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Super Mario is equivalent to the Big Bang of our gaming universe. If it were not for this blindingly spectacular creation, digital entertainment as we know it today would not exist.
Nintendo Power, Volume 230, November 2010

Super Mario (series)
Super Mario Logo
Logo of the Super Mario series.
Developer(s) 250px-Nintendo svg
Publisher(s) 250px-Nintendo svg
Genre(s) Platformer/RPG/Sports
First Game Donkey Kong (1981)
Most Recent Game Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Any Platform of Nintendo

The Super Mario seires, also simply called the Mario series, is a media franchise consisting of video games and other media published by Nintendo. Mario, the titular main character, is a fictional Italian plumber who lives in the fantasy realm, the Mushroom Kingdom, serving as its hero. The franchise was created by Shigeru Miyamoto, and most of the series' games are usually created and released by Nintendo themselves, although other games have been developed by other companies under Nintendo's supervision.

The first game in the series was Donkey Kong, released in July 1981 for arcade systems. Since then, the Mario franchise has gained worldwide popularity, becoming Nintendo's flagship series and revolutionizing the video game industry. The mainline series of games are the Super Mario series; these games are platformers, and mostly revolve around Mario going on adventures through the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue its ruler, Princess Peach, from the evil Bowser. Aside from these games, the series has also taken up multiple other genres: the Mario Kart series of racing games, a wide variety of sports games including Mario Tennis, Mario Golf, Mario Baseball, and Mario Strikers, role-playing games such as Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi, the Mario Party series of party games, and the Dr. Mario series of puzzle games. Additionally, an unnamed Mario movie by Sony Pictures Entertainment under Nintendo's supervision is scheduled for 2022.

Franchise Elements


Mario Group Art
Some of the major characters in the Mario franchise. From left to right: Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Birdo, Rosalina, Pauline, Diddy Kong, Luigi, Mario, Kamek, Bowser, Peach, Daisy, Bowser Jr., Yoshi, Toad, Toadette, King K. Rool, Wario.

The franchise revolves around an extensive cast of recurring characters. Each of these characters have become iconic and popular in their own right, cementing them as some of the most famous video game characters in history.

Character Information

Mario is the franchise's titular main character and mascot. He is an Italian-American who formerly worked as a plumber, and now serves as the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. He has a near unmatched jumping ability and can utilize power-ups to assume various, stronger forms, which he utilizes in his endeavors to defend the kingdom from any threats. He is typically cheerful, kind, polite, and compassionate, and never steps down from helping someone in need. As shown in the various spin-off games, Mario has a wide variety of talents, from kart racing, to playing sports, to practicing medicine. Aside from occasional one-liners such as "Let's-a go!" and 'Ya-HOO!", he is typically mute.

Luigi 2 - RabbidsKingdomBattle

Luigi is Mario's younger twin brother. He often helps Mario on his Mushroom Kingdom adventures, travelling with him to assist in any way he can. Notably, he has even better jumping abilities than Mario, at the cost of having poor traction. Outside of the main series, especially in the Luigi's Mansion series, he is portrayed as cowardly, and is afraid of ghosts especially. However, he is brave enough to overcome his fears when someone, especially Mario, is in danger. Meanwhile, in games such as the Mario & Luigi series, he serves as comic relief, often performing hilarious stunts and other characters putting him down and even forgetting his name.

Peach MP100
Princess Peach

Princess Peach is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and serves as the series' damsel-in-distress. She has been kidnapped on multiple occasions, mostly by Bowser, prompting Mario to go on adventures and rescue her. She is kind and rules over her kingdom with a pink thumb, and always enjoys the company of her friends. Her favorite hobbies include playing sports with others, cooking, cleaning, and dancing. It has been hinted that she and Mario share feelings for each other, though after turning down both him and Bowser's proposal at the end of Super Mario Odyssey, this is left ambiguous.

SuperMarioParty Daisy
Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland, debuting in Super Mario Land where she was kidnapped by the alien Tatanga and rescued by Mario. She is quite tomboyish, and doesn't really take her position as ruler seriously. Instead, she participates in kart races and other sporting events with her friends, and is quite competitive to boot. Though she and Peach are polar opposites personality-wise, they are best friends. Additionally, like how Mario and Peach are rumored to have feelings for each other, Daisy and Luigi are also smitten with each other.

Yoshi SSBUltimate

Yoshi is a member of a species of dinosaurs of the same name, native to Yoshi's Island. This particular Yoshi is a close friend of Mario, and often helps him on his adventures by providing him with a ride. He has his signature Flutter Jump, which allows him to cover more aerial distance, and has the ability to transform any enemies into throwable Yoshi Eggs by swallowing them whole. He has also starred in his own Yoshi series, where most notably, he helps an infant Mario reunite with Luigi after the latter is stolen by Kamek.

Birdo MP9

Birdo is a member of a dinosaur species of the same name. They are similar to Yoshis, but instead of having long tongues, they have large, cannon-like snouts that they can use to shoot eggs like projectiles. Though the species first appear in Super Mario Bros. 2 as minions of Wart, this particular Birdo appeared later on, competing with her friends in sports tournaments. In addition to being glamorous and having a talent for performing, she and Yoshi seem to share a romantic relationship.

Toad - Mario Party 10

Toad is a member of a race of mushroom-like humanoids who are loyal to Peach, and are the main inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom. This Toad helps Peach directly, and even travels with Mario and Luigi on occasion to help them on their adventures. When not adventuring, he also helps them by providing power-ups in Toad Houses. In other games, particularly Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, he has been shown to take up the persona of Captain Toad, a hard-working, yet timid explorer.

Toadette - Mario Party 10

Toadette is a female Toad, and a friend of Mario. She's cheerful and full of energy, and often participates with her friends in kart racing and sporting events. Sometimes, she helps Mario whenever he goes on adventures as well. She appears to have a close relationship to Toad, though weather it's romantic, a sibling bond, or simply close friends remains a mystery. Additionally, she takes up the role of Archivist Toadette whenever Captain Toad goes on adventures.


Bowser is the main antagonist of the series, and is the arch-rival of Mario. He is the ruler of his own kingdom, and commands an army of monsters called the Koopa Troop. He very often storms the Mushroom Kingdom to kidnap Peach, usually to try and get her to fall in love with him, though she is almost always rescued by Mario. His plans never work, and in some games, particularly in the RPGs, he even finds himself on Mario's side. His personality varies from game to game, from being evil and villainous in the mainline series, a comic relief side villain in the RPGs, and even a friendly competitor in the sports games. However, he is always portrayed as having superhuman strength, and also has the ability to breathe fire.

BowserJr SSBUltimate
Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. is Bowser's son, heir to the Koopa throne, and the secondary antagonist of the series. In his first appearance in Super Mario Sunshine, he was tricked by Bowser into thinking Peach was his mother and Mario was the kidnapper, prompting him to frame the plumber so he could take her. In the end, Bowser Jr. reveals that he always knew Peach wasn't his mother, but still wants to fight Mario. He is typically portrayed as a spoiled brat and very prone to temper tantrums, but is secretly lonely and wants nothing more than to impress his father. While Bowser uses his brute strength in battles, Bowser Jr. relies on various gadgets and gizmos, the most notable of which being the Magic Paintbrush and the Jr. Clown Car.

MagiKoopa - Super Mario 3D World

Kamek is an old, yet powerful Magikoopa who serves as Bowser's royal adviser. He has a pretty high rank in the Koopa Troop, often being the one who leads the minions into battle, and has magical abilities matched by no one else. He has a particularly big role in the Yoshi series as the main antagonist; he attempts to kidnap the Mario Bros. as babies after foreseeing the great destruction they will bring to the Koopa Troop, but only manages to snatch Luigi. Throughout the game, he is constantly trying to stop Yoshi and Baby Mario from progressing any further by making some enemies much larger and stronger.

Wario MP100

Wario is Mario's hot-tempered, obese, yellow-in-clad rival. In his debut, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, he took over Mario's castle while he was in Sarasaland saving Daisy, and scattered the six Golden Coins to keep Mario out of it. He has had a bitter rivalry with Mario since, ranging from friendly competition to outright malice. Wario is also extremely greedy, and will do anything to get money. This is best showcased in his own Wario series, which are split into two parts: Wario Land sees Wario going on treasure hunts and using his brute strength to collect money, and WarioWare sees him running his own microgame company to try and cash in on the video game trend and profit.

SuperMarioParty Waluigi

Waluigi is Wario's partner in crime, and sees himself as Luigi's biggest rival. He appears exclusively in the spin-off games, serving as a partner for Wario. In this games, he is typically portrayed as a cheater and a sore loser, but gloats to himself whenever he wins. He has also been shown to have very unorthodox abilities, such as swimming in midair and causing thorns to grow out of the ground. He is often found scheming with Wario, making him one of the more infamous residents of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Rosalina - Mario Party 10

Rosalina is a mysterious woman who first appears in Super Mario Galaxy, asking Mario for help after Bowser takes the Power Stars from her Comet Observatory. She is the overseer of the universe, and the adoptive mother of small, star-like creatures called Lumas. She helps Mario rescue Peach once the Comet Observatory has had its power restored, and has since become a recurring character, participating in almost ever racing and sporting event since. In these games, she has also grown more happy and cheerful thanks to her new friends, advancing from her more monotone and somewhat apathetic personality seen in her debut.

SMO Pauline

Pauline first appears in the original Donkey Kong, serving as the damsel-in-distress that Donkey Kong kidnapped and Mario had to rescue. Though she made several minor appearances since, it wasn't until Super Mario Odyssey she made another major appearance; she is the mayor of New Donk City, and helps Mario search for Power Moons on his adventure around the world when he comes to the Metro Kingdom. She has a passion for singing, and always performs during the annual New Donk Festival. She has also appears in the spin-off games since, cementing her as a main addition to the cast.

DonkeyKong SSBUltimate
Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a large, powerful ape who often participates in the Mushroom Kingdom's racing and sporting tournaments. He is actually the third Donkey Kong in his family, with his grandfather Cranky Kong being the one Mario battled to save Pauline. However, in spite of his grandfather's bitter rivalry with him, Mario and Donkey Kong are on much more friendly terms. Particularly, he stars in his own Donkey Kong Country series, where he fights to save Donkey Kong Island from anyone that threatens his peaceful lifestyle.

DiddyKong SSBUltimate
Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's best friend and sidekick, often helping him on his adventures around Donkey Kong Island. While not as strong as DK, Diddy is extremely agile, and also utilizes gadgets such as the Rocketbarrel Pack and the Peanut Popguns to give himself the edge in battle. He also participates in the Mushroom Kingdom's sporting events, usually serving as Donkey Kong's partner.

KingKrool SSBUltimate
King K. Rool

King K. Rool is the main antagonist of the Donkey Kong Country series, and by extension, a major villain in the expanded Mario universe. He leads a race of lizard creatures known as the Kremlings, and together they often raid Donkey Kong Island to steal Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's Banana Hoard. In addition to being cruel and villainous, he is quite demented and unstable; he will sometimes take up different alter egos after being defeated, the most notable of which being the pirate Kaptain K. Rool and the mad scientist Baron K. Roolenstein. He also appears, albeit rarely, in the Mario spin-off games.

Fanon Characters

This section lists characters made by fans of the Super Mario franchise. Likewise, these are introduced in fangames and/or fanfiction, and are not apart of the canon Mario series.

Character Information
Cosmetta 3D by Ziegs

Cosmetta is Rosalina's older sister, who was separated from her before she was even born. While Rosalina seeks to oversee the universe and protect it, Cosmetta has orders to destroy it, and uses her Cosmic Lighthouse to seek planets that need to be destroyed. Humorously, she is terrible at this, often misfiring her Black Hole Gun so it misses the planet. This is implied to be the reason there are Black Holes everywhere in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Slanito (2019)

Slanito P. Toad, simply referred to as Slanito, is a Poison Toad and a common rival to not just Mario, but everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom. He was a normal resident in the kingdom before getting fed up with the Toads' cowardice, Peach's inability to fend for herself, and Bowser's unyielding perseverance for kidnapping Peach. At one point, he stole Bowser's troops and his castle, aiming to take control of the entire world so they can learn from their mistakes. Naturally, Mario and co. put a stop to this.

Princess Fusee

Princess Fusee is one of many Time Princesses and represents the year 2016. She sent Mario and friends through time to collect Horostars that were displaced across time. She has also restored one of Mario earliest appearances into the timeline, an adventure that took place between Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 that explains how the brothers moved out from Brookyln. She is a secret playable character character in Super Mario Maker Phi and has the power to reverse and speed up her own personal time to her benefit.

Ruby Drebbles

Queen Ruby is the ruler of the Underworld, a kingdom under the Mushroom World. While rescuing Peach from Bowser, Mario and his allies fell into the Underworld after a crack in the ground swallowed them up, trapping them there. Ruby introduced herself and told Mario that he needed to collect the Mystic Stones from the Underworld Trials for him to escape. She rules over her kingdom with a pink thumb, and shows motherly nature to anyone she meets, including Mario. She also has experience in rock magic, which she had to use to defeat her younger sister, Obsidia, and keep her from overtaking the kingdom.


Pearl is the princess of the Underworld and Ruby's daughter. She quickly befriends Mario, and becomes a permanent addition to his list of allies soon after. At just seven years old, she is still learning how to use rock magic, but Ruby is always teaching her. It is later revealed that Pearl was actually adopted by Ruby, and her true mother was Obsidia; after she was defeated, Ruby found Pearl and decided to raise her as her own.

Princess Aurum
Princess Aurum
Princess Aurum is the ruler of the Midas Kingdom, residing in her castle in Platinum Plains. She - quite literally - has a heart of gold, pure enough to rival that of Peach's. Aurum's body is artificial, and her heart is her true form. She's helped Peach out on a quest to restore her own body, and succeeded! She first appeared in Paper Mario: Heart to Heart, and is commonly associated with gold and all that glitters.
Marian comes from a parallel Mushroom Kingdom, in which she's the hero! Debuting in Super Mario X Tetris, Marian is gifted in Tetris and all things Tetrominoes. She's as pretty as a peach and loves a good puzzle or two, but prefers to solve things with a fight. She uses a sword made of Tetrominoes in battle, and has occasionally been shown using other blocky weapons like shields and hammers.
ACL simple Queen Peepa
Queen Peepa
Queen Peepa is a boo, specifically a peepa. She debuted in Super Mario's Split Kingdoms as a minion of Splitz, but soon after meeting King Boo, she fell in love with him, as his girlfriend. Queen Peepa is quite a glamorous boo who loves fashion and beauty, and fame. She appeared as playable in other games for the Golden System Z as well as a boss in several other games.


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Other Series

Partner Series

  • Bowser series (wip)
Emblem Name Summary Game Examples
File:Yoshi Emblem.gif Yoshi series Basically, the hero of this series is Yoshi, the location is most of the time set up in Yoshi's Island, and the games play most of the time in the past. This series is especially made for the younger gamers and is the closest to the Super Mario series. The main series is the Yoshi's Island series, kind of platformer game series. It also features the Yoshi's Cookie series, a puzzle game where you need to line up the same kind of cookies.
File:Donkey Kong Emblem.gif Donkey Kong series This series was even created before the Super Mario series. It is basically divided into two series: Donkey Kong Country series, it's main series, which was created later, and the original Donkey Kong series, with the classic DK inside. DKC involves around DK Island, where Donkey's Banana Hoard gets usually stolen by the Kremlings. the original series involves around a city where DK kidnaps Pauline, which Mario needs to save.
File:Wario Emblem.gif Wario series Wario became very popular after his debut in Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins. In fact, the third game of the Super Mario Land Series was the very first part of one of Wario's series: the Wario Land series. This series involves around Wario, who is in this games an adventurer who seeks treasure to become rich. In two games, his nemesis was Captain Syrup, who later became a normal NPC in a later Wario game. In 2003, the WarioWare series was born. Here, gamers meet some of Wario's friends such as Jimmy T, Mona and Dr. Crygor. This series involves around Microgames, and the fact Wario made a game company.
McBoo series Involves around a pink Boo with a red cap, as a minion of King Boo, named McBoo. His first series was the McBoo's Mansion series, where he and his friends reside in his own mansion if problems get up, like being kicked out the haunted mansion Luigi has visited. However, King Boo still needs to kick them out of this mansion as well, but in the meantime, his troops gets attacked by villains such as Haunty Mole or Tranzformez. Being a popular series, McBoo got a Dr. Mario-esque spinoff, a Wii sequel and a whole new game. It even got a TV series called McToons.
YoshiEgg series Unlike gamers would usually think off, this series is not about a Yoshi Egg, but about a raccoon named YoshiEgg Nook. In the past, the raccoon was named "PooperScooper", because of the fact he cleaned up elephant feces. Because of this, he went away from his home, and found the same mansion as in the McBoo series. There, he became a shopkeeper. In the meantime, a crocodile named just The Groo went free to cause havoc. However, YoshiEgg Nook saved the day. He later got more friends, such as Bloop and Tulip Nook, but also enemies, such as Dr. Claw.
Super Sam Squad Unlike gamers would think that Samuel Koopa (Aka Sam The Koopa), the star of the series, is protagonist at the start, but he is actually antagonist, but when he meet the Clone Creatures (Aka the Clone Troopers), he open his heart and defeat their leader, Clarx. In the first game, it is similar to the original Super Mario Bros. series but have slight differences, such as Sam will performs Shell Bash no matter his state, and his older brother, Fire John, throws fireballs. Later, Sam The Koopa and his brother get more friends but also enemies, like in most of the Mario sub-series's cases.
DreamBoySeries Dream World The series hero is Dream Boy, an ordinary purple dinosaur from Yoshi's Island, and was brought into the Dream World one day by some type of magic. The main protogainist, Mr. Nightmare, is always trying to have the Dream Realm overrun with monsters, and some of the darkest nightmares anyone can dream of. They can be stoped by the power of the Dream Reviver, a glove owned by Dream Boy, which has the Crystal of Dreams on it's palms. With it, any nightmare can have some light, turning into the dream.


Emblem Name Summary Game Examples
File:M&L Emblem.gif Mario & Luigi (series) The Mario & Luigi series is based along the adventures of both of the Mario Bros. (Mario and Luigi) various quests to new kingdoms, or new places of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

File:Mario Adventure Emblem.gif Super Mario Adventures series Unknown Unknown
File:Mario Forever.gif Mario Forever Unknown Unknown
Luigi's Mansion

A game that started out on the GameCube, got many sequels, and has another canon game on the 3DS.

Luigi's Mansion

Super Mario Powers The series involves Mario, Luigi and others, teaming up with a certain Koopaling to stop the evil threatening the Mushroom Kingdom. The series is more power-up orientated. Super Mario Powers: Δ
Super Mario X The series involves a much bigger 2D Mario adventure with a large story and new gameplay elements each game. Super Mario Gravitation

Spin-off series

Emblem Name Summary Game Examples
 Mario Kart The most popular spin-off series has the popular characters of the Mario series battle it out on the race track. Mario Kart Dimensions Mario Kart Connect Mario Kart Speedway
Fantendo Series
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