give them a boost up into the air.
Toadette - Mario Party 10 Toadette is Toad's sister. She isn't adventuring yet, but she is giving the player hints on their adventure! Collect Star Coins to pay her with and you can learn some useful facts! Gives the player certain hints if they have a certain amount of Star Coins.

Artwork Type Ability
300px-Green Baby Yoshi Baby Yoshi Does not have any special abilities, but can be carried to eat Yoshi Fruits and certain enemies. If it eats 20 objects, then it'll grow into an adult Yoshi of its color!
Yoshi MP10 Green Yoshi Just a standard Yoshi with no special abilities.
RedYoshi! Red Yoshi If it has a Koopa Shell in its mouth, when it releases the shell from its mouth, it will shout fireballs instead. Sometimes found in desert areas, and sometimes found in snowy areas, to melt ice.
560px-Yellow Yoshi YBA Yellow Yoshi As long as it has a Koopa Shell in its mouth, when it ground pounds, it creates shock waves identical to Wario's.
560px-Blue Yoshi YBA Blue Yoshi As long as it has a Koopa Shell in its mouth, it can gain wings to fly around with.
20111220163914!Cyan Yoshi YBA Light Blue Yoshi Does the same thing as Red Yoshi, but with iceballs instead of fireballs.
Pink Yoshi YBA Pink Yoshi No special abilities having to do with Koopa Shells, but only needs 5 fruits to lay an Item Egg. Baby Yoshis of this type only need 10 fruits to grow up.
GoldYoshi YBA Gold Yoshi Extremely rare Yoshi that obtains one coin for every second it has something in its mouth.

Antagonistic Characters

Main Antagonists
Artwork Description
BowserSmoosh King Bowser Koopa is Mario's rival and the main antagonist of this game. In this game, Bowser steals the Mushroom Kingdom Magic Orbs to alter the kingdom to become his own, and the gang has to stop him! He is fought as the final boss (technically), and has a boss fight 3 times with the character.
BowserJrSSB4Render Bowser Jr. is Bowser's spoiled child who is liked more than all of Bowser's other children. Bowser Jr. is doing special missions with Bowser this time, instead of guarding one area like the other Koopalings. He usually utilizes his Junior Clown Car, boss characters, or machines to defeat Mario and friends.
DRYBONESBOWSER Dry Bowser is the dead version of Bowser. He is encountered in World Mushroom as the final boss, and is the last final boss of the game, due to there not being one for later worlds. To defeat him, it is necessary to use the Orb of Ice and summon frosty ice storms with it.
Nabbitfront Nabbit is a recurring mini-boss. Nabbit likes to steal people's items, putting them in distress. Then, he'll appear at a random level with his icon hovering over it. The player will then chase Nabbit around the level, and when they catch him, he'll be stopped and the Toad in distress will reward the player with a P-Propeller.

Artwork Description Magic Orb World
IggyNSMBU Iggy Koopa is the boss of Grassy Hills, the first world. Iggy's battle style is identical to the basic battle style in the 2D games, but instead in a 3D format. You just have to jump on him 3 times, and you've defeated him. Orb of Earth World 1: Grassy Hills
Gwendoline Koopa SMGC Gwendoline T. Koopa is the boss of Crystalline Mine, the second world. Gwendoline's battle involves her throwing Poison Mushrooms at the player in an attempt to shrink or kill them. The Poison Mushrooms dissapear after 10 seconds. To defeat her, the player must simply jump on her three times, but note that she jumps around the battlefield and will spin in her shell upon being jumped on. Orb of Fire World 2: Crystalline Mine
LarrySSB4 Larry Koopa is the boss of Creamy Desert, the third world. Larry's battle involves him riding over a battlefield surrounded by a pit of sand in his Junior Clown Car. The pit of sand will emit sand geysers that can be jumped on. The player must jump on the geyser and then jump on Larry's head, as he cannot be reached any other way. The player has to jump on his head three times, and he will be defeated. Note that he will shoot a barrage of fireballs after being jumped on, and will also shoot fireballs naturally during the battle. Coming soon! World 3: Creamy Desert
Wendy O. Koopa Artwork Wendy O. Koopa is the boss of Sparkling Beach, the fourth world. Her battle involves her running around the battlefield. She will throw rings at the player, which will rebound around the battlefield. Eventually, when the rings hit the ceiling, water will rise from under the battlefield, increasing difficulty. The player must jump on her head three times, and she will be defeated. Coming soon! World 4: Sparkling Beach

Artwork Description
Chargin' Chuck - Super Mario 3D World The Chucks are a duo of Chargin' Chucks that work together and try to kill the player. Just kill both of them like a normal Chargin' Chuck, and you win.
Boss brolder King Brolder is the mini-boss of Creamy Desert. In battle, he appears on a plate of heated rock over molten lava, and he rolls around trying to crush the player. He will also stomp the ground to summon Brolders, which can be picked up and thrown at King Brolder. When he is hit 3 times, he explodes and the player can continue.

Artwork Description
MKXL Boom Boom Boom Boom is an arrogant, all-brawn higher-ranking minion of Bowser's army. He doesn't really think before making actions; this bad quality of his makes him somewhat weak. In his battles, he'll usually just chase the player while flailing his arms around, but later in the game, he'll gain the ability of flight from magic.
DiamondoTopaz Diamondo is an angry Power Diamod that wants to kill Mario. To defeat him, the player must use the Orb of Earth to pick up rocks and slam them at him. When he is hit three times, he explodes and the player can continue on.


World Number World Name Description Mini-Boss Castle Boss Fortress/Final Boss Enemy Course
1 Grassy Hills A hilly, grassy area filled with easy-to-beat enemies. It is fairly simple, and is easy for even beginners to play. Chargin' Chuck - Super Mario 3D World
The Chucks
MKXL Boom Boom

Boom Boom

Hammer Bross

Hammer Bros.
2 Crystalline Mine An underground mine filled with crystals of all types. Diamond Mario is first encountered here. N/A

Gwendoline Koopa SMGC


Bombshell Koopa
3 Creamy Desert A candy-themed desert with many giant sweets as objects on the map.
Boss brolder

King Brolder
SMBDIY Mummipokey


Spike - Mario Party 10

4 Sparkling Beach A beach nearby water. At the end of it is the entrance to the next world, which is under the ocean. A secret entrance in one level leads to two secret levels, which then leads to City Metropolis. N/A
MKXL Pom Pom

Pom Pom
Wendy O. Koopa Artwork


Huckit Crab
A City Metropolis A huge city inhabited by Bowser's troops. Neo Bowser City is inside of this huge area. It can only be accessed by taking a secret path from City Metropolis. N/A N/A

5 Blooper Bay An underwater area right by Sparkling Beach. It is filled with many water enemies (most notably Bloopers) as well as a sunken airship.

Boss Bass 3D Art

Boss Bass


Blooper Nanny
6 Fallen Ruins A jungle area that seems to be the remains of some ruins of some sort. N/A
250px-Petey Piranha

Petey Piranha


7 Abandoned Village A village that has been abandoned and infested with ghosts of all kinds.

Big Boo
King Boo SMCW

King Boo
Super Lemmy


B Heated Core An underground chamber deep underground. It can only be accessed by taking a secret path in Abandoned Village. N/A N/A

8 Beanstalk Skies A cloudy sky that can be accessed by climbing huge sprouted vines. It features many cloud enemies, like Fwooshes and Lakitus. It, like the previous world, has a secret path that leads to a secret world. N/A
Lakithunder NSMBS

Ludwig von Koopa SMGC


C Sky Land Back from Super Mario Bros. 3, Sky Land is even harder than before! It can only be accessed by taking a secret path in Beanstalk Skies. N/A N/A
Morton Koopa Jr SMGC

9 Volcanic Dreadlands A huge volcanic field with volcanoes and LOTS of lava. It is where Bowser's Castle is, along with a lot more mini-castles.
460px-Magikoopa Artwork - Super Mario 3D World


King Hisstocrat
Orcus Koopa 3D

Prongo SM3DL

10 Bowser City A short world with only 6 levels, 4 of which are boss levels. It is where the final boss battle takes place.
MKXL Bowser Jr

Bowser Jr.


Mushroom (Mario Kart 8) World Mushroom A special world that can only be accessed by completing Bowser City. N/A N/A

Dry Bowser
20px World Flower A special world that can only be accessed by completing World Mushroom. N/A N/A N/A N/A
Star MK8 World Star A special world that can only be accessed by completing World Flower and unlocking it with 100 Star Coins. N/A N/A N/A N/A
Crown World Crown A special world that can only be accessed by completing World Star and collecting all of the Star Coins, Stamps, Puzzle Pieces, and Gold Flags in the game besides its own. N/A N/A N/A N/A


Level Description
Flower Fields (World 1-1) A simple grassland level with a large amount of Fire Flowers. Being the first level, it is perfect for beginners.
Piranha Pipefields (World 1-2) A grassland level with a large amount of Piranha Plants inside of Warp Pipes. Some Warp Pipes will take the player underground.
Mushroom Heights (World 1-3) The first athletic level in the game, as well as the first to feature Propeller Mario.
The Chucks' Rampage (World 1-Bowsericon) A mini-boss level featuring The Chucks.
Crystal Caverns (World 1-4) The first cave level in the game. It features crystal platforms that must be used to complete the level. The secret exit takes the player to World 1-A. It introduces the Starman and Ice Flower.
Cheep-Cheep River (World 1-5) An underwater level that takes place in a river. It features a large amount of Cheep-Cheeps and introduced supportive Koopa Shells.
Boom Boom's Snake Stronghold (World 1-FortressMBR) The first castle level of the game. It features snake blocks that must be ridden on to avoid immediate death. The boss of this level, as the name suggests, is Boom Boom.
Passage of the Plains (World 1-6) A grassland level featuring new grass blocks and tiles not used in previous levels. It resembles a savannah.
Yoshi's Woods (World 1-7) A forest level that takes place inside a small forested area around the plains. It is the first level to feature Baby Yoshis, who can be fed food to grow into standard adult Yoshis.
Iggy's Charred Citadel (World 1-CastleMBR) The first fortress level of the game. It is a typical fortress level, with lava pits and a large amount of Podoboos. However, this level's lava rises up and down. The boss battle, as the name suggests, is Iggy Koopa.
The Goomba's Shoe (World 1-A) A level featuring the Goomba's Shoe, which can allow the player to walk upon and jump on spiked enemies and Munchers.
Blimp Forest (World 1-B) A level that not only features Yoshi, but also introduces the Blimp Fruit, which turns Yoshi into a helium-filled balloon that ascends upwards for a limited amount of time. Using the Blimp Fruit is required to complete this level.
Mayhem Mansion (World 1-GhostHouseMBR) A secret Ghost House level, featuring many tricks that can confuse players. It features some Boos and Peepas, and also introduces Boo Mario. Completing this level brings the player to a Toad House that gives out a free Fire Flower, Propeller Mushroom, Ice Flower, and 1-Up.

Level Description
Diamond Grotto (World 2-1) A level similar to World 1-4. It features crystals that can be used as platforms. This level introduces the new power-up Diamond Mario to the game.
Kitten's Cavern (World 2-2) A cave level infested with Super Bells, turning many enemies into cat versions of themselves. This level introduces Cat Mario.
Potted Piranhas (World 2-3) Another cave level featuring many Potted Piranha plants that can chomp up enemies in the player's way. There is a secret room with a Potted Nipper Plant in it.
Diamondo's Underground Trap (World 2-FortressMBR) An underground castle featuring many grates with Koopas on them. It features many tricks and traps involving the grates, forcing the player to switch between sides from time to time. The boss of this level is Diamondo.
Underground Grove (World 2-4) An underground lake, and the first underwater level to be in 3D. It introduces the Swimming Koopa Shells, which can help the player swim underwater. It is also the first level to not feature power-ups and has a Golden Koopa Shell hidden in a secret room.
Koopa Troopa Arena (World 2-5) An underground area featuring a large amount of Koopa Troopas. It introduces the Blue Shell to the game.
Skull Bone Chamber (World 2-6) A level featuring the skull bone rollercoaster riding over lava. It's not as hard as other skull bone rollercoaster levels, but still proves itself as difficult.

Level Description

Level Description

Level Description

Level Description

Level Description

Level Description

Level Description

Level Description

Level Description

Level Description

Level Description

Level Description

Level Description

Level Description

Level Description


Item Artwork and Name Form Artwork and Name Description
170px-Super Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Super Mushroom
170px-Mario - Mario Party 10
Super Mario
Mario will turn into Super Mario when the Super Mushroom when collected. While Super Mario does not have any special abilities, he no longer loses a life apon contact with a hazard, and will instead turn into Small Mario.
482px-Fire Flower Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Fire Mario SSBCF
Fire Mario
When Mario collects a Fire Flower, he turns into Fire Mario. Fire Mario is capable of shooting fireballs that can kill enemies, destroy crates, light torches, and much more. However, the downside to this item is that if Mario enters underwater areas, he will instantly lose the Fire Flower and it will be sent to his inventory.
528px-Propeller Mushroom 293px-Propeller mario super
Propeller Mario
When Mario collects a Propeller Mushroom, he turns into Propeller Mario. When the player shakes the Wii Remote (or presses ZR on the Game Pad), Propeller Mario will rocket up to great heights. While he cannot glide, he can get higher than other flying power-ups, allowing Propeller Mario to reach heights otherwise unreachable.
IceFlower LTL IceMarioSM3D
Ice Mario
When Mario collects an Ice Flower, he transforms into Ice Mario. Ice Mario works similarly to Fire Mario, but shoots iceballs that freeze enemies into ice blocks that can then be thrown to defeat other enemies, or just be thrown into a wall for fun.
424px-Super Star Artwork - Super Mario 3D World 602px-Nsmb2 starman mario
Rainbow Mario
When Mario collects the elusive Starman, he transforms into the multicolored Invincible Mario! Invincible Mario, as his name suggests, is invinicble to almost everything, with those exceptions being lava and pits. Sadly, this power-up is temporary.
BooMush Boo mario by banjo2015-d8mqv3y
Boo Mario
Mario can transform into the spooky Boo Mario if he collects the Boo Mushroom. Boo Mario is able to fly around freely, which can come handy in some cases. Lastly, if necessary, the player can shake the remote/press ZR on the GamePad to turn Boo Mario invisible to avoid enemies and go through certain objects. However, the downside to this power-up is that is that if Boo Mario enters light, he will lose the power-up.
DiamondCupMKNW CrystalMario2
Diamond Mario
When Mario collects a Power Diamond, he turns into the tough Diamond Mario. Diamond Mario is a power-up that can shoot diamond shards as an attacking method. Aside from that, the diamond boots Mario is given allow him to jump on spiky surfaces and enemies. Lastly, his ground pounds can defeat even the toughest of enemies.
SuperBell Cat Mario Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World
Cat Mario
Mario turns into Cat Mario when he collects a Super Bell. Cat Mario is a form of Mario that can scratch enemies, pounce at them, and climb up walls to reach otherwise unreachable heights. And of course, you get to hear Mario say meow at the end of each level!
BlueShell3DWorld ShellMario
Shell Mario
When Mario collects the Blue Shell, he turns into Shell Mario. Shell Mario has the ability to spin around in his shell when he runs and ducks, allowing him to move quickly and kill enemies at the same time! Who would've thought that Koopa Shells were so useful?

Magic Orbs
Orb Artwork Description
QuestionMark The Orb of Earth can be used to control the earth, allowing Mario to move around objects such as rocks and lift or descend them, as well as shoot certain rocks at enemies.
QuestionMark The Orb of Fire can be used to charge and aim speedy fireballs that can not only defeat enemies, but destroy some objects and light torches to solve puzzles.

Block Artwork Description
? Block Artwork - Super Mario 3D World A block that when hit from below or ground pounded on, releases either coin(s) or a power-up.
Used Block Artwork - Super Mario 3D World A block that has been used. ? Blocks and Brick Blocks become these if they've given up all of their coins or power-ups.
Brick Block Artwork - Super Mario 3D World A brick that doesn't really do anything when hit, but give the player 10 points. However, some of these items secretly release coins or Starmen.

Supportive Items
Item Artwork Description
Coin Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Coins are common items that when collected, add to your coin count. When the player earns 100 coins, they will earn an extra life.
Star Coin NSMB2 Star Coins are making their first 3D appearance! In this game, they work the same as in the NSMB games, being in hard to reach places, and granting rewards when all in a level (or world) ate collected. There are only 3 per level.
200px-1-Up Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World 1-Up Mushrooms are rare items that are usually found in hard-to-reach places. They give the player a 1-Up, or extra life, when collected.

Koopa Shells
Item Artwork Description
Green Shell Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Green Koopa Shells are standard shells used to help you swim and gain boosts underwater. When shot, they can hit enemies, but will be destroyed if the collide with a wall.
RedShellMK8 Red Koopa Shells are pretty much the same as green Koopa Shells, but home in on the strongest enemy close to the player when let go of.
SpinyShellMK8 Blue Shells, or Spiny Shells, are aggressive Koopa Shells that when let go, will not only home in on the strongest enemy within range, but will also create an explosion after doing so.
Goldshell Gold Shells are rare Koopa Shells that give the player coins for every second they swim with it, and a trail of coins when you let it go. However, it does not home in on enemies.

Yoshi Fruit
Item Artwork Yoshi Artwork and Name Description
Berry Red N/A Just standard fruit that causes Yoshi to lay an Item Egg if 10 of them are eaten.
BlimpBerry Blimp Yoshi
Blimp Yoshi
These fruits turn Yoshi into Blimp Yoshi, who will fly upwards for a limited amount of time after eating the fruit.
DashPepper Dash Yoshi
Dash Yoshi
These fruits...or, well, vegetables turn Yoshi into Dash Yoshi, who will uncontrollably dash ahead at a remarkable speed.
Rainbow berry Rainbow Yoshi
Rainbow Yoshi
These fruits will give Yoshi the powers of Invincible Mario, which is being completely invulnerable to everything except lava and pits for a limited time. Yoshi also runs slightly faster in this form, and turns Mario invincible.

Utility Items
Item Artwork Description
Bomb Triforce Bombs are items that can sometimes be seen sitting around (usually in cavern levels), and can be picked up to be thrown. When thrown, it will explode when it makes contact with any object.
PottedPiranhaPlantMK8 Potted Piranha Plants are usually hostile, but if you pick one up slowly and carefully or from behind, they'll assist you by chomping up enemies in the way!
Nipper Plant Potted Potted Nipper Plants are like Potted Piranha Plants, but are not hostile toward you and you can go up to them without being bitten. Otherwise, there is no difference between in and the Potted Piranha Plants.
GoombaMaskArtwork Goomba Heads are mask-like items that cause the player to look like a Goomba, preventing any enemy except Tele-Guys from seeing you. However, if the player makes contact with any enemy, they will lose the mask.
KuriboShoe3D The Goomba's Shoe is an item acquired from defeating Shoe Goombas. The Goomba's Shoe is an armor item that protects the player from hazards that damage you from the feet, such as Munchers and Spikes. You can also use it to step on things normally impossible to jump on, such as Spinies and Spike Tops, and kill them at the same time. Also, unlike in previous games, it can be carried to the next level. However, it creates a jump decrease and inability to walk normally, and it forces you to only hop.
Ice Skate Artwork - Super Mario 3D World The Goomba Skates are items acquired from defeating Skate Goombas. Like the Goomba's Shoe, it is an armor item, although it is more used for speedy movemet, rather than protection. These ice skates work well on ice, allowing you to skate around with ease, and work on land surfaces, but do not work well on it. It, like the Goomba's Shoe, can also be carried over to the next level if Mario is still wearing it.
Shiny Question Block Artwork - Super Mario 3D World The Coin Block is an item only acquired by hitting a ? Block fast enough to not only release all coins, but release the block itself. The Coin Block gives Mario one coin for each second he has it on.
Cannon Box - Super Mario 3D World The Cannon Box is a rare item that usually appears in fortress levels. When put on, it will cause the player to constantly shoot cannonballs until they lose the box through being harmed. The cannonballs can also be charged for a more powerful or far-ranged shoot.
Light Box Artwork - Super Mario 3D World The Light Box is an item exclusively found in Ghost House levels. When put on, it activates the box so it is used like a flashlight. This can light up dark areas and defeat ghostly enemies.
551px-SuperHornMK8 The Super Horn is a very rare item. When put on, it allows the player to charge up power to release a shockwave identical to Wario and Yellow Yoshi's.

Palette Swaps

Palette Swaps for Toad can be unlocked by winning a certain amount of levels with him. Winning 20 levels gains him the Yellow Toad palette swap, while winning 50 levels gains him the Red Toad palette swap.


Similar to Super Mario 3D World, stamps can be found in hard-to-reach areas of levels. When collected, a stamp of something (usually something that relates to the level it was collected in) will be added to the player's stamp list. Any stamps the player has collected can be used in Miiverse posts. Having all non-World Crown Stamps are also necessary to unlock World Crown.

Level Editor

The Level Editor is a feature in the game that allows the player to create their own levels using objects in the game. For more info, click the link above.


This game is compatible with Amiibo. However, only 4 types of Amiibo work with it. They all work to affect gameplay positively.

These are the effects Amiibo can give on the game:

  • Mario: Adds to the stat amount of every character by 15%.
  • Luigi: Adds to every character's jump height by 18%.
  • Peach: Adds to every character's sprint stat by 18%.
  • Toad: Adds to every character's speed stat by 18%.

This game is compatible with both the Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Mario versions of the Amiibo.



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  • This is Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, and Mallow's first playable appearances in a mainstream Mario game.
  • This is the second Mario series-related game to be related to D.I.Y somehow: the first being WarioWare D.I.Y.
  • This game's Level Editor system is similar to the Steam/Mobile game Geometry Dash's system. Both use a system to upload your levels to an online community of editor-made levels, and Internet, as well as a Nintendo Network ID (in this game), are required to do so. They both use a "Featured" system, which contains popular and well-made levels that are generally liked by the community. It also contains a leaderboard system for creators in both games.
  • This game, for some reason, calls Invincible Mario Rainbow Mario instead, despite using a Starman. Something similar happened with Tanooki Mario and the Super Leaf in Super Mario 3D Land. It is unknown if this concept will continue to be used, like Super Mario 3D Land's was.
  • Each Koopaling's stamp resembles their artwork from Super Mario World, but updated to use their current appearance. As for the new Koopalings, they got their own artwork similar to some other Koopalings' artwork. Something similar happened in Super Mario Crystalline World, which used Super Mario Bros. 3-like artwork for the Koopalings' stamps.
  • Prongos appear in this game as enemy course enemies, but their masks do not make an appearance.


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Special Thanks/Credits

Topaz the Dark Bear (tbc) - For Diamondo's artwork.

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