Super Mario 128 Wii is a sequel to Super Mario 128 DS. Its graphics are exactly the same from the game New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


Mario and his friends including Peach are having a wedding party.

Suddenly, the evil Bowser and his son Split Mario into 127 clones of himself.

Then they all run away!

Now Mario has to save his clones to return back to normal!


There are 128 levels in the game. The first level, World 1-1 a.k.a The Adventure Begins, introduces the Bomb Suit.

When the button 1 is pressed, Mario turns to Bomb Mario. He could throw Bob-ombs now! When he throws one, the Bob-omb simply falls to the ground, but with a HUGE explosion. It kills a lot of enemies in the area.

1-1 Mario 128

The first level in the game.


Returning enemies

Bomb Mario.

Bomb Mario

New enemies

  • Mega Bob-ombs
  • Mega Goombas
  • Mega Paragoomba
  • Mega Koopa Troopas
  • Bowser Jr.s
  • Mini Koopa Troopas


Returning power-ups

New power-ups


Levels Coming soon!

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