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Genre(s) Platformer/RPG/Sports
First Game Donkey Kong (1981)
Most Recent Game Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Any Platform of Nintendo
The Super Mario series is Nintendo's most famous and flagship series. Usually, the games involve Mario and his brother Luigi trying to defeat Bowser after he kidnaps Princess Peach. Along with that, the heroes must also face other dangers, such as Tatanga. It has also spun-off into many series, like Paper Mario and Mario Kart. The series is so large that it has spun-off into the Wario series, the Donkey Kong series, and the Yoshi series.


Canon Characters

Characters introduced in canon Mario games that have recurred throughout the series.

Character Name Role Description Debut
Mario Jump NSMBU Mario Hero Mario is the main hero of his series. He is a normal plumber that started a huge chain of quests along with his brother, Luigi, to beat up Bowser, which kidnapped Princess Peach in these quests. Not only that, but he has appeared in tons of spin-offs as well, sports, fighting, kart racing, cameos, you name it. Donkey Kong
NSMBULuigi Luigi Hero Mario needs a partner, right? So why not his brother, Luigi? Luigi is usually a little shy, and acts as Mario's partner most of the time, revealed to be feeling a bit left out. However, he did get at least two adventures to save Mario. Luigi also has a fear of ghosts, especially his nemesis, King Boo. Mario Bros.
Peachy Princess Peach Friend The beautiful lady of the series. Princess Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, and possibly Mario's girlfriend. She usually gets kidnapped by Bowser and the Koopa Troop. She also has a friend, who's a princess as well, known as Daisy. Super Mario Bros.
MKPC Yoshi Solo Yoshi Hero/friend Yoshi, the green dino, had a stared in many Mario games, even getting a series of his own, where he has babies to look after. Yoshi is better known for giving Mario a free ride in the platformers, after hatching from a Yoshi Egg . Yoshi seems to be an important member of the colorful species, where he gets his name from. Super Mario World
NSMBWiiUToad Toad Friend One of the social subjects of Peach, who is also friends with Mario. Toad is not named after the frog-like species, but after his own species, just like Yoshi. He and six other Toads got kidnapped in his debut, and all said Mario was in the wrong castle, as he searched for Peach. An interesting note is that he wears a red-spotted Mushroom Cap, which indicates he's a red Toad, but also wears a blue shirt, which indicates he's a blue Toad as well. Super Mario Bros.
Daisy MK7 Princess Daisy Friend Daisy and Peach are friends and got the same job and status. However, Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland. She was once kidnapped by an alien known as Tatanga, so Peach asked Mario to save Daisy. It is thought that Daisy might be Luigi's love interest, just how it is thought at Mario and Peach. Super Mario Land
MP7 Toadette Toadette Hero/Friend Some sources say she's Toad's girlfriend, others say she's actually his sister. Toadette first appeared in a spin-off, and interestingly, she still is a recurring Mario character. In every spin-off, she is known as Toad's partner, no matter which game. Interesting note, she wore an orange robe in her debut, but she now wears a pink one. Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Rosalina - Mario Party 10 Rosalina Hero/Friend A nice lady Mario met during his adventures in space. She appears to be the adoptive mother of the Lumas, and protector of the cosmos. She lives on her observatory, running on Power Stars and Grand Stars. She owns a magic wand which can be used for several things, including letting the observatory fly around the galaxies. Super Mario Galaxy
DKthumbsUp Donkey Kong Friend/Rival This is the first recurring character in the Mario series, except for Mario himself. Fact is that he was the main villain in the game with his name. However, it could also be his grandfather, but if that was true, who was Mario then? Fact is that Mario was known as Jumpman, so was he Mario's grandpa? No one knows, but in the newer days, he has become a hero himself! These days, Mario and DK are both friends and rivals to each other. Donkey Kong
DiddyKong Diddy Kong Friend Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's usual partner and nephew. Funny thing is, Diddy first appeared in a Donkey Kong game, but years later, he finally went into a Super Mario game. He's known for wearing a Nintendo cap and having a rocketbarrel pack. Donkey Kong Country
DixieKong Dixie Kong Friend Dixie Kong is Diddy Kong's girlfriend. She always wears her trademark pink beret and always has a long, yellow ponytail. She appeared so far in both Mario and Donkey Kong games Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest
Stanley Stanley Hero/Friend Stanley is a forgotten character, who cares for his plants and flowers, and sprays any flower-destroying bugs with his bug sprayer, hence he was earlier called Stanley the Bugman. It is speculated he's Mario's cousin, but the true relationship between him and Mario is unknown. Donkey Kong 3
WarioDeluxe Wario


Now Daisy was once kidnapped by Tatanga, but speculation is that this was just a trick to lure Mario away from Mario Land, so this ugly, greedy rival of our hero could take it over, which was explained in the sequel of Super Mario Land. But he became so popular that the sequel of his debut was actually the beginning of his own series. Wario sometimes add a comical extract to the series, with his love of money and garlic. Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins
Waluigi.png.png Waluigi Rival/Villain/Ally/Anti A snobby, cheating, and also ugly rival, this time to Mario's brother Luigi, and so being Wario's partner. Waluigi was the first popular character that debuted in a spin-off, and still is a recurring character in the Super Mario series. His relationship with Wario is not exactly known. Some sources say they are brothers, just like Mario and Luigi, but others say they are not. Mario Tennis
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth Friend

An elderly Toad, he's been given the title of Peach's attendant as well as Mario and Luigi's friend.

Super Mario Sunshine
E Gadd Solo LM2 E. Gadd Friend A wacky, zany inventor who helps the Mario Bros. on several adventures. Some of these include Luigi's Mansion and M&L: Partners In Time. Luigi's Mansion
Mona3D Mona Rival/Friend Mona is one of Wario's friends who work at his company. Although being a young adult at high school, she sure has a lot of jobs, aside from working at Wario's. She begun selling gelatos, she worked as a waitress in a restaurant, she even was a Rock Star and a cheerleader. She's famous for making and delivering pizzas, and her most recent job is a cross between an explorer and a reporter. Oddly, her boss usually seems to be Manager Joe. Mona is speculated to be Wario's crush. WarioWare, Inc.: Minigame Mania.
Fairy Group Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Sprixie Princesses Friend Debuting in Super Mario 3D World as captives of Bowser, the seven Sprixie Princesses are the rulers of the Sprixie Kingdom, the area in which said game takes place. Super Mario 3D World
Bowser NSMBW Bowser Anti/Villain Bowser is usually the main villain of the series. He is the king of the Koopas, and kidnaps Peach constantly, so he can take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Several other reasons has been known, some of them supports the fact to rule Peach's kingdom as well. Bowser is known to have many different kids. Super Mario Bros.
BowserJr.SMG Bowser Jr. Villain One of the children of Bowser, being his favorite as well. He's been described as a spoiled, bratty Koopa who is Bowser's youngest son in the canon Mario games. Jr. resembles Bowser as a baby, so there's a little confusion about these two characters. Super Mario Sunshine
Koopalings Koopalings Villain(s) A whole lot of fanon Koopalings have been added to the group lately, but shown here are the original seven known. They are the children of Bowser, and have been causing havoc around the Mushroom World since their debut. Stealing scepters and transforming kings, taking over the Dinosaur World, creating zany hotels with crazy traps... those are just a few examples.----

Ludwig is the eldest of the first seven with navy, styled disheveled hair. He's the smartest of the group. Next come Lemmy, the surprisingly shortest, and probably most dim-witted of the originals. He likes balancing on his yellow ball and has a colorful Mohawk. The bald, burly Roy follows who has always been a bully and wears sunshades. He thinks pink is a manly color. Iggy is the middle oldest and the longest recently. He wears glasses and has lime green hair, is said to be the craziest and an inventor. Wendy is the female of the original seven, acting like a spoiled brat and likes to sing. Morton is surprisingly big for his age, being the largest. He has a tan skin and acts cantankerous. He's said to be very talkative. The youngest of the original group is Larry, who has a cyan mohawk-like hairstyle. He's said to like to cheat.

Super Mario Bros. 3
Magikoopa Card Kamek Villain Kamek is Bowser's advisor, caretaker, etc. He is a powerful, yet old Magikoopa, and looks exactly like those. However, it depends from region to region if he got the same name as his species. Because in some regions, Magikoopas ARE known as Kameks. It's not known if Kamek's species will ever be named after him in English. In the past, Kamek tried to kidnap Mario & Luigi as babies to prevent what we know now, but it failed thanks to Yoshi. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
KingofBoos King Boo Villain King Boo is guilty for having three different looks, and if being a boss in the original Super Mario 64 instead of Super Mario 64 DS, he got four different looks. He is the main villain in Luigi's Mansion, in which Luigi "won" a mansion. It was actually a trap to turn both Mario and Luigi into paintings. King Boo already succeeded with Mario, but Luigi, who happen to be afraid of ghosts, beat King Boo and saved his brother. King Boo appears in recent games as a recurring boss. Luigi's Mansion
PeteyPiranhaPlant Petey Piranha Villain An abnormally large, flowery, walking Piranha Plant who leads the said species. He's the first boss encountered in Super Mario Sunshine, and since then, still a recurring boss. Though it is questioned he wants to beat Mario because he's his or Bowser's enemy. Petey's usually hungry or lazy, so he might see Mario as a little snack, or the plumber might have wakened the huge Piranha Plant up. Petey is able to spit goop, to create gusts, and, strangely, to fly around. Super Mario Sunshine
NabbitNSMBU Nabbit


This small purple rabbit is quite the runner, and quite greedy, too. In his debut game, the four heroes had to chase after him to retrieve Toad's items and get a P-Acorn. Afterwards he appeared in New Super Luigi U as a playable character, being invinsible but unable to utilize power-ups.

New Super Mario Bros. U

Fanon Characters

This section lists characters made by fans of the Super Mario series. Likewise, these are introduced in some fan games or fan fiction.

Note that this is only for characters with effort. All characters that are just plain recolors will be deleted without notice.

Character Name Role Description Debut
OmegaMaria Maria Hero Maria is known as Mario's female cousin. Like Mario, she's courageous, and cares for many people, especially her sister Luise. She has interests in items meant for girls. She has a dislike for Wario, Waluigi and Bowser, as they are mean to most people, nor they care about them. New Super Mario Bros. Omega
LuiseOmega Luise Hero Luise is Maria's sister, and cousin of Luigi. As Luigi is scared for Boos, she is scared for Boolines. However, as opposed to Luigi, who is a little shy, Luise is very curious about almost everything, which can cause from not so much problems to serious disasters. Fact is that she is also a little dim witted, making a chance to fall in different traps. New Super Mario Bros. Omega
PrincessLilyNew Princess Lily Hero/Friend Lily is known to have a light sword, and being good at any combat. She usually gets kidnapped by Bowser's brother, Devili D. Koopa, but in her debut, Devili kidnaps Peach instead, making Lily a playable character. New Super Mario Bros: The Underground
Ropes Ropes Hero/Friend Ropes is Yoshi's deformed nephew, having a third eye and lacking a tongue. Yoshi helped Ropes by making a rope a substitute for his tongue. Like Diddy Kong, Ropes debuted in a partner series. YoshiEgg & Bloop: Cove of Thieves
Athloomba Athloomba Hero/Friend Athloomba is a racing Goomba. He helps out Mario be using his incredibly fast footwork. He has a personality that allows him to be oblivious to anything that isn't healthy. New Super Mario Bros. Legend (Original)
Super Mario Odyssey (Proper)
Bunty Bunty Friend Bunties are meant to be Daisy's subjects. This Bunty (with the original name Bunty) is one of them. Bunty likes flowers, like Daisy, but is as uncourageous as Toad. Bunty has an extraordinary sense of smell, and can smell Power Stars from a great distance. Following him is needed in one of the missions of his debut game. Super Mario Star Journey
Tim J. Koopa NSMBVR Tim J. Koopa Villain Tim is one of Bowser's adopted Koopalings. He has an adoration for rocks, no matter which shape, color or size. Like Iggy, he has glasses and a similar hairstyle, only being gray. He's as short as Lemmy. In his debut, he didn't fight Mario, because Bowser was (temporarily) on his side. Though Tim and Mario did fight each other in a future game. New Super Mario Bros. VR
Lavora Lavora Villain Lavora is Bowser's oldest daughter, and thus also part of the Koopalings. She is 19 years old. She likes rock music and has a favor for fashion. Like Bowser, she has the ability to breathe fire. She also has the ability to climb on walls. As she's the oldest Koopaling, it is unknown where she was during the events of Super Mario Bros. 3, and other appearances of the Koopalings. New Super Mario Bros. Omega
JacksonByArend Jackson Koopa Villain Jackson is one of Bowser's biological children. He is a punk rock star and his rebellious attitude often keeps him staying in his room playing video games rather than help his father and siblings. He has blonde hair, and has a purple shell and blue vest. He is currently a contestant on Fantendo - World Tour. New Super Mario Bros. All-Star Adventure
Robo Koopa
Robo Koopa Villain Robo Koopa is a robot created by Bowser inspired by the appearance of Larry Koopa of the sole purpose of stopping Mario and his friends. He horever given a feelings chip that enables it to experience feelings, like other Koopalings. By cons, it is considered a Koopaling full as it's only a robot.It explodes when defeated. But each time it is defeated, it will be rebuilt by Bowser and will be more difficult to defeat. Super Mario Starshine
Cosmetta 3D by Ziegs Cosmetta Hero The lost sister of Rosalina, she inhabits a drifting lighthouse known as the Cosmic Lighthouse and blasts at planets with her Black Hole Gun. She actually has terrible aim with it, and as such is probably responsible for all the misplaced black holes in the Super Mario Galaxy games. She has a snarky nature but in reality she's really glad to have a family again. Super Mario: Elemental Journey
FuseeSMMPExoArt Princess Fusee Hero Princess Fusee is one of many Time Princesses and represents the year 2016. She sent Mario and friends through time to collect Horostars that were displaced across time. She is a secret character and has the power to reverse and speed up her own personal time to her benefit. Super Mario Maker Phi

Slanito Lines

Slanito Villain The dastardly Toad who specializes on Poison Mushroom, science and black magic. Contrasting Toads in many ways, including being very powerful, this very intelligent and sophiscated Toad is someone who shall never be underestimated. He hold strong belief that as long as Peach continues to get kidnapped or that Bowser do something evil for a laugh, things are unlikely to changes much.

Super Mario: Elemental Journey (Real first appearance)

Super Mario Team-Mania (First appearance for Gear Games)

Official Photo of Blake
Blake Friend Princess of the underground kingdom of The Hollowlands. Blake excels in dark magic consisting of of hexes, curses, and misfortunes. Whenever things go wrong, she would be the first one running from any and all danger.

The Fall of Princess Daisy 

(Various Cameos)

Up Up Friend A cat filled with the power of the Super Bell and who lives in World Bell. He is usually happy and ready for adventure, but does panic under a lot of pressure.

Super Mario 3Deluxe!

(Supporting Character/later Playable)

Tuneette Villain Tuneette is a toad who has magical singing powers and can destroy or hypnotize anyone/anything she wants. She can also transform into different forms. Super Mario's Split Kingdoms


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Other Series

Partner Series

  • Bowser series (wip)
Emblem Name Summary Game Examples
File:Yoshi Emblem.gif Yoshi series Basically, the hero of this series is Yoshi, the location is most of the time set up in Yoshi's Island, and the games play most of the time in the past. This series is especially made for the younger gamers and is the closest to the Super Mario series. The main series is the Yoshi's Island series, kind of platformer game series. It also features the Yoshi's Cookie series, a puzzle game where you need to line up the same kind of cookies.
File:Donkey Kong Emblem.gif Donkey Kong series This series was even created before the Super Mario series. It is basically divided into two series: Donkey Kong Country series, it's main series, which was created later, and the original Donkey Kong series, with the classic DK inside. DKC involves around DK Island, where Donkey's Banana Hoard gets usually stolen by the Kremlings. the original series involves around a city where DK kidnaps Pauline, which Mario needs to save.
File:Wario Emblem.gif Wario series Wario became very popular after his debut in Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins. In fact, the third game of the Super Mario Land Series was the very first part of one of Wario's series: the Wario Land series. This series involves around Wario, who is in this games an adventurer who seeks treasure to become rich. In two games, his nemesis was Captain Syrup, who later became a normal NPC in a later Wario game. In 2003, the WarioWare series was born. Here, gamers meet some of Wario's friends such as Jimmy T, Mona and Dr. Crygor. This series involves around Microgames, and the fact Wario made a game company.
McBoo series Involves around a pink Boo with a red cap, as a minion of King Boo, named McBoo. His first series was the McBoo's Mansion series, where he and his friends reside in his own mansion if problems get up, like being kicked out the haunted mansion Luigi has visited. However, King Boo still needs to kick them out of this mansion as well, but in the meantime, his troops gets attacked by villains such as Haunty Mole or Tranzformez. Being a popular series, McBoo got a Dr. Mario-esque spinoff, a Wii sequel and a whole new game. It even got a TV series called McToons.
YoshiEgg series Unlike gamers would usually think off, this series is not about a Yoshi Egg, but about a raccoon named YoshiEgg Nook. In the past, the raccoon was named "PooperScooper", because of the fact he cleaned up elephant feces. Because of this, he went away from his home, and found the same mansion as in the McBoo series. There, he became a shopkeeper. In the meantime, a crocodile named just The Groo went free to cause havoc. However, YoshiEgg Nook saved the day. He later got more friends, such as Bloop and Tulip Nook, but also enemies, such as Dr. Claw.
Super Sam Squad Unlike gamers would think that Samuel Koopa (Aka Sam The Koopa), the star of the series, is protagonist at the start, but he is actually antagonist, but when he meet the Clone Creatures (Aka the Clone Troopers), he open his heart and defeat their leader, Clarx. In the first game, it is similar to the original Super Mario Bros. series but have slight differences, such as Sam will performs Shell Bash no matter his state, and his older brother, Fire John, throws fireballs. Later, Sam The Koopa and his brother get more friends but also enemies, like in most of the Mario sub-series's cases.
DreamBoySeries Dream World The series hero is Dream Boy, an ordinary purple dinosaur from Yoshi's Island, and was brought into the Dream World one day by some type of magic. The main protogainist, Mr. Nightmare, is always trying to have the Dream Realm overrun with monsters, and some of the darkest nightmares anyone can dream of. They can be stoped by the power of the Dream Reviver, a glove owned by Dream Boy, which has the Crystal of Dreams on it's palms. With it, any nightmare can have some light, turning into the dream.


Emblem Name Summary Game Examples
File:M&L Emblem.gif Mario & Luigi (series) The Mario & Luigi series is based along the adventures of both of the Mario Bros. (Mario and Luigi) various quests to new kingdoms, or new places of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

File:Mario Adventure Emblem.gif Super Mario Adventures series Unknown Unknown
File:Mario Forever.gif Mario Forever Unknown Unknown
Luigi's Mansion

A game that started out on the GameCube, got many sequels, and has another canon game on the 3DS.

Luigi's Mansion

Super Mario Powers The series involves Mario, Luigi and others, teaming up with a certain Koopaling to stop the evil threatening the Mushroom Kingdom. The series is more power-up orientated. Super Mario Powers: Δ
Super Mario X The series involves a much bigger 2D Mario adventure with a large story and new gameplay elements each game. Super Mario Gravitation

Spin-off series

Emblem Name Summary Game Examples
 Mario Kart The most popular spin-off series has the popular characters of the Mario series battle it out on the race track. Mario Kart Dimensions Mario Kart Connect Mario Kart Speedway
Fantendo Series
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